Sunday Sanctuary: Contemporary Cool

With beautiful and raw sandblasted oak, an abundance of lust-worthy art and contemporary furnishings, this apartment is ticking all of the right boxes. So, it comes as no surprise to learn the space is home to Parisian interior architect, Pierre Yovanovitch. Renowned for his contemporary interior spaces, Yovanovitch is particularly good at shaping spaces – no matter how […]

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Draped Part I – Layering

Black and white layering for a high level of contrast. When it starts to feel like spring outside, but not enough to over-expose yourself. The oversized slouchy sweater meets the draped dress and creates an “all in the details” situation, … Continue reading

A Peaceful Space To Unwind In

Covered with black bricks on the outside, John Pawson’s ‘Life House’ is the kind of place we’d happily take some time out in. The generous, balanced retreat welcomes guests with brightness and a soft interior palette.
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A Simple House In Portugal By Aires Mateus

Located in Alentejo, a south-central part of Portugal, the house built by Aires Mateus represents the simple architecture that fits perfectly in its surrounding, becoming a perfect shelter.
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A House Designed To Ease Your Mind

Covered with black bricks on the outside, John Pawson’s ‘Life House’ welcomes the guests with brightness and soft colors in the interior. Acknowledged for his minimalistic aesthetics, the British architect once again created a generous…


These timeless pieces that accompany us year in and year out, season after season, and feel indelible. Bright and slouchy textures unite, supplemented by relaxed fits: the chic-minimalist aesthetic is emphasized. Strategically adorned with fine jewellery, they cleverly express an … Continue reading


Simplicity can be diverted by a certain complexity of design. Begin with a classical base, then juxtaposing to it a piece you can carefully adjust, construct and deconstruct, so to confer upon your look a timeless modern appeal. Adding and … Continue reading


The black and white affair: An eternal and everlasting union. Both garments equally posses light and relaxed shapes. A combination that feels casual and yet slightly sophisticated thanks to the right accessory. Elegance and simplicity bond together in absolute balance. … Continue reading