My friends, there is something I have to confess… As someone who leans toward the minimalist side of things, my list of new season obsessions continues to grow exponentially. Just when I thought exaggerated sleeves and red leather were the final additions to the list, along comes the kind of gold earrings and cross-body bag that must be collected and added to the list.

 I suppose you can’t blame me, with designers such as Anissa Kermiche & Stella McCartney on the scene, self control can sometimes come second in line to self expression… Which I’m sure you will agree, is much more fun anyways, no?

It’s times like these I’m reminded of the Bowerbird, creating a structure by collecting and arranging brightly coloured, gleaming and beautiful objects that attract the eye. In the words of Mr Attenborough, “It seems that we and bowerbirds have the same aesthetic sense and preferences, and that thought pleases me no end”. Seeing as nature documentaries sit a-top of my non-fashion related obsessions list, there’s no arguing with the man himself.

I think you’ll agree that when it comes to fashion we wear what we love for no-one but ourselves, collecting pieces and refining our personal style to showcase who we are, express our creativity and support the designers we admire. When it’s time to add a new item to the treasury, MATCHESFASHION.COM is the go-to for this girl.

And while they may seem unlikely sources for style inspiration, let’s take our cues from nature and of course Mr Attenborough… After all, he will be pleased.. x

earrings: Anissa Kermiche  .  cross-body bag: Stella McCartney  .  denim flares: Ellery

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