Beaufille F/W 2016

Beaufille might be the best thing that came out of Canada after Trivial Pursuit and Justin Trudeau, reminding me that I don’t have to look far away for superior inspiration. Since it’s their NYFW debut this season, people consider them a “new brand to watch” or an “underdog”, but Beaufille has been on my radar for a long enough time to elevate them to an Ellery-like status. And it’s not just their signature style that’s creating all the buzz, the fabrics they use in their collections are simply insane. The oxblood coats that look like patent leather are actually boiled wool coated in polyurethane and that open-knit wool sweater and skirt are made by gathering a pile of wool into a bag, embroidering on top of it over and over and throwing it into a tub of water to dissolve the plastic-y material (say whaaaa?!) by Chloé Gordon, one half of the designer-sister duo. And they say fashion is superficial.

source: vogue runway