A Tiny Cabin In The Swiss Alps

Nestled in the Sarreyer hillside, just beyond a charming village in the Swiss Alps, is a tiny cabin. Designed by Vevey-based firm, Rapin Saiz Architects, the Sarreyer Cabin is a perfect architectural example of the age-old phrase, don’t judge a book by…

A Treehouse Inspired Family Home

Designed by Toronto-based architectural firm UUfie, the ‘Lake Cottage’ is a contemporary interpretation of a childhood treehouse. Set beside the Kawartha Lakes in Canada, this family home plays with its location and structure in a thoroughly thou…

The Forest House In Northern California

Suspended between the treetops and the floor of a Northern California forest floats the ‘Forest House’ — a complex of cabins joined by wooden paths that weave through the trees. When designing the family retreat, Berkley-based Envelope Architecture + D…

The ‘Bridgehouse’ By Llama Urban Design

Situated amidst the trees of an Ontario woodland valley, Llama Urban Design’s ‘Bridgehouse’ presents an innovative creation of residential space in a natural reserve.
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JeanArch’s ‘72h Cabin’ Provides An Immersive Nature Retreat

Located on the privately owned Swedish island of Henriksholm, JeanArch’s simple ‘72h Cabin’ provides a wellbeing-inspired retreat in the comfort of nature.
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The Trin Cabin By Schneller Caminada Architects

Located on a mountainside in the beautiful Trin village in Switzerland, this modern residence was recently renovated by Schneller Caminada Architects, who have kept the classic structure of the home while updating it with the wood cladding.
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Single-room Cabin By JacobsChang

Located in the woods of Barryville in the Catskill Mountains of New York, this cabin appears to float above its sloped site and protrudes as an extension of its environment. This half-tree house that was designed by Manhattan studio JacobsChang encompa…

A Villa Overlooking The Mediterranean Sea By Bonte & Migozzi

Marseilles-based architects Bonte & Mogozzi designed “Villa Kget”, a wood cabin offering sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea. 
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Ström Architects’ Hyperrealistic Renderings For Two Swedish Villas

British architecture studio Ström Architects recently released a series of photo-realistic renderings for a duo of timber-clad villas to be built on the Swedish island of Lidingö.
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A Cozy House In Quebec By Delordinaire

Located in Quebec, Canada, the house designed by the Paris-based architecture studio Delordinaire stands on a snow-laden slope and is elevated with stilts. Named ‘High House‘, the structure is clad with white concrete panels and corrugated metal, while its interior is made in wood to underline the warmth of the living spaces. In addition, the […]

Tiny Treehouse By Wee Studio

Timber hut hidden in the forests of Bejing’s Wuling Mountain, subscribes to ideas of deliberated tiny living and subtle relationship between nature and inhabitation. Designed by local micro-architecture specialists Wee Studio, this tiny house is an o…

A Versatile Vacation Home By Cristián Izquierdo

Architect Cristián Izquierdo created a pine wooden multifunctional holiday home opening up to a long beach, on top of a dune in the middle of nowhere in Chile.
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A Vacation Home With 72 Doors By Cristián Izquierdo

Architect Cristián Izquierdo created a pine wooden multifunctional holiday home opening up to a long beach, on top of a dune in the middle of nowhere in Chile.
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MINIMOD – A Contemporary Retreat Close To Nature

The small housing units called MINIMOD have been designed by Brazilian MAPA Architects. Constructed from four modules, namely, bedroom, living room dining room and bathroom, which also contains a kitchen, they present a simple but contemporary dwelling…

Tip-Box Provokes Vertigo In Montpellier’s Mountains

Named Tip-Box, the fictional project by Christophe Benichou was originally conceived for an architect friend turning thirty. Situated at the top of Pic-Saint-Loup, the most emblematic mountain of the Montpellier region, the space is intended to serve a…

Blackened timber cabin in Norway

A high altitude cabin created by Lund Hagem in Geilo Valley with blackened timber and concrete elevations which protect it from harsh, Norwegian winter weather.Photographed by Marc Goodwin.

Watermill On The Crag By Bruno Lucas Dias

Architecture practice Bruno Lucas Dias designed the lodge “ Watermill on the Crag“, built with recycled materials from an old watermill in Portugal’s Crags of Saint Simon. The architect’s goal was to construct an energy-efficient building on a …

An Outstanding House In Prague By Šépka Architects

Located on a northern slanted plot in the Prague’s district Kyje, ‘House in an Orchard‘ stands out from the other buildings in the neighborhood, catching the eye with its unique appearance.
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Boat House By WE Architecture

The wooden cabin is another neat example of “the pursuit of countryside quietness” that became a movement among the partakers of modern times in hectic and crowded urban areas.
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The Right Route For A Hiker

As result of a design competition for six students at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, the team built a sustainable hiker’s cabin with architect Kristel Hermans being a valuable member to the project.
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Hadars Hus By Asante Architecture & Design

Located on the coast of Norway, the small house was designed by Asante Architecture & Design as a part of the project Bygda 2.0, a rural development project on the island of Stokkøya, focusing on developing modern Norwegian houses into a dynamic v…

Alpine Shelter ‘Bivak Na Prehodavcih’ By Premica Architects

Slovenian architect’s office Premica Architects rebuilt a former bunker from World War I into a cozy mountainside retreat. During the war, a number of high-alpine fortresses were installed throughout Europe, some of which were transformed into cabins for mountaineers. Located in Triglav National Park, Slovenia, the newly designed alpine bivouac stands on concrete foundations, on […]

Reader Shelter In Estonia

First-year architecture and urban planning students at the Estonian Academy of Arts have designed and created a shelter titled ‘READER’, a place where people can get away from their daily routine. Among other structures developed by the students, the shelter is located in the national park Lahemaa of North-Estonia. READER was constructed within five days […]

The Alpine Cabin By OFIS

Designed by OFIS architects, the unique winter cabin is constructed on top of Mount Kanin in Slovenia.
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birthday wishes

In case you’ve been living under a rock, today is voting day. It also happens to be my birthday and while I will spare you my political opinions (though if you’re friends with me on Facebook I’m not nearly so vague) I’m glad to say I’ve casted my vote …

Perspective Pavillon By Giles Miller

Designed by British designer Giles Miller, ‘Perspectives’ is an elliptical-shaped structure made of a steel framework covered in a series of cedar wood shingles.
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A Remodeled Old-style Cabin

Nestled on the island of Nordfriesland stands an inconspicuous hay storage now transformed into a full-fledged residence. Architects Karin Matz and Francesco Di Gregorio tastefully remodeled an old-style cabin with great respect to local traditions alo…

A Tiny Mobile Shelter

Designed by dutch artist Rob Sweere, the “Sledge-Project” was developed together with danish Ann Andreassen, René Kristensen and kids from the Uummannaq Children’s Home to build a residence to shelter people in different locations within the…

A Luxury Off-Grid Getaway

For those who lack a hideaway among the nature but don’t want to give up on the comfort of a city life, The Autonomous Tent seems like a perfect choice, offering a luxury camping experience. Designed by architect Harry Gesner and installed by an American startup, The Autonomous Tent was engineered as a permanent structure, […]

California Desert Camping Pods

12 wagon stations with a sci-fi-aesthetic: These camping pods at a campsite near Joshua Tree National Park seem to be the perfect hideaway. US artist Andrea Zittel, whose work focuses on sustainability and a self-sufficient life, built the pods called …

A Tiny Cabin In The Finnish Woods

With only one year until the start of his military service, designer Robin Falck needed to prioritise size and efficiency in building a cabin for himself in a spot he found while hiking in the Finnish forest. A small dwelling in Finland does not require a building permit if it is under 96 – 128 […]

An Alpine Greenhouse Getaway

Italian studio Act_Romegialli was commissioned to redesign the garage of a weekend retreat nestled in the Rhaetian Alps into a space for relaxing and entertaining.
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A Prefab Placed In An Olive Grove

‘Retreat in Finca Aguy’ is a 115-square meter prefab designed by MAPA and constructed in a factory near Montevideo before being transported to an olive grove near Pueblo Edén.
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A Black Cottage Hidden In The Forest

Tucked away in the depths of a hemlock forest in Quebec, Canada, is ‘FAHOUSE’: A black prism-shaped cottage designed by Jean Verville.
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6 favorite modern cabins

Most of the residences I feature here on AMM show the interiors exclusively because the challenge of organizing a space to live in is incredibly intriguing, with a real life application for all of us. Living with other people or keeping all of our possessions in order while also saying something to the world about the home’s inhabitants and their lifestyle is all endlessly interesting. Interiors are often in a constant state of evolution as our needs and tastes change with time, with experience.
Exteriors and architecture are also very interesting as they can be interpreted a multiplicity of ways with dozens of materials, each of which can be treated with a different technique. Earlier this year we were in Portland and visited one of the Aesop stores whose interior is made completely of wood treated with a Japanese charring technique called Shou Sugi Ban. This can often be used as an exterior treatment as well however I also slightly prefer the look of weathered wood a bit more and even concrete or plaster as well.
I’ve been telling my husband for years that I want to build a little cabin somewhere for us. I’d be entirely happy with a modest place and sparse furniture, just so long as we can design the building ourselves. I’d want a lot of lumber, wood paneled floors and ceilings with built in storage. Furniture that serves dual purposes or at least collapse into a wall and a slim profile would be my ideal way of making the most of even a micro cabin. Some place near water and lots of tall trees, where we can all disconnect from routines and reconnect with nature. A big deck like the Nido cabin above from Robin Falck, would also be crucial because with a cabin it’s all about blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors.
Here I’ve collected 6 cabins or in some cases homes, with simple exterior styles of pitched, shed and flat roofs.

Boat House in Svallerup Strand, Denmark by WE architecture / Casa Morran by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur in the Gothenburg Archipelago

Frankfurt getaway by NKBAK

Summerhouse LAGNÖ by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

One more image from the LAGNÖ Summerhouse / Lake cabin by FAM Architekti and Fielden + Mawson in the Czech Republic

An Art-Inspired Modular Cabin By MIMA Housing

For their latest project titled ‘MIMA Light’, multidisciplinary design and architecture studio MIMA Housing created a sleek cabin-like modular home.
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A Cabin Perched On A Norwegian Fjord

Oslo-based architecture studio Vardehaugen designed a cabin inspired by the shape of a mountain fox curled up to evade the cold wind.
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A Patagonian Mountainside Retreat By Felipe Assadi

Chilean architect Felipe Assadi created a series of 12 elevated beech wood lodges scattered into the Torres del Paine mountainside. The cabin-style design of the retreat – entitled Awes Patagonia – was chosen to respect the vast and rugged nature of the surrounding pampa. Three of the cabins provide communal areas: a bar, dining room, […]

A Boxy Lakeside Cabin By Olson Kundig

Seattle-based architecture firm Olson Kundig designed a concrete box cabin featuring a large window that opens out over the lake at Chicken Point in Northern Idaho. With simplicity in mind, the architects selected low-maintenance, raw-finish materials to create three distinct spaces: a concrete block cube, a plywood section and a steel fireplace. The cabin’s interior […]

A Modern Cabin In The Californian Redwoods By Lundberg Design

San Francisco-based architecture practice Lundberg Design created the ‘Breuer Cabin‘ that is located in the redwoods of Sonoma County in California, USA. The structure, which is owned by Olle Lundberg, is entirely made of wood and features elements such as a large pool as well as an outdoor kitchen. Using reclaimed materials from the studio’s other projects for […]

Cabin at Femunden by Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter

Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter AS
 created the ‘Cabin at Femunden’ close to Femundsmarka National Park, the largest continuous wilderness…

refugi lieptgas

Recently I was at the bookstore, sans kids, flipping through some magazines. After being in Copenhagen’s Magasin though, and seeing their extensive collection of magazines (of which I prefer the style to most American publications) I’m always a bit dis…

The Vipp Shelter

The Vipp Shelter is a minimalist prefab concept located in Copenhagen, designed by Danish design company Vipp. A…

Antoine by Bureau A

Inspired by a novel written by Swiss writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz where the main character Antoine manages to survive…

Mikro Cluster Cabins by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

The client wanted a cabin for the whole family, but at the same time it needed to be…

A Playhouse built by Anna & Eugeni Bach

The architects couple Anna & Eugeni Bach promised their kids a playhouse that they built on their grandparents…