Black Magic

It only feels like a week ago that I was backstage at Australian Fashion Week talking to my good friend Toni Maticevski about finding the ‘zen’, you know .. how to be creative and draw upon one’s inner calm in an industry so full throttle.   Mr Maticevski is the master of zen so it may seem.  When an area backstage at his 2015 MBFWA show as big a living room, was filled with more than 70 people (most of whom being some of Australia’s most alluring exports) scrambling to finalise the outfitting 2 minutes before the show, Toni in the calmest voice of all asked most eloquently has anyone seen my safety pins?   Never mind that fact that hemline’s needed to be adjusted and final fit’s to be tweaked the man of the hour was as calm as a cucumber.  This kind of clarity has lead him to be one of Australia’s most prominent designers with a vision for dressing girls and making them feel like women,  but I guess sometimes it’s nice to have a male’s perspective to show us this.  And in the words Leonard Da Vinci .. “The artist sees, what others only catch a glimpse of” ..

top + skirt: Toni Maticevski  .  combat boots: Chanel  .  bracelet: Celine 

photography: Madelyn Wray

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