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C.O.Q. Hotel, abbreviation of Community of Quality, is a modern 50-room boutique hotel in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The hotel’s name reflects their idea of hospitality.

Quality is in the ingredients they serve for breakfast, which offers everything you dream of when thinking of French delights – freshly baked mini croissants, a selection or local charcuterie and cheeses and a crunchy homemade granola.

As mentioned on the website, you should ask for the soft-boiled egg à la C.O.Q. It will be served on a small wooden tray with golden spoon and baguette strips. A simple dish served in such a classy way.

Quality time is what guests get when relaxing in the lounge where they can easily pour themselves a glass of French red wine while watching a movie or reading a book, like if they were in their own living room.

A creative space in a laid-back atmosphere, that’s how interiors are devised by Pauline d’Hoop and Delphine Sauvaget, designers of Agence Favorite. They turned the hotel into an intimate place of sober elegance. The walls are painted in a dark blue colour with mustard, rust and pink details. Every room has a contemporary design with hint of vintage, given by 19th-century portraits and arty books.

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