WEARING: AVELON FASHION PADDED LEATHER JACKET, ZARA PANTS, CHLOE FAYE BAG, ISABEL MARANT BOOTS Wide pants don’t care! My hips sure don’t lie with these awesome pants from ZARA, but still love it. But what I love even more is my dreamy new leather padded jacket by Avelon Fashion!


WEARING: GESTUZ LEATHER TRACK PANTS, HM TREND TOP, ZARA BLAZER, CHLOE FAYE BAG AND ADIDAS STAN SMITH SNEAKERS Feeling a bit like a tomboy in these photos… It’s definitely a different outfit that you are used to here on COTTDS.com. But, I do love wearing sneakers just as much as wearing high heels lately. Especially my white Stan Smith ones! Photos by Iris


WEARING: H&M SKIRT, PRIMARK BLOUSE, ALEXANDER WANG BOOTS, DUFFYBAG X MINI TOTE BAG AND RAYBAN AVIATORS And with this shoot I’m wrapping up the collaboration I did with/for DUFFYBAG X MINI. A long but fun day of shooting in Amsterdam together with an old and new friend! We sure had some laughs and panic attacks, but in the end it was all worth it! PS: For all the non-colour lovers, it’s also comes in black. ;)


MORNING! Love spending my morning at this Croatian home, which is such a peaceful space. A completely different vibe and style than my own home. I love waking up here and have my coffee on the balcony as the sun comes up. Truly the best way to sta…


WEARING: ZARA BLAZER AND FLARE PANTS, ISABEL MARANT POINTY ANKLE BOOTS, RAYBAN AVIATORS AND DUFFYBAG X MINI TOTE BAG HELLO THERE! It’s been awhile since my last outfit post on COTTDS.com, or basically anything for that matter. Motherhood is a full time job, and since they grow up so fast I really wanted to take the time to enjoy my little one. (Who is not so little anymore, Enzo turned 6 months already last week!) And keeping up with a blog takes time and investment. The thing is, after years of working on COTTDS.com, I maintained a high standard for it’s quality. And I felt I couldn’t live up to that anymore. Everything needed to be done so quickly ever since Enzo came in to our lives. So, I decided to not post anything on the blog until I could live up to that standard again. Anyhow! I’m happy to kick off a new COTTDS with a cool new collaboration together with DUFFYBAG X MINI. Last weekend we shot a series of outfits with this super cool tote bag, and I’m eager to show you the rest very soon! Also a fun new collaboration where Enzo is starring is on it’s way! Here’s to new beginnings!