David Jones

Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished in sea foamy hues reminiscent of the salty ocean.             Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished

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Summer of Dior

SUMMER OF DIOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrea Jankovic DIRECTION: Amanda Shadforth WORDS: Oracle Fox It was hot. So hot that when your feet hit the sand, the feeling that started off as cozy comfort quickly escalated into an ‘ow, ow, ow, ow’ kind of comical chorus, warning signals from the cognitive conscious translated into a semi-coherent verbal

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Gabrielle Chanel Essence

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OF Interview: Nya Leth

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  Suburbia /səˈbəːbɪə/ noun 1. the suburbs or their inhabitants viewed collectively. “the sprawl of suburbia into the surrounding countryside” A plane flying high above the stratosphere paves it’s way through the clouds with a long white cotton trail; somewhere in the distance a lawn mower hums along to the sound of the passing traffic

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The Road Trip Essentials

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A Woman Of Art With Jaeger-LeCoultre

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Into The Mystic

  Givenchy Pre-Fall 2019 was a something of a minimalists dream… A collection built upon the foundation of making an elegant statement, but without excess or surplus. Each piece perfectly considered and beautifully balanced. For this collection Clare Wight Keller drew inspiration from Greek Mythology and in particular the story of Icarus, a pairing that

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The Wonder Years

There’s nothing like the sweet childhood memories of dressing up, wearing everything from your mums closet with unbridled optimism and creating extravagant stories. From here you discover your mothers’ makeup bag to find her vintage lipsticks & eye shadows, not worrying about staying in the lines and using your imagination to be anyone you want, in

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The Art of Living : Gemma Ward

When you land in Tasmania the first thing that you notice is the landscape.  Sweeping fields of long dry grass, fence lines flanked with hedges and tear dropped shaped conifers speckle the landscape .. you could almost be in the middle of Italy.  However, Tasmania is not only famous for its majestic landscapes, it’s also

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The One To Watch

Like bower birds, many of us (I myself included) are attracted to small shiny things.  Fine gold rings, lucky charm necklaces, statement earrings and even a brooch or two might make it into your very own bower bird nest of treasures.  But there is one item of jewellery that I wear no matter what the

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Tokyo: Chanel In Bloom

From the moment you step off the plane in Tokyo, you can feel that bustling wave of energy as it swirls around you, enveloping you in its intoxicating breath. Technology meets tradition, business men scramble subways, tourists pin balling through peak hour with their cameras while geishas pose for pictures as the throng continues on

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Dior Unwrapped

Maybe you’re lying by the fireplace gloriously overfed on Nanna’s yorkshire pudding, scrollaxing through the ‘puppies of instagram’ hashtag.  Or even comfortably nuzzled into one of those extra large bean bags on a sunny beach somewhere in Bali, sipping mojito’s with your bestie avoiding the fam and all of their trimmings.  Just as an FYI,

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Natural Act

The Tuileries; an iconic green space where Parisians celebrate, meet, stroll and relax.  Situated in between the most idyllic French landmarks, the Louvre to the left and Place de la Concorde to the right, what more with regards to location could you ask for in an Oracle Fox Journal Submission. When you live on the complete

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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, a place where one can escape to a secluded space to be immersed in ivy covered walls and enchanted trees. A place of complete privacy for one to gather their thoughts and enjoy the simple pleasures of sitting among greenery and basking in the stillness… While real life is a different reality

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Chanel Code Coco

I’m a bowerbird attracted to magnificent shiny things; glistening antique brooches, jewel encrusted statement earrings and necklaces spangled in lucky charms, there is nothing that escapes my clutches. However it’s watches that rate most highly on my collect-ometre, and for good reason.  You see the magic about a beautiful timepiece is that it’s not only a fab addition

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The Byron Bay-sics

Byron Bay is a fantabulous place.  The food, the wildlife, the beaches and the boys are all top quality and if I do say so myself the perfect backdrop for your next rendezvous.  Byron is all of these things and it is also the locale for my latest project with one of Australia’s most beautiful

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Saara: OF by Amanda Shadforth

Location scouting and I are never friends although hopefully you would never realise it.  At this point in time we’ve worked our magic against quite a few relatively challenging backdrops to say the least, a roadside quarry, an abandoned house, and even in my own backyard which isn’t so too bad just a little on

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The Art of Pic Nic

  There is definitely an art to a perfect picnic.  The beauty of enjoing a day off, the shameless laziness, idleness, the simple happiness the fabric of the checked picnic-blanket and sandwich squares. Eating with your hands, let your mind play with the clouds, feeling the wind on your skin bold colors remind us of tasting the fresh air,

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If only we were currently swimming in the fresh blue waters in the heart of Italy right now.   Alas the fantasy it is not so, and as the reality of mountains of editing from my latest shoot (which I cannot wait to show you my lovely friends) literally ‘sinks’ in I can only dream

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Common Denominator

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re missing out on something that everyone else knows about but you.  I somehow once missed a group message where my friends had organised tickets to see one of my favourite bands and I didn’t realise until it was too late ..  let’s just say fomo is my

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3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians

3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians Shot by Hannah Roche for MYER and Anna Quan Label. Along with Anna Quan Label We celebrated four of the best of Australian design during Sydney Fashion Week, see the full piece on at MYER.com.au. Look 1: Anna Quan Trench, Miss Shop Jeans, Innovare Boots, M2M Bag,

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OF by Amanda Shadforth: Margarida

Romantic yet not overtly girly, poetic without being pretentious, the inspiration for the second editorial instalment for OF By Amanda Shadforth was inspired by the nostalgic image of the Portuguese Woman. When I sat down with my team earlier in the year with an idea to photograph a series of muses for my new venture,

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Celine Pre Fall 2018

My most recent Cèline experience (and a certain highlight of the year) involved having the opportunity to wear one of my favourite looks from the Spring 2018 Ready To Wear show, Phoebe Philo’s last Ready To Wear collection for the French luxury house of our dreams. In my eyes Philo has always been one step ahead, whether its Furkenstoeks

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OF By Amanda Shadforth

In August 2011, I nervously created my very first post on www.oraclefox.com.  I was working from my tiny Art Gallery in Queensland… picture a desk out the back of the gallery positioned against a wall covered in pictures from floor to ceiling, torn out of old magazine and art journals.  The ‘Wall Of Inspiration’ which

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This seems to be a final summery touch. A couple of months ago, I was gifted this beautiful bodysuit by CARLA PONTES, a designer from Portugal. I am always -and mainly actually- interested in shaping longterm relationships with the brands and designers I collaborate with, so an interview with Carla was due. Her aesthetics consist …

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This project was an experiment. A successful one. Not only because the final outcome seems aesthetically pleasing, to me at least, but also because we’d been discussing about creating something like this with @zansot for a while now. It’s not a super fancy editorial production, we just moved some furniture around, set our background and …

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The Go To

As a teenager I incurred several sports related injuries, which by chance were all on the right hand side of my body.  At some point in time since then I visited a physic who told me that this was due to the fact that the right side of ones body is masculine, the left side is feminine […]

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Electric Air

In a world that is quickly becoming homogenised with the over saturation of generic content, I’m always looking for inspiration.  Inspiration in destinations that I’ve never seen before, inspiration in the undiscovered designers with big ideas, and inspiration in photographers and artists who look at the world through different eyes. Thanks to the power of social […]

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No need to say much. This post serves as a warm welcome referring to my collaboration with STEILHEIT PARIS. Jerome – the head designer and creative mind behind the brand- and I, shared a refreshing walk some months ago in Berlin; not only because of the cold but also because of all the topics we discussed.     …



Hello, hello and welcome back! First of all I would love to let you know that there’s a G I V E A W A Y going on starting today and it will last for a week! Make sure you visit my instagram account [@sanssouci.a] to participate for a chance to win a beautiful LORDTIMEPIECES …

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The Suit

  Always a fan of the suit and now more than ever thanks to Balenciaga’s 2017 tapered houndstooth version, this double ensemble has set the office into commotion. Next up we can watch on with hope as the high street regulars interpret this winning twin set into the kind of affordable options that get our motors running.  All […]

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Kimhekim FW17 Designers

  Kiminte, a recent Balenciaga trained designer has departed and gone off on his own accord and we are diggin’ it. Debuting his first collection during Paris Fashion week in 2014 Kiminte implied the traditional Korean sewing techniques taught by his grandmother and fused this technique with modern French haute couture via the means of Balenciaga, […]

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Trend: The White Shoe

Stark white boots are definitely making a comeback… Well, let’s be honest, as far as we’re concerned, they never left in the first place. Here at Oracle Fox HQ, there are many reasons why we love a white shoe; They’re sophisticated, versatile and sometimes without even knowing, they glow in the dark… Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is […]

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L’amour L’amour L’amour

One of my favourite all time things is to light up one of these bad boys… Our favourite three candles of the moment.. ginsberg is god: Bella Freud Parfum  .  feuille de tabac: Maison D’amour  .  signature: Bella Freud Parfum

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Trend: Tonal

It’s no secret that adopting a tonal colour palette is one of 2017’s biggest trends. The seemingly minimalist trend emphasises a new modern aesthetic, complemented by sophisticated and delicately manipulated forms. Perfectly proportioned layering, with a focus on simple shapes and emphasised structure holds the key to mastering the mixed shades of neutral, along with the pairing of different textures […]

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Rock n Roll Decadence at the Palace of Versailles

In this look: LPA Jacket, GRLFRND Jean & Anna Quan Shirt Rock n Roll Decadence: the Versailles editorial Wearing: LPA 85 Leather Jacket & GRLFRND “Helena” High-Rise Straight Jean from FWRD (Sale now until 20 March 2017) To believe that fashion is divorced from the real world and its contextual groundings is wishful thinking. It is, rather, entirely a symptom of the times and its moods. For the throng of travellers who visit Versailles for touristic pleasures (often musing on how remarkable such a feat would have been 300 years before), it is a place of altruistic merits. It is to educate, to conjure emotion and to bridge a connection to a most important minute of our history. A glorious slice of cake, if you will. And as we are on the topic of cake – in its most tumultuous chapter, for which Versailles is popularly remembered, it was a symbol of imperialist tyranny and wonton excess, so befittingly caricatured in one young Austrian born French queen. She – with fantastic hair as perhaps her most enduring legacy – was thereafter imagined perpetually enveloped in pastries of every pastel shade. For this I very much prefer, to all others, the […]

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Slow Burning

  Welcome to the first offical week of March,  we are starting this one off slightly different to last.. with an editorial. Stevie Dance you have done it again, Pop Magazine POP 39 SS17 is out and we are super excited about it. A somewhat re-worked addition to Oracle Fox we wanted to start sharing […]

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Continuing my collaboration with LORDTIMEPIECES, I’ll have to admit I’m very happy we’ve formed an ongoing partnership. Not only have their beautiful designs enriched my timepiece collection but they’ve also given me food for thought, regarding my work and inspiration. I couldn’t thank them enough for that.     The outfit I chose for this post …

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This edit feels like a fresh start to me. Not only was I extremely fascinated searching for new inspiration and introducing a digital section, but also this leather jacket got me looking for more vintage second-hand pieces.     Truth is I never used to make my research for something other than brand new. Felt …

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How to wear lingerie like a tomboy

How to wear lingerie like a tomboy Editorial featuring: ‘So Sweet’ lace bra & ‘Be Mine’ bodysuit, both by Gooseberry Intimates Everything about Italy makes you feel so much more a woman than anywhere else in the world. To one so determined to be a tomboy, as yours truly, however, it is a culture shock to say the least. Handsome Italian men in impeccable suits turn and stare deeply at you, and the more forward of them call after you, ‘Bella!’, often accompanied with a, ‘Where’re you from?’, in heavy Italian accents. As for those male friends more familiarly acquainted, they would have you believe that their whole purpose in life is to pull out your chair, open the door and pick up the check. A claim that ‘I could not sleep if I left a woman pay’ is one I have heard more than once. Yes, being treated as a delicate flower makes you feel so much a woman, or, I should add, like a woman should be. If you sense the sarcasm between the lines here, then it should not surprise you that, in many a conversation over a Campari gone south, I have been accused of being […]

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Side hustle secrets – How to run a successful business while working full time

Side hustle secrets Created in collaboration with NBN Australia As if my lack of filters wasn’t enough to make me the outcast in every social situation, that I was clearly not normal quickly dawned on me, when, as much as I wanted to, I could never be that piano playing, textbook memorising, straight-A Chinese girl, that was supposed to my lot by genetic disposition. Had I been, a career in law might have satisfied me completely. But, rather than growing out of all those childish artistic flares, I can’t remember a time when I was not immersed in a portfolio of hobbies, from digital illustration to web design, each of which I pursued with a passion and dedication that befuddled my friends. What, indeed, was the point of all these activities, when they had no benefit for my career? Without knowing it, I was somewhat of an early adopter of the biggest social trend of our generation, the side hustle. And we bloggers may well be the best example of side hustlers. So today, I’ve teamed up with NBN Australia to share with you my side hustle secrets, and how I run my business while working full time. What’s a side […]

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Some weeks ago, I was approached by the STUTTERHEIM team for a collaboration! Truth is, I never felt the need to own a raincoat, however their minimal design and focus on detail immediately caught my attention and gained my interest.     Here is some information that the Stutterheim team provided me in order to share it …

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Nowadays, expansions of architecture as science and art are considered widely accepted and embraced. This state of mind is specifically fortunate not only because of the vast variety of inspiration and visuals but also because of the creation of new upcoming hobbies and occupations that may lead to full time jobs and successful business.     …

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TIME – Vol. 2 There is a certain aspect of the anticipation process that intrigues me quite a lot. I can remember the feeling of excitement and awkward joy every time I had a trip planned. The endless plans and possibilities, the countless ways to pass the time, the things to see, the places to …

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Modern Muse in Hong Kong

Modern Muse in Hong Kong Travel Editorial featuring Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss Eau de Parfum It’s one of those truisms so easy to assimilate into one’s reality – like the fact that egg tarts hold the joy of life, or that vacay brain thrives on longer purse strings – that certain stimuli of the senses have mystical powers over the human mind. For example, that colours can influence mood and perception, and scents can evoke powerful feelings. Here in Hong Kong, whether such postulations are based in science is largely irrelevant. Notwithstanding its vertical concrete habitats, neon sign forests, and other such demonstrations of its ultra-modernity, the tradition (or perhaps, superstition) of the colour red is faithfully observed. It is used to signify luck and prosperity in life, power and rightfulness in politics, and sexual desire in love.  But for the Chinese, rather than being a show of prevailing confidence, it is a gesture in invitation of the same, or, even, in expectation. One needs only to observe the concrete and glass facades of Hong Kong’s islands, greeting each other each night across the harbour with an extravagant light show, aflood in the colour red. Amongst that […]

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What I should admit about this collaboration is how surprisingly well the two corporations managed to work together for the final outcome. Examining exactly this, while closing one eye, it’s quite hard to tell whether it’s KENZO or H&M , excluding logos of course. This is exactly the point that’s makes this collection so different …

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The Palms

As we sit at our office desks, counting down the final days of the year all I can think about is a holiday.  Sadly this year for me won’t be about boarding a plane to some nordic winter wonderland complete with matching christmas cardigans and spiked-up pissy eggnog, neither will it be about lavishly swanning around […]

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What to wear to spring racing carnival

What to wear to Spring Racing Carnival Advice from an (unlikely) Myer Fashions on the Field judge As regular readers, I can understand that you may be in ever-so-slight shock at such a topic as, what to wear to Spring Racing Carnival, appearing here on Beige Renegade. Similarly, those of you, who are not yet familiar with our 83%-denim-wearing minimalist manifesto, may be dubious as to the writer’s authoritativeness on race fashion, if judging solely by this very nonconformist racewear look, which patently breaks a slew of race fashion rules. But, as unlikely as it may seem, yours truly is honoured to be a judge of Myer Fashions on the Field, Australia’s premiere race fashion competition. Truthfully, I felt as a Soviet spy who had stumbled into an Allied war meeting in session – perhaps the war metaphor is a step too far – and as such, what I offer is an astute outsider’s look at what really matters in the veritable secret society that is the race fashion circles. The intel? Putting aside the A4 piece of paper which outlined, in admittedly egalitarian terms, that creativity and trend observance trumped the narrow parameters of what entrants ought to wear to […]

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Trend: Tied Up

Wrap it, knot it, thread it, tie it.  We’ll take our new favourite pieces gently restrained, attractive and subtly complicated right now .. just like how we love our men .. Vogue  .  W Magazine  .  Interview Magazine  .  The Gentlewoman  .  Marni  .  Jacquemus  .  Celine  .  Ellery  .  Proenza Schouler  .  Raquel Allegra […]

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How not to be sexy

How not to be sexy – an editorial for Anna Quan shot in Paris Wearing: Apparel – Anna Quan; Fur Slippers – Gucci; Necklace –  The Armoury Store; Ring – 32.4 A a wise friend surmised quite poignantly, that fashion is simply a form of communication, with its own discrete language – our choice of clothes and brand alignments (read: personal style), and the ideas created and advanced, are part of a perpetual dialogue. There’s no doubt that, most things in the world being about sex, even the language of fashion is intended for the conveyance of sexual attraction. However, the mistake that a younger me made of expressing style through baring skin and flaunting the figure, turned out to be an error, not in the theme, but the syntax. In the 12 months since its iconic ‘Anne’ shirt, with its French cuffs and navy silk trim, gained cult status, Anna Quan’s narrative has become more eloquent and refined still. Rather than conforming to the trend driven Australian fashion industry (which would have required abandoning some of the label’s core values), it chose to refocus its attentions to where its offerings had already garnered a captive audience. Any concerns over the risks and […]

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Reporting from Paris: The Time-piece Love Affair

The Time-piece Love Affair Editorial featuring: Movado Edge Watch It’s so easy to take for granted that before smartphones, not wearing a watch spelt professional and academic ruin – there simply was no other way to tell the time on the go. But even to one unversed in the language of fashion as yours truly was, it was somehow important that choosing a time-piece was to be out of love. My first love was, rather unfortunately, a long yearned for pink Baby-G (as seen in Girlfriend magazine, bible of all misguided girlish desires). Like many teenage romances, that went the way of the break-dancer boyfriend with mommy issues. Graduated now into what I’d like to think are more discerning tastes, the Movado Edge watch mirrors my current penchant for the simple and elegant, yet always skirting the verge of androgyny. Is it so strange that the watch is an utterly personal thing? From its invention, it was never solely adored for its practical utility alone. Indeed, the idea of carrying time in your pocket was a work of engineering marvel and beauty, and inevitably exclusive to the small elite. So even now, to wear a beautiful time-piece is a sign […]

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Trend: Florals

Blame it on Demna Gvasalia or the influence of the Gucci Effect, but adding floral to my wardrobe is currently at the top of my to-do list. A street style staple, the Vetements floral dress redefined the new floral, however it was Gvasalia’s designs featured in his first collection in creative control of Balenciaga that really […]

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Let a girl play.    Safe. What would it be like if we never did exactly what we wanted, tried exactly what we craved for? The time will come, she said, next time she said. Well, that doesn’t necessarily describe me, it’s not a diary, just thoughts. A doodle. One step at a time it’s …

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Trend: Graphic Tee

From models off duty to the pages of Vogue Paris, the statement tee is… well, making a statement right now and baby, we’re all ears. You may have already noticed that the graphic tee is one of this seasons best wardrobe staples and lucky for us, it won’t break your bank account. Somewhere in the […]

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Trend: The Velvet Underground

You may have once thought that velvet belonged to the 70’s or better still .. to your granny’s vintage sofa, well velvet never goes out of fashion in our books.  From the likes of Vestments and Louis Vuitton we’re seeing an influx of velvet that’s worthy of investment.. from softly brushed flares to cami dresses to ankle […]

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Union issue #9

A fresh copy of one of my favorite (non-interior) magazines, Union. I love thumbing through the photographs for inspiration.

Leopard Trend

You’ve got to love the leopard.  Since Edie Sedgwick .. Andy Warhol’s quintessential Factory Girl, mused her away around his studio is a spotted oversized leopard coat we were hooked.  Through the 80’s and 90’s leopard has ebbed and flowed but let’s be honest, the spotted print remains a classic wardrobe staple. Recently however thanks […]

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Mica Arganaraz

In the words of Mica Arganaraz .. ‘I dress like a boy’, a girl who’s after our own hearts.  Beneath that iconic shaggy mop, lies one of our biggest model crushes of 2017, walking for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Alexander Wang just to mention a few. Mica if you ever need a wing […]

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Pyjama Trend

There’s a reason why slinky slips and pyjamas have become a fashion statement and it ain’t just because they’re comfortable.  Here’s a hit of why we’re wanting to take the pyjama party to the streets, you only need some inspo .. i.e. above, to become besotted by these bedroom basics .. Vogue.com  .  WSJ Magazine  .  Porter Magazine  . […]

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The First Hour

  Girls, this Oracle Fox Journal Editorial is all about you.  Although we may all be modern women, working hard on solidifying our place in careers or studies that define our strength, the empowerment of being a female is something not to be overlooked.  Whether you’re like me .. a self proclaimed tomboy or you’re […]

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Alma Jodorowsky by So It Goes

Alma Jodorowsky | So It Goes Spring/Summer 2016 Photographer Edouard Plongeon | Model Alma Jodorowsky | Hair Stylist Alexandry Costa | Makeup Jurgen Braun I’m a big fan of So It Goes magazine, the styling is always very good, the photography inspiring and content well written. In their latest issue they have featured French actress […]

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Magnificent Seven

It’s not every day that you are propositioned with the opportunity to photograph 7 separate models within a 2 hour time frame on Rue De Rivoli, one of the busiest streets in Paris.  Literally upon direct departure from the Valentino show in the Tuilleries, and running in ‘not so practical’ footwear to our location, I was recently blessed […]

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It is generally accepted that every well constructed wardrobe consists of some particular basic pieces of certain value and quality, and by saying that I definitely don’t mean the price, although several times that’s the case. Continuing that statement, someone could start by numbering little black dresses, a pair of jeans, a camel coat, a …


Trend: Fishnet

Forget everything you know about Madonna’s 80’s mesh ensembles and the fishnet frenzied 90’s, with no shortage of safety pins and nip.  Thanks to our fave’s Proenza Schouler, Celine and Dior the breezy easyness of fishnet has made a contemporary comeback, one with sophistication and elegance and it’s all about quality of quantity. Think peak-a-boo […]

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Top left image by me, bottom right via Beaufille SS16 It is actually fortunate that FAWNXFERN jewellery were one of the first deliveries that reached me in Paris. Not only because I was so excited about adding these beautiful jewellery pieces in my life, but also because they inspired me in a certain way that …

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Top left image by me, bottom right via Beaufille SS16 It is actually fortunate that FAWNXFERN jewellery were one of the first deliveries that reached me in Paris. Not only because I was so excited about adding these beautiful jewellery pieces in my life, but also because they inspired me in a certain way that …

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The deal is .. lately we’re all about friendship, sisterhood, partnering with someone that you love or who inspires you, the collaboration.  It’s so funny that in the world we live in, we seem to have more friends than ever before, that is on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat .. but are they really friends.  I know […]

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How to Reinvent Basics

How to reinvent basics and make your wardrobe go the extra mile Wearing: Monogrammed Oversized French Cuff Shirt – Anna Quan | ‘Roll Seam’ Wool Trousers – Third Form | Nude Sandals – Schutz | Boyfriend Blazer (similar) | Ring Buckle Belt (Similar) I was not invited to a great many social outings in my – describable only as –  geeky teenage years, complete with the quintessential vampire fan fiction writing and online forum frequenting phases, naturally. My very limited wardrobe reflected as much. So on the rare occasion I had an occasion, I was invariably, the frumpy girl in the corner in her t-shirt and jeans. Of course, in those days my tendency to dress plainly was due to a complete inability to grasp fashion or trends. Now that I fancy myself as knowing better, I rather think that I was on the right track after all. Must we always find ourselves in the predicament of having ‘nothing to wear’, and needing to run out immediately for a new outfit? Last year, I wrote about wearing basics better. Today I’m extending this discussion to reinventing basics. On the one hand, this is to transform something everyday into something a little bit extraordinary, and on the other, to discover new ways […]

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Focusing solely in the linearity of the ring,  with respect to its form, the best way to highlight a delicate structure is to abandon all effects. Created with a combination of old techniques and new technologies Shahla Karimi‘s Honey Rotation 3D printing ring brings a strong character of its own, controls the inspiration and dominates …