Posted on: 12/30/2015 Posted by: eliffilyos Comments: 0

Have you ever had one of those years where it felt like it lasted a lifetime, like almost everything you remember doing happened in just the last 365 days? 2015 has been like that for me in terms of my career, I feel like I started my blog this year and it just evolved and developed even though it’s been 6 years already. This was the year I got featured as the it-girl on Vogue Turkey’s February issue, the year I was one of the instagram users to follow on Cosmopolitan Turkey’s September issue, the year I was on The Main MTL, Flare Mag, multiple posts of NY Mag The Cut, Blue is in Fashion This Year and other websites & blogs, the year I got thousands of repins on Pinterest, the year I raised my Instagram followers from 3k to almost 30k – which was the biggest accomplishment of all on my end. I’m usually a pessimist and I undermine everything I ever do so please bear with  me as I humbly brag for just one day.

I just would like to thank everyone who started to follow/has been following my journey filled with outfit shots (which are incidentally all taken in front of four walls in total), fashion inspirations, #lookofthedays, #flatlays, #fromwhereistands, #ondejeunes, #howiseemycoffees, #icecreams, #wheninbeds, #coffeshopcorners, #cafesaroundtheworlds, #wanderlusts and #lifewelltravelleds. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love, encouraging me and sending me all your love and support that made 2015 go hand in hand with 2013 (the year I moved to Montreal and got married) as the best year of my life, yet.

Here’s to a happy new year, a 2016 filled with health, peace and joy that would top all expectations, open doors to new adventures, friendships and beautiful memories.