5 Days of Christmas / A Golden Table Setting

Entertaining can be daunting, even more so during the holidays. If you have friends you want to impress or picky family members or you just want to really wow people, it might be difficult to know where to start.Today I’m sharing my take on a Christmas…

getting in that Christmas mood

Christmas is going to be here before you know it and if you’ve been in any stores lately I’m guessing you’re already seeing holiday things pop up all over. Normally I try to wait for Thanksgiving to pass first but this year I’m replay trying to get a head start on Christmas. To help myself, and you if you’re needing it, I wanted to share this campaign for Blossa Glögg.

The rustic table features comfort foods like cheese, nuts, pears, figs and most certainly Glögg accented by vintage silver and warm grey. It’s this elevated coziness and casual worn, lived-in feel that Lotta does so well. Feels like the holidays just from looking at these,

customizing a Summer picnic

It’s the perfect season for eating outside, with the long Summer days and warm evenings creating the ideal climate for taking your meals outdoors. On our small patio is a cozy place to grill and eat with the kids but it doesn’t allow us to really spread out so when Shutterfly approached me to give my take on an outdoor meal I knew I wanted to be near water!

Do you remember when I talked about brainstorming ideas for an upcoming project? This is the article I was referring to. Shutterfly allows you to customize textiles, glassware and even plates to create something truly unique, allowing you to achieve whatever look you’re going for. Here are some of the things I used to create this laid back meal with a view.

Of course you’re going to want to be comfortable during a picnic so make your own cushions to lounge on and don’t worry too much about getting them dusty, everything is washable. The blanket has an oversized poppy drawing on it, courtesy of my husband’s skilled hand (above, left). Using the same drawing I also created a lighter version for a set of dinner plates. Staying with the organic/plant idea, the cushions are printed with a photo I took, a shadow of a fern plant in my yard.

Picnics are fun but can also be a lot of work. You need to carry everything needed to eat and relax comfortably, even though I forgot silverware this time (oops!) it’s important to have some solid you carry heavy things in but that also creates a flat surface on the cushiony grass or sandy ground. A wooden crate carried food, candles, lemonade and plates but also created a solid place to keep drink or other items form tipping over. In case you’re wondering I brought some fresh foods like zucchini noodles, jicama slices, fresh pears, parrano and a baby boule.

If you go out in the evening some candles are also a nice idea, or if you’re bringing friends this would also make a nice gift. I went out in the afternoon so we didn’t need to light them however, choosing the grapefruit scent I can tell you it smells so good, burning it inside makes my house smell fresh and slightly of citrus.

You can also customize stemless wines glasses with Shutterfly, I could’t quite get a good close up of the writing but just know they were hilariously ironic.
Or just a simple monogram would also do the trick!

Some additional and slightly obvious tips would be to remember utensils (unlike me) including knives and/or a cheese slicer with a wooden board for cutting, bring a good book along with a wide brimmed hat and probably sunscreen, especially if you have time to spare and want to take a short nap. You can also listen to music but in my case, the sound of water was much more preferable!

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5 Steps for styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’

5 Steps for styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’ guests at first glance Featuring Salt&Pepper Throughout history our lives have revolved around the seasons, especially what and how we eat. Therefore, it’s so comforting to go back to basics, and enjoy a meal with friends and family that celebrates the season and matches its mood. Salt&Pepper has set me the task of styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’ guests at first glance, utilising their new season collections. And the winter’s evening I have in store for you involves warming up with some comfort foods in the late afternoon sun, finishing up with an epic cheese board, and lively conversation continuing into the wee hours. Here are my five steps to styling a seriously Pin-Worthy winter table setting. 1 Let the season inspire you In winter, we always want to feel cosy and warm, so these are the feelings I want to convey when entertaining friends and family. Not limited to the recipes themselves (for which I highly recommend hearty comfort casseroles and thickly cut artisan bread), the styling should include elements which remind you of both the cold and bare personality of winter, as well as the indulgence […]

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floral chandelier DIY with DLK

Today I have one last post in collaboration with Design Life Kids sharing a simple DIY using this beautiful brass candleholder from Ferm Living. You can easily imagine this as a centerpiece during Christmas or New Year’s dinners but adding some fresh g…

entertaining with a global influence

As you well know by now I am very partial to Scandinavian design and aesthetics but from time to time I also pull inspiration from other parts of the globe, which I think we all do whether we realize it or not.
With Spring now in full force we are thinking more of warm weather, Spring foods and longer days where we can invite friends over and enjoy a sun lit dinner together.
I wanted to share my own take on a light Spring meal that has a slight Mediterranean influence. For this I am collaborating with Target using items I found in store to create something warm with an international essence. Rather than go for cliche Mediterranean objects in bright blue and sea glass I chose an acacia wood tray and small painted, clay bowls to fill with feta, olives, roasted tomatoes and almonds. And pita bread in a serving bowl too, of course.
The plates are a dark grey with a subtle green hue, something I echoed in the recycled glass vase. I used some of my own vintage silverware but paired these glass tumblers for sparkling water that have small indentations at the bottom making them very comfortable to hold. A bottle of olive oil adds varying height and functions as a serving piece as well.
I used a bit more of that green in the placemats that I used instead as napkins because the back is unlined and very flexible making it and easy to fold. This adds just a bit of pattern to the solid, natural colored table cloth.

A few of my own tips for adding some globally influenced pieces to your own entertaining are:

/ I suggest trying keeping the colors similar and tonal if you want to create a similar look.

/ Choose a region you want to represent and do a bit of quick research. For example, a lot of the African influenced things have bolder colors, high contrasting black and white with deeply saturated yellows and reds. A Moroccan style would likely have more metals materials and patterns, for example.

/ Start with pieces you already have that might be neutral enough to adapt and then build out from there. Look for tabletops accessories that look a bit more ethnic in vases, cups, pottery and textiles.

/ Don’t overdo it and don’t be cliche. You don’t have to make everything literal, it can just have an influence or an essence but doesn’t need to completely overtake your tabletop. You’ll have to use these items again so go for something you know can also work for other gatherings.

/ Experiment in store with different looks by creating small versions in your cart. Grab 1 plate, 1 set of napkins, 1 vase, and 1 accessory and see how they look together. Is there any material or color that brings them together? Are they all too similar with not enough balance in color and texture? Take them back and try a different combo until you find one that speaks to you.

/ The food can be simple! I used some pita bread with oil and a few toppings to make a savory snack. It doesn’t always have to be elaborate, especially if you are trying out a brand-new-to-you cuisine. It might be wise to start with smaller portions for everyone.

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