The Student

botanist – noun: a biologist specialising in the study of plants.  I wonder if perhaps a plant ‘obsession’ could make me at least an honorary Botanist for a day or two. Having grown up on a farm I’ve always had a love for nature and wide open spaces, I’ve never met a plant I didn’t

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The Age OF Aliange

This is not a normal beauty post, although I’m sure you’ve already guessed by now from the amount of pulled back plaid ensembles and passionate use of safety googles.  You see if you know me well, you’ll quickly discover that I’m a tomboy at heart who loves low maintenance beauty. Over the last 7 years

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A Lazy Weekend In Byron Bay

I’m just going to put it out there, change is great but a getaway to Australia’s eastern most destination, dripping in white sandy beaches, artisan markets and healthy gourmet bistros has got my vote any day.   Whoever said ‘change is as good as a holiday’ has possibly never travelled to one of my favourite

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Summer With Calvin

Your love affair with Calvin Klein may have started with a well cut denim clad Justin Beiber artfully intertwined with super babe Lara Stone for the 2015 #mycalvins campaign, or perhaps a 15 year old Brooke Shields wrapped in her Calvins during the early 1980’s, but for me the most iconic moment was the 1992 imagery featuring a […]

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Summer Of Love

The timing couldn’t have been better when I think about it.  Under immense pressure to change up the fashion stakes in the bedroom (let me please clarify that I’m speaking purely aesthetically in this department), I had exhausted all efforts in preparation for a girly weekend in the country. A rendezvous well rounded with the sipping of long island iced […]

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The Go To

As a teenager I incurred several sports related injuries, which by chance were all on the right hand side of my body.  At some point in time since then I visited a physic who told me that this was due to the fact that the right side of ones body is masculine, the left side is feminine […]

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Oracle Fox x CR.Capsule

  One of Australia’s largest fashion juggernauts released a press release this week stating… “It’s Country Road, but not as you know it”. It’s been near to seven years now since I began in the fashion industry.  It’s difficult to put into words what it feels like to have begun an independent website at the eve of the […]

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Geometric By Nature

It’s no secret that I’m a shoe girl, but in all honesty who isn’t?  Thankfully footwear is one part of our wardrobe that’s not negotiable, not that we needed any extra encouragement anyway. Thankfully as the female of the species we attract the added exception that footwear is an extension of our personality, I mean you don’t need […]

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New York City With Tiffany & Co. HardWear

As I walked down Mercer Street I felt a pinch in my stomach, you know that feeling that sits somewhere between anticipation, excitement and apprehension.  For as long as I’ve worked in this industry photographing and styling campaigns, I’ve experienced the pre-shoot jitters.  As Grace Coddington put it in her ‘Some Style is Legendary’ Documentary for […]

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The Unexpected

You either love it or you don’t .. winter that is.  Me personally, I can safely say that I love the Autumn Winter months, it’s not necessarily the cold but more the fact that it’s fun when it comes to clothes, girls surely you agree right? Whether you’re into layering or just the kind of […]

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Work Hard, Play Harder

Yesterday I rolled out the last of my Insta stories from Paris, a bon voyage to a whirlwind tour of hot cheesy patisseries, late night whiskey dens.. cue Bar Hemingway, and the mandatory fashion zeitgeist that is PFW. With a schedule that was jam and errr.. hot croissant packed full of meetings in quaint French bistro’s, […]

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COS SS17 Womenswear Campaign

Some gorgeous images from the COS SS17 womenswear campaign. They were shot be photographer Zoë Ghertner (who has previously shot for Hermès) in New York’s West Chelsea art district.

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Alaïa by Alaïa

The sandy dunes were hot under foot and the wind was sharp and abrasive.  Sand follicles were skipping across the surface and cutting snake like repetitions into the undulating form of the desert as the heat radiated some kind of heady mirage that could only been seen in person by the human eye. With a […]

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The Fashion Artists

When it comes to Viktor and Rolf a picture speaks a thousand words .. literally.  Inside the Gallery of Victoria, one of Australia’s most prestigious National Galleries lies and exhibition of Fashion Week worthy proportions. Whoever said that it was rude to draw on the walls may want to think again, as 4 large illustrative […]

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Six furniture designers play a game of musical chairs in COS’s latest Christmas campaign from creative duo Lernert & Sander.

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Monnier Frères

I guess that you could say that I like to look at the world differently, sometimes it’s just a little more obvious than others.  Good hardware is one of my all time weaknesses and I’m pretty sure you’ve realised by now I’m not talking about the household kind. With Autumn in full swing for my amigos in […]

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Difference Makes Us

Perhaps it’s because I grew up with a love of mud between my toes, the sugar cane farmers daughter, wild (barefoot) and free.  Or perhaps it’s because when I was 12 my mum put me in after-school art classes, the artist studio workshop fragrantly thick with the musky smell of oil-paints set out in the […]

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A Conversation With Viktor & Rolf

In the lush manicured gardens of Victoria’s National Gallery I sit alongside Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren… “Fashion Artist’s”, more recognisably known as Viktor & Rolf.   Yellow butterfly’s float between us, along with the soft subtle hum of bee’s.  Spring is in full force and you can sense that there is something in the air.  Perhaps […]

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Oracle Fox For Aerin Tangier Vanille

WAN-DER-LUST: noun .. Meaning: A strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. I don’t know about you, but after a one the busiest months of the year, I’m channeling some laid back Moroccan desert vibes… And if you’re feeling like this is also the vibe for you, then ladies and gents, my mission here […]

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Rockstud Spike

   Mick Jagger ain’t the only one to believe that more is more.  In celebration of our current enthusiasm for opulence and an updated millennial kind of decadence, the cool kids on the street are dropping their all black ensembles for something a little more light hearted, enter a reignited era of embellishments and sophisticated extravagance .. leaving minimalism at the […]

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Oracle Fox x La Prairie

Not that long ago I read the best quote from sartorial uber babe Caroline De Maigret .. ‘Enjoy the face you have today, it’s the one you’ll wish you have 10 years from now’.  Easy enough to say if you have a face like Caroline De Maigret right? But in all honestly, let’s face it .. […]

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Boot Camp

You don’t need to be Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz to prove that a good pair of shoes can change your life.  To be honest I’ve always been a shoe person, just take a look inside my wardrobe and you’ll see that if you’re anything like me, shoes take a priority over most things […]

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Prada By Oracle Fox

I’ve had a long love affair with Prada.  It may be symbolic but my very first pair of luxury shoes were a pair of Prada ankle boots.  Black with a block heel and an open toe with a small neatly folded very cool bow across the toes, a combination of tough and edgy grown-up sophistication with just a […]

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Tiffany & Co.

With sand under her feet, salt on her skin and the warm breeze of the ocean in her hair, the modern Oracle Fox for Tiffany muse, reclines in the sun to enjoy a day off from a life that leads her to far away destinations to enable her creative pursuits.  Jewellery is not an accessory to her but […]

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Louis Vuitton In Tokyo

In the words of Nicolas Ghesquiere himself .. ‘Never forget that what becomes timeless was once truly new’.   As we all know, creating something new, inventive and luxurious that will soon become a timeless classic, a collectors item by those who covet the bespoke, is a Louis Vuitton speciality. The past, present and future are […]

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Magnificent Seven

It’s not every day that you are propositioned with the opportunity to photograph 7 separate models within a 2 hour time frame on Rue De Rivoli, one of the busiest streets in Paris.  Literally upon direct departure from the Valentino show in the Tuilleries, and running in ‘not so practical’ footwear to our location, I was recently blessed […]

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Oracle Fox For Versace

So girls meet your new best friend, the Versace ‘Palazzo Empire Bag’.  The kind of best friend who is happy to lug your personal belongings around even though you only ever use half of them, the kind of best friend who loves to stand by your side just to make you look good and the […]

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Oracle Fox For LXE

There are certain places in the world where one would jump at the chance to photograph and as you probably already know, for me Paris is at the top of the list.  Over the last year you may have noticed that I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands in regards to Creative […]

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Perfect Escape With Aerin Lauder

Hands up if you need a holiday?  If you’re sitting at your desk right now, tapping away at a keyboard much like yours truly, you’ll catch my drift, a girl can never aspire to make time for too many holidays.  Gaining a tan from a computer screen is not necessarily the most romantic way in which […]

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Oracle Fox For H&M

They say that if you’re lucky to fall in love at least once in a lifetime then you’ve truly lived.  Luckily for most of us we’ve experienced some kind of magnetic love, thanks to the love we share with our mothers, sisters, brothers, partners etc. Recently I had the honour of Creatively Directing, photographing and styling […]

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Daria Werbowy for AG Jeans SS16

This season it’s all about Daria Werbowy for AG Jeans, she returns as the face of AG Jeans for her fourth season fronting their campaigns. They decided to put Daria in both mens and womens clothes for the campaign, promoting the move in fashion towards a more genderless style. This is something I find very […]

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Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’

I’ve always loved a good celebration.  It’s been ten years since Viktor & Rolf first created the iconic ‘Flowerbomb’ perfume, a fragrance so avant-garde that it has been described on more than one occasion as a piece of art unto itself. A combination of scents including top notes, Tea Accord, Bergamot Oil and Freesia Accord, explode from a cut […]

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Changing Gear

My appreciation for all things kinetic has been long running but this could be a game changer.   Respected as one of the fashion industries biggest supporters, Mercedes-Benz’s alignment with the international sartorial scene has been a time honoured love affair ‘fueled’ with passion.  From Australia to Berlin, Tommy Ton’s candid model off-duty images wouldn’t be the same without those illustrious […]

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Versace Studio

There are girls and then there are VERSACE girls .. or should I more appropriately say Versace ‘Women’.  Versace, a brand notably applauded for embodying bold feminine beauty (well with Donatella at the helm, we would expect no less) is moving into the future, think contemporary, clean and strong. The kind of silhouettes that your everyday tomboy […]

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YSL Kiss & Tell

You know what they say … never say never.  With a lifetime of spontaneous decision making behind me (I’ll put it this way, I’m glad that we’ve put the 90’s behind us), you’d think that I’m the first person to give anything a go, but strangely enough lipstick and I were never friends.  Through no […]

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Summer High

There are few people in the Australian Fashion Industry with as much respect as the beautiful Jennifer Hawkins.  A girl after my own heart, CEO, business woman, model and muse Jen has had a long running and illustrious career that’s stretched beyond the permitters of Australian soil to be known as one of the most […]

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Joan Smalls x Margaret Zhang

Joan Smalls x Margaret Zhang for David Jones‘ Studio W line This awesome campaign was shot and styled by non-other than super-blogger Margaret Zhang. It’s so wonderful to see just how well Margaret is doing, she clearly works hard and has the drive to match her ambition. The fantastic quality of her photography, styling and […]

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Ralph Lauren ‘Ricky’

It was Mr Ralph Lauren  himself who once said .. “Style is very personal.  It has nothing to do with fashion.  Fashion is over very quickly.  Style is forever”. An iconic statement from such an iconic man with such an understanding of the real meaning as to why, when we walk out the door each […]

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New Romantic

There’s a little romantic in all of us, well that’s why I like to remind my man of anyway.  When I met up with this beautiful lady not that long ago, we had our own chat about romance, boys(we hope you’re reading this), clothes and the obvious fact that she is one of Australia’s most […]

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The Finders

It’s only once in a blue moon (thanks to the month that we’ve just had) that you’re asked to contribute your creative energy to one of Australia’s most distinguished brands.  You might have noticed that over the past 12 months that I’ve been involved with several projects with Australia’s leading department store Myer. Since the early […]

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Delicate Situations

Among other things such as Lindt dark chocolate, Nirvana records and the occasional expresso martini I have an obsession for lace triangle bras.  As an evolution of the side boob trend, we all rehashed our lingerie collections to meet the standards of the possibility of an occasional glimpse into an otherwise modestly managed area.  So in celebration of the […]

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J Brand SS15

J Brand | SS15 Photographer Josh Olins, Model Daria Strokous, Stylist Alastair McKimm, Make-Up Artist Sally Branka, Hair Stylist Esther Langham Big thumbs up to J Brand for doing an all white campaign for SS15. The black and white photos by Olins show every detail of every piece so clearly, they looked incredible on 24 […]
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Isabel Marant SS15

Isabel Marant || SS15 Photographers Inez and Vinoodh, Model Natasha Poly, Creative Direction Atelier Franck Durand Isabel Marant’s SS15 collection is fittingly presented in this fun ‘tribal’ shoot; the raffia, bold prints, fringing and ruffles themselves feeling quite tribal but not unwearable. As Marant put it, “tribal without being too literal”.
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