A Match Made in Milan

  I find it incredibly inspiring that one city can harvest so much creativity. When I arrived in Milan this season I was so excited to be on the ground for my second Milan Fashion Week… Bellissimo!  Milan is a city that evolves before you, not obviously beautiful from the onset, but forever unfolding hidden layers

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Salvatore Ferragamo SS20

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Sportmax Spring Summer 2020

  When travelling it’s always good advice to ‘do as the locals do’ as they say. So, while in Milan for the Spring 2020 shows, I wasted no time in sampling many a plate of Risotto alla Milanese in the Brera District, window shopped the afternoon away at Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle and found myself lost

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The Dawn of Romanity

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Valentino F/W 19-20 Haute Couture

  When I was a little girl I received a Kaleidoscope for my birthday, I used to look through it mesmerised, feeling as though I had been transported to a different world made only of bright colour and intricate patterns.  Being in the audience for the Valentino Couture show I was reminded of these moments

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Sometimes inspiration does not come from the obvious, but from a personal perception, the fragrance of Autumn abandoning her leaves or a serendipitous moment like wandering along a London street and stumbling across such unexpected beauty as an antique art stall.  I just thought this was heaven, so much so that I may have gone a little

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Notes From Milan

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Prada Fall 19 Ready To Wear

Fashion and romance have always gone hand in hand, but when you think of the relationship between the two it usually brings to mind spring florals and wistful gowns… Not Frankenstein, Wednesday Addams and black lace.  But it is here that we find Mrs Prada’s version of romance, a dark romance, set firmly in the

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So Frenchy So Chic: Part 3

Bonjour and welcome to Paris, one of my favourite homes away from home.  After several years of visiting Paris for Fashion Week you would think that by now that I’d almost be part French .. no?  But alas mes amours.. ce n’est pas ainsi …(sigh) it is not so. The most Frenchy So Chic that

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So Frenchy So Chic: Part 2

Eat, Sleep, work repeat, eat, sleep work repeat… Welcome to Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018. For those not on the ground PFW looks like a magical fairy tale broken up with long lunches at insta-worthy restaurants and the kind of fashion shows that one would swap a kidney to attend. Well let me clarify,

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Head First

Day four PFW .. and let’s just say no makeup no problem.  With a dam fine oversized sleeve, a classic pair of mum jeans and a ‘cult’ worthy basket bag there’s no guilt to be had in rushing out the door without your full face on. And let’s face up to it, it’s funny how a […]

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Ellery Fall 2018 Ready To Wear

Ellery’s first haute couture show…
Thoughts? Voluminous proportions and cutout shapes were familiar territory, a territory which is much loved btw.
The collection, was inspired by the notion of collecting and the curation of …

Star Gazing

Of the many highlights from our trip to Paris earlier in the year for the 2017 Fall Winter shows, being in the bleachers for the Chanel show is something I won’t ever forget. As we sat in The Grande Palais in the presence of the ‘Gabrielle Chanel Agence Spatiale’ rocket, we knew we were about to witness […]

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Matériel FALL 2017

  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think that designer Aleksander Akhalkatsishvili is one to watch.  Working within the Georgian brand Matèrial, Aleksander’s Fall 2017 collection focused on boxy suiting, soft cheeseclothly Cèline-like dresses and the kind of silhouettes that have a craving for the cooler months.  We’re […]

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Dressing (and undressed) for Fashion Week

In this look: Intimo “Arya” Semi Contour Bra & Full Brief How I lived fashion week inside out – created in collaboration with Intimo This editorial features: Roll Neck Top, Convertible Dress and intimates all by Intimo For one for whom sleep is impossible if one half of an earring pair has fallen behind the cabinet, many a whee hour in my life has been spent crouched in a corner with bent out clothes hanger in hand. And, perhaps an unconvincing excuse for rarely cleaning the house, the process of tidying must always start with an elaborate emptying and rearranging of every nook and cranny. For, the mere outward appearance of beauty alone has never impress the unforgiving yours truly. All desirable things can only be fully enjoyed from the inside out (and in most cases, the ‘out’ can be omitted altogether). Fashion week for a blogger (rightly or wrongly) is ruled by what to wear, and a look is surely inextricable from what is unseen underneath. Where stretched and disintegrating cotton whities will most certainly cancel out any magic of any oufit outfit, beautiful lingerie can be the very thing that makes a white shirt and jean ensemble quite […]

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New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall Recap

New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter – femininity, feminism, and a brutally beautiful city New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter: the homeostasis of the bumble bee hum of tool-belted makeup artists and the nonchalant, carrot grazing of model gazelles was intermittently cut through by the bitey Brooklyn accent of a zealous female security guard. Such commands as “Step back!” “Let the models through!” and “Get away from mah door!” were barked, unceremoniously, at the throng of photographers who – despite one pointedly reminding all that he had not one, but two, Vogue accreditations – had been waiting peevishly for the best of an hour for their call to shoot ‘first looks’ at TOME NYC. But this was, as it turned out, only the white noise prelude to the veritable warzone that then ensued, as front of house was finally opened, and we found ourselves caught in the crossfire of cameras shuttering, lights flashing, and vying voices which had finally lost all their cool. TOME’s Fall 2017 collection, unabashed in its activism, challenged the sartorial language of femininity. This was expressed through men’s cuts with detailing that implied the naked female figure, tailored contouring that refused to be fully fitted, and […]

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Making the best of time when travelling

Making the best of time when travelling This editorial features: Cluse La Bohème classit watch in 38mm gold face and black stainless steel mesh band These the first weeks of 2017, I write to you, gloves and earmuffs at the ready, from a well-chilled Europe. My time piece choice of the moment, Cluse La Bohème with modern black stainless steel mesh band, befits perfectly the start of my fashion month travels from Pitti Uomo in Florence to Milano Moda Uomo (Milan Men’s Fashion Week). Stepping out bravely onto the road again leaves me facing the same licorice allsorts of delightful pleasures and trivial adversities that come with (at least my kind of) travel. Without fail, I set out with grand sweeping plans of doing all there is to do during a single trip. And therefore, I’m one for whom a regret for the misuse of time results in a different kind of morning-after-remorse altogether. But after many stress-filled trips of the past, fuelled by the fear of missing out, I am unfortunately no closer to the magical formula for making the best of travel time. However, there are three little strategies that I have come to trust to, if not save […]

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How to fly smart on long haul flights

How to fly smart on long haul flights – our top 10 tips to help you arrive at your destination fresh and happy The wander of travel is filled with the excitement and anticipation of the unknown, realising in a matter of hours you will be disembarking on the other side of the world with all the glory of a new place just waiting to be discovered. But there is a cabin seat, plane food and usually at least two international airports awaiting you before then. Flying smart on long haul flights focused on the basics: food and water, simple wardrobe and makeup choices and as little stuff as possible. Add a potential business class seat, plenty of rest, the ideal seat allocation and minimal stop over time and eight hours in the sky will melt away. 1Choose your airline wisely The Beige Renegade team recently did the dreaded 24 hour haul from Australia to Europe for Milan and Paris Fashion Week with Etihad Airways, and can corroborate that it really does matter who you fly with. Not all economy classes are equal, and important factors from the age and size of the airplane to the level of service and amenities provided […]

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All In The Details

I’m a details kind of girl, love a good detail shot, or a good set of earrings or even a beautiful backstage portrait of your favourite fresh face.  Last week as part of my Australian Fashion Week coverage, I thought I’d put together some beautiful illustrations of some of my most memorable detail moments during my time on […]

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How to build a fashion week wardrobe

How to build a fashion week wardrobe Wearing: Cashmere Waffle Knit & Cashmere Midi Dress – Nuan Cashmere Fashion Week, being the the year’s single biggest congregation of the Australian fashion industry, naturally presents a very much welcome opportunity to dress up to one’s heart’s content, and to wear all those amazing pieces you’ve collected throughout the year, that are unfortunately lost on your usual supermarket crowd. Outfits are planned weeks or even months in advance, with some setting their styling cogs turning since the previous year’s event. So where does one start to decide on what to wear? Here are some strategies I’ve learned to build a fashion week wardrobe. 1 Hero pieces For your everyday outfit, I would always recommend just one hero piece – these are statement items that you want to command all the attention, with your other pieces playing supporting roles. But when it comes to fashion week, all bets are off, and it’s all about expressing yourself with gay abandon. The search for hero pieces can never start too early, with the cult items of the season, like the Gucci loafer or Vetements jeans, gathering waiting lists a mile long. The hero pieces in my fashion week wardrobe included a cashmere midi dress by […]

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A day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – Grazia Australia

My visual diary of one day at MBFWA 2016 on Grazia Australia, in collaboration with Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Photography: Blogger’s Boyfriend | Ft. Bohotailor For many (yours truly included, at one time), the idea of ‘fashion week’ brings to mind a mysterious and glamorous other world, and the truth is perhaps not so far away from the imagination. It is rather like stepping into an alternate universe, where, for 6 days in a year, the humdrum of everyday melts away, and the ordinarily trivial considerations, like seating hierarchies, photo ops and, of course, fashion, are elevated to almost life and death; where, in the scheme of an unspoken delineation of ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’, such things as whether one wears the ‘it accessory’ of the year or an obscure but exciting new designer, and the choice to use the acronym ‘MBFWA’ – for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – or simply ‘Sydney Fashion Week’, may be seen as indicative of one’s sartorial refinement. While it may seem that fashion week attendees are simply there to strut back and forth in the hopes of being napped by the throngs of street style photographers, the various roles of the players at fashion week […]

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French Twist

It’s good to get nude, no?  Fortunately for all of you, this is as nude as I get..online, but seriously I’m sure that you’re well aware by now, of the nature of our nude obsessions.  Paired back with your favourite hardware, nude doesn’t have to be too dreamy or girlish, teamed up with a serious ankle […]

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NYFW – The Edit

New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 ready-to-wear highlights – Dion Lee, Tibi, Altuzarra, Thakoon.

Chic minimalism, clean lines, flowy structures.


You see there’s this thing with Dion.. Dion Lee that is.  Not only is Dion one of Australia’s foremost innovators in women’s wear, creating architectural silhouettes that we line up for again and again, but Mr Lee is one of those people that when you meet you will never forget. There seems to be this […]

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Fashion Week Insider

  Fashion Week .. it’s always one big crazy adventure, 18 hour days filled with an over indulgence of world class designers baring their heart and soul’s worth of pieces, for the next great season ahead.  Recently I travelled to Sydney as part of MBFWA – Sydney fashion week, to cover the week for not only […]

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Wrapped Up

Well it’s a wrap, MBFWA or Australian Fashion Week has finally come to an end and this year I was lucky enough to be honoured with the role of  ‘Official Myer Correspondant’.  The privilege of working with one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious retailers, stocking some of the best designers both Nationally and Internationally came […]

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Louis Vuitton Fall 2015-2016

Under a series of  geodesic domes set out like a space station outpost in a faraway galaxy at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, we saw this season’s Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 Collection marched out by it’s other worldy counterparts.   Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton girl this season was strong, cool and confident as ever before but now with the added twist of technology […]

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Layed out are all the essentials to cover the shows from Vodafone’s Firsts Fashion LAB. Just like last season, when I had the pleasure to interview the super talented Fernanda Fernandes.  Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB is where new designers make their first debut at Fashion Week Amsterdam, a once in a life time shot for a young designer. I was very curious to see all the shows of these newcomers, with one in particular… Liselore Frowijn. For the very first time in her career she showed her first fashion show last week during MBFWA. And not just any show, she had the honor to kick off Vodafone’s Firsts Fashion LAB. A dream come true. Her collection ‘No. 3 Formania’ made a big entrance in front of the Dutch fashion press. And it also got live streamed worldwide thanks to Vodafone. I can’t even imagine how that have must felt for Lisalore! To learn more about Liselore and to see her journey watch this inspiring docu:

PFW Show Highlights

Every season Paris Fashion Week seems to know how to step it up just that little bit more and this Spring Summer 2015 was no exception.  With the added honour of being the MATCHESFASHION Guest Buyer for PFW 2015 this season was going to be a big one, not just in the amount of appointments but […]