Body Basics From Guinot

Okay, we all need to accept that winter is on its way, although I’m clearly in denial when it comes to getting dressed, as I write this I’m wearing a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt. When it comes to beauty I think I’m ahead of the game though; I’ve been using some very nourishing products on my face and body in preparation for the shock winter weather and central heating will throw at it.

These two products from Guinot are made to nourish the body, from the outside. They also happen to be two of Guinot’s best-sellers. The Douche Mirific (Nourishing Flower Oil Shower Gel)* uses passion flower oil to keep the skin moisturised whilst you are cleansing. It helps prevent the skin from being stripped of its natural oils and also to remain balanced. It has a light pleasant fragrance, feminine but not too overpowering. The Baume NutriLogic (Nourishing Body Balm)* is quite a thick creamy balm that leaves the skin feeling velvety soft and is still noticeable in the evening but not in a greasy way, my skin just feels well moisturised. Hopefully these two will stop me from turning into a scaly, flaky mess come the cold and the rain (yes, I’m still in denial).

Both products are available in Guinot salons, click here to find your nearest salon.

*given to me to review and featured because I love it!

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