A few weeks, maybe even days, after I started blogging again, Stokke reached out to me for an awesome collaboration. I already shared the two hotspots I shot for them (if you have missed them, go here and here), but we also shot a video together. And I have to say it is truly one of my favourite collaborations so far! Shooting the video was so much fun together with the team, but of course also filming with Enzo. You don’t see that much of him, since I don’t want his photos circle all over the internet, but it’s nice to share this side of my life with you guys for a change as well. Hope you enjoy the video! You can click on the three different looks that each have their own story: Family, Friends and Me-time. (or click on the links)


Time for part 2 from my collaboration with Stokke, using their Stokke Scoot stroller. This time for a hotspot with a different angle: shopping! But not for me, for Enzo. He is seriously making us bankrupt, I shop more for him than for myself. Stokke asked me to show you two of my favourite spots and I also wanted to share you one of my favourite stores in Amsterdam for Enzo. My #1 is the store called Big & Belg, but the store Keet in Huis is a little bit more hidden and that’s why I chose to share that one with you. It’s where I bought Enzo his crib, changing table, chair and his very first little outfits. They have all kind of cool stuff, and that’s what I love about this store. Where you can find them? KNSM-Laan 297. Have fun shopping!! PS: You can read all about my first hotspot in collaboration with Stokke here. (including a review about the Stokke Scoot)


A new collaboration is up and this time I’ve teamed up with Stokke to capture two of my hotspots in Holland. So, have you ever wondered how I start my weekend? Every Saturday morning you can find me in the Haarlemmermeerse Bos for a work out. Normally it’s for a bootcamp session, but this time I took Enzo with me in the Stokke Xplory stroller for a powerwalk training. Nothing beats a good sweat in the fresh air after a long and hectic week. After every work out I always stop by the restaurant Vork en Mes (which means fork and knife) for a cup of coffee. This restaurant is located at the Haarlemmermeerse Bos and uses organic ingredients which are mostly self-grown. Besides the amazing quality of the food the building is also just beautiful with the greatest view over the lake. It’s where I reload and enjoy some time for myself, while my mother is watching over Enzo. And even though I normally always pay Vork en Mes a visit without Enzo, it was nice to spend some quality time together at one of my personal favourite spots. So to all you fitgirls and momma’s I highly recommend you to visit Vork en Mes one day. WEARING: MUUBAA OVERSIZED LEATHER JACKET, FRONTROW JACKET, JOGHA JUNGLE TIGHTS, ADIDAS SNEAKERS AND RAYBAN SUNNIES ENZO WEARING: DUDES AND DOLLS PANTS, YOUNG ONE APPAREL (BOTH AVAILABLE AT THE COLOR BLUE.NL), CONVERSE SNEAKERS AND HM CARDIGAN REVIEW OF THE STOKKE XPLORY: Besides that I love the design of the Stokke Xplory it’s really practical too. By reversing the seat you turn the stroller in to a chair for your little one, that way you can make any restaurant or cafe child-friendly. It’s super easy to fold in and out and therefor easy to take with you anywhere you go.


Eventhough it was a little bit quite around here for awhile, I did kept you guys in the loop of my life and my outfits on my Instagram feed. For those who have missed it, here’s a little recap of what I have been up to and of course what I have been wearing. :)


I’ve promised you photos of the nursery, so here we go… Love how Enzo’s room turned out. It’s maybe not an average newborn’s room, but to us it’s perfect! For the first few months he will be sleeping in our bedroom, so we kind of already styled it for when he’s just a little bit older. For sure my favourite room of the house! PS: My sister and I have been working on something exciting for the past few months. Keep an eye out for @thecolorbluenl ;)


Sorry for the radio silence, but I think you already could guess what happened. Yup, I’m a mom now! After 9 long (!!!) months, 4 days after my due date, on the 28th of February I finally could hold my little one in to my arms. Say hello to Enzo. I don’t have to tell you how madly in love I am. Keeping it short for now, life is a little hectic right now ;), but just wanted to share this amazing news! This post was in collaboration with Hippe – where you can buy all kinds of great birth cards or DIY – like we’ve did with our card for Enzo. Many thanks Hippe Geboortekaartjes! PS: I have scheduled a post with photos of the nursery for next week, so stay tuned!


I have been sharing some baby stuff on my Instagram account ever since I’ve announced my pregnancy, and I’ve noticed that my followers really like to see some of my buys and the room every now and then. So why not share some on the blog as well? Of course COTTDS will not suddenly turn in to an mama/baby blog, but I do like to give you a small peak from this part of my life too. So, let’s talk about shoes! Even though the baby still have to arrive, he already owns 15 pair of shoes. You can’t collect sneakers soon enough, right? We especially love Vans for our little guy, and the ones that are on the photo aren’t even all the Vans he has. It’s a bit insane, but the shopping is just part of the fun of being pregnant and I’m not holding back! haha.

Elin turns 1

Last week Elin turned one, I never do well with getting good photos of parties. I find myself busy with food, picking up last things around the house, putting something not food-stained on, you know. I was able to get these, soon before guests arrived. Of course I didn’t get anything of the food, we made sweet & savory crostini and cupcakes. In these photos she’s still in her pajamas but I bought a cute outfit from Bonton, I’m still kicking myself for not getting any photos of her in that. Oh well! It still floors me that a year has gone by since her birth and yet I’m enjoying this age so much. Her baby talk, sweet laughter and curious personality keeps me busy and smiling all day. Her & Israel love playing together, it’s really great to see how well they get along and how he looks out for his little sister. Wow, I sound old talking about the kids like this. Time flies!

a silver diamond / Prospect Goods

I’ve kept Elin’s crib area pretty plain since we moved into the new place but it definitely needed something to make it feel well, special. Her bedding is a grey cover from Oeuf with a small heart pillow from Numero 74, a pink/taupe one from Muuto and …


We love knits, I’ve mentioned this in the past when I was pregnant with Elin. They’re incredibly soft and sweet and feel somehow authentic. I was able to see some accessories from MIOU kids up close and little E has already gotten some good wear out of…

for the kids

Some things I’m dreaming of for my two kids. Buclo play modules, stars anorak for my son, Bonton bonnet for Elin, Arne Jacobsen child’s chair, striped snake toy, BC swan rug, a grey duvet, and a perfect little hamoc.