Charles & Keith

To all the minimalists and monochrome lovers out there, I’m sure you will agree that while our love of everything holidays and christmas is strong, perhaps the the traditional red and green palette has never really been our vibe… Sometimes the more pulled back approach ticks all the right boxes. So to all my fellow

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First Glance

Casual Fridays outfit inspiration…
t-shirt: OF by Amanda Shadforth  .  earring: Ellery  .  bag: Mansur Gavriel  .  mules: Balenciaga  .  pants: Ellery  .  book: Assouline Eames
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Peachy Keen

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Modern Romantic

If Jane Austin, Emily Bronte or Shakespeare were to write a modern day romantic tale, I imagine our heroine would be dressed in something like this… Our character is independent and ambitious, and prefers her garments to be of the soft, structured and dreamy kind. While this modern work of fiction may include a love interest […]

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The Aforementioned

This girl is never not on the hunt for the perfect dress, alongside the other unicorn in my life .. the perfect French onion soup (cue ad-lib trip to Paris anyone?). Anywho, where the latter may require further searching tbc stay tuned to my friends out there with like-minded quams in the cuisine department, something different can […]

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Ellery Fall 2018 Ready To Wear

Ellery’s first haute couture show…
Thoughts? Voluminous proportions and cutout shapes were familiar territory, a territory which is much loved btw.
The collection, was inspired by the notion of collecting and the curation of …

The Look

The perfect December holiday outfit…
The Cropped Cocoon Painters Shirt: Michael Lo Sordo  .  Hush Tire Earring: Ellery  .  The Fossiled Long Skirt: Christopher Esber  .   Book: Eero Saarinen  .  Regard Gift Kit: Aesop  .  Slingback Ikeban…

Mellow Yellow

  New to the mellow yellow vibes, of fizzy sherbet and pastel mustard. This colour platte has me looking sunny side up… xx earrings: Ellery  .  t-shirt: Vestments  .  trousers: Ellery  .  ankle boots: Acne Studios SHOP LO-FI:

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Martini With A Twist

We hear about it all the time and it’s one of my favourite elements of fashion week… ‘Off duty style’ is here baby and I think you’ll agree, it’s here to stay. But if you ask me off duty doesn’t just apply to our favourite models in their downtime, it’s about having a go-to uniform […]

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The top three trousers for October. Each making a strong case for the 1970s-inspired suiting… who’s on board this kick-flare trouser bandwagon, we certainly are. cropped patent trousers: Ellery  .    checked kick-flare wool trousers: Zimmerman  . oversized cotton-corduroy trousers: Vetements SHOP LO-FI TROUSERS HERE:

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  My top 5 accessories this month… Each of these statement earrings give light to a new type of accessory and one that is definitely on our radar. After all, who ever got noticed by sticking to the guidelines? xx aviator sunglasses: Stella McMartney  .  hush tire earrings: Ellery  .  forbidden fruit earrings: Ellery  . […]

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  Every gal needs one pear oyster bobby pin to compensate for those lost… not to mention this months top beauty must haves xx nail polish: J. Hanna  .  fragrance: Lavandula  .  bobby pin: Lizzie Fortunato  .  body cleanser: Aesop  .  sunglasses: Stella McCartney  .  earrings: Ellery  .  mules: LOQ

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Bee Sting

Just bee-cause I love a good black suit, and just bee-cause the New York City Supreme Court is so damn insta-friendly, I bring you my latest honey (sorry not sorry, bad pun intended) .. the Gucci Bee Dionysus Bag.   An accessory that will seriously leave you buzzing .. x bee bag: Gucci  .  elongated sleeve shirt: Anna […]

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My friends, there is something I have to confess… As someone who leans toward the minimalist side of things, my list of new season obsessions continues to grow exponentially. Just when I thought exaggerated sleeves and red leather were the final additions to the list, along comes the kind of gold earrings and cross-body bag that must be collected […]

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Shadow White Light

  Currently obsessing over these white Balenciaga boot babies right now.. blouse: Ellery  .  glasses: Stella McCartney  .  earrings: J.W Anderson  .  trousers: Vetements  .  bag: Prada  .  boots: Balenciaga SHOP LO FI:

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New School

As I recently discovered, I am not the only one who calls scrollaxing on the iPhone late at night in bed, market research.  While I recently shared a 3 bedroom apartment in Paris with 4 other like minded amigo’s during Paris Fashion Week, I found myself in good company when it comes to the new-school social media […]

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Bonjour from Oracle Fox HQ for Paris Fashion Week, otherwise known as a beautiful apartment in the heart of The Marais… Think perfectly aged parquetry floors, antique furniture, vast windows which let in the kind of natural light that hides even the strongest signs of jet lag (thank goodness), while also giving us the most aesthetically […]

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Run On

As I write this I’m currently sitting at the International Airport terminal awaiting my flight for Paree for PFW Autumn Winter 17.  I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief it is to be sitting here right now after the week I’ve had.  With a team of 5 on the ground this season, […]

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  Oh mercy! That Ellery top…. angle face high-neck ruffle top: Ellery  .  round sick necklace: Givenchy  .  lace triangle bra: Coco De Mer   .  assouline hardcover book: Gucci   .  gold keychain: Prada  .  studded brogue chelsea boots: Balenziaga  .  bamboo panelled leather tote: Gucci  .  straight leg jeans: Balenciaga SHOP LO-FI BELOW:

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cyril off-the-shoulder top: Ellery  .  Lolita cat-eye sunglasses: Le Specs  .  high-rise trousers: No. 21  . leather tote: Provenza Schouler  .  leather pumps: Gucci SHOP LO-FI BELOW:  

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Ellery Pre-Fall 2017

It would be a dated (and boring) understatement at this point to say Kym Ellery is the master of flare. When I first saw Ellery yeaars ago I liked the fresh breath of “maximinimal” air it brought to the fashion world but I was afraid (and also curious) to see how she’s going to stay true to her style, keep her signature and still create new silhouettes but somehow on her road to success, she managed to become the master of a lot of other things such as balancing big, strong shapes and quiet, delicate details. source: vogue   Save

Foreign Correspondant

Current wardrobe inspiration: Puss’N’Boots.  Trust me, it wasn’t supposed to happen this way but I’ll blame in on a childhood obsession with fairy tales, or better still, modern day romantic Kym Ellery. As I took my place last season in Paris at Kym’s AW16 show, I knew that we were in for trouble.  Blue lame […]

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Red Red Wine

Actually right now, I’d rather be dead than not wearing red.  From burgundy bombers, to velvety wine coloured loafers .. dear red, we can’t get you out of our head. silk cami top: Ellery  .  flared trousers: Chloe  .  paisley-print silk scarf: Ellery  . bomber jacket: Balenziaga  .  silk scarf: Chloe  .  shoulder bag: Loewe  . […]

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Mood Swings

When one of my besties asked me if I’d decorated these slides myself, I thought that maybe I’d been doing a few too many weekend DIY’s.  Stepping up a weekday outfit with subtle crafty embellishments and feeling the OTT renaissance vibe one small ‘step’ at a time .. x photography: Janneke Storm  tuxedo blazer: McQ Alexander […]

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Ruffle Effect

It’s time to hustle up some ruffle baby, from luxury to high street we’re feeling the love for ruffle train right now and you know you want to get onboard… velvet blouse: Fendi  .  asymmetric tank top: Ellery  .  ruffled silk flared pants: Gucci  .  Ruled crepe trousers: Givenchy Or for Lo-fi version’s take a […]

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Night Shade

I’m the first to admit that I’m prone to exaggeration on a regular basis.  Exaggeration that’s not confined to conversation with my besties when it comes to explaining certain events (you can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story no?), but more importantly exaggerated sleeves, exaggerated proportions and yes, you guessed it […]

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Gaining Static

Servicing my slide addiction with crafty Ellery slip on’s and a healthy dose of gold tone hardware .. my latest accessory obsession .. black top: Celine  .  white shirt: Saint Laurent  .  black trousers: Balenciaga  .  black slides: Ellery  .  black bag: Phillip Lim   .  sunglasses: Celine .  earrings: Holly Ryan Or shop the affordable […]

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Blurred Lines

Not all is what it always seems.  Sometimes the finer details are where the difference is drawn between an interesting ensemble and one of casual normality .. gold claw ring: Ryan Storer  .  embossed leather clutch: Givenchy  .  mirror heels: Proenza Schouler

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Final Hours

I swear I’m not giving you the cold shoulder, but let’s be honest there’s nothing like a good upper arm detail.  I’ve always been a believer in the theory that less is more and this instance a hint of shoulder through a man style crisp white shirt is just what the doctor ordered .. White […]

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Spoken Words

I remember having a conversation 12 months ago with one of my best friends in regards to our complete disinterest in cropped flares.  ‘I don’t get it’ she said to me and I return commented ‘I don’t think I’ll ever go there, I just don’t see myself pulling it off”, well .. as they say, […]

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A day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – Grazia Australia

My visual diary of one day at MBFWA 2016 on Grazia Australia, in collaboration with Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Photography: Blogger’s Boyfriend | Ft. Bohotailor For many (yours truly included, at one time), the idea of ‘fashion week’ brings to mind a mysterious and glamorous other world, and the truth is perhaps not so far away from the imagination. It is rather like stepping into an alternate universe, where, for 6 days in a year, the humdrum of everyday melts away, and the ordinarily trivial considerations, like seating hierarchies, photo ops and, of course, fashion, are elevated to almost life and death; where, in the scheme of an unspoken delineation of ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’, such things as whether one wears the ‘it accessory’ of the year or an obscure but exciting new designer, and the choice to use the acronym ‘MBFWA’ – for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – or simply ‘Sydney Fashion Week’, may be seen as indicative of one’s sartorial refinement. While it may seem that fashion week attendees are simply there to strut back and forth in the hopes of being napped by the throngs of street style photographers, the various roles of the players at fashion week […]

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Ellery Fall 2016

If you weren’t at the Ellery Fall 2016 show in Paris during PFW, you may feel as though you were there anyway with the high volume of Ellery focused runway imagery that tumbled down your instagram feed. Contrary to what it may appear,  we could only see this as a positive as the list grew […]

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Wires Crossed

There’s no element of surprise here, you know the drill .. a girl like me LOVES  a good pair of leather pants, a structured blazer and a Parisian streetscape to bask in the beauty of.  Luckily for me the sunlight in Paree has been in abundance and in my suitcase there is no shortage of […]

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Ellery Tuilleries

There’s only one thing that I’m this excited about right now (other than the lead up to Season 6 Game of Thrones) and it’s Kym Ellery’s Spring 16 cone sleeve.  Most of us have long been fans of a good oversized cuff, but it’s hard to deny that a sleeve like this won’t leave you weak […]

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Ellery Trocadero

In recent conversations with one of my besties the topic of ruffles was discussed, and for the first time ever with pleasant enthusiasm.  You see ruffles and I were never great friends, thoughts of childhood swimsuits over-decorated with jellyfish like detailing (thanks for that mum) and 80’s rah rah skirts leaving me scarred for life just […]

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Pyjama Party

Maybe it’s because of the lack of sleep that I’ve been having lately and thought of wearing a slinky silk 2 piece is just too good not to resist.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that only a designer with the sophisticated foresight of Kym Ellery could create a satiny twin set that would have us all […]

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i A good graphic is like a painting, to be revered and adored from afar even though it’s the details that make it genius.   I think it might be for this reason that I’m so selective when it comes to running a print, although let’s not get too serious here it’s not like we’re curating […]

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    This Australian fashion week the ‘bell’ was back, although the Aussie’s weren’t the first to toll that bell.  Funnily enough while I’ve been discussing bell trousers this week with some of my friends, they’ve expressed their doubts that bells aren’t for them, mainly because they’ve been worried that they’re not tall enough.  You don’t have to opt in […]

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Ellery Land

Amongst the hallowed lane-ways of inner city Paris, set somewhere between the River Seine and the Champs Élysées sits an artisan apartment like no other.  It would only seem fitting then that this would be the chosen creative hideaway for Australian Designer Kym Ellery, an artist in her own right.  This season while in Paris, Ellery Fall […]

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Autumn . Paris

There’s this thing about the 70’s that you can’t deny, it just keeps coming back and you know what they say ..  you can’t keep a good man down.  With an influx of designers this season travelling back to the Seventies the Parisian runways were scattered with soft suede skirts, kick flare trousers and belted jackets as […]

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Stone Roses

Nothing is ever what it seems, well that’s what they say anyway.  I have two examples, one is in the perception in the way that we should wear clothes and secondly is this super babe and rising star Jennifer Gilmore.  I recently had the opportunity to photograph Jen for the Oracle Fox Journal and with a […]
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Find Wonderful

There’re not many places in this world that have been left undiscovered, but we all know that somewhere out there sits a beach that no-one’s ever laid on, a shipwreck untouched and in this instance the most spectacular inner city roof top previously never photographed.  First’s are hard to come by in the era that we now […]

Hello Mademoiselle

Bonjour, hello and how do you do!  From the banks of the River Siene I bid you a warm welcome and I’m sorry that I haven’t personally touched based in a little while.  You see .. it’s true what they say about Paris, it’s certainly a place where you can loose yourself,  just be sure that  it’s […]