All white outfit. Pure and fresh minimalism with relaxed cuts. The result is undoubtedly effortless chic. It’s time for transeasonal pieces. Let’s give in to the reassuring warmth of a pullover tie-it-around-your-waist. Be.With Dress – The Stowe “Rose” Bag – … Continue reading


In sync with this capsule wardrobe of black silk dresses; with these qualitative staple pieces staged in an immaculate space of the Lines/Manner closet. Semi-long sleeves, short sleeves, thin or large suspenders, round-neck, V-neck, shawl collar, each cut and finish … Continue reading

3 cheapest items in my closet

First off, let me point out some of the things you can buy for 6 euros in Amsterdam: – a phallus shaped salt & pepper shakers – 18 cigarettes – almost one 24hr bus card – a vintage jacket, 100% silk blouse, viscose & silk blend kimono If I was a porn star, I might’ve […]

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Right Impact

The simple midi knit dress: versatile, modern, and tainted with a refreshing bright grey. A must-have basic. The minimalist trend is much more complex than it seems. You must master and perfect your look essentially by playing with the slightest … Continue reading


When style meets a certain level of practicality. Layer your dress and flowy blouse made out of one and only fabric: weaving silk with itself. Think straight cuts, versatile, and timeless garments as we once again rely on the ultimate … Continue reading

Grey Choice

Whether we are of the kind that is drawn by all things white or all things black, paying more attention to some details make us notice that there is always a touch of in-between. With or without moderation, the grey … Continue reading


CARVEN Shoes (More here) / LEVI’S Vintage Denim (Similar here) FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / BLOGLOVIN’ 

a different kind of bucket bag

Surely by now you have seen a plethora of bucket bags – different sizes, colors, textures and prices, too. If you are a fashion savvy person and you do an occasional browse through all the style magazines and blogs in search of the latest info on new ‘it’ items, then there is no chance you […]

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Whether it be for a well-studied design, fine details, or a perfect finish we should never hesitate to invite revisited basics into our looks. They vary in shapes, make use of bi-materials, or can even be subtly adorned. Coat – … Continue reading

caramel accessories

These days I’m kind of moving away from the standard gold or silver accessories. The subconscious reason behind it, I believe, is that my closet is filled with neutrals. So instead of pointlessly adding white paint to an already white canvas, so to speak, I decided to add some accents. A quite natural choice in […]

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On a quest for simplicity. Give your slender dresses a simple finish by tying a single colored blouse around the waist. Doing so will mark your waist line and vary your color palette. Let’s complement it all by rolling up … Continue reading

Josefin & Frank

The incredibly talented Josefin Hååg, who is one of my favorite stylists, has been working with Fantastic Frank and it’s a beautiful thing. She has such a great eye and a way of making anything look amazing.


  Whether you’re rolling into summer and rugging up for winter we love a little sheer.  Layered translucent fabrics or peekaboo panels add a COOLl factor to any outfit…literally .. style.com  .  vogue.us  .  free people  .  kesler tran  .  elle.com 

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EUNA JOYCE Constellation Necklace, Bar Necklace, Bar Ring and Cage Ring / SIN Watercolor Slab Collection / TOM FORD Lipstick / AESOP Cream FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST /&nbs…

Soft Pinks

Soft dusty pinks in layers, landscapes and details .. no matter where you find them we’re obsessed with the power of the right shade of pink right now.  Just remember the more pastel the better, you don’t want to have too much of a good thing .. pinterest  .  Oracle Fox tumblr  .  Style.com  . […]


I meant to post this Friday but then the weekend just got away from me and oops, it’s almost Tuesday!A lightweight, slender sofa designed by Andreas Elgesvik for Swedish furniture producer Fogia. The long thin legs create the look that the seats are fl…


GABRIELA ARTIGAS Tusk Choker (More here)ADDITIONAL FAVORITES   JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

DIY square hardware ring

After “making” my DIY tube ring, I was left with some more parts to play with. As you can see in the video, it takes literally zero effort to deconstruct a lipstick tube and get two industrial-looking statement rings. I have to say I like the looks of this square ring just a tad more […]The post DIY square hardware ring appeared first on moiminnie.


ROSETTA GETTY Top (See more here) / ACNE STUDIOS Jeans / MANSUR GAVRIEL Bag / LARSSON AND JENNINGS Watch ADDITIONAL FAVORITES JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

memories from france

I had more than a few spare moments this past week to relax and visit a few blogs. There are a lot of recaps of the past year around the web, which inspired me to do one (or more, as you will see) as well. I rarely repost things you’ve had the chance to read/ […]The post memories from france appeared first on moiminnie.


Drunk-looking face and overall a slightly disheveled look always go hand in hand with deep berry tones. At least in my book they do, as evidenced by the blindingly overexposed shots above. There is a certain magic in the air this time of year – the shades (and taste, obviously) of mulled wine are undoubtedly […]The post berry-toned appeared first on moiminnie.

acrylic paint as nail polish

Winter gets me in all sorts of moods on everyday basis. One day I’m all up for warm, berry toned looks and the next I’m going as pale as your average dead person. Today is clearly one of the latter. After a few weeks of rocking the all natural look with not even a clear […]The post acrylic paint as nail polish appeared first on moiminnie.

denim portraits

Once upon a time I must admit I wasn’t particularly interested in all the goodness denim pieces have to offer. After obtaining enough denim pieces to say I formed a small but carefully chosen collection, I am singing a different tune. From dark skinnies, to mom jeans, to coveted Levi’s 501 – I acquired versatile […]The post denim portraits appeared first on moiminnie.

christina fischer bags

Take a look at the bag I’m wearing. Gorgeous, right? Beautiful, pitch black smooth leather with silver hardware details. Handcrafted with an impeccable attention to detail. Minimal. On trend. Very versatile. And guess what? Made entirely out of recycled leather. Cue jaw drops. The post you are reading today has been in the works for […]

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LARSSON AND JENNINGS Watch (Also in Silver and Black) / ADIDA Sneakers / EVERLANE Bag / MIRLO Andy Heart Ring and Baguette Ring

Larsson and Jennings is offering 15% off tomorrow with code CYBERMONDAY15 


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cozy essentials

I haven’t posted one of those ‘new in’ posts in a good while, aside for some make-up goodies you saw a while ago. Since I scored some truly show-worthy items these past couple of weeks, I felt inclined to talk about them on ze blog. Don’t know about you guys, but November is kicking my […]The post cozy essentials appeared first on moiminnie.

from above

These past few weeks have been very hectic to say the least, I feel like my head is going to fall off any minute now. I’m working on so many different things at the same time and sadly, it’s taking a toll on the blog as you may have noticed. Not gonna keep you much […]

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weekend wear

Stripping away all the unnecessary has to be one of the best things in the world. The feeling of excitement about that increases exponentially when Friday rolls around. Weekend wear could not possibly get more comfy than a pair of whites – faux leather shorts (previously seen as a part of the white, black and […]

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5-piece outfit

No fussy details, no complicated silhouettes; just five simple chunks of clothing creating one harmonious composition. I’m getting away with no layering just before I start obsessing over it like I do every FW season. Since my outfits are thrifted/ not branded 90% of the time, I have some good news today: you can actually […]

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DIY chunky chain necklace

Similar to Céline one, you’ve seen my version on the blog before. A lot of people were interested in knowing where I got it from and, later, how I made it – when I replied it was a DIY. Way before the idea light bulb appeared above my head, I was looking for a simple, […]

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the white shirt

I’ve already written about a men’s button-up as an essential part of my summer favorites, but let me put an emphasis on it once again. I am unsure as to why it’s so appealing but it most certainly has an almost magic quality to it. The crisp whiteness looks insanely good against slightly bronzed skin […]

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black accessories

Sometimes I like to spice up my daily attire with a pop of color and sometimes I like to keep everything sleek and monochrome. The latter is what I’ve been into these last couple of weeks. Hot days and breezy nights demand simplicity, both in color and the amount of pieces one adorns oneself with. […]

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current essentials

I know that summer is long gone for some, but for me – the ultimate summer child – it’s still very much present. The last two months have been very exciting, fun and a tad stressful. In between enjoying the sun by the pool in the South of France and taking tons of photos of […]

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think less

When the lovely Sophia, blogger of Tao of Sophia (and the founder of the Blog and The City network) asked if I’d like to have one of the shirts from her mini collection named “Steps to happiness”, I simply couldn’t say no. She chuckled at my response and said she knew I’d go for the […]

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