Posted on: 12/01/2015 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

A recent renovation of a residential space by Note Design Studio in Stockholm has caught my eye. I had meant to share this earlier but the time got away from me, as it usually does, so I’m up late trying to get this together before some other task gets in the way.

This beginning for the design was the rejection of white and the client’s request to create “a homely, yet representable interior” The group also drew inspiration from a brown cashmere coat, sand colored shoes and a piazza in Rome.
The soft, peachy/beige walls are totally unexpected, especially in a Swedish apartment but they are subtly warm and soft. The cabinets are a handsome grey blue but still very sleek and minimal.
I also wanted to make special mention of that staircase which is meant to look very light and almost as if it were floating but in reality is quite heavy steel and complex. These lead to a working loft and desk area with a window view.