Top – Zara Let’s welcome the retro-minimalist trend. This spring, leather gives way to suede. With its pleasantly smooth touch, suede becomes the obvious choice: a second skin! And remains in perfect harmony with denim.


Pull-Over – Zara Open-back garments are not to be exclusively worn during the summer or for fancy evening events. The perfect example is the open-back pullover. Indeed, modern-day open-back pullovers such as this one prove that such items can be … Continue reading

Little Black Dress

Dress – Ba&sh Clutch  – American Vintage The little black dress. The basic of a woman’s wardrobe. Here, a pure and elegant design, for a relatively demure finish. Other possibilities come to mind: a narrow dress for slender silhouettes, a … Continue reading

Catchy Cashmere

Cashmere Pull-over – Handmade in Madagascar Pant – Zara Shoes – Bocage Cashmere, an aesthetic textile so exquisitely soft and warm Contrary to popular belief, the quality of a cashmere garment is not judged by the number of threads used … Continue reading

Relaxin’ Pure White

Dress – Zara Red Lipstick – Chanel rouge allure 104 Passion White as snow, with red aglow. An eternal color that was at the height of last winter, white is to me the tone that resonates with every season. White … Continue reading

Dream about Spring

   Jacket – Zara Top – Zara Skirt – Sinéquanone Scarf – Marc by Marc Jacobs About these trends that make us want to defy time.. I recently read that some fashion lovers tend to ignore the seasons, eager to … Continue reading

The Cream of the Crop

Blouse – Les Petites (ancienne co) Pant – Urban Outfitters Vintage Faux Fur- No Brand Undoubtedly comfy, this style proves that the effortless chic equation works! Lines Manner… always playful with textures: feminizing this look with the elegant lines of … Continue reading