cozy, chic and cashmere

 cozy, chic & cashmere   – My friends at Falconeri have me covered for Fall and Winter with a luxe spin on a classic. Experts in all things cashmere, Italian craftsmanship and style…cue the re-invention of the timeless trench in cashmere. Paired with tonal layers here, for a cozy meets chic look…just what the season […]


Italic   – For me, it comes down to a fewer, better things philosophy. I’m a firm believer that quality and luxury do not have to come with a steep price tag. Cue Italic. A members-only, direct-to-consumer on-line shop, connecting you to the best manufacturers and highest quality…think brands like Prada, Armani, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney […]

Ultralight Cashmere

Ultralight Cashmere   – One of my favorite all-season pieces, the Falconeri Ultralight Cashmere Turtleneck. Ideal for layering during changing seasons, but lightweight enough for any time of the year. I have started building a foundation collection of neutral hues in this piece (see below) …wearing Cameo Pink, a dreamy terra-cotta, Gesso, a barely there nude […]

Iconic Cashmere

In partnership with Uniqlo Iconic Cashmere   – You had me at cashmere! Road testing my new, 100% cashmere, Uniqlo crewneck in my favorite New York neighborhood, Soho. While I’m a firm believer no cashmere is bad cashmere, there are some better than others. What makes this Uniqlo knit stand out to me? I love […]

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather   – To me, sweater weather, as people affectionally call it, is beyond conventional “sweaters”. When I think of sweater weather, I think of all knitwear, in all forms…and the best knitwear of all? Easy…cue the cashmere! This is the second time I’ve partnered with my friends at Naked Cashmere to show knitwear […]

Ice Age

Ice Age   Trading in my usual all-black-everything for tonal icy hues in winter white & pale blue. My friends at Primary New York have me covered with this long-line, Michelle Waugh, cashmere coat…and while it also comes in black and navy, it was this icy blue shade that had me sold. It screams drama and luxury while still […]


Winter vibrations call for all cozy temptations and a purely nuanced tonal palette of pure white, off-white, and creamy texture. Accentuated by fine and minimalist details to generate a seizing confrontation of freshness. Aakasha Asymmetric Shirt &#821…


New season calls for new staples, new basics, and new trans-seasonal essentials. Chilly winds make it definitely time for a Cashmere Turtleneck Knit (and hair tuck). Paired accordingly with leather pants, suede boots and bag for an edgy modern outlook … Continue reading

Cashmere Confidential

Cashmere Confidential   – We all know by now that I’ve never met a knit I didn’t love. I’ve convinced myself that it’s always sweater weather (despite what mother nature may say) …to me, knits really are that trans-seasonal wardrobe staple that requires minimal layers but provides maximum warmth when needed. Cue the cashmere…The epitome of […]

Cashmere Is King

It may sound like a cliche but once you’ve worn cashmere it’s hard to go back. When it comes to knitwear, cashmere really is king. It’s incredibly soft, lightweight and ever so warm.
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Favourite Vintage Shops In London

I like new clothes as much as the next person but I also love a good vintage find and we’re lucky to have so many great vintage shops in London. I’m sharing a few of my favourites in today’s post.
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Little Life Upgrades for Daily Happiness

Little Life Upgrades for Daily Happiness Cashmere knitwear and cashmere homewares by Nuan Cashmere In a life imitating art kind of way, our search for daily happiness could be descried, in Tamagotchi terms (or The Sims for a profoundly close approximation), as fulfilling various need gauges, of which ‘bladder’ is inevitably one, and, no less importantly, ‘comfort’ and ‘fun’, are others. When you slog a day job that you just can’t wait to leave behind on a Friday afternoon, weekends are sacred. Neglect them and something has got to give somewhere, and enriching them is made infinitely easier with certain upgrades. Be it the metaphorical in-app purchase or the literal polyester to cashmere switch, ‘little life upgrades’ are those extras and improvements to your daily life that might at first be considered unnecessarily luxuries, but will bring more happiness than the material cost. Here are a few rules I live by. 1 Luxe loungewear Even though we spend our most prized leisure time in loungewear, for many of us, our loungewear wardrobes are the final destinations of all poor retail choices go to die, from the ill-conceived floral leggings to the innumerate stretched-beyond-recognition tees. But let me just put it out […]

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Catchy Cashmere

Cashmere Pull-over – Handmade in Madagascar Pant – Zara Shoes – Bocage Cashmere, an aesthetic textile so exquisitely soft and warm Contrary to popular belief, the quality of a cashmere garment is not judged by the number of threads used … Continue reading


EVERLANE Cashmere Sweater, Loafers and Petra bag

Today Everlane is starting a new Black Friday Tradition. All profits from todays sales will be invested in making the lives of their factory workers better. You can learn more about Everlane’s #BlackFridayFund here


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7 Essential Oversized Knits For Fall

7 perfect oversized sweaters that will see you through the colder months

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Oversized Knits For Fall
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