Comfort and luxury for day and night

Comfort and luxury for day and night Wearing: CLUSE Minuit Watch in Rose Gold case and Red Velvet strap Every Sophia Cappola movie I’ve seen – in my vein attempt at a quarter-life cultural education – has left me mildly bewildered in a want for closure (you too?). Even so, the image of Kirsten Dunst as a porcelain-skinned, waif-like Marie Antoinette as she lounged luxuriously in a duck egg blue chaise, and a cloud of her silk and taffeta skirts and rainbow array of pastries and cakes, has always represented ultimate #LifeGoals for yours truly. But does this not, you may be wondering, conflict with the philosophy of less is more and utilitarian aesthetic of luxe-minimalism that underpins the Beige Renegade world view? On the contrary, that ostensibly maximalist world of cakes for breakfast and gravity defying hairdos, in certain key facets, mirror the minimalist ideals of comfort and luxury. After all, what is luxury but the luxury of comfort? It’s a comfort of time, to float aimlessly in a wooden row boat  on a sunny afternoon; of space, to move at whim through many-chambered palaces; and of indulgence, in every joy-brining enterprise one desires (cake related or otherwise). It is, therefore, self-evident, in my opinion, that luxury and comfort […]

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