Gallery Of Furniture By CHYBIK+KRISTOF

Rows of black plastic seats line the exterior of a furniture showroom designed by architecture practice CHYBIK+KRISTOF. Unsurprisingly, the impressive façade has also became a creative advertising banner for the business.
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Minimalist Fobe House By Guilhem Eustache

Built by architect Guilhem Eustache, the beautiful minimalist ‘Fobe House’ with its whitewashed forms and columns reminds more of a sculptural complex, rather than a home. Located south of Marrakech, in Morocco, the complex is in a seamless synergy…

Contemporary House By Abandoned Railway

Architects at ONG&ONG have designed a contemporary villa, imagined as a prototype of modern tropical living. The house borrowed the views from the next-door greenery of abandoned railway; while simple lines and features like lush corridors, blue wa…

Tiny Treehouse By Wee Studio

Timber hut hidden in the forests of Bejing’s Wuling Mountain, subscribes to ideas of deliberated tiny living and subtle relationship between nature and inhabitation. Designed by local micro-architecture specialists Wee Studio, this tiny house is an o…

Boat House By WE Architecture

The wooden cabin is another neat example of “the pursuit of countryside quietness” that became a movement among the partakers of modern times in hectic and crowded urban areas.
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