4 ways to wear wide leg jeans like a Parisian

Created in collaboration with Nobody Denim For me denim was somehow always about ‘fitting in’. Bell bottoms, ‘jeggings’, and wasn’t there some kind of short-pant-skirt cross-breed – “skort”, “scant”? There’s a near perfect rap sheet of my life chasing these wildly varying denim trends in various vacuum bags in my mother’s garage.   Spending time

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3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians

3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians Shot by Hannah Roche for MYER and Anna Quan Label. Along with Anna Quan Label We celebrated four of the best of Australian design during Sydney Fashion Week, see the full piece on at MYER.com.au. Look 1: Anna Quan Trench, Miss Shop Jeans, Innovare Boots, M2M Bag,

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Hot air balloons in Turkey: here’s how to experience them

In this look: 2 Way Drawnstring Bag – Hunting World How to experience hot air balloons in Turkey Wearing: 2 Way Drawnstring Bag – Hunting World There’s nothing as peaceful in the world as a hot air balloon flight, said the woman sitting next to me at dinner, the night before we were due to go out and see them ourselves. The dining room was, like the rest of our hotel, dug out right into the rocks, generations ago. In fact, all the little townships in this area of Cappadocia, Turkey, resembled human sized ant hills, that you’d imagine anthropomorphized forest animals living in, in children’s cartoons. In this look: 2 Way Drawnstring Bag – Hunting World “They fly right over my terrace some days,” Continued the woman, who, by her own account, had woken up at dawn every morning to see them, in the 15 years she’d lived here. “the pilots are used to seeing me. They would call out to me as they passed – Good morning, Annie!”. When I asked her why they fly hot air balloons in Cappadocia, her answer was simply ‘why not!’. As flippant as that sounded, it turned out to sum the story […]

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5 Steps to style the perfect outfit

5 Steps to style the perfect outfit In this editorial: Jeans (Loewe); Handbag & Loafers (Bally) – Farfetch | Knitted top – Isabel Marant | Earrings – Closer by Wwake If elevators, telephones, and my daily dress code have something in common, it’s that laziness was the single greatest motivator that brought all three into existence. The former two were clearly concocted in an attempt to eliminate on-foot travel, vertically and horizontally. As for the latter, yours truly, happy to claim the title of ‘Laziest of Them All’, would run out the door in mismatched socks if it meant a little less time spent rummaging in the depth of my wardrobe. Indeed, no small portion of the looks as seen here were probably due to morning styling sessions given up on half-way through. Getting dressed, you would think, is something that the collective efforts human civilization could have algebraically reduced to some catchy formula by now. But alas, no. I so get you: the first world struggle is real. When you next find yourself close to tears, pile of rejected wardrobe choices at your feet, consider these following 5 steps. 1 Start with one piece Every look needs a starting […]

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Florence Travel Story

Florence Travel Story Jiawa wears: Hunting World NYC 2 Way Draw String & Mini Duffle Bags; Kurt wears: Hunting World NYC Carry All Bag I wonder if the secret to Florence’s enduring beauty, its undisturbed Renaissance architecture, and its tiny cobbled streets that so far escaped the threat of urbanisation, owes partly to the fact that, apart from a particular week twice a year, it’s often overlooked as an Italian destination. But that one week, how everything changes. The showings, the parties, and the throngs of competitively well dressed men that overflow the terraces of Caffé Gilli, where cocktails and candy are served side by side. That it was Pitti Uomo once again (or simply ‘Pitti’, as affectionately know by the regular crowd) is obvious from the diminishing taxi availability and even more than usual sightings of coats worn as capes in the vicinity of Santa Maria Novella station. You may be forgiven for assuming that Pitti is a men’s street style event, rather than a men’s fashion industry trade show. It certainly does seem to the outsider that more people have come all over the world for the former rather than the latter. While all this will make a fascinating gander for […]

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How to get around in Paris (and how not to)

How to get around in Paris (and how not to) In this editorial: ‘Bank’ Bag by X Nihilo; Silk V Neck Top by Conflict of Ego; Step Hem Jeans by Grlfrnd Denim; Velvet Pumps by Dolce & Gabanna (similar) According to the Theory of Relativity, the faster one travels through space, the faster one travels in time.Go figure. But when it comes to how to get around in Paris and its cockleshell-shaped arrondisments, speed is not the question here. Rather, it is how best to travel without missing a thing. For, in Paris, those tucked away restaurants only the locals know, backstreet vintage shops that don’t find their way into city guides, and the most photogenic views, are not marked by colour-coded signposts. 1 On Foot Where the sights, sounds and sensations of each street and corner seduces you away from the Google Maps route, 30 minutes on foot in Paris is 5 minutes in London or New York. Indeed, the most beautiful things to experience are the smallest and simplest that the senses need to take time to savour: the scent of fresh baguettes permeating every street, the uniqueness of each ancient cobble stone, and the changing light, streaming […]

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5 Ways to up your pant game

5 Ways to up your pant game In this editorial: Y / Project jeans, Off White Trousers & Vintage Chanel Earrings all from Farfetch | French Cuff Shirt by Anna Quan | ‘Love is a Drug’ T Shirt by Know Connections | Chunky cardigan by Mum’s Handmade As many of us have blind spots for a certain rack in the department store, mine was definitely the pant section. In fact, I recently found myself in the realisation that I owned approximately 0 pants. Yes, yours truly could sustain an entire dissertation on the many injustices of this clothing item. For example, that pants refuse to fit both my waist and ass at the same time, or that cropped chinos will never look on me the way they do on Audrey Hepburn’s version of Sabrina. But is it any wonder? The art of tailoring may well be a fundamental struggle of the human condition. With so much technicality that goes into a pant that can flatter those geometrically vague shapes, the legs, it’s no less than a freak accident if a pair of $60 chain store pants didn’t make your ass look like the dark side of the moon. As I […]

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Is ‘practicality’ a dirty word in fashion?

Is ‘practicality’ a dirty word in fashion? This editorial features: Uniqlo Blockteck Parker & Coat The throng of people fanning out into the decommissioned rail tracks of Carriageworks indicated yet another runway show at Australian fashion week had ended, and that, the show for photographers waiting outside was just beginning. But despite the confetti throw of outfits that had been meticulously styled, perhaps months in advance, all lenses pivoted instantly as a plainly dressed model traversed the crowd, her elaborate hair and makeup from the previous show completely out of place in the context of her no-brand bomber jacket and canvas sneakers. Is our obsession with the style of models-off-duty, the more unremarkably dressed they are, simply due to the fact that anything looks good when you have ‘legs like those’, or is it that this just-woke-up-like-this look represents precisely our collective instincts about what style should be? Practical. I myself had never wanted to buy myself a daggy old fleece duffle coat so badly, until I saw one on a model I shot at a casting. I had asked her to remove it for the shot, but she was reluctant – she loved this coat she has had for […]

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Who are you when you travel?

Who are you when you travel? The paramount question ask before you set off: Who are you when you travel? In this editorial: Shirt, Lace Bra, Silk Trousers & Silk Pyjama top and Pant by Grana As I write to you under the translucent blue skies of Sydney, a city where it is almost undiscernible where the beach ends and the glassy metropolis begins, I count this as the 7th city I have visited in the past three months. I feel that as I have encountered the diverse inhabitants of each setting, I myself have taken on their idiosyncrasies. Here in Sydney, I feel the rush to walk at a speed that keeps pace with the streets, that anti-social impatience as my Uber pulls up in a no-stopping zone while my soy-double-shot-flat-white is still 5 minutes away, and an almost nostalgic sensation when looking up at the blue sky, as though in the eyes-to-the-concrete rush, I had not seen it for days. It is a different me that lived from café terrace to cobbled streets in Paris, or the no-makeup, no-blow-dry me of Perth. It is a universally felt phenomenon that we transform into another our-self as we travel. Even […]

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What to wear (when you have nothing to wear) with Net-a-Porter

What to wear (when you have nothing to wear) Wearing: Top, Pants & Earrings: Net-a-porter | Shoes: Valentino With ‘When’ being the operative word here, the situation of ‘nothing to wear’, at least for yours truly, has perhaps too high of an incident rate to warrant the parentheses. For those of us whose lives are perpetually running on ‘omw now!’ basis (and compounding), opening your wardrobe and finding an abundance of ready-to-go outfits is basically that dream you have just before waking up to a mind-grating alarm beep and a bad hair day. Yours truly being firmly within that demographic, I’ve spent years making dressing when having nothing to wear something of an art. So together with Net-a-Porter and their ‘I have nothing to wear’ campaign, I’m going to impart on you my little nuggets of wisdom, to help you know what to wear when you have nothing to wear. 1 Shop your wardrobe (and wear it wrong) In the way that desperation often gives rise to inspiration, unlock the full potential of your wardrobe by looking at the most ordinary of pieces and wear it wrong. A daggy old coat can be cinched with a belt to be transformed […]

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How to be (successfully) overdressed

In this look: Dress: Hana Tajima for Uniqlo How to be (successfully) overdressed. Hint: channel Holly Golightly, in the supermarket, on the train, at the Laundromat… Created in collaboration with Uniqlo Australia Everyone is looking at you – whispered my commute companion, gesturing at the gaggle of archetypal scarved-to-the-upper-lip Parisian Madames that were our fellow passengers. ‘I guess you’re a bit overdressed for the Metro’, he concluded. Had I the get-up-and-go to argue at that moment, I might have suggested a number of similarly plausible explanations more kind to my eight in the morning delicate self-esteem. However, glancing down at my flowy bias cut dress (from the functional and beautiful Hana Tajima for Uniqlo collection), the floor length skirt of which almost needed a seat all on its own, and feeling the weight of my oversized sunglasses on the bridge of my nose, I had to admit to feeling somewhat ridiculous within the context of this commonplace scenario. As one determined to experience life by living out film references, I felt very much like a Holly Golightly in that quintessential Audrey Hepburn film. The protagonist, lending circumstance to the film’s name, takes a flimsy takeaway pastry and coffee breakfast while […]

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Rock n Roll Decadence at the Palace of Versailles

In this look: LPA Jacket, GRLFRND Jean & Anna Quan Shirt Rock n Roll Decadence: the Versailles editorial Wearing: LPA 85 Leather Jacket & GRLFRND “Helena” High-Rise Straight Jean from FWRD (Sale now until 20 March 2017) To believe that fashion is divorced from the real world and its contextual groundings is wishful thinking. It is, rather, entirely a symptom of the times and its moods. For the throng of travellers who visit Versailles for touristic pleasures (often musing on how remarkable such a feat would have been 300 years before), it is a place of altruistic merits. It is to educate, to conjure emotion and to bridge a connection to a most important minute of our history. A glorious slice of cake, if you will. And as we are on the topic of cake – in its most tumultuous chapter, for which Versailles is popularly remembered, it was a symbol of imperialist tyranny and wonton excess, so befittingly caricatured in one young Austrian born French queen. She – with fantastic hair as perhaps her most enduring legacy – was thereafter imagined perpetually enveloped in pastries of every pastel shade. For this I very much prefer, to all others, the […]

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Dressing (and undressed) for Fashion Week

In this look: Intimo “Arya” Semi Contour Bra & Full Brief How I lived fashion week inside out – created in collaboration with Intimo This editorial features: Roll Neck Top, Convertible Dress and intimates all by Intimo For one for whom sleep is impossible if one half of an earring pair has fallen behind the cabinet, many a whee hour in my life has been spent crouched in a corner with bent out clothes hanger in hand. And, perhaps an unconvincing excuse for rarely cleaning the house, the process of tidying must always start with an elaborate emptying and rearranging of every nook and cranny. For, the mere outward appearance of beauty alone has never impress the unforgiving yours truly. All desirable things can only be fully enjoyed from the inside out (and in most cases, the ‘out’ can be omitted altogether). Fashion week for a blogger (rightly or wrongly) is ruled by what to wear, and a look is surely inextricable from what is unseen underneath. Where stretched and disintegrating cotton whities will most certainly cancel out any magic of any oufit outfit, beautiful lingerie can be the very thing that makes a white shirt and jean ensemble quite […]

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New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall Recap

New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter – femininity, feminism, and a brutally beautiful city New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter: the homeostasis of the bumble bee hum of tool-belted makeup artists and the nonchalant, carrot grazing of model gazelles was intermittently cut through by the bitey Brooklyn accent of a zealous female security guard. Such commands as “Step back!” “Let the models through!” and “Get away from mah door!” were barked, unceremoniously, at the throng of photographers who – despite one pointedly reminding all that he had not one, but two, Vogue accreditations – had been waiting peevishly for the best of an hour for their call to shoot ‘first looks’ at TOME NYC. But this was, as it turned out, only the white noise prelude to the veritable warzone that then ensued, as front of house was finally opened, and we found ourselves caught in the crossfire of cameras shuttering, lights flashing, and vying voices which had finally lost all their cool. TOME’s Fall 2017 collection, unabashed in its activism, challenged the sartorial language of femininity. This was expressed through men’s cuts with detailing that implied the naked female figure, tailored contouring that refused to be fully fitted, and […]

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How to wear lingerie like a tomboy

How to wear lingerie like a tomboy Editorial featuring: ‘So Sweet’ lace bra & ‘Be Mine’ bodysuit, both by Gooseberry Intimates Everything about Italy makes you feel so much more a woman than anywhere else in the world. To one so determined to be a tomboy, as yours truly, however, it is a culture shock to say the least. Handsome Italian men in impeccable suits turn and stare deeply at you, and the more forward of them call after you, ‘Bella!’, often accompanied with a, ‘Where’re you from?’, in heavy Italian accents. As for those male friends more familiarly acquainted, they would have you believe that their whole purpose in life is to pull out your chair, open the door and pick up the check. A claim that ‘I could not sleep if I left a woman pay’ is one I have heard more than once. Yes, being treated as a delicate flower makes you feel so much a woman, or, I should add, like a woman should be. If you sense the sarcasm between the lines here, then it should not surprise you that, in many a conversation over a Campari gone south, I have been accused of being […]

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Side hustle secrets – How to run a successful business while working full time

Side hustle secrets Created in collaboration with NBN Australia As if my lack of filters wasn’t enough to make me the outcast in every social situation, that I was clearly not normal quickly dawned on me, when, as much as I wanted to, I could never be that piano playing, textbook memorising, straight-A Chinese girl, that was supposed to my lot by genetic disposition. Had I been, a career in law might have satisfied me completely. But, rather than growing out of all those childish artistic flares, I can’t remember a time when I was not immersed in a portfolio of hobbies, from digital illustration to web design, each of which I pursued with a passion and dedication that befuddled my friends. What, indeed, was the point of all these activities, when they had no benefit for my career? Without knowing it, I was somewhat of an early adopter of the biggest social trend of our generation, the side hustle. And we bloggers may well be the best example of side hustlers. So today, I’ve teamed up with NBN Australia to share with you my side hustle secrets, and how I run my business while working full time. What’s a side […]

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Making the best of time when travelling

Making the best of time when travelling This editorial features: Cluse La Bohème classit watch in 38mm gold face and black stainless steel mesh band These the first weeks of 2017, I write to you, gloves and earmuffs at the ready, from a well-chilled Europe. My time piece choice of the moment, Cluse La Bohème with modern black stainless steel mesh band, befits perfectly the start of my fashion month travels from Pitti Uomo in Florence to Milano Moda Uomo (Milan Men’s Fashion Week). Stepping out bravely onto the road again leaves me facing the same licorice allsorts of delightful pleasures and trivial adversities that come with (at least my kind of) travel. Without fail, I set out with grand sweeping plans of doing all there is to do during a single trip. And therefore, I’m one for whom a regret for the misuse of time results in a different kind of morning-after-remorse altogether. But after many stress-filled trips of the past, fuelled by the fear of missing out, I am unfortunately no closer to the magical formula for making the best of travel time. However, there are three little strategies that I have come to trust to, if not save […]

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The Pyjama Traveler in Milan

The Pyjama Traveler in Milan Though to step out in one’s pyjamas is very un-Italian indeed. This editorial features: Silk Pyjama Shirt and Pant by Grana (use my code “JIAWAxGRANA” for 10% off, plus free shipping world wide) For a good many reasons, I always pack a pair (or two) of luxe silk pyjamas when I travel. On the one hand, it is for the simple practicality of sleeping with the softness of silk against the skin, and, on another – more supercilious – hand, to throw on for an impromptu photo-op in a luxurious interior, where a certain state of undress is warranted. Then, of course, there is the morning after the night before, where, in that very Italian way, the deliciously lengthy process of aperitif, dinner, and then drinks after (occasionally with a party in between) had progressed into the small hours, and one simply does not want to get dressed at all. However, the rub of it all is that, despite such elaborate evening activities, to step out in one’s pyjamas the next day, is very un-Italian indeed. The Milanese woman is closer to the patriarchal old world than many of their more progressive European counterparts (demonstrated also in […]

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5 Ways to Instantly Refresh Your Wardrobe

5 ways to instantly refresh your wardrobe for Spring Wearing: Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Pumps from YOOX The timeless optimism that comes with springtime – the cool sunrise light slivers on the floor, flower clouds billowing across once bleak landscapes, and lively birds, perhaps landing on your hand in Disney princess style – isn’t lost even on us southern hemisphere dwellers. When that time comes around, a well-documented phenomenon occurs among women (and stylish men) all over the world. Like the migration instincts of south-flying swans, an urge takes over to dismiss the fashions and style notions of the year before, and look to a new and improved sartorial identity. When last year’s wardrobe suddenly feels monotonous, and those impulse purchases in pursuit of a trend turn into unsightly faux pas to be swept to the deepest, darkest corners of the closet, you needn’t start from square one. Here are 5 ways to instantly refresh your wardrobe for spring. 1 Introduce a new statement accessory Sometimes all you need is one amazing new accessory to give new life to a tired wardrobe. Choose something unique, and completely different from what you already have or have ever considered wearing – because spring […]

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Comfort and luxury for day and night

Comfort and luxury for day and night Wearing: CLUSE Minuit Watch in Rose Gold case and Red Velvet strap Every Sophia Cappola movie I’ve seen – in my vein attempt at a quarter-life cultural education – has left me mildly bewildered in a want for closure (you too?). Even so, the image of Kirsten Dunst as a porcelain-skinned, waif-like Marie Antoinette as she lounged luxuriously in a duck egg blue chaise, and a cloud of her silk and taffeta skirts and rainbow array of pastries and cakes, has always represented ultimate #LifeGoals for yours truly. But does this not, you may be wondering, conflict with the philosophy of less is more and utilitarian aesthetic of luxe-minimalism that underpins the Beige Renegade world view? On the contrary, that ostensibly maximalist world of cakes for breakfast and gravity defying hairdos, in certain key facets, mirror the minimalist ideals of comfort and luxury. After all, what is luxury but the luxury of comfort? It’s a comfort of time, to float aimlessly in a wooden row boat  on a sunny afternoon; of space, to move at whim through many-chambered palaces; and of indulgence, in every joy-brining enterprise one desires (cake related or otherwise). It is, therefore, self-evident, in my opinion, that luxury and comfort […]

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Your New Year’s Work Capsule Wardrobe

6 Steps to your New Year’s work capsule wardrobe Wearing: Black Long Coat, Olive Coat & Olive Pants – Uniqlo x Carin Roitfeld Collection | T-shirt – Isabel Marant | Bag – Givenchy “Antigona” | Gold Boots – Office If office farewell cards are the informative plaques of one’s achievements, then mine from my first job were frivolous indeed – ‘Good luck, we loved your outfits’ was a neatly penned sentiment I remember quite distinctly. Even leaving aside any aspersions as to my effectiveness as a lawyer vis-à-vis my sartorial feats, this one-liner was doubly curious as it came from that pretty girl in coms. Said girl, by her stereotype-affirming pencil skirt and stiletto heel uniform, I gathered would have thought of my minimalist aesthetic as nothing other than matronly. That is not to say, of course, that I cared any less about my appearance in the office. My focus, rather than to wow my co-workers with one punchy look after another, was simply to maintain an effective work capsule wardrobe that for instant morning prep. This, it seemed, was the object of admiration for the PR girls in cubicles adjacent. When it comes to workwear, it’s not always easy to […]

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The Christmas Jumper

The Christmas Jumper Wearing: J.W. Anderson Tie Wrist Jumper – Farfetch In a time where wearing the out-of-style, in irony will certainly lead to sartorial triumph, our desires have been rekindled for the likes of the tacky applique jeans of the 90s and the matronly pleated skirts of the 20s. So too, in recent years, the Christmas jumper, with their red nosed snow men and Santa caricatures, once only worn to humour your great aunt’s tedious handiwork, has experienced a similar camp revival. It is a phenomenon where something is so uncool that, after all attempts to take it seriously have dissipated, it is jubilantly plucked out of the charity shop discount bin as the new cool. Similarly, re-watching the scene where Bridget dismisses Darcy’s reindeer jumper offhand, you suddenly find yourself in need of one just like it, to wear with your favourite Vetements jeans. As for my little Christmas present to myself this year, I nabbed from Farfetch, my own Christmas jumper of sorts. As we’re on the subject of irony, enter J.W. Anderson its applique jumper with seemingly randomly placed bows that immediately brought to mind the plethora of kitchy jumpers of my youth, and a khaki […]

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The art of shopping and other silk truths

The Art of Shopping and Other Silk Truths Wearing: Silk Classic Shirt, Silk Culottes & Silk V-Neck Slip Dress, all by Grana (use my code “JIAWAxGRANA” for 10% off, plus free shipping world wide) Like many childhood lessons I now wish I had not half ignored, tiresome market days with a gaggle of my Chinese aunties now seem to me as some heroinic training in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon vein. By this, the art of shopping passed from master to pupil: the rules of engagement between vendor and haggler; a nose for retail gems in a clutter of street hawkers. For example, that the true price is always at least half of the quote, that packaging does not always reflect quality (and vice versa), and that one should always inspect the whole market before buying. Silk, which originated in ancient China, will always to the Chinese be the stuff of royalty. It is no wonder the women of my family are versed in every skill of rooting out the lesser imitations. Regarding any clothing tag with utter suspicion, garments must first satisfy the thumb-and-forefinger rub. Then, it is inspected at within millimeters of a bespectacled nose, where, reputedly, gleams the […]

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How to afford designer pieces (practically)

How to afford designer pieces (practically) With a little help from FWRD’s 3 day 25% off Australian sale: use code “GIFTFWRD” Wearing: LPA ‘58’ Embroidered Leather Jacket | LPA ‘25’ Bodysuit | Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic | Cropped Flared Pants – all up to 25% at FWRD Growing up, the much anticipated pastel icing sponge cake, that was deemed, for both budgetary and dental reasons, as being for birthdays only, made for little 10-year-old girl dreams come true. Twenty odd years later, my aspirations have scaled somewhat. For anyone who scoffs at the thought of dropping 4 digits for a pair of shoes, I offer this explanation, one that may well explain away every borderline unwholesome fixation of an enthusiast. What more is there to fulfilment in life than the trilling journey through discovery, desire, deprivation and finally, attainment? Concupisco Ergo Sum; I covet, therefore I am. With FWRD launching its altogether unprecedented up to 25% off the entire site  today, (using code “GIFTFWRD”) I’ve partnered with them to share with you my tips on how to afford designer pieces, and to do it practically. 1Collect less, but better things Firstly, let’s reassess the concept of ‘affordability’. This question is sometimes […]

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Modern Muse in Hong Kong

Modern Muse in Hong Kong Travel Editorial featuring Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss Eau de Parfum It’s one of those truisms so easy to assimilate into one’s reality – like the fact that egg tarts hold the joy of life, or that vacay brain thrives on longer purse strings – that certain stimuli of the senses have mystical powers over the human mind. For example, that colours can influence mood and perception, and scents can evoke powerful feelings. Here in Hong Kong, whether such postulations are based in science is largely irrelevant. Notwithstanding its vertical concrete habitats, neon sign forests, and other such demonstrations of its ultra-modernity, the tradition (or perhaps, superstition) of the colour red is faithfully observed. It is used to signify luck and prosperity in life, power and rightfulness in politics, and sexual desire in love.  But for the Chinese, rather than being a show of prevailing confidence, it is a gesture in invitation of the same, or, even, in expectation. One needs only to observe the concrete and glass facades of Hong Kong’s islands, greeting each other each night across the harbour with an extravagant light show, aflood in the colour red. Amongst that […]

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Your Best Christmas Party Outfit Ever

Here are our tips to help you style your best Christmas party outfit ever  Wearing: Printed Blouse, Midi Skirt & Black Jumper – Marks & Spencer When you’re a lover of the simple things in life, many of which involve being in bed, simply rolling into your favourite jeans and leather jacket is probably the extent of your daily prep. So the question of the Christmas party outfit might seem altogether existential, and understandably a cause for breaking out in a cold sweat – and by ‘you’, I, of course, mean me. I’ve been there: the awkwardly overdressed, the irredeemably underdressed, and turning up feeling like anybody but myself, then fading away behind the avocado dip for the rest of the night. But I’d like to think I went through this veritable trial of fire so I could spare you the same. In the lead up to the Christmas party season, I’ve collaborated with quintessential British retailer Marks & Spencer to show you how to put together your best Christmas Party Outfit ever. The Brits really know their way around the effortless and impossibly chic party look. 1 Play on contrasts Going out and buying ‘the’ dress for your Christmas party […]

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How to Buy Shoes Online Like a Pro

How to buy shoes online Wearing: Valentino Garavani ‘Star Studded’ pumps While my foray into online shopping started years ago, it took me quite some soul searching before I ventured to buy shoes online. But alas, when my first pair arrived, I realised the half size error in my size conversion, and my new shoes proceeded to serve as a blister factory in the next few weeks. Now, this is not a cautionary tale to put you off online shopping forever – quite the opposite. I completely understand that, when it comes to buying shoes without trying on, multiple universes, the Higgs boson, and other paradigm shifts of our time, may feel easier to accept. However, with changes come new benefits: we now have access to vastly more choice than the same-same labels in your local mall, the time we used to spend travelling to the store can now go to other things, and, of course, prices online are almost always better. Farfetch has hit these sartorial nails on the head, bringing independent boutiques all over the world together under one online shopping destination, where the last one of your size in a sold out style might be located in […]

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4 Habits of the minimalist dresser

4 Habits of the minimalist dresser Featuring: Cluse ‘La Vedette’ Classic Watches 24 mm Rose Gold Case | Eggshell Face | 12mm Strap | Grey & Pastel Pink Genuine Leather More hardware and leather choices available online. In the search for a certain happiness, which includes our perfect personal style, we might at some stage come to the realisation that the one indomitable hurdle is one’s own natural tendencies. Minimalism means surrounding ourselves with only those things which make us happy, and discarding the rest. Such an outlook comes naturally for some, but for the rest, we are ruled by our fear of scarcity. It’s the ‘more is more’ sentiment that, in practical terms, means collecting more clothes than we would ever want to wear, and dressing to impress others rather than ourselves. I feel that a reference to Stephen Covey’s seminal work is appropriate here: it’s habits and not behaviours that will lead to real change. So, pending any copyright infringement suits, the title of this article shall remain, ‘4 habits of the minimalist dresser’- values to curb those human magpie inclinations and rebel against the oppression of an unruly wardrobe. 1 Prioritising Quality The import of quality is, […]

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2 flattering jeans for large thighs

2 flattering jeans for large thighs: how to choose and wear them Wearing: Japanese Denim Mom Jeans & High Rise Skinny Jeans; Classic Silk Crepe de Chine Shirt & Merino Boyfriend V Neck Jumper All from Grana My sentiment for the jean has wavered through hot and cold in the years more tumultuously than schoolgirl crushes. One such ice-cold moments was just a few months ago, when a beautiful Italian woman sauntered passed me at one of Milan’s sprawling cafes, her skin tight jeans giving her the air of a svelte gazelle in some very expensive red-soled hove ornaments. How quickly my interest in my three-quarter-eaten cheese Panini – which, only moments ago, held within it the joy of life itself – had evaporated. But let me be absolutely clear, size is really not the issue here. With all of our markedly different body shapes, we can’t expect to look good in just any style randomly snapped off the rack. I, for one, have forever cursed my disproportionately large thighs and carves that make me seem larger than I am. Had I a dime for the times a shop assistant has looked at me disbelievingly when I uttered, ‘no, I […]

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How to style the off-duty look – Superdry’s new Perth store

How to style the off-duty look Superdry is launching their store in Hay Street Mall, Perth on3 November, and I’ve teamed up with them to show you how to style your perfect off-duty look. For those who are hearing about Superdry for the first time, you are forgiven for assuming, as I once did, that the brand is a Japanese import. In fact, Superdry is British owned and American vintage styling inspired, and its ties to Japan go as far as its incorporation of Japanese typography in its designs, which, being the result of deliberate machine translations, is proudly conceded by the brand as actually making no sense. Even the ostensible Japanese translation of ‘極度乾燥(しなさい)’ (kyokudo kanso (shinasai)), with the literal meaning of ‘Extreme Dryness (do it)’, would, in its abrupt nonsensicalness, dumbfound the Japanese. Despite occasional digs at the brand by Japanese speakers, a look a little further reveals Superdry’s rather intellectual ribbing of the very practice of cultural appropriation. In this multi-layered send-up, no one is spared: the Japanese speaking observer, who would surely love to throw a stone or two, but is reminded of their residence in a glass house of the disastrously hilarious uses of ‘Engrish’; the western consumer, that sports […]

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What to wear to spring racing carnival

What to wear to Spring Racing Carnival Advice from an (unlikely) Myer Fashions on the Field judge As regular readers, I can understand that you may be in ever-so-slight shock at such a topic as, what to wear to Spring Racing Carnival, appearing here on Beige Renegade. Similarly, those of you, who are not yet familiar with our 83%-denim-wearing minimalist manifesto, may be dubious as to the writer’s authoritativeness on race fashion, if judging solely by this very nonconformist racewear look, which patently breaks a slew of race fashion rules. But, as unlikely as it may seem, yours truly is honoured to be a judge of Myer Fashions on the Field, Australia’s premiere race fashion competition. Truthfully, I felt as a Soviet spy who had stumbled into an Allied war meeting in session – perhaps the war metaphor is a step too far – and as such, what I offer is an astute outsider’s look at what really matters in the veritable secret society that is the race fashion circles. The intel? Putting aside the A4 piece of paper which outlined, in admittedly egalitarian terms, that creativity and trend observance trumped the narrow parameters of what entrants ought to wear to […]

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How to fly smart on long haul flights

How to fly smart on long haul flights – our top 10 tips to help you arrive at your destination fresh and happy The wander of travel is filled with the excitement and anticipation of the unknown, realising in a matter of hours you will be disembarking on the other side of the world with all the glory of a new place just waiting to be discovered. But there is a cabin seat, plane food and usually at least two international airports awaiting you before then. Flying smart on long haul flights focused on the basics: food and water, simple wardrobe and makeup choices and as little stuff as possible. Add a potential business class seat, plenty of rest, the ideal seat allocation and minimal stop over time and eight hours in the sky will melt away. 1Choose your airline wisely The Beige Renegade team recently did the dreaded 24 hour haul from Australia to Europe for Milan and Paris Fashion Week with Etihad Airways, and can corroborate that it really does matter who you fly with. Not all economy classes are equal, and important factors from the age and size of the airplane to the level of service and amenities provided […]

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How not to be sexy

How not to be sexy – an editorial for Anna Quan shot in Paris Wearing: Apparel – Anna Quan; Fur Slippers – Gucci; Necklace –  The Armoury Store; Ring – 32.4 A a wise friend surmised quite poignantly, that fashion is simply a form of communication, with its own discrete language – our choice of clothes and brand alignments (read: personal style), and the ideas created and advanced, are part of a perpetual dialogue. There’s no doubt that, most things in the world being about sex, even the language of fashion is intended for the conveyance of sexual attraction. However, the mistake that a younger me made of expressing style through baring skin and flaunting the figure, turned out to be an error, not in the theme, but the syntax. In the 12 months since its iconic ‘Anne’ shirt, with its French cuffs and navy silk trim, gained cult status, Anna Quan’s narrative has become more eloquent and refined still. Rather than conforming to the trend driven Australian fashion industry (which would have required abandoning some of the label’s core values), it chose to refocus its attentions to where its offerings had already garnered a captive audience. Any concerns over the risks and […]

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Reporting from Paris: The Time-piece Love Affair

The Time-piece Love Affair Editorial featuring: Movado Edge Watch It’s so easy to take for granted that before smartphones, not wearing a watch spelt professional and academic ruin – there simply was no other way to tell the time on the go. But even to one unversed in the language of fashion as yours truly was, it was somehow important that choosing a time-piece was to be out of love. My first love was, rather unfortunately, a long yearned for pink Baby-G (as seen in Girlfriend magazine, bible of all misguided girlish desires). Like many teenage romances, that went the way of the break-dancer boyfriend with mommy issues. Graduated now into what I’d like to think are more discerning tastes, the Movado Edge watch mirrors my current penchant for the simple and elegant, yet always skirting the verge of androgyny. Is it so strange that the watch is an utterly personal thing? From its invention, it was never solely adored for its practical utility alone. Indeed, the idea of carrying time in your pocket was a work of engineering marvel and beauty, and inevitably exclusive to the small elite. So even now, to wear a beautiful time-piece is a sign […]

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Step one fly to Paris, step two fall in love

Step one fly to Paris, step two fall in love – Paris Travel Story Photography: Louis Villers – Reporter and Photographer As evidenced by many a ‘How to be Parisian’ hardcover on every coffee table, there is a ubiquitous fantasy among the non-French about the timelessly stylish, unconventionally beautiful, and luxuriantly intellectual Parisian woman and her chic lifestyle, that has made Paris the place of pilgrimage for all women who aspire to be her. Yours truly being no exception, this last week, I flew off to Paris on a whim, fulfilling a long held dream under the auspices of a very business-like visit to attend Paris Fashion Week. I went, I saw, and yes, I fell in love. It’s a complicated love to say the least, but one that, like all romances, changes one’s life forever. It’s a love of a place and time that can never be relived (and to try would utterly disappoint); of thoughts and feelings, perhaps forever unrequited; of serendipitous meetings that may only have meaning in the dreamlike state of travel. The French invented the word cliché, and Paris is a city full of delightful clichés. Dark and handsome men walk down the streets with […]

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Lessons in a compact life with Muji Australia

Lessons in a Compact Life – A Collaboration with Muji Australia Photography: Jiawa Liu and Kurt Ji The problem with country-envy is that all the things you think are better ‘over there’ never quite line up with your pristine imaginings. Like many sheltered Asian kids in the brave 2000’s, I was completely Japan obsessed, or at least with the high school romances under cherry blossoms (Sakura) and scifi adventures in shining metropolises, so often portrayed in Japanese animation exports. So you can imagine my disillusionment when my gap year in Japan revealed that reality amounted to long days of boring classes at a countryside university, in which, while sakura did feature, no romance blossomed; my 20 square meter closet of an apartment was crammed inside the jumbled and flaking outer suburbs, where, space being a premium, roads were nothing more than alleys, and scarcely a single home had a wall to itself. It was in this context that I first came across the warm brown and beige shop front of a Muji store in an Osaka mall. Its clean and airy aesthetic cast a stark contrast against the cluttered environment into which I had already begun to assimilate. There was […]

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Little Life Upgrades for Daily Happiness

Little Life Upgrades for Daily Happiness Cashmere knitwear and cashmere homewares by Nuan Cashmere In a life imitating art kind of way, our search for daily happiness could be descried, in Tamagotchi terms (or The Sims for a profoundly close approximation), as fulfilling various need gauges, of which ‘bladder’ is inevitably one, and, no less importantly, ‘comfort’ and ‘fun’, are others. When you slog a day job that you just can’t wait to leave behind on a Friday afternoon, weekends are sacred. Neglect them and something has got to give somewhere, and enriching them is made infinitely easier with certain upgrades. Be it the metaphorical in-app purchase or the literal polyester to cashmere switch, ‘little life upgrades’ are those extras and improvements to your daily life that might at first be considered unnecessarily luxuries, but will bring more happiness than the material cost. Here are a few rules I live by. 1 Luxe loungewear Even though we spend our most prized leisure time in loungewear, for many of us, our loungewear wardrobes are the final destinations of all poor retail choices go to die, from the ill-conceived floral leggings to the innumerate stretched-beyond-recognition tees. But let me just put it out […]

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Our most incredible bathtub yet – Tasmania Travel Story

Tasmanian Travel Story Our incredible weekend getaway to Thalia Haven, and that bathtub. As with most of my little escapes across country with Bloggers Boyfriend (just to be clear, #WeAreNotTogether), our trip to Tasmania in June snowballed on the tipoff of an incredible bathtub. Call it our ‘will travel for bathtub’ philosophy. And with Tasmania’s microcosm of mountain ranges, rainforests and pristine beaches igniting our travel bugs in equal measure, we took off for Hobart, hired a little red car and putted down the Tasmanian east coast. Our destination: Thalia Haven. Perched on a secluded peninsula looking over the wild Tasman Sea, with no sign of civilisation within a 2 kilometre radius, this ancient stone cottage is a holiday villa like no other. In place of a towering sign or modern facade, what marked the unassuming entrance to Thalia Haven were (according to owner Susan’s detailed instructions) a bridge across a trickling stream, a mirror still lagoon, and an old abandoned windmill. Needless to say, there would be no 7-Elevens where we were going. One moment our little red car was rattling along the seemingly endless dirt road that led into Thalia Haven’s 130-acre estate, the next, we emerged out of the dense grasslands and found ourselves on a cliff high above the crashing […]

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5 Rules for Choosing Your All Occasions Dress

There is such a thing as an all occasions dress. Here are my 5 rules for choosing one. Wearing: Burgundy Maxi Dress – Fame and Partners | Hat – Sarah J Curtis | Shoes – Converse | Bag – Proenza Schouler Growing up with migrant parents who were concerned with little else than my grades, let’s just say sartorial etiquette was not on the curriculum. Yours truly circa 2001 was wearing jeans to the gym and had never known any shoe that was not a sneaker, which was worn with absolutely everything. But were these faux pas so absurd? In my mind, jeans were perfectly comfortable to work out in, and sneakers were a superior shoe, whichever way you look at it. We are so often pressured by society’s little rules to buy single purpose one time wear clothing, destined only to be donated to charity years later. Occasion dresses are just such a repeat offender. I was so inspired by my insanely cool friend who got married in a thrifted wedding dress, and then cut the hem short to wear every day. According to the Beige Renegade brand of minimalism, a dress should be able to go the distance: slip on heels for that swanky party, swap for thongs for the beach, then […]

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How to wear knitwear for the office and off-duty

How you can blur the lines of office and off-duty with the right knits and the right styling I’m wearing: Cashmere Jumper, Cashmere Biker Jacket & Cashmere Cardigan – Nuan Cashmere It’s fascinating how we approach work-life balance of our wardrobes in completely different ways. My mother, for example, seldom buys anything unless it passes the test of ‘can I wear this to work?’ This makes perfect sense, of course, for someone who happily defines herself by her career. Whereas for yours truly, who believes off-duty days are when one can truly indulge in personal style, the polar opposite criterion of ‘can I wear this on the weekend’, applies. Whichever side of the fence between office and off-duty lies your allegiance, I’ve long realised that there doesn’t need to be some sacred boundary between your workday and weekend wardrobes. In fact, the blurring of office and off-duty pieces is a potent strategy for consolidating the perfect capsule wardrobe. Knitwear might often seem like a decidedly off-duty item, but with luxe pieces and shrewd styling, it can work wonderfully both ways. Here’s how. The office look: A perfect light weight cashmere sweater is the perfect base to create an office ready outfit. […]

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Can colour and minimalism ever mix?

Colour and minimalism – can you have both? Wearing: Plum Silk Slip & Plum Neck Tie – Silk Laundry | C&M by Camilla and Marc Military “Manhattan’ Coat (on sale!) – Jaz + Alex | Lace up “Talulah II” boot – Senso There was a time when a pair of ruby red pumps was my most prised possession. Purchased for about $10 from a Japanese second hand clothing shop, they were worn relentlessly until their inevitable demise. If this confession makes you question my devotion to minimalism, then you must be of the anti-colour camp. The numerous comments on this issue I’ve received on Instagram may well indicate that the colour and minimalism clash (forget Britain leaving the European Union!) is the controversy of our times. There is clearly a perception that sees ‘minimalism’ as a caricature of black and white ensembles against a concrete wall. If this really were the case, then I completely understand the assumption that you have to abandon colour to fall in with the minimalism movement. But here I’m going to attempt to put this controversy to rest. To be absolutely clear, minimalism is an attitude towards life that is so much more than a […]

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Daniel Avarkian Resort 2016 at MBFWA

Daniel Avarkian Resort 2016 at MBFWA As what could be described as a synopsis of the prevailing ideas of elevated lougewear at the moment, Daniel Avakian‘s Resort 2016 collection unambiguously hits the spot. Glossy and silken smoking jackets, pajama pants and camisoles floated by in black, white and pink, and peeking out from underneath, buttery goatskin slippers. The key ingredient, being an awkward entanglement of meticulous tailoring and the base informality of sleepwear, cleverly veil the clothes’ (and the wearer’s) true quality to anti-fashion effect. The message to take away is, perhaps, that true luxury is the freedom to dress comfortably at every occasion. Shop the collection. Incredibly important minimal style tips to your inbox? Join my mailing list or follow me on Blog Lovin’!

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My Sydney Fashion Week Hotel: The Pullman

My Sydney Fashion Week Hotel: The Pullman Sydney Hyde Park Photogrpahy: Blogger’s Boyfriend This year has so far seen me constantly on the road, somewhat unwittingly. Now that I am finally back in Perth (for at least a few weeks), I find myself thinking back to all the places I’ve stayed, large and small. The Pullman Sydney Hyde Park was my base of operations during Sydney Fashion Week in May. Fashion week was filled with tightly crammed itineraries and impossible deadlines. The little things the Pullman Sydney Hyde Park afforded us smoothed over every stressful mishap and logistical complication. Throughout the week, the staff kindly accepted our unreasonable numbers of deliveries and arranged couriers at short notice. The nights were spent working feverishly, but made so much more enjoyable by a panoramic view of the sun setting behind Hyde Park, and then the brilliant city lights stretching out before us. Then for what little shuteye we could snatch, it was on luxurious king sized beds. By the end of our stay, our luggage had ballooned to two trolleys full, but the staff neatly conveyed and stored everything for us without raising an eyebrow. While it was the stunning city views and convenient central location […]

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5 Steps For a No-makeup Look For the Most Difficult Skin

5 Steps for a No-Makeup Look for the Most Difficult Skin Wearing: All makeup by IT Cosmetics from Sephora With indie makeup brand success, IT Cosmetics, arriving at Sephora, I’ve had the opportunity to try a range of the brand’s makeup and (or really ‘slash’) skincare products. I’ve been a big fan of IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face contouring palette, so I was excited to see whether the other products lived up to the hype. What really captivated me about IT Cosmetics is this idea of ‘Problem-solving’ makeup. This is a somewhat avant-garde idea that makeup should help treat your skin problems and enhance your natural and unique look, rather than hide them. I know some of you might roll your eyes at this point, as I am sure your list of skin concerns, which demand the most heavy duty makeup to cover, is at least as long as mine. Even so, I have long believed that good makeup should look like you’ve not worn any at all. So while sharing my 5 steps for a no-makeup look, I also want to highlight the skin problems that I struggle with how I deal with these. 1Prepare your skin Among the […]

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5 Steps for styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’

5 Steps for styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’ guests at first glance Featuring Salt&Pepper Throughout history our lives have revolved around the seasons, especially what and how we eat. Therefore, it’s so comforting to go back to basics, and enjoy a meal with friends and family that celebrates the season and matches its mood. Salt&Pepper has set me the task of styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’ guests at first glance, utilising their new season collections. And the winter’s evening I have in store for you involves warming up with some comfort foods in the late afternoon sun, finishing up with an epic cheese board, and lively conversation continuing into the wee hours. Here are my five steps to styling a seriously Pin-Worthy winter table setting. 1 Let the season inspire you In winter, we always want to feel cosy and warm, so these are the feelings I want to convey when entertaining friends and family. Not limited to the recipes themselves (for which I highly recommend hearty comfort casseroles and thickly cut artisan bread), the styling should include elements which remind you of both the cold and bare personality of winter, as well as the indulgence […]

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Anna Quan Resort 2016 at MBFWA

Anna Quan Resort 2016 – that French cuff shirt and other classics reimagined What makes a shirt a shirt, or a jacket a jacket? Thus yours truly found her mind wondering, while shuffling through the runway images I’d taken at Anna Quan’s showing at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. The collection was characterised by its ritual deconstruction of traditional clothing archetypes. Her classic french cuff shirt from resort 2015 (which had already garnered viral popularity) was redesigned in a backless incarnation; a deceivingly simple halter dress was tailored as though it were a jacket, and with side seams ingeniously eliminated to highlight the cord ribbon and o-ring closure, the latter being an unifying element of the collection. The result was something that is in that tantalising entr’acte of being at once comfortingly familiar but unsettlingly novel. This, far from being a perversion of clothes making traditions, is perhaps the most transparent demonstration of a designer’s mastery of tailoring methods. ‘For me, it’s about utilising the traditional way of constructing something to build a story,’ designer, Anna Hoang commented, in her characteristically erudite manner (she is, after all, a member of our legal fraternity). ‘The hardest thing is having a conceptual […]

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5 ways the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 saved my bacon at Fashion Week

My road test of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at MBFWA 2016 Photogrpahy: Blogger’s Boyfriend When Microsoft invited me to join the #SurfaceSquad (along with the lovely girls at They All Hate Us, Miss Gunner and Twice Blessed) to road test the new Surface Pro 4 as my key device during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, I was at first a little skeptical of just how much I would make use of a tablet during such a busy week. I must confess to never having had much enthusiasm for tablets, which, in my circles, are used predominantly to watch movies on long flights. But mentioning the prospect to my much more technologically savvy boyfriend, the excitement in his voice, as he gushed about the never before paralleled virtues of the Surface Pro 4 as a laptop and tablet in one, made me realise what kind of opportunity I really had on my hands. As I spent the week at MBFWA with my trusty Surface Pro 4, I learned that it was a lightweight and incredibly powerful portable device that met the diverse array of needs of a creative, who travels and has hefty demands on their digital devices. To illustrate how […]

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How to build a fashion week wardrobe

How to build a fashion week wardrobe Wearing: Cashmere Waffle Knit & Cashmere Midi Dress – Nuan Cashmere Fashion Week, being the the year’s single biggest congregation of the Australian fashion industry, naturally presents a very much welcome opportunity to dress up to one’s heart’s content, and to wear all those amazing pieces you’ve collected throughout the year, that are unfortunately lost on your usual supermarket crowd. Outfits are planned weeks or even months in advance, with some setting their styling cogs turning since the previous year’s event. So where does one start to decide on what to wear? Here are some strategies I’ve learned to build a fashion week wardrobe. 1 Hero pieces For your everyday outfit, I would always recommend just one hero piece – these are statement items that you want to command all the attention, with your other pieces playing supporting roles. But when it comes to fashion week, all bets are off, and it’s all about expressing yourself with gay abandon. The search for hero pieces can never start too early, with the cult items of the season, like the Gucci loafer or Vetements jeans, gathering waiting lists a mile long. The hero pieces in my fashion week wardrobe included a cashmere midi dress by […]

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A day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – Grazia Australia

My visual diary of one day at MBFWA 2016 on Grazia Australia, in collaboration with Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Photography: Blogger’s Boyfriend | Ft. Bohotailor For many (yours truly included, at one time), the idea of ‘fashion week’ brings to mind a mysterious and glamorous other world, and the truth is perhaps not so far away from the imagination. It is rather like stepping into an alternate universe, where, for 6 days in a year, the humdrum of everyday melts away, and the ordinarily trivial considerations, like seating hierarchies, photo ops and, of course, fashion, are elevated to almost life and death; where, in the scheme of an unspoken delineation of ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’, such things as whether one wears the ‘it accessory’ of the year or an obscure but exciting new designer, and the choice to use the acronym ‘MBFWA’ – for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – or simply ‘Sydney Fashion Week’, may be seen as indicative of one’s sartorial refinement. While it may seem that fashion week attendees are simply there to strut back and forth in the hopes of being napped by the throngs of street style photographers, the various roles of the players at fashion week […]

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8 Ways to Wear Dresses in Winter

Don’t say goodbye to dresses when the temperature drops – here are 8 ways to wear dresses in winter Whether you’re lamenting the end of summer, or rejoicing in winter layering ops, don’t space bag those dresses just yet. The key to mastering the perfect minimal wardrobe is stocking up on versatile pieces and knowing that a little bit of creativity can make anything work the extra mile. The transformative qualities of a dress from summer to winter cannot be understated. Here are 8 ways to wear dresses in winter. 1 Blazer it Warm up those shoulders by throwing a blazer over strappy dresses and lacy numbers. Keep the look boxy with an boyfriend blazer, or create an ultra-feminine silhouette by buttoning up, or haphazardly cinching the wast with a belt. As the temperature drops, add chunky scarf and sleek boots, too taste. Credit: Style Du Monde Credit: Collage Vintage Credit: Elle 2 Coat up One of my favourite ways to wear dresses in winter is to pair a voluminous dress with an oversized coat, and let that skirt swish as you walk. This is a coy, hiding-a-fantastic-outfit-under-here, kind of look, so the dressier the dress and the slouchier the coat, the better. Being nonchalantly underdressed, flat shoes are, of […]

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Fashion and social acceptance

Fashion and social acceptance – why the two should never mingle Wearing: Camel Coat & Cable Knit Dress – Karen Millen | Rings & Bangle – 32.4 | Watch – Kapten & Son | Sneakers – Senso  While I’ve been rather un-mysteriouso with you over the years (‘over-sharer’ is probably the apt term here) I might still have two pieces personal trivia I have not yet imparted. The first is that my name in Chinese means ‘good girl’, a pretty prophetic name, let me tell you. The fact that I’ve had an almost completely obsequious youth brings me to my second bit of trivia: yours truly was once, at age 14, accessory to a cargo pant shoplift heist. I’ll give you a moment to take that in. It was under the mentorship of my kleptomaniac friend that the deed was done. And it was shockingly easy: simply put the garment on in the change room, then casually walk out again. While the ease of such a victimless crime had tempted my friend to become somewhat of a semi-professional shoplifter for many years, I, on the other hand, yielded immediately to my voice of conscience, and abandoned the pursuit immediately. Far be it from a […]

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How to Reinvent Basics

How to reinvent basics and make your wardrobe go the extra mile Wearing: Monogrammed Oversized French Cuff Shirt – Anna Quan | ‘Roll Seam’ Wool Trousers – Third Form | Nude Sandals – Schutz | Boyfriend Blazer (similar) | Ring Buckle Belt (Similar) I was not invited to a great many social outings in my – describable only as –  geeky teenage years, complete with the quintessential vampire fan fiction writing and online forum frequenting phases, naturally. My very limited wardrobe reflected as much. So on the rare occasion I had an occasion, I was invariably, the frumpy girl in the corner in her t-shirt and jeans. Of course, in those days my tendency to dress plainly was due to a complete inability to grasp fashion or trends. Now that I fancy myself as knowing better, I rather think that I was on the right track after all. Must we always find ourselves in the predicament of having ‘nothing to wear’, and needing to run out immediately for a new outfit? Last year, I wrote about wearing basics better. Today I’m extending this discussion to reinventing basics. On the one hand, this is to transform something everyday into something a little bit extraordinary, and on the other, to discover new ways […]

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What to wear to the Polo

What to wear to the Polo – a minimalist style guide An affinity for minimalism always leaves me a little stumped…

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How to wake up happy – a guide for night owls

From one night owl to another: a few simple changes I made to my life (and mind set) to wake up…

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Perth Luxury Hotel – Como the Treasury

The extraordinary luxury hotel experience I’ve been dying to share: Como the Treasury, Perth’s new 6 star hotel Growing up,…

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Why LXÈ is an Australian Label to Watch

LXÈ‎: an Australian label to watch. Read on to find out why! Wearing: ‘Dona Ana’ Culottes; ‘Causeway’ Leather Pants; ‘Wooldridge’ Leather Jacket – all…

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Why I love my flaws

Why I love my flaws, and you should too Consistent with my obvious obsession with all things French, we…

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Why don’t you dress your age?

Why don’t you dress your age? At age 24, freshly graduated from law school and living the Gaijin English…

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Dressing for Confidence

How an outfit can influence your state of mind, and the secret to dressing for confidence. Wearing: Racerback top…

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Tokyo Travel Diary

Tokyo Travel Diary – Places I loved and where I stayed in Tokyo, Japan Call me obnoxious, but I am…

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Blogger Style Watch: The Off-Shoulder Top

Off-Shoulder Tops – who’s wearing them, how to rock them, and where to buy them If you ever thought the shoulder…

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Why Fashion Phobias are Bogus

Fashion phobias – why they are bogus and how to overcome them Wearing: Isabel Marant T Shirt – The…

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Park Hotel Tokyo – Art, Luxury and Comfort in Shidome

Recap of my Tokyo trip, and review of Park Hotel Tokyo To make my trip to Japan with my boyfriend…

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Minimalism: A pictorial guide

Minimalism: A pictorial guide Minimalism in fashion may be identified via visual codes; commonly, clean lines, simple forms and…

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The art of resolution making

The art of resolution making – here’s to accepting our faults in 2016 Apart from being probably the 217th person to…

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Why you should wear what you love

Why you should wear that you love – what I learned from my past fashion faux-pas Wearing: Knitted Top & Knitted…

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How to decorate without clutter

How to decorate without clutter – three rules I live by Rose Gold Cutlery set | White Marble Dinner Plates | Marble Side…

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The No Fuss Festive Outfit

Two no fuss festive outfits for comfort and style this festive season Wearing: Jumpsuit & Dress – Third Form | Blazer…

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How to wear outerwear in summer

How to wear outerwear in summer Wearing: Vest, Long Blazer & Slip-on Loafers – Ang Studio | Silk Camisole –…

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How to Dress Down Anything

How to dress down anything Wearing: Shirt – Adidas | Lace Skirt – Bruug | Perspex Cuff – Cooee |…

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