Fashion and social acceptance

Fashion and social acceptance – why the two should never mingle Wearing: Camel Coat & Cable Knit Dress – Karen Millen | Rings & Bangle – 32.4 | Watch – Kapten & Son | Sneakers – Senso  While I’ve been rather un-mysteriouso with you over the years (‘over-sharer’ is probably the apt term here) I might still have two pieces personal trivia I have not yet imparted. The first is that my name in Chinese means ‘good girl’, a pretty prophetic name, let me tell you. The fact that I’ve had an almost completely obsequious youth brings me to my second bit of trivia: yours truly was once, at age 14, accessory to a cargo pant shoplift heist. I’ll give you a moment to take that in. It was under the mentorship of my kleptomaniac friend that the deed was done. And it was shockingly easy: simply put the garment on in the change room, then casually walk out again. While the ease of such a victimless crime had tempted my friend to become somewhat of a semi-professional shoplifter for many years, I, on the other hand, yielded immediately to my voice of conscience, and abandoned the pursuit immediately. Far be it from a […]

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The Feelings Neutral

Mother nature didn’t paint us in shades of neutral for nothing, but let’s not talk about your birthday suit, let’s talk about the sartorial opportunity to ‘neutralise’ your look.  From camel to coffee,  from ochre to khaki neutrals hold their ground season after season.  Whether your feeling the neutral on neutral vibe as pictured above, or just a […]

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WEARING: MANGO LONG CAMEL COAT, ALEXANDER WANG BOOTS, PS11 TINY BAG AND YSL SUNNIES / 34 WEEKS How can I not love this coat? It’s perfect! And a good change from all the black coats that I’m sporting normally. PS: How funny does my baby bump look on that third picture? My little boy is growing so much every single day. I still have 5 weeks (+3days) to go, I’m curious how I will look like by then…. :O


Completely obsessed with long coats at the moment. And all that was missing my closet was a camel coat, got that one covered now too. Found this perfect one in the Mango SALE.