Minimal/Ethical Nursery

No more than two months before the baby arrives. Now is the best time to create his future cocoon! Minimal, Ethical, Natural, Sustainable, and Baby-Friendly will be the mirror of LM’s nursery atmosphere. Purity of white, nude tones, warm and toas…

A Calm Swiss Family Home By E2A

Swiss architects E2A designed a family residence on the outskirts of Zürich based on the principle of clearly defined spaces. A courtyard turns into a garden, which leads into the home’s main entrance, bedrooms and a garage. Named ‘House B’, the semi-autonomous upstairs section hosts a studio space, office and gallery, as well as a […]


Give way to the rule of a certain sophistication over classic and minimalist pieces: Successfully experimented here by uniting the perfect maxi slit dress from Third Form with the tailored details of a blazer. The sleek and clean lines of … Continue reading

Recycled Minimalism

Christina Fischer, a Danish designer on the rise. Discovered and noticed on social networks, I instantly felt a certain admiration for her work. What really caught my eye was that she photographs her entire artisanal process, from design to production, … Continue reading