WEARING: PRADA ‘CINEMA’ SUNGLASSES (VIA Edel-Optics), SEZANE ‘JOHNSON’ COAT, ZARA PATENT LEATHER TROUSERS AND KNITTED SWEATER WITH LOW V-NECK, KURT GEIGER OVER THE KNEE BOOTS, CHLOE FAYE BAG Eventhough the temperature is dropping quickly here in the Netherlands, I have to say that I don’t mind it one single bit. The cold fresh air is just what I need right now. And especially when the sun is shining, like last weekend, it’s just so nice to be outdoors (plus I get to wear my new Prada sunnies. Ha!). Can’t believe it’s only one more day before December! Time flies so fast, it’s just insane. Very excited for the Holidays though!! I have to restrain myself to not already buy a Christmas tree and decorate the house with all kinds of Christmas stuff. It’s my favourite time of the year, and I can’t wait to have a first (normal) Christmas with a healthy Enzo this time.    


Hello on my favourite Friday of the year: Black Friday. I mean, who doesn’t love shopping with a discount just because it’s Friday, right? I’m all for it. And speaking of favourites: today’s post is all about my latest obsessions: 1. black marble 2. golden details. 3. 1 and 2 in one. Before I was a huge silver lover, and never even wore golden jewelrey. But that have completely changed. So today I’m sharing a couple of my favourite golden items from this moment: like the Cluse La Roche watch, which have a golden case and not to mention that black marble dial. Loving it! Other favourites are – of course – my Chloe Faye bag, Prada sunnies with golden bridge, Mimi Et Toi golden necklace and the Balenciaga Derby boots. Looks all perfect together! PS: ONLY today you can order the Cluse La Roch watch with a  15% Black Friday discount! Get yours here and don’t forget to use their discountcode: CLUSExBF16


#1. WEARING LEFT: AVELON BLOUSE, GOOSECRAFT LEATHER TROUSERS, ALEXANDER WANG FABIANA STRAPPY HEELS, CHLOE FAYE BAG #2. WEARING RIGHT: GOOSECRAFT LEATHER TROUSERS, ISABEL MARANT POUR H&M WOOL COAT BLAZER, ISABEL MARANT ANDREW BOOTS #3. WEARING LEFT: ISABEL MARANT POUR H&M WOOL COAT BLAZER, MANGO JUMPSUIT, H&M BELT, ISABEL MARANT ANDREW BOOTS #4. WEARING RIGHT: ALL SAINTS LEATHER JACKET, MANGO JUMPSUIT, ADIDAS STAN SMITH WHITE SNEAKERS, RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES #5. WEARING LEFT: ALL SAINTS LEATHER JACKET, RIVER ISLAND LONG DRESS, ALEXANDER WANG FABIANA STRAPPY HEELS, CHLOE FAYE BAG #6. WEARING RIGHT: RIVER ISLAND LONG DRESS, ADIDAS STAN SMITH WHITE SNEAKERS #7. WEARING LEFT: LEVIS DENIM SHORTS, ASOS WHITE BASIC T-SHIRT, ALL SAINTS LEATHER JACKET, ADIDAS STAN SMITH WHITE SNEAKERS, CHLOE FAYE CROSSBODY BAG, H&M SCARF #8 WEARING RIGHT: ASOS WHITE BASIC T-SHIRT, LEVIS DENIM SHORTS, BERSHKA TRENCHCOAT, ALEXANDER WANG FABIANA STRAPPY HEELS, CHLOE FAYE BAG #9. WEARING LEFT: BERSHKA TRENCHCOAT, ASOS WHITE BASIC T-SHIRT, GOOSECRAFT LEATHER TROUSERS, ADIDAS STAN SMITH WHITE SNEAKERS, CHLOE FAYE CROSSBODY BAG, H&M SCARF, RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES #10 WEARING RIGHT: ZARA KNITTED SWEATER, GOOSECRAFT LEATHER TROUSERS, ALEXANDER WANG FABIANA STRAPPY HEELS #11. WEARING LEFT: H&M TREND MINI SKIRT, ZARA KNITTED SWEATER, ALEXANDER WANG FABIANA STRAPPY HEELS #12. WEARING RIGHT: H&M TREND MINI SKIRT, AVELON BLOUSE, ALEXANDER WANG FABIANA STRAPPY HEELS, CHLOE FAYE BAG #12. WEARING LEFT: AVELON BLOUSE, LEVIS DENIM SHORTS, ALEXANDER WANG FABIANA STRAPPY HEELS, RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES #14. WEARING RIGHT: MANGO JUMPSUIT, ALEXANDER WANG FABIANA STRAPPY HEELS, CHLOE FAYE BAG Today I have the honour to speak at a new summer event: Share A Perfect Day in Holland and share some of my styling secrets. For my presentation I picked the theme: travelling. How to pack lighter, smarter and more efficiently. You can’t have too many tips and tricks when it comes to packing, right? During Fashion Week season, or any other time when  I had to pack my bag, the seams of my suitcase always look if they were about to burst. And even when I could manage to close the damn thing, the weight exceeded the maximum weight. And so, the downsizing began and so did the headache. Time for a change! I created a way to pack my bag as efficiently possible:  the 14 days, 14 ways plan. So, how does that work? I will tell you… In this case I picked 7 winter/fall items and 7 spring/summer items from my closet (yes, that includes shoes!). Why, because I want to be prepared for any kind of weather. I’ve choosen neutral colored items so that each item will be interchangeable and will match the others. You might need an hour (or two) to mix&match but I can assure you, it’s really worth the effort. Another huge advantage is you always know what to wear, so you can save yourself some time with sorting out outfits in an overfull and chaotic suitcase during your Holiday! So, from now on: keep calm and start packing! PS: In collaboration with bagageonline.nl, you can use the discountcode COTTDS to receive 10% off your SuitSuit suitcase.    


WEARING: ADIDAS SUPERSTAR SNEAKERS (VIA WINKELSTRAAT.NL), HM TREND DRESS, CHLOE FAYE CROSSBODY BAG Ever since Enzo came in to my life, I’m much more of a sneaker addict then a high heel kind of girl. Yup, kids sure change you. But running after Enzo is a lot easier when you’re not wearing 5 inch heels. Plus a new pair of white sneakers never hurt anyone, so I got the Adidas Superstar as well. And by sometimes pairing them up with a long dress I still feel a bit like the old me. :)


WEARING: AVELON FASHION PADDED LEATHER JACKET, ZARA PANTS, CHLOE FAYE BAG, ISABEL MARANT BOOTS Wide pants don’t care! My hips sure don’t lie with these awesome pants from ZARA, but still love it. But what I love even more is my dreamy new leather padded jacket by Avelon Fashion!


WEARING: GESTUZ LEATHER TRACK PANTS, HM TREND TOP, ZARA BLAZER, CHLOE FAYE BAG AND ADIDAS STAN SMITH SNEAKERS Feeling a bit like a tomboy in these photos… It’s definitely a different outfit that you are used to here on COTTDS.com. But, I do love wearing sneakers just as much as wearing high heels lately. Especially my white Stan Smith ones! Photos by Iris