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New York City architect-developer Cary Tamarkin has built a modernist home in the Hamptons using locally sourced wood and stone, to match the area’s historic architecture.

Tamarkin constructed the Island Creek house in Southhampton, a getaway destination for affluent New Yorkers escaping the city’s summer heat.

The design nods to Long Island’s vernacular “beach modernism” architecture. Many homes in the area – including those on Fire Island – were built in the 1950s and 1960s with inexpensive materials sourced from the region.

Photograph by William Abranowicz

These builds were cheap and easy to construct, and Island Creek follows the same principles with its boxy, modernist design.

“From the stone masonry on the base, to the wood used for the top-two levels of the facade and also for the interiors, all materials have all been locally sourced,” said Tamarkin.

The three-storey home is situated on a protected cove with marshlands and great views of Great Peconic Bay.

The building has a 1,230-square-foot (114-square-metre) deck that wraps around half of the ground floor. Another outdoor patio on the second floor is covered with a slatted roof to protect against the sun.

Exterior walls are made from old-growth cypress. Inside, walls are also covered with the wood, while the floors are polished concrete. Under-flooring heating was added for New York’s snowy winters.

The home has five bedrooms, including one master bedroom opening to the upper balcony. The residence’s bathrooms are designed with wood interiors and black tiles to match other decorative elements.

For the interior design, Tamarkin collaborated with New York-based Suzanne Shaker. Many of the furniture pieces and accessories have a robust, retro feel.

Blue, grey, and yellow hues are used throughout the home, which help accent the natural surroundings.

There is also a large room that serves as a playing and sleeping area for children. It has two bunk beds and is decorated in orange and pink tones. These colours make the space pop compared to the rest of the cooler-toned interior.

Photography is by Bart Michiels, unless otherwise stated.

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