JRKVC Designs A Contemporary Yurt Beside A Slovakian Lake

Drawing inspiration from the traditional yurts of Central Asia, Slovakian architecture studio JRKVC has designed ‘Attila’, a holiday home that sits nestled in a field thick with poppies beside a lake in Vojka nad Dunjom.
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Sleep Beneath The Stars In Ark Shelter’s Off-Grid Cabin

Ghent-based architecture studio Ark Shelter has just released their latest prefabricated construction: ‘Into The Wild’ is a minimalist dark wood cabin that open to the outdoors and allows you to watch the stars from your bed.
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Studio KO’s Moroccan Villa Overlooks The Snowy Atlas Mountains

Situated just a half-hour drive from Marrakech outside a small town called Tagadert is ‘Villa K’, a five-bedroom retreat designed by French firm Studio KO that sits softly on the land.
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EMA Designs A Home Around A Tree In Mexico

In Sierra de Mazamitla, a small town south of Guadalajara in Mexico, it is said that the air smells like permanently like pine because of the densely forested surrounds. Here, local firm EMA has designed a building that fits with local vernacular archi…

Arata Isozaki Designs Transcendent Space Between Heaven And Earth

Amongst the cactuses, rocks and ruddy earth of the Mojave Desert stand three sculptural concrete pavilions designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki for his friend, LA art collector Jerry Sohn.
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Sculpting Light In Álvaro Siza’s Off-Grid Chapel

In Barão de São João Portugal, Álvaro Siza Viera has designed a place of worship and warmth—the minimal, off-grid hillside chapel ‘Capela do Monte’.
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Aztec Influence Abounds In Casa Zicatela

In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, beside Puerto Escondido’s famed pipeline, you’ll find the architect Ludwig Godefroy’s board-marked concrete masterpiece: ‘Casa Zicatela’.
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Word Of Mouth House Designs A Verdant Villa In The Balinese Jungle

East of the Balinese capital Denpasar is a village called Buwit, here, amidst dense rainforest overlooking a river stands Word of Mouth House’s ‘Chameleon Villa’. A multi-level home where the jungle has been allowed to take over in the most artful way….

Casa L4 Features A Rooftop Pool With Ocean Views

In Costa Esmerelda, a holiday area overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean in Argentina, architect Luciano Kruk and his partner Ekaterina Künzel designed ‘Casa L4’—a concrete home set amongst a grove of maritime pines.
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The Concrete Monoliths Of Yugoslavia Explored In MoMA’s Latest Exhibition

In the first exhibition of its kind in America, ‘Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948-1980’ explores the push and pull of capitalist West and socialist East through the prism of architecture in the former republic.
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Casa La Quinta: A Home In Mexico Designed Around Voids

In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City-based architects Pérez Palacios and Alfonso de la Concha Rojos have designed ‘Casa La Quinta’, a home where swimming is a main attraction.
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A Japanese Home Designed For Closeness

In Toyota, Japan, Katsutoshi Sasaki and Associates has designed a black-wash wooden house whose narrow width serves to bring those living inside closer together.
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Renderings Of An Ancient Monolith In Santorini

Santorini rises from a volcanic caldera, the largest island of a small archipelago off the coast of Greece. Here, Kapsimalis Architects has proposed ‘House in Finikia’, a man-made monolith that draws its inspiration from volcanic stone.
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Casa Xólotl, A Home On The Yucatan Peninsula

Previously a run-down property, ‘Casa Xólotl’ is the result of an ingenious renovation by Mérida-based firm Punto Arquitectónico’s, that links earth with water.
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The MINI LIVING Urban Cabin Presents Micro-Living In The Metropolis

The latest iteration of MINI LIVING Urban Cabin—a habitable micro-home that launched during the LA Design Festival (7-10 June 2018)—features a kaleidoscopic intervention by local architecture firm FreelandBuck, and brings to the fore the car brand&#821…

Inspired By Tradition, The Boat Rooms Of The Fuchun River

The Fuchun River in China feeds into a small lake nestled beneath the mountains. Here, you will find a selection of wooden houses designed by the Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy that appear to float on the water. 
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Studio MK27’s Radical Exercise In Horizontality

Two hours from Sao Paulo, in a town called Porto Feliz, you will find Brazilian firm Studio MK27’s “radical exercise in horizontality”: the ‘Planar House’.
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A Subterranean Space Reimagined By Raul Sanchez Architects

In under 55 square meters, architecture studio Raul Sanchez Architects has reimagined a subterranean space in Barcelona as a minimal, light-filled home—‘Apartment Tibbaut’.
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Maguire And Devine Design An Off-Grid Cabin Amongst The Eucalyptus

Hobart-based firm Maguire and Devine Architects has designed an off-grid cabin, set amongst the eucalyptus on an island off the southern coast of Tasmania.
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Porthole To A Reading Room

Studio Strato has created the ultimate reading nook in a one-bedroom apartment in Rome. Fit with day bed, large french windows and accessible exclusively via porthole, this is a renovation for book lovers everywhere.
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Snark Designs A House Clad In Perspex

In Maebashi Japan, SNARK has designed ‘House in Nakauchi’ a minimal residence that combines the aesthetics of a greenhouse with the function of a family home.
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Marco Ortalli’s Concrete Spectacular: Casa RBS

On the northern edge of Italy, in the historic center of Erba, Marco Ortalli has designed an angular concrete home: ‘Casa RBS’.
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Inside The Pavilions At This Year’s Venice Architecture Biennale

The theme for this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale is ‘Freespace’, a neologism that was read in vastly different ways by the curators of national pavilions. For Germany, it was an opportunity for reflection on the wall which once divided the nation. In ‘Unbuilding Walls’ they looked at not only the inner German wall but also […]

Jim Jennings Finds Home In The Southern Californian Desert

When designing his ‘Desert Retreat’ San Francisco-based architect Jim Jennings drew inspiration from the landscape, emphasizing in the construction the luminous and rugged nature of the Southern Californian desert.
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Nameless Architecture Designs A House In The Mountains Of South Korea

In the midst of a forest in a quiet mountain range near Seoul is a house cast from rough-cut concrete. Designed by Nameless Architecture, the ‘Aele House’ is an ode to the flexible nature of architectural design.
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A House Of Platforms Overlooking Nojiri-Ko Lake

Tokyo-based architecture practice Sugawaradaisuke has reimagined a traditional chalet with a floor plan that is comprised of multiple levels. This holiday home is called ‘Nature Platforms’, and stands overlooking the Nojiri-Ko Lake in Japan.

Nestled Behind Puerto Escondido, The Concrete Casa Tiny

Beside Mexico’s famous pipeline, just beyond the surf town of Puerto Escondido is ‘Casa Tiny’. Designed by Aranza de Ariño, this idyllic concrete dwelling sits nestled amongst dense vegetation just a short stroll from the beach.
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A Home Of Windows And Wood By Miya Akiko Architecture Atelier

In Saitama, Japan, Tokyo firm Miya Akiko Architecture Atelier has designed ‘Roofs and Windows’, a minimal, light-flooded home with a wood-clad interior.
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A Concrete Masterpiece In The Malaysian Capital

Designed by WHBC Architects, the ‘Chempenai House’ in Kuala Lumpur is a lesson in material constraint. Though extravagant in size, the spectacle of this concrete home is its consideration of the surrounding Malaysian environment, and its rejectio…

Unbuilding Walls: The German Pavilion At The Venice Biennale

This year marks a strange moment of historical symmetry for Berlin — the inner German border that divided the East from the West (1961-1989) has now been down for as long as it stood. It seems pertinent timing then for ‘Unbuilding Walls’, the German Pa…

TACO Designs An Architecture Studio In A Mexican Palm Forest

In Merida, at the heart of an area verdant with towering palms, TACO (Taller de Arquitectura Contextual) has designed ‘Portico Palmeto’, a multi-faceted studio fit with flushed pink walls and concertina doors made from bamboo.
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A Floating House In The Foothills Of The Santa Cruz Mountains

From certain angles, a glass box seems to emerge from an unbroken canopy of ancient oak trees in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains — this future-esque structure is ‘Pam and Paul’s House’, designed by Craig Steely Architecture.
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DmvA Designs An Unconventional Brick Home In West Flanders

In a town called Houthulst in West Flanders, local firm dmvA Architecten has designed ‘House H’: an unconventional brick home comprised entirely of right-angled walls.
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Two Pavilions And A Subterranean Passage By Carmody Groarke

In the rolling green hills of rural Sussex, London-based architecture firm Carmody Groarke has designed two pavilions — the first an artist’s studio, and the second a guest space with a subterranean entrance and water views.
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Pranala Associates Reimagines A Tropical Home In West Java

In Badung, a bustling city in West Java set amongst volcanoes and tea plantations, Erick Laurentius and Ronald Pallencaoe of Pranala Associates have designed ‘Hikari House’, a tropical bungalow reimagined as a modern home.
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Tropical Space Designs A Ceramic Studio In Vietnam

Beside the Thu Bon river in Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province Tropical Space designed a three-storey pottery studio for local ceramic artist, Len Duc Ha.
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HZA Designs A Rest Stop Overlooking The Norwegian Sea

Oslo-based studio Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter’s latest addition to the Norwegian coastline proves that public toilets don’t have to be an eyesore.
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Casa Hualle By Ampuero Yutronic

On the eastern shore of Lake Villarrica is Pucón, a Chilean city that stands below an active volcano. Just beyond the city’s borders, local architecture firm Ampuero Yutronic has designed a double story stained-black wooden home: ‘Casa Hualle’.

A Concrete Clifftop Home By Pezo Von Ellrichshausen

On a wild cliff overlooking the vast blue of the Pacific Ocean, architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen have designed ‘Loba’, a narrow concrete home on the Chilean coast.
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The Moenda House By Felipe Rodrigues

Utilizing raw concrete and glass, Felipe Rodrigues has designed a family home and adjoining guest house that stand overlooking the majestic Mantiqueira Mountains in Brazil.
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OFIS Arhitekti’s Mirrored Pavilion In The Gorafe Desert

Set amongst the desert plains of Gorafe, Slovenian firm OFIS Arhitekti has designed a mirrored glass pavilion that offers protected and unparalleled views of the Andalusian landscape and night skies.
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Copenhagen Harbor’s Floating Islands

Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish designer Magnus Maarbjerg have joined forces in the creation of their latest project: a man-made wooden island, complete with a linden tree, that is currently floating in Copenhagen’s harbor.
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Ricardo Bofill’s Dusky Pink Cement Factory

The architectural practice of Ricardo Bofill weaves spatial design with urban planning in colorful, Escher-esque structures. His most exciting project perhaps remains that of his home and office, a converted cement factory in Barcelona.
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The Melt House In Osaka

In a quiet residential area of Osaka, SAI Architecture Design Office has constructed ‘Melt’, a minimalist home with a corrugated exterior.
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Tato Architects Design A Home Without Walls

To bring a family of three closer together, Japanese studio Tato Architects has redesigned the interior of a home in Osaka as a single room.
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Ausstellungshaus By Matt Innauer Architekten

In Austria’s Bregenz Forest, Innauer-Matt Architekten has designed a mobile exhibition house for Kaspar Greber, a timber construction company.
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A Glittering Ovoid Sports Hall

This silver-scaled, ovoid building was designed by Sporadical as a sports hall for a primary school in Dolní Břežany, a town in the south of the Czech Republic.
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Álvaro Siza Designs A White-Concrete Modernist Church

Famed Portuguese architect, Álvaro Siza Vieira, has designed a modernist church whose poetic, sculptural form folds gently into the surrounding neighborhood in Rennes.
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John Lautner’s Modernist Masterpiece

American architect John Lautner was fascinated with shapes and structures; his work defined by a new style of modernism that sought to merge architectural geometry with nature. Of this style, there is perhaps no finer example than the ‘Arthur Elr…

A House Carved Into The Island Of Formentera

On Formentera, the southernmost Balearic island, Marià Castelló has designed a family home that draws on oppositions: telluric and tectonic, heavy and light, land and ocean.
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A Treehouse In The Forest By Chateau De Raray

Around the majestic gnarled trunk of a centenarian oak tree is ‘ORIGIN tree house’ — a wooden cabin designed by French architecture firm Atelier LAVIT in the forest of Chateau de Raray.
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The Hi Lo House In Tokushima

With an exterior that could be confused for that of a warehouse, the airy and bright ‘Hi Lo House’ in Japan’s Tokushima prefecture was designed by Hiroshima-based architecture firm CAPD as a family home.
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Alta Chalet By Atelier Kastelic Buffey

In Ontario’s Blue Mountains, Atelier Kastelic Buffey has drawn together traditional form and contemporary comfort in their design of  ‘Alta Chalet’ — a holiday home for a family of five.
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A Home On The Mountain Plateau Of Tschengla

The ‘House in Tschengla’ looks out over a small village and across the mountains of Austria. Designed by Innauer-Matt Architekten, the home was built to provide a place of calm away from the chaos of the city.
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A Luminous Cabin In The Norwegian Mountains

Rever and Drage Architects have created a whimsical four-part cabin in the Norwegian mountains. ‘Cabin at Troll’s Peak’ borrows its form from traditional cluster farms of the area: where buildings with different functions and different construction tec…

A Portuguese Winery Becomes A Family Home

Dusky-pink lime mortar has given new life to a winery in the south of Portugal: Lisbon-based practice Extrastudio has transformed the space into a family home with a black-bottomed swimming pool.
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A Resting Place In Wukalina: Krakani Lumi

Wukalina/Mt William National Park sits on the north-eastern tip of Tasmania, the island 240km south of Australia. Here,  beyond the beach and amongst the banksias, you’ll find ‘krakani lumi’. Designed by Taylor and Hinds, this standing camp…

The Chimney House In Logatec, Slovenia

In a small town that folds into the rolling hills of the Slovenian countryside, Dekleva Gregoric Architects have designed a home that draws its shapely configuration from a traditional chimney.
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Home Is An Island Off The Coast Of Chile

In the archipelago of the coast Chile, overlooking the inner sea of the Chiloe island, stands ‘Rode House’: a half-moon home designed by Pezo von Ellrichshausen.
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Layers Of Life: The Blue House In Korea

A formerly abandoned building in Gyuam-Myeon, Korea has been given new life: renovated by Starsis in a way that viscerally combines its layered past with a bright modern future.
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Casting A Red Glow Across Tasmanian Waters

On the edge of the Derwent River, a gestural structure rises from the Tasmanian earth, casting a red glow across its water. GASP! (Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park) is a public space whose creation was part of the re-imagination of an area of shoreline…

A Mountain Stage For Songhua Lake, China

Created by META-Project, the ‘Stage of Forest’ is a triangular platform whose dark wood and concrete exterior extends from the mountain that overlooks the picturesque Songhua Lake in the Jilin Province of China.
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Transforming A 1960s Office Block Into A Minimalist Home

The upper floors of a former 1960s office in Antwerp have been transformed into Penthouse Britselei — a project by Belgian architect, Hans Verstuyft, that synthesizes his home and living space.
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Schenk Hattori Design A Family Home In Niigata, Japan

Set in the grounds of an existing property, this detailed wood-home in Niigata, Japan has been designed to fulfill the needs of several generations of the same family.
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A Minimalist Japanese Home Inside A Bamboo Forest

In the midst of a bamboo forest, beside a fast-flowing river, you’ll find a minimal dark wood home — House in Higashi Ohawada, designed by Fukuoka-based architecture practice CASE-REAL.
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Monochrome Masterpieces: The Fire Stations Of Italy

Pedevilla Architects have designed two minimalist, monochromatic, functionalist fire stations in Italy — one casting a golden glow across the mountains in Vierschac, South Tyrol, the other, a rose-tinted building, warming the snowy landscape of Taufers…

A Mirrored Pavilion For The Serralves Museum Of Contemporary Art

DepA has designed a mirrored pavilion that sits at the edge of the lake at the heart of the 18-hectare park that houses Serralves — the most visited museum in Portugal.
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The Circular Motion Of OBBA’s Vault House

Annular brick walls wrap their way around rooms and green spaces in ‘The Vault House’, designed by Seoul studio OBBA.
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Serpentine Slides For A 19th-Century English Manor

In collaboration with London’s Purcell architecture firm, Manhattan-based architect Rafael de Cárdenas has designed an addition for a manor-house — an atmospheric pool pavilion with a set of sculptural slides.
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A Steel-Clad Home In A Grove Of Ancient Oaks

A rusted steel building juts from the San Franciscan earth; an ecological structure shaded by a collection of ancient oaks. This home was designed for a family of four by Californian studio, Faulkner Architects.
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