AW16 LFW Day 2

I’ve finally accepted that blue is my colour, I’m constantly drawn to it. It was always my favourite colour as a little girl (I was never a pink loving girl) and I dallied with turquoise as a teenager but now I’m an adult it’s the more muted tones of blue that I like to wear.

This is the look I wore for LFW Day 2, a beautiful dip-dyed shirt by Les 100 Ciels, each one is hand dyed so they’re all unique; worn with my favourite bomber from Topshop and the comfiest smart trousers out there by Kit & Ace. I can’t wait for these Ace & Tate sunglasses to launch in the summer, I never thought I could wear this style with the flat edge at the top but every pair of Ace & Tate sunglasses I put on seem to suit me so they’re my go to for frames.

I’m wearing:
Ace & Tate Sunglasses (Summer preview) | Topshop MA1 Bomber Jacket in Navy (also in khaki) | Les 100 Ciels Hiro Shirt (available soon) | Kit & Ace Mulberry Pants in Navy | PB 0110 AB21 Shoulder Bag in Blue (also in black or cobalt blue) | Woman by Common Projects Original Achilles Low Trainers | Gemporia Arezzo D’oro Diamond Gold Ring | Brandts Jewellery Daisy Ring in Rose Gold | CFconcept Tusk Necklace in Gold | Nixon The Time Teller | Renné Halo Bangle in Silver | Sophie Wallgren Small Disc Bracelet in Gold

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