Sundling/Kickén’s Latest Project is an Example of More With Less

How is it Friday?! Excuse me while I have a mini panic attack how the fact that the week is already over! Ok, I’m good now.Not sure how this week has been for you but it has, obviously, felt seemed to have flown by for me. The blog didn’t get much love…

Sunday Sanctuary: Light Fill

  A long time fan of anything and everything tonal, this weeks Sunday Sanctuary is no exception. This somewhat minimalist apartment has just the right amount of character catching our interior eye. Located on the top floor of a centuries-old townhouse in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, sits this bright, woody naturalist’s dream space. The

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A minimal kitchen in shades of grey

This kitchen in a Swedish flat has been finished in multiple shades of grey. The worktop, upper cabinets, lowers and steel appliances give multifaceted shades of this cool neutral and keep it interesting while monochrome. I also love super sleek storag…

Sunday Sanctuary: Crisp

  Herringbone floorboards, ornate wall mouldings and the type of Parisian apartment that we at Oracle Fox dream of, is all right here in one sweet little package my friends. A poetic union of 19th century details and an urban aesthetic of minimalist functionality, this space is homed to Paris-based, Peruvian architect Diego Delgado-Elias. The apartments combination […]

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A cardboard factory built in 1912 gets a modern look inspired by New York City

Originally a factory where cardboard was produced and then later a grade school, this building in Kungshöjd. Within walking distance are coffee shops, night clubs, a market and restaurants. The interior, styled by the wonder Swedish duo Sundling/Kickén, was given a very lived-in style with lots of small details with a personal touch. See more, available at Alvhem.

Photography by Fredrik J Karlsson.

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An all grey apartment that’s full of style

This apartment manages to keep an all grey tone throughout each room and still have plenty of personality and style. And doesn’t the bedroom look incredibly peaceful? It’s hard not to see a room like that and feel like I need to completely redo my now …

Dark and lush, styling by Hanna Wessman

A flawless renovation by Hanna Wessman for Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw. I translated the Swedish but the google version was poor and it came back as gibberish so if you don’t speak Swedish like me you can enjoy the view. Otherwise read more about the…

Luxurious and light filled apartment with park views

A bright, light filled apartment in central Stockholm with luxurious details and a sophisticated style, spacious Boffi kitchen, intricate moulding and minimal Platner furniture is so beautiful. The windows apparently overlook a park in Karlaplan which …

Sunday Sanctuary: History Repeating

You guys, this is how it’s done. This lust-worthy Le Marais apartment is taking us to interior design class and I’m a very willing student. If only we could all get our hands on a Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge or a Jean Prouve Daybed. While we’re at it, some digs in Paris would be mighty fine too. Sunday dreaming […]

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A home in rust, clay and aubergine

A stunning apartment accurately styled for the season in strokes of rust, clay and deep aubergine for Fantastic Frank. Even the bathroom has warm pinks and plums to vibe with the accessories around the rest of the house. I love how autumnal the styling in this place feels especially since the weather currently seems to be skipping over Fall and heading straight into Winter. Six months of Autumn wouldn’t be enough, I love this in subtle season, when it actually feels subtle.

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Found via Fantastic Frank.

Beige: Sunday Sanctuary

  According to the Urban Dictionary, beige is variously described as a pale sandy fawn colour, a grayish tan, a light-grayish yellowish brown, or a pale to grayish yellow. It goes on to say that beige refers to a person that is normal, with minimal style and works a 9-5 job. I can most utterly confirm that […]

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A seaside castle from the 18th century gets an elegant new look and purpose

Åkerlundska villa is one of the latest interior projects by stylist and interior designer Lotta Agaton. A castle on the water not too far outside of Stockholm was subdivided into 9 apartments by BTH Bostad. The architecture was designed by Ruxandra Halleröd from Christian Halleröd Design along with Helene Amundsen and soon you’ll be able to read more about it in Residence Magazine.

Photography by Pia Ulin and renderings by Pixelvalley.

Sunday Sanctuary: The Overachiever

Hidden away in South Yarra, Melbourne lies our latest interiors obsession. Featuring herringbone floors, geometric silhouettes, and a neutral clean colour palette with all of the textures that you could possibly ask for – timber, leather, shearling and linen. The saying goes that it’s best to stick to what you’re good at,  but when you’re Design […]

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Dark beauty

Norm Architects has partnered with Menu again on the interior architecture of an apartment in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn neighborhood Nordhavn. The old silo has been updated to include bespoke furniture, a kitchen, bathroom and even custom designed walls an…

Warm vs cool in this Swedish apartment

This small apartment from Fantastic Frank is a meeting of warm and cool tones, coexisting peacefully in a single space. (notice the Mantis lamp!) Styled by Josefin Hååg whose work I’ve shared here many times and is consistently inspiring.

Sunday Sanctuary: Santa Clara

If I lived in this beautiful space I think I would abide by the simplest of itineraries… Wake up to the sunshine on my face, then move to the chicest of chic baths for a fresh start to the day, then I think I would take advantage of the perfect interior furnishings while reading the […]

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Arnaud Apartment By Batiik Studio

Completed in October 2016 by French firm Batiik Studio, the Arnaud Apartment is a tiny studio dwelling designed for a young bachelor. With a budget of 32,000 euros, the apartment is located in Saint-Denis, Paris, and is a renovation of a dilapidated flat with a tiny area of 32 square meters. Rebecca Benichou, the founder […]

A minimal home in rattan and rust

Susanna Vento is a stylist extraordinaire from Finland, someone whose work I’ve admired and followed for the last 6 years or so! Most recently she styled this apartment in gorgeous natural tones ranging from the palest sands colors to deep dark rusts. Scroll through for links to some of the pieces she used!

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Sunday Sanctuary: Belle Chasse

  Herringbone floorboards, ornate wall mouldings and the type of Parisian apartment that we at Oracle Fox dream of, is all right here in one sweet little package my friends. A name known throughout the design and architecture communities, Joseph Dirand is the one behind this beautiful classic yet modern French apartment. Located in the […]

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The Brass Cube

  An apartment with a brass cube, could this possibly be a dream come true? One might say so. And this dream is brought to you by the Scandinavian architecture firm Claesson Koivisto Rune. Quiet, still and serene… Three words that adequately describe this beautiful space and one that I can’t seem to look away from. It […]

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In Oslo, soft neutrals are accented by chrome

A renovated apartment furnished by Oslo Deco that features neutral walls in shades of grey and large windows allowing plenty of natural light. One of the features of a home that is so important to me is the light, having the home filled with natural light all day long so that you don’t need to use lamps until the evening is the most ideal kind of home.

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Despite the neutral grays and soft colors, this home is also accented by metallic chrome and steel used in lighting pieces, furniture, kitchen hardware, fixtures and other accessories giving it a very modern look. The consistent use of related colors and metal throughout the house brings all the rooms together to create a harmonious look overall.

The bathroom (above) is one of my favorite spaces, outlooking views of the city with more large windows, a suspended mirror and floating cabinets I can imagine this would be a peaceful place to unwind from the day.

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Found with thanks, from Elisabeth Heier.

Sunday Sanctuary: Open Living

Welcome to my latest interior obsession… Just when you thought you’ve seen all the loft apartments your heart could desire, along comes this space by interior design agency, The Loft. No stranger to warm colour palettes, natural materials and furnishings, The Loft agency is renowned for partnering talented artists and craftsmen to create a space that […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: From Such Great Heights

It’s no secret that I have had my fair share of ‘loft’ day-dreaming… and one look at this space and those only too familiar feelings start creeping back in. Reminiscent of a lust-worthy, nonchalant New York abode, this particular interior tour is located in Barcelona, Spain. Built over a century ago, and once a working warehouse, the […]

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An apartment in teak and grey, Eastmansvägen 8B

Dark teak colored wood and a strong presence of greys make up this peaceful apartment styled by Emily Laye for Per Jansson . I would go on and on about all that I love but I’ve got to run so take your pick, what is your favorite feature of this place?…

An Experimental Residential Complex By Elisa Valero

Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Granada, Spain, the complex of eight apartments is an experimental project designed for a neighbors’ cooperative.
Read more

Platau Refurbishes A Minimalist Penthouse

Designed by architectural practice Platau, ‘Wadi Penthouse’ offers modern and minimalist space while providing the ‘wow’ effect with its continuous wooden walls.
Read more

Luxury apartment living in Stockholm

Scenic city views and luxurious furnishings, this KLARA VÄSTRA KYRKOGATA 17 apartment decor accessories like the Georg Jensen fluid pitcher, vintage velvet sofa, tables from Friends & Founders, Flos Snoopy lamp, Serge Mouille’s floor lamp, sculptural desk from NEB and Byredo in the bathroom.


The start of the year has us feeling fresh and inspired. Stumbling across these images we decided to create a mini moodboard with six of our favourite images. Tumblr  .  Pintrest .  Balenziaga  . Amomento  .  Tumblr  . Into the Gloss  .  Oracle Fox Tumblr SHOP OUR FAV MOODY ITEMS THIS WEEK

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Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White

Designed by Paul Hedqvist and built in 1957, a renovated home with large windows and kitchen from Kvänum gets a new style. Thanks to Annaleena who employed the help of some of her own products in the form of candleholders and tables, the space has a unique style that’s modern and lush. The warm cabinets in the kitchen against the steel backslash is surprisingly lovely.

Tables and candleholders from her shop, the beautiful Gubi Stay sofa, mirrored table from Perspective Studio, Fritz Hansen Series 7 chairs, Hem’s Key side table, Taccia lamp by Flos (which I’ve been seeing so much of lately) the Mantis wall lamp, and the beautiful suede boxes and trays by Nordstjerne.

Sunday Sanctuary: Londesborough

  At the very first glance, I know there was some quintessentially english about this home… And after just a little research I discovered this place sits on Londesborough Road in London, my friends, what could be more english than than. This beautiful space is a minimalist lovers heaven with just the perfect amount of […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: The Line LA

The Apartment by The Line. If this sounds a little familiar to you I may just know why… Quite a few Sanctuaries we all lost our collective interior loving minds over the this beauty in Soho, NYC. And thank goodness for us, The Line is back with a retail concept like no other in in the heart of […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: The Art Collector

When living and exhibiting coincide in the best way possible… This art collectors apartment is not only an art lovers dream come true, but a perfectly curated space showcasing a diverse collection of art and sculpture, not to mention that very impressive collection of Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume in the smaller living area. While […]

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Sunday Sanctuary:

If you’re asking yourself what could be better than a finding your dream apartment. Well, the answer just may be, three floors of your dream apartment. The geniuses at Studio MK27 have not only created a truly original masterpiece, but a thoughtful space where furniture design classics live in perfect harmony with vast dramatic architecture, all […]

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an elegant apartment in muted greys and gold

Excuse me while I ‘google translate’ this but it appears that Nybrogatan 19 represented by Oscar Properties is a project which will renovate an historic building into 40 modern homes with turn-of-the-century details. These appear to be digital renderin…

Sunday Sanctuary: Berlin Apartment

I think you’ll agree with me that the styling in this Berlin apartment is something else… I think I’ll call it Scandinavian meets mid century perfection. The collection of iconic pieces in this space is almost too good be true, and just when you think it can’t get any better you discover artworks by Royère, […]

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Emmanuel De Bayser’s apartment

This super cool and stylish apartment in Berlin belongs to French-born co-owner of The Corner Berlin fashion boutique. Pretty amazing right?Bayser’s apartment with 16 ft high ceilings host his vast collection of mid-century, modernist and Scandinavian …

Sunday Sanctuary: Fraternity

Who says that sleeping on the floor is only acceptable when you first move out of home. If you ask me, I think there’s something to be said for staying low, and this simple Scandinavian space proves just that. I’ll take beautiful simplistic styling, low sleeping arrangements and bright white rooms no matter what age I […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Easy Living

Perfect styling, bright white spaces and most importantly, little touches of a ‘punk’ everywhere you look… Don’t mind me you guys, I’m just in a little bit of interiors heaven right now. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, it’s just that I’m planning a impromptu visit and lucky for me, from […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Lay Back

  By now you’re probably familiar with my love of pared back interiors and open spaces. But trust me, it hasn’t always been this way, it’s actually not that long that this now lover of minimalism was quite the collector… Believe me when I say, my trinket game was strong. However, when you have parquetry […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Clean Slate

I’ve found my dream home and am already making plans to move in… I think you should join me. Don’t worry about packing anything, we have everything we need right here – rooms full of perfect bright light, beautiful works of art and enough books to get us through endless lazy days. A clean slate […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: The Loft

Loft living at its absolute finest. With exposed brick, high ceilings and styling to die for, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this space is situated in the heart of NYC. However, we actually have to cross the Atlantic to find this bright Scandinavian wonder… I think you’ll agree, it’s certainly worth the air miles… […]

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White With A Touch Of Grey

I’ve clearly got a bit of a thing for a simple white and grey apartment. It’s the colour palette I have in my own home and I love the fresh feel this simple palette creates. Once again I’ve been inspired by the beautiful homes on Stadshem, a property sales agency in Sweden with a difference, […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Roman Holiday

As you know, I’m a bit of sucker for arched windows… and parquetry floors… and moroccan rugs… and fresh, bright interiors just to name a few. If anyone fancies a Roman holiday, I suggest you start packing, I’m thinking about booking my ticket and I’m sure there’s room to squeeze you in my suitcase. Summer […]

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Still Lusting After An Industrial Loft Apartment

I can remember wanting to live in an industrial loft in a converted warehouse when I was about 14. I was seriously considering a career in interior design at the time and always loved the idea of a huge warehouse with lots of light, that I could divide up into interesting spaces. Over a decade […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: The Golden Ticket

Open, bright and beautiful, it can’t get any better, right? Well, allow me to be the bearer of good news… This is your chance to live in a chocolate factory. Well, sort of, now a Stockholm apartment of dreamlike proportions, this building once created our favourite treats. Although it may look a little different now, […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Methodology

As stated in the dictionary, Methodology is ‘a set or system of methods, principles, and rules for regulating a given discipline, as in the arts or sciences.’ The talented individual who styled this beautiful home is in possession of a very rare skill, and one thing is for sure, they are a master of their […]

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Inside Clare Waight Keller’s Paris Apartment

I didn’t know what to expect before seeing inside Clare Waight Keller’s Paris apartment. Her design style has evolved a long way since I first came across her work for British brand, Pringle, in 2010. Back then it was fairly minimal with innovative knitwear patterns in muted shades. Now as creative director of Chloé, she […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Bright Side

If you ask me, the best kind of bright is the one that comes from beautiful, natural light. This Swedish home proves that a space doesn’t always have to be colourful to be exciting, just take a monochrome palette and make sure that natures best asset is able to shine on in… It’s time like […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: An Education

You guys… This is how it’s done. This lust-worthy apartment in Copenhagen is one of those homes that effortlessly mixes the traditional with the contemporary and leaves a girl dreaming about those Herringbone floors. There are so many takeaways from this amazing interior, so why don’t we break down the top 3. Lesson 1: Large […]

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I’ve got to run to my gym class and I’ll probably be a few minutes late but I’ve been wanting to post this all week, a place that has been popping up in all the feeds but I don’t care, I still love it. Found with thanks from Pella.

Sunday Sanctuary: Pinnacle

Studies show that love of high ceilings is strong because we associate them with a sense of freedom, they allow us space to breathe and room to be creative. These are good enough reasons for me… But throw in the fact they look damn fine, and high ceilings reach the pinnacle of every interior lovers wishlist.. […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Barcelona

There is no element of this space that I don’t love, and that’s no exaggeration. It ticks all the boxes of my interior dream list; Parquetry floors, bright white space, marble features, distinctive artwork… And I think you’ll agree it’s best not to get me started on that bed (seriously). This apartment in Barcelona is […]

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An Innovative University Residence In Tokyo

Japanese studio Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects designed the Kitasenzoku Apartment, a boxy, light-filled university residence serving the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Read more

Sunday Sanctuary: She’s Electric

This space is the perfect example of less is more, sometimes the more you let a space breathe, the bigger the impact… And just one glance at this to die for Parisian apartment tells me so much about the people living inside. They have me hooked and now I want to know more, I think this […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Reflection

Before we jump into a new year of lust-worthy interiors and eclectic places, I thought we might take a look back at some of the dreamy spaces that had us swooning at our screens in 2015. While we take a moment to look back at these Sunday Sanctuary gems, I can’t help but get a […]

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A Very Chic Paris Apartment

I’ve seen this Paris apartment on Pinterest many times, there’s something so elegant about it and you get the feeling that the owner has mature tastes and style. They seem well-travelled, having built up such an impressive and assorted art collection. There’s also the mix of old and new that feels very natural, the ornate […]

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A Parisian Apartment Like No Other

Photography: Bernard Touillon I was pretty lost for words when I came across this stunning sculptural apartment in the Trocadéro area of Paris. It’s the work of interior architect and designer, Françoise Champsaur. The apartment (which has views of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine) had not been renovated in 40 years when Champsaur took […]

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Red Brick, White Walls

Photography: Jonas Berg 55 kvadrat (55 square) work with the best interior decorators, stylists and photographers to sell homes in Gothenburg. This is one of several I’d up sticks and move into in a heartbeat. The simple monochrome palette forms the backdrop for many beautiful details. The glass plant pot and old cigar box on […]

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Small Grey Apartment In Stockholm

Photos: Skandia Mäklarna This small grey apartment in Stockholm proves that size doesn’t matter. The layout makes clever use of an internal window, providing light throughout and a feeling of openness. The uniform grey walls carry you on a continuous journey through the apartment, making it feel like one large room.

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Sara Medina Lind’s All White Apartment

I’m a huge fan of all white apartments; fresh bright white spaces always have a way of lifting my mood. This particular apartment belongs to Sara Medina Lind, a freelance art director and photographer living in Stockholm; she also knows a thing or two about minimalist interior design. I think she’s created such a special, […]

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Small & Smart In Sweden

Photos: Pia Ulin I love the way this family in Sweden have mixed inherited, gifted and made furniture to create a relaxed homely atmosphere in calming shades of grey, blue and white. They’ve updated standard Ikea furniture with cement tops and bases to give them an edgy feel. The apartment is small and with three […]
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Arsenalsgaten Apartment, Sweden

Photos: Jonas Berg   Lots of white, grey, black, some brickwork and lots of green plants make this Swedish apartment feel fresh, clean and calming. It may appear clinical to some but the minimalist style of every room gives me a feeling of order, everything has a place and there’s no clutter to distract. The […]
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