Magali Pascal French Country

French Country   – New editorial, featuring one of my favorite labels, Magali Pascal. My interpretation of their new collection “La Cabine” below, think very French, slightly country, easy, effortless and altogether chic. The collection is giving me major wanderlust, with escapism to the French countryside at top of mind. Shop the full collection here […]

Summer Of Love

The timing couldn’t have been better when I think about it.  Under immense pressure to change up the fashion stakes in the bedroom (let me please clarify that I’m speaking purely aesthetically in this department), I had exhausted all efforts in preparation for a girly weekend in the country. A rendezvous well rounded with the sipping of long island iced […]

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Oracle Fox x CR.Capsule

  One of Australia’s largest fashion juggernauts released a press release this week stating… “It’s Country Road, but not as you know it”. It’s been near to seven years now since I began in the fashion industry.  It’s difficult to put into words what it feels like to have begun an independent website at the eve of the […]

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Geometric By Nature

It’s no secret that I’m a shoe girl, but in all honesty who isn’t?  Thankfully footwear is one part of our wardrobe that’s not negotiable, not that we needed any extra encouragement anyway. Thankfully as the female of the species we attract the added exception that footwear is an extension of our personality, I mean you don’t need […]

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New York City With Tiffany & Co. HardWear

As I walked down Mercer Street I felt a pinch in my stomach, you know that feeling that sits somewhere between anticipation, excitement and apprehension.  For as long as I’ve worked in this industry photographing and styling campaigns, I’ve experienced the pre-shoot jitters.  As Grace Coddington put it in her ‘Some Style is Legendary’ Documentary for […]

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Oracle Fox For Aerin Tangier Vanille

WAN-DER-LUST: noun .. Meaning: A strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. I don’t know about you, but after a one the busiest months of the year, I’m channeling some laid back Moroccan desert vibes… And if you’re feeling like this is also the vibe for you, then ladies and gents, my mission here […]

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Oracle Fox x La Prairie

Not that long ago I read the best quote from sartorial uber babe Caroline De Maigret .. ‘Enjoy the face you have today, it’s the one you’ll wish you have 10 years from now’.  Easy enough to say if you have a face like Caroline De Maigret right? But in all honestly, let’s face it .. […]

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Trend: Graphic Tee

From models off duty to the pages of Vogue Paris, the statement tee is… well, making a statement right now and baby, we’re all ears. You may have already noticed that the graphic tee is one of this seasons best wardrobe staples and lucky for us, it won’t break your bank account. Somewhere in the […]

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7 Key Pieces by Eileen Fisher

#unlocktheseason   If you are anything like me, you go through phases when every once in a while you de-clutter, part with half your wardrobe, re-organize anything remaining and slowly start incorporating new pieces in. Its because of this that I am extremely picky about what I introduce into my mix of things, especially with […]

Prada By Oracle Fox

I’ve had a long love affair with Prada.  It may be symbolic but my very first pair of luxury shoes were a pair of Prada ankle boots.  Black with a block heel and an open toe with a small neatly folded very cool bow across the toes, a combination of tough and edgy grown-up sophistication with just a […]

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Tiffany & Co.

With sand under her feet, salt on her skin and the warm breeze of the ocean in her hair, the modern Oracle Fox for Tiffany muse, reclines in the sun to enjoy a day off from a life that leads her to far away destinations to enable her creative pursuits.  Jewellery is not an accessory to her but […]

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Oracle Fox For Versace

So girls meet your new best friend, the Versace ‘Palazzo Empire Bag’.  The kind of best friend who is happy to lug your personal belongings around even though you only ever use half of them, the kind of best friend who loves to stand by your side just to make you look good and the […]

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Oracle Fox For LXE

There are certain places in the world where one would jump at the chance to photograph and as you probably already know, for me Paris is at the top of the list.  Over the last year you may have noticed that I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands in regards to Creative […]

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Oracle Fox For H&M

They say that if you’re lucky to fall in love at least once in a lifetime then you’ve truly lived.  Luckily for most of us we’ve experienced some kind of magnetic love, thanks to the love we share with our mothers, sisters, brothers, partners etc. Recently I had the honour of Creatively Directing, photographing and styling […]

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Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’

I’ve always loved a good celebration.  It’s been ten years since Viktor & Rolf first created the iconic ‘Flowerbomb’ perfume, a fragrance so avant-garde that it has been described on more than one occasion as a piece of art unto itself. A combination of scents including top notes, Tea Accord, Bergamot Oil and Freesia Accord, explode from a cut […]

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Lines/Manner wishes to share an important and captivating new discovery: REV by Rêve en Vert. Founded in 2013, REV is the premier online destination for sustainable luxury fashion. It is composed of independent and emerging designers who vow to respect … Continue reading

Changing Gear

My appreciation for all things kinetic has been long running but this could be a game changer.   Respected as one of the fashion industries biggest supporters, Mercedes-Benz’s alignment with the international sartorial scene has been a time honoured love affair ‘fueled’ with passion.  From Australia to Berlin, Tommy Ton’s candid model off-duty images wouldn’t be the same without those illustrious […]

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Versace Studio

There are girls and then there are VERSACE girls .. or should I more appropriately say Versace ‘Women’.  Versace, a brand notably applauded for embodying bold feminine beauty (well with Donatella at the helm, we would expect no less) is moving into the future, think contemporary, clean and strong. The kind of silhouettes that your everyday tomboy […]

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YSL Kiss & Tell

You know what they say … never say never.  With a lifetime of spontaneous decision making behind me (I’ll put it this way, I’m glad that we’ve put the 90’s behind us), you’d think that I’m the first person to give anything a go, but strangely enough lipstick and I were never friends.  Through no […]

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Ralph Lauren ‘Ricky’

It was Mr Ralph Lauren  himself who once said .. “Style is very personal.  It has nothing to do with fashion.  Fashion is over very quickly.  Style is forever”. An iconic statement from such an iconic man with such an understanding of the real meaning as to why, when we walk out the door each […]

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New Romantic

There’s a little romantic in all of us, well that’s why I like to remind my man of anyway.  When I met up with this beautiful lady not that long ago, we had our own chat about romance, boys(we hope you’re reading this), clothes and the obvious fact that she is one of Australia’s most […]

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images celine.comPhotos by Juergen TellerFACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / BLOGLOVIN’ 

Delicate Situations

Among other things such as Lindt dark chocolate, Nirvana records and the occasional expresso martini I have an obsession for lace triangle bras.  As an evolution of the side boob trend, we all rehashed our lingerie collections to meet the standards of the possibility of an occasional glimpse into an otherwise modestly managed area.  So in celebration of the […]

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Locked And Loaded

When it comes to handbags I like to think of myself as a kind of modern day Hermione Granger, carrying around everything and anything that could get you out of life’s most unsuspecting adventures.  You see there’s only one problem that lies within this kind of lifestyle and that’s finding a bag that can deal with it.  A […]

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Skin Deep

There is a pile of clothes on the floor of my room right now that could resemble the great mountain ranges of the Andes, all in the name of finding a comfortable fitting and preferably stylish knit jumper.  Honestly you wouldn’t believe it to be that hard to find such a good wardrobe essential but […]

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Paradise Cove

  Ahhh sometimes you just need to get away, even if getting away mean submerging yourself deep into tumblr and pinterest rather than deep into the Pacific Ocean.  You see not all of us have the privilege of ocean at our doorstep so for this reason and I guess a whole bunch of others I recently teamed up […]

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Joan Didion for Céline Spring/Summer 2015.FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / BLOGLOVIN’ 


CÉLINE Spring 2015 campaign shot by Tyrone Lebon.