48h. Paris 2018

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Hôtel de JoBo

Hôtel de JoBo // 10 Rue d’Ormesson, Paris // website
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Easter Brunch

This morning I read an article where they say you should spend your money in experiences instead of material objects. I totally agree. But I do appreciate pretty items. In an unique way they make me feel happy as well. I want to drink my morning coffee…

Hinata Ramen

Hinata Ramen / Westerstraat 40, Amsterdam / website
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Jackson Dubois

Yay, another restaurant with vegan dishes on the menu! Located on Spui, next to Kalverstraat it makes the perfect dinner place after a day shopping. Jackson Dubois /Spui 10, Amsterdam / website
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Nobis Hotel Stockholm

Nobis Hotel Stockholm / Norrmalmstorg 2-4 Stockholm / website
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Hippie Fish

Hippie Fish Zandvoort // Boulevard Paulus Loot 3, Zandvoort// website
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SottArno, Via Maggio, 53r, 50125 Florence, Italy
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Diane Marine

Diane Marine
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Zero Zero

Traveling is something unique. Sounds very obvious but it truly puts you in contact with cultural and gastronomic diversities which enormously enrich you as a person and broaden your perspective. While in Lisbon, we had the chance to get familiar with …

Malmerendas Boutique Lodging

After welcoming us with a glass of Port wine, our host Augusto, proudly showed us the accommodation. The six studios, set in a classy renovated historic building in the area of Bolhão is a pure gem. Since Porto is a relatively small city, everything is…

48h. Porto

Still excited about the amazing experience we had last September in Lisbon, we were so glad to book our trip to Porto. This feeling made us very confident about the pleasurability of our trip since the very beginning. From the moment we landed in Oport…

Mr. Jordaan

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Winter in Milan

Since three years Christmas means a few days in Doesburg…
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Christmas in Doesburg

Christmas for me is by far the coziest time of…
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Breakfast at Adam&Siam

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Hotel des Galeries

Hotel des Galeries is located in one of Brussel’s best…
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Pillows Zwolle

You might know the Pillows hotel, located nearby Vondelpark in…
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Miss Clara – Stockholm

During our three day trip to Stockholm we had the pleasure of staying at Miss Clara, the latest hotel from the dynamic Nobis Group. We took the 20 min. Train… Read More

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Rua D. Pedro V is the main street in the Principe Real area of Lisbon. It leads you down into Bairro Alto and up to Casa Amora. On your way… Read More

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48h. in Stockholm

08:00 – Waking up at Miss Clara Miss Clara, Sveavägen 48, website 10:00 – Get lost in the oldest part Discover all the small coloured streets of Gamla Stan. 11:00… Read More

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Casa Amora

If you are following me on Instagram, you might have noticed we recently were in Lisbon. It was my first time in the capital of Portugal. A friend of ours… Read More

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48h. Lisbon

08:00 – Breakfast at Casa Amora Casa Amora, R. João Penha 13, 1250-131 Lisboa, website 10:00 – Coffebreak at Fabrica Coffee Roasters Fabrica Coffee Roasters, Rua das Flores 63, website… Read More

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48h. Paris

08:00 – Waking up at C.O.Q. C.O.Q. Hotel, 15 Rue Edouard Manet, website 10:00 – Coffee break at Ten Belles. Ten Belles, 10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles 12:00 – Chocolate… Read More

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Lisbon for the first time

One week after our Paris trip, we took off to Lisbon. A city I was visiting for the first time. I spend quite some Summer holidays in Portugal with my… Read More

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C.O.Q. Hotel

C.O.Q. Hotel, abbreviation of Community of Quality, is a modern 50-room boutique hotel in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The hotel’s name reflects their idea of hospitality. Quality is in… Read More

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week end à Paris

There is always a good reason for a weekend in Paris. This is the second year we went in August, which is such a good timing. The weather is amazing,… Read More

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The Hoxton Paris

Sleep, eat, work and play at The Hoxton Paris. As you might have noticed, we walk in and out The Hoxton in Amsterdam on a regular basis. To have a… Read More

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When in Paris, you got the eat croissants, baguette, crepes and croque monsieur. Might be stereo typical, it’s just a good excuse to order carbs like crazy. After visiting Montmartre… Read More

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Liberté – Patisserie Boulangerie Bakery in Saint Martin which you will immediately recognize for its industrial look and the smell of their delicious pastries. A place to my heart. Concrete… Read More

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The Hoxton

”Sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out.” The Hoxton, Amsterdam ”She was an adventurer at heart. But oh she loved drinking tea… Read More

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I have been living in my cozy apartment in Amsterdam West since almost four years. The first house after moving out of my family’s house. The first two years I… Read More

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Bar Fisk

It’s no secret that Amsterdam is getting every day more crowded with new and trendy venues. Two months ago, in the already lively and ‘local-friendly’ area of De Pijp a… Read More

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After arriving in Venice and dropping off our luggage at LaGare Hotel in Murano, we spend the morning hours in Burano. We made hundreds of pictures here and I’m sure… Read More

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San George

Downtown Italian Last weekend when almost everyone was partying at Georgie’s we had our own party at another George. Dinner at San George, a downtown Italian located close by Leidsesquare.… Read More

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to Rome by train

Instead of doing the typical Summer holiday (rd. spending a week at the beach, sipping cocktails) we decided to visit three of Italy’s most popular and prettiest cities. I think… Read More

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1h. in Murano

During our trip in Venice, we slept in Hotel LaGare, which is located in Murano. A small island between Venice and Burano and known for its glass making. If you… Read More

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36h. in Venice

Our ten-day-long trip kicked off in Venice. I’ve been in town only once before, when I was about twelve years old. I didn’t remember much of it, so it was… Read More

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Ditta Artigianale

What started as a competition representing Italy in the coffee world, ended in an established coffeebrand. After winning the award, barista Francesco Sanapo wanted to do something more for his… Read More

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La Ménagère

La Ménagère is a flowershop, restaurant and coffeehouse in one, located close to the Duomo. It’s so pretty! Our favorite place to have breakfast. They have great coffee and the… Read More

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Bottomless Brunch

I guess you all have been extra sweet for you Mom last Sunday. We surprised Davide’s Mom, who flew over from Milan, with a brunch at Pressroom. Specially for this… Read More

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The Green Spot

When entering, you walk through a long hall lined in dark oak panelling, past an atrium filled with plants and light, and into the main room of the restaurant, which… Read More

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Hotel Brummell

At the end of March we flew off to sunny Barcelona. A city of my heart. The atmosphere, the weather, the food, the combination of city and beach, the many… Read More

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Barcelona x Renard

Sport chique chronographs with character, another level of sophistication for him. Feminine timepieces with a sheer touch of elegance for her. – Renard Hotel Brummell – Nou de la Rambla 174… Read More

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After the sushi and burger trend in Amsterdam, more and more new places are popping up serving the healthy poké bowls. We visited Temakery, located on the finally finished Ferdinand… Read More

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New in: Nude sandals

Let’s talk about finding the perfect shoes for summer! From flats to slip-ons to sandals, I am always on the hunt for the right summer shoes. I always go for… Read More

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Altijd in de Buurt

Altijd in de Buurt, in English ‘Always around’, is one of the newest lunchrooms, bars and hangouts at the Weena in Rotterdam. You won’t miss this modern renovated area as… Read More

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ENG// Destino is a Spanish tapas restaurant, located next to lunchplace Bertmans. The interior doesn’t give you a Spanish feeling at all which is exactly what the owners wanted. They… Read More

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ENG// After checking in at Hotel Light in Rotterdam, we went out for lunch at Bertmans. Easily reached by several trams. It’s located next to the canal so during Summer… Read More

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Inspiration: Pretty Plates

First thing I do as soon as our ordered dishes arrive at the table, I check what name is on the bottom. Trust me when I say (well Davide tells… Read More

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Hotel Light

Hotel Light is a new short stay hotel nearby the famous Museumplein and Nieuwe Binnenweg areas of Rotterdam. Our hotel is only a few minutes to all the highlights of… Read More

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Weekday striped shirt / WE velvet pants / Ance Studios scarf
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Stripes & Velvet

Weekday striped shirt / WE velvet pants / Ance Studios scarf

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Libertine Cafe Cafe

We found our new place for Friday evening drinks and quality time dinners! ENG/ Last Sunday we had the privilege to have dinner in the newest hotspot of the 9… Read More

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4 days in Flachau, Austria

So good to be here again after five years 🙌🏻 #boringthngsaustria A post shared by Rachèl Pagen (@boringthngs) on Feb 8, 2017 at 11:41am PST A post shared by Rachèl… Read More

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Kanarie Club

FROM AN OLD & DEGENERATED TRAM DEPOT TO KANARIE CLUB! ENG/ By now you all have visited the Foodhallen in Amsterdam West. Right? If not, go bring your ass up… Read More

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Weekday Jeans SS17

For spring 2017 Weekday introduces a new range of jeans with a focus on sustainability. Old products get a new life, and basic garments are allowed to be relevant again… Read More

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”Bonanza is such an inspiring coffeeplace! It’s full of light, minimalistic and full of design packages and products. My hot chocolate was served in such a pretty cup! We definitely… Read More

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Het Warenhuis

Het warenhuis – “Buy the chairs you’re sitting on and the plates where you are eating from.” The interior of Het Warenhuis is cosy, modern with really nice items such… Read More

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ENG 25 Hours Bikini Hotel doesn’t only represent a great option as accommodation but it’s also a culinary hotspot with its restaurant Neni, located at the 10th floor, which we… Read More

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‘Brooks Amsterdam: guilty international pleasures’ ENG This newish restaurant in the old part of Amsterdam South is part of hotel Beethoven. First time for me to be in the area… Read More

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Enter the Loft

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Nhow Milan

Milan, italian capital of fashion and design. ENG What a better accommodation to stop over while you are in town than a modern design hotel located in one of the… Read More

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Skagen x INK Hotel

Founded on minimalist Danish design values, Skagen is a modern lifestyle brand grounded in simplicity, approachability, and a clean, focused aesthetic.

Ancher Steel Mesh Watch

Mesh Hybrid Smart Watch

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Lux Eleven

‘Lux Eleven: Located between the characteristic Soviet-era architecture of Alexanderplatz and the trendy boutiques of Mitte.’ Our first night in Berlin we slept at the Lux Eleven hotel. I just… Read More

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5 must seen views

1. Louvre – Paris This city is so beautiful! Yesterday we walked 22.5 kilometers👏🏻 Curious what today will bring us. #boringthngsparis A photo posted by Rachèl Pagen (@boringthngs) on Aug… Read More

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3 prettiest hotels

1. Hotel Adele & Jules – Paris Looking for a cute boutique hotel in Paris, walking distance of MontMartre? My recommendation is up online! #boringthngsparis A photo posted by Rachèl… Read More

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Must visit coffeeplaces

1. Bonanza – Berlin Warming up ☕ #boringthngsberlin A photo posted by Rachèl Pagen (@boringthngs) on Nov 20, 2016 at 4:37am PST 2. Brooklyn Coffee – London a coffee a… Read More

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Teva x Berlin

Light, comfortable, made for whatever you want. The Arrowood collection of Teva walks you to the good in life. Take a hike with us through…

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