Off-Duty Staple

The leather jacket: An elevated wardrobe essential. An edgy and timeless piece that is really worth investing in. The ideal staple which systematically offers high impact and strong allure. FWRD The Label Leather Jacket – Repeat Cashmere knit &#8…

Forever Leather Weather

Shot in Partnership with Everlane Forever Leather Weather   – I’m a firm believer that regardless of season, regardless of weather, there is always an opportunity to inject a little leather in my look. Cue my new Modern Leather Jacket from Everlane. But this is no ordinary leather jacket. This wardrobe staple is fully traceable…a […]

Leather Weather / Crepe Silk + Leathers Part 2⎮Pregnancy Style

Leather jacket and airy skirt. FWRD the Label Leather jacket – Legoe Heritage long wrap skirt

Bare Essentials

Bare Essentials   – Giving my black biker jackets a break with a new, barely-there, nearly-nude shade of leather… An unexpected departure from my usual, all in an effort to lighten up this Spring. Kept things minimal overall with a crisp white linen dress (on repeat from last year) and a trio of black accessories. […]

Void of Color

In partnership with Void Of Color Void of Color   – There is a new brand on the block… Say hello to Void of Color! A new concept store that only stocks all-black essentials… After all, good basics are the building blocks for the perfect base wardrobe. Since I’m a firm believer there is no […]

The Battaglia Effect

It may just be a coincidence or perhaps even fate, but something was drawing me to Italy and it wasn’t just Venice. Sara Battaglia might be Giovanna Battaglia’s little sister (Editor in chief of Italian W mag and more infamously credited as being one of the worlds most papped street style stars) but she is

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Shop My Closet!

Shop my closet…   – From essentials to statement pieces, my closet edit is made up entirely of items in my wardrobe! You’ll find black bags on repeat, oversized silhouettes, monochrome, neutrals and denim. My favorite little luxuries to bigger investment pieces along side classic converse. A little essentials inspo for pieces that make up my wardrobe […]

Elevated Essentials

shot in collaboration with ELEVTD Elevated Essentials   – Getting my Spring Wardrobe update from ELEVTD! Wearing my favorite monochrome palette, featuring new mules, black skinnies, “boyfriend” leather moto jacket, chain cross-bag and a bright white hoodie that I never knew I needed…It looks like you can have it all after all! In this case, elevated […]

Beyond Basics

Beyond Basics   – Covering all the basic bases…leather jacket, worn-in jeans, black boots & button down shirting…while these are all considered basic in theory, in this case, they go beyond the basics and work overtime as stand-out, hero pieces. Each with impeccable attention to detail, from statement sleeves to strategically distressed denim. Simply said, basics made better. […]

Leather Weather

Leather Weather   Partnered up with my friends Primary New York for the Perfect Fall Giveaway! When I think of the ultimate essential (in any season) there is no doubt that a classic Leather Jacket is at the top of my list. Currently in-my-closet and in high rotation, we are giving away the Classic Leather Moto I am wearing here, […]

Oracle Fox x CR.Capsule

  One of Australia’s largest fashion juggernauts released a press release this week stating… “It’s Country Road, but not as you know it”. It’s been near to seven years now since I began in the fashion industry.  It’s difficult to put into words what it feels like to have begun an independent website at the eve of the […]

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Rock n Roll Decadence at the Palace of Versailles

In this look: LPA Jacket, GRLFRND Jean & Anna Quan Shirt Rock n Roll Decadence: the Versailles editorial Wearing: LPA 85 Leather Jacket & GRLFRND “Helena” High-Rise Straight Jean from FWRD (Sale now until 20 March 2017) To believe that fashion is divorced from the real world and its contextual groundings is wishful thinking. It is, rather, entirely a symptom of the times and its moods. For the throng of travellers who visit Versailles for touristic pleasures (often musing on how remarkable such a feat would have been 300 years before), it is a place of altruistic merits. It is to educate, to conjure emotion and to bridge a connection to a most important minute of our history. A glorious slice of cake, if you will. And as we are on the topic of cake – in its most tumultuous chapter, for which Versailles is popularly remembered, it was a symbol of imperialist tyranny and wonton excess, so befittingly caricatured in one young Austrian born French queen. She – with fantastic hair as perhaps her most enduring legacy – was thereafter imagined perpetually enveloped in pastries of every pastel shade. For this I very much prefer, to all others, the […]

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This edit feels like a fresh start to me. Not only was I extremely fascinated searching for new inspiration and introducing a digital section, but also this leather jacket got me looking for more vintage second-hand pieces.     Truth is I never used to make my research for something other than brand new. Felt …

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The Arrivals Oversized Shearling Jacket

My 3rd The Arrivals Jacket has finally arrived (pun somewhat intended ; ) …and I’m loving every oversized inch of it! Since I love to share and tis the season of giving, I have partnered up with my friends at The Arrivals to GIVEAWAY one of these ultra luxe, leather & shearling jackets! Checkout photos & […]

Modern Muse in Hong Kong

Modern Muse in Hong Kong Travel Editorial featuring Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss Eau de Parfum It’s one of those truisms so easy to assimilate into one’s reality – like the fact that egg tarts hold the joy of life, or that vacay brain thrives on longer purse strings – that certain stimuli of the senses have mystical powers over the human mind. For example, that colours can influence mood and perception, and scents can evoke powerful feelings. Here in Hong Kong, whether such postulations are based in science is largely irrelevant. Notwithstanding its vertical concrete habitats, neon sign forests, and other such demonstrations of its ultra-modernity, the tradition (or perhaps, superstition) of the colour red is faithfully observed. It is used to signify luck and prosperity in life, power and rightfulness in politics, and sexual desire in love.  But for the Chinese, rather than being a show of prevailing confidence, it is a gesture in invitation of the same, or, even, in expectation. One needs only to observe the concrete and glass facades of Hong Kong’s islands, greeting each other each night across the harbour with an extravagant light show, aflood in the colour red. Amongst that […]

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Bold, classic, powerful, dependable, mysterious, strong and luxe…there have been many ways to describe black. Always considered a fashion staple and default hue for us New Yorkers, there is just something about slipping into a fave black sweater or all black everything that just makes me feel polished, sleek and pulled together, even when the silhouette […]

Hironae Paris Leather Jacket

You can never have too many black leather jackets… (or at least thats what I tell myself) I’m a firm believer that a leather jacket is an ideal topper for almost any look. Newest addition & quite possibly the most special yet, sporting stament fringe that is a “wow” factor yet somehow understated at the same time, […]

Leather Jacket Edit

All-rounder leather…   I am a firm believer that a leather jacket is an all-season essential ! While it may be unexpected to pair with lightweight Spring/Summer dresses and airy clothing, I’m all about unconventional, maximizing existing pieces & options ! Styles galore in moto, bombers, biker jackets as well as classic silhouettes. Smooth leather or faux […]


WEARING: AVELON FASHION PADDED LEATHER JACKET, ZARA PANTS, CHLOE FAYE BAG, ISABEL MARANT BOOTS Wide pants don’t care! My hips sure don’t lie with these awesome pants from ZARA, but still love it. But what I love even more is my dreamy new leather padded jacket by Avelon Fashion!

The Arrivals Rainier Leather Moto Jacket

New leather addition to my closet, and quite possibly my favorite to date! The Arrivals Rainier Leather Moto Jacket is part tough, part fashion, part function, part cool and yet utterly classic. While it’s fully versatile with removable collar, and has attitude to spare, it still manages to have a low-key,not trying too hard vibe…its simply […]

Why LXÈ is an Australian Label to Watch

LXÈ‎: an Australian label to watch. Read on to find out why! Wearing: ‘Dona Ana’ Culottes; ‘Causeway’ Leather Pants; ‘Wooldridge’ Leather Jacket – all…

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On The Fray

Inspired by Hedi Slimane’s poster girls, with a hit of 90’s grunge, our current office vibes are all about channelling tougher than Marland Backus’ selfies and more buttery than a freshly baked cronut.  Mixing frayed hemmed basics with just the right amount of edge, we’ve got your back kids for keeping your selfie game strong .. Alexander […]

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To The Max…

TO THE MAX…   Taking my obsession with all things oversized to new lengths ! While I’m a cheerleader for good tailoring there is something holding me back from taking any length off this Primary NY dress ! I love the silhouette & drape over a tall heel as my shoes disappearing below me. Simply a perfect […]

Fashion Bunker…

Fashion Bunker…   Thanks to my friends at BNKR (aka for introducing a little color in my life…still very neutral, with a nod to my usual color palette, this khaki knit + skirt combo give me just enough variety and twist on my everyday but are still rooted in my tonal & neutral go-to’s ! Done […]

Fatigues + Leather…

Fatigues + Leather…   Thanks to my friends at BNKR (aka for introducing a little color in my life…still very neutral, with a nod to my usual color palette, this khaki knit + skirt combo give me just enough variety and twist on my everyday but are still rooted in my tonal & neutral go-to’s ! […]

Sleek + Slouchy…

Sleek + Slouchy   A little sleek, a little slouchy, pretty much sums up this look ! Wide-leg style trousers in a cosy flannel-esque material are both cozy & warm while the sleek, black, everything else makes them feel a little less casual ! Check out all the transitional Fall to Winter looks in  A Good Transition • […]

Falling for Prints…

Falling for Prints…   I was lucky enough to get to raid the Yigal Azrouel Sample Sale early, this printed dress was the first thing to catch my eye. While I’m usually not a “print” person I definitely made an exception for this subtle but bold print that makes a statement. Paired it here with […]

Signature Pieces

Signature Pieces – what they are and why you need them Wearing: Draped Silk Shirt – One Fell Swoop (Stockists:…

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A new collaboration is up and this time I’ve teamed up with Stokke to capture two of my hotspots in Holland. So, have you ever wondered how I start my weekend? Every Saturday morning you can find me in the Haarlemmermeerse Bos for a work out. Normally it’s for a bootcamp session, but this time I took Enzo with me in the Stokke Xplory stroller for a powerwalk training. Nothing beats a good sweat in the fresh air after a long and hectic week. After every work out I always stop by the restaurant Vork en Mes (which means fork and knife) for a cup of coffee. This restaurant is located at the Haarlemmermeerse Bos and uses organic ingredients which are mostly self-grown. Besides the amazing quality of the food the building is also just beautiful with the greatest view over the lake. It’s where I reload and enjoy some time for myself, while my mother is watching over Enzo. And even though I normally always pay Vork en Mes a visit without Enzo, it was nice to spend some quality time together at one of my personal favourite spots. So to all you fitgirls and momma’s I highly recommend you to visit Vork en Mes one day. WEARING: MUUBAA OVERSIZED LEATHER JACKET, FRONTROW JACKET, JOGHA JUNGLE TIGHTS, ADIDAS SNEAKERS AND RAYBAN SUNNIES ENZO WEARING: DUDES AND DOLLS PANTS, YOUNG ONE APPAREL (BOTH AVAILABLE AT THE COLOR BLUE.NL), CONVERSE SNEAKERS AND HM CARDIGAN REVIEW OF THE STOKKE XPLORY: Besides that I love the design of the Stokke Xplory it’s really practical too. By reversing the seat you turn the stroller in to a chair for your little one, that way you can make any restaurant or cafe child-friendly. It’s super easy to fold in and out and therefor easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Spring Slit…

Spring Slit   Injecting a tiny hint of skin to tone down this all black look so it doesn’t end up looking too heavy…wanted to still keep it weather appropriate for Spring with a slight slit / loose fitted, airy top and opted for a cropped sleek leather rather than a biker jacket that looks […]

Not your standard…

Not your standard   Pairing a tough black biker jacket may not be the obvious choice over sheer, lightweight whites, but I love injecting a little black and a little leather into my looks and this combo works nicely for the spring/summer transition where the day starts out a little cool but warms up quickly. […]

Reworked Classics…

Reworked   Classics   There is nothing more that represents a classic to me than a pair of well-loved converse and the perfect leather jacket ! I paired both here with an ultra simple, flowy maxi dress. I also love pairing luxe items like my PS11 bag with an affordable, everyday go-to basic like converse. […]

Acne Leather Jacket

You’ll be proud to know that occasionally I don’t just wear black.  Apart from the odd hit of khaki, I’m a fan of the tan, the perfect option for a winter wardrobe if you’re looking for another kind of neutral.  Trust Acne to nail it colour stakes by adapting their trademark oversized leather jacket in […]

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L.A. Packing List

L.A. Edit   Here are my travel essentials for my recent trip to L.A. ! Packing for L.A. was pretty straightforward, I kept it to my usual staples of black and white pieces as my base but opted for more relaxed tees and faded destroyed denim mixing those with classics and voila, I was L.A. […]

Autumn . Paris

There’s this thing about the 70’s that you can’t deny, it just keeps coming back and you know what they say ..  you can’t keep a good man down.  With an influx of designers this season travelling back to the Seventies the Parisian runways were scattered with soft suede skirts, kick flare trousers and belted jackets as […]

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Modern Geometry

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to recognise a good print when you see one.  Always one to to take it easy on the print scene, it takes a good graphic for me to get excited and 2 people that now how to create a good print are Camilla and Marc.  Hot off […]

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Trying something new…

Trying Something New…   Up until now I’ve been using numbers for my outfit posts …I am now at a crossroads haha and upon Outfit 100 ! Thinking of doing a name change and dropping the numbers…thoughts ??? In the meantime relaxed, off-duty hangs in Oskar the Label below… xo Wearing Oskar the Label Telling […]

Something Neuw

Denim, it’s a wardrobe staple, a girls best friend or maybe even more critical than that.  Who or what else can you count on like a good pair of jeans?  Your girlfriend can’t lie around for a week unwashed and still look descent, she can’t make your legs look longer (unless she’s 4 inches shorter than you) .. […]

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Shopbop     The BIG EVENT     Sooooo excited that the Shopbop BIG EVENT is finally upon us ! I know this is the time when a lot of people take advantage of the promotion to get that trend piece but I look forward to it as a chance to STOCK UP ! Think […]

Outfit • 97

97 Wearing Isabel Marant Tweed Jacket (similar here) | AG the Legging Skinny Ankle Jeans White | Proenza Schouler PS11 Tiny Bag Black (Budget option here) | Mackage Kenya Leather Jacket (similar here) | Oak+Fort Scarf Charcoal | Helmut Lang Scarf Black | Isabel Marant Nowles Boots Black (also avail. in Camel) | Anine Bing […]

The 6 Most Affordable Leather Jackets

Whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern right now it’s always a good time for a leather jacket.  I’ve put together my pics for the most affordable leather jackets that you can get your mitts on.. and don’t worry girls they’re all under $500 .. Topshop Authentic Washed Biker Jacket  .   Goosecraft Leather […]

Anine Bing New York Store

Anine Bing New York     Anine Bing | 330 Bleecker Street | New York So happy to finally have Anine Bing open her first New York boutique ! The opening party was amazing, Anine was lovely and the clothes…well…there are just too many amazing pieces on my radar.  See and shop what I walked […]

Current Obsession / BLK DNM Leather Biker Jacket

This is the first of several leather jackets on my Wishlist…no matter how many jackets I have hanging in my closet, I always end up reaching for a classic leather jacket…there is something about it that always makes me feel pulled together. Since its really become a staple go-to piece, I might as well have […]


This will probably be my last monthly recap on for awhile. I think some of you already have noticed that I have been posting less outfits. I’m definitely trying my hardest to still keep up with my blog – and outfits – but it’s not getting easier now I have arrived in my 9 month pregnancy. The days are passing by so fast, especially for me, now I hardly have energy. Somewhere around 8/9 PM my day have come to and end and bedtime starts. Haha. I feel like such a grandma! But hey, we’re just keep on going. =)

Black White Grey Repeat…Recap from 2014 !

2014 Recap !   …only 2 weeks too-late ! Finally happy to have wrapped up my picks of 2014…my fave outfits and details and my fave 10 additions to my ever-growing closet ! (Watch for a shop-my-closet coming soon to help me down-size ; ) Its been an unbelievable year. Thanks to you guys for […]


A favourite combination of mine for when I have 10 seco…


A Little tradition we have here on is the yearly outfit recap. Picked out my personal favourites from the over 100 looks I’ve posted in 2014. It have definitely been challenging to shoot my outfits for the blog the last 6 months. Starting in June when I had a positive pregnancy test. After that my whole world changed, I changed. Mentally but also physically. The physical changes were pretty intense in the beginning. The first 3 months I was extremely tired and I hardly had energy to blog (or anything else for that matter). At that time my baby bump also really started to show, which didn’t make it easy to take outfitshots without showing it.. After 4,5 (long) months I finally shared the amazing news with you, and I was able to show off that cute baby bump. My favourite accessory for sure! ;) It have been a life changing year for me. A dreamy and special year. And the fun part is that 2015 will be even greater. Can’t wait to meet my little man next month! PS: Curious to see the yearly recap of 2013? Check it out here.


WEARING: MUUBAA LEATHER JACKET, HM MATERNITY JEANS, ASOS T-SHIRT, PS11 TINY BAG AND ISABEL MARANT ANKLE BOOTS / 32 WEEKS HAPPY 2015, guys! Hope everyone had an amazing time during NYE. My end of 2014 was a little less exciting, spend the last days in bed with a flu. Yup, I was that lucky. But, I’m back on my feet again and my first outfit of 2015 – besides my pajamas – was this one. Decided that it was time to unleash these leopard ankle boot again, since they have been spending a lot of time in their shoe box lately.


Some items that I wouldn’t mind finding under the christmas tree this year. ;) With some items a bit out of budget unfortunately, but a girl needs to keep dreaming, right?


WEARING: ZARA JUMPSUIT, MUUBAA LEATHER JACKET (find it here or here), KURT GEIGER LEOPARD HEELS (find it here) AND PS11 TINY BAG (find it here and here) / 23 WEEKS A couple of weeks ago I already showed you a preview of this look with my new oversized leather jacket. And here we have the full outfit. These photos just remind me again, how perfect this jacket is. Can you tell I’m in love?


And just like that we have landed in the last month of the year ALREADY. Why is time always flying so fast? Which also means I’m starting to get really close to my due date. I can’t wait to meet the little guy that’s growing inside of me, but it’s also becoming a bit scary now it’s all going so fast! Just two more months before my new life is kicking off. Can’t wait!

outfit • 87

87 Wearing Isabel Marant H&M Oversized Wool Coat Charcoal (Similar here) | Zara Asymmetrical Knit Dress (Similar here) | MACKAGE KENYA LEATHER JACKET (SIMILAR MACKAGE JACKET HERE) | Adidas Customized Stan Smith Sneakers | Helmut Lang Oversized Cashmere Scarf |  RAYBAN FOLDING WAYFARER SUNGLASSES BLACK

More Black Friday !!!

Ready for it ?? I did all the work for you haha ! Check out below for Black Friday Sales !! : D ASOS 30% off (ends Nov 30th) Code TGIBF – Helmut Lang 40% off (ends Dec 1st) – Nordstroms Black Friday Sale – Shopbop 15% off $250 | 20% off $500 | 25% […]

Shopbop X Black Friday

Finally it’s here !! Time to scoop up all those pricey items that we never purchased b/c we can’t justify price or stock up on fave basics that are in heavy rotation and will need to be retired soon ; )  …the Shopbop Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo is here – use code GOBIG14 […]


WEARING: ZARA LEATHER JACKET AND RIPPED JEANS, PRIMARK BLOUSE, ISABEL MARANT ‘ANDREW’ BOOTS AND PS11 TINY BAG The baby bump haven’t disappeared, don’t you worry, these photos are just very old. Took them when I was about 13 weeks pregnant, but decided not to publish these until the word was out. In these photos you can definitely tell that my body was already changing, and during that period I felt a bit insecure about my mini bump. I mean, if you see me now, you can definitely tell that I’m pregnant. But in the first 16 weeks or so you could easily think that I just had eaten too many burgers. (haha)

outfit • 85

85 Wearing Mackage Kenya Leather Jacket (similar Mackage jacket here) | ARITZIA WILFRED FREE VERONIKA SHIRT-DRESS OAK (worn as top) | Cosabella Dolce Bralette White | Zara Knit Trousers Black (similar here) | Catbird Slouchy Cashmere Hat (similar here) | RAYBAN FOLDING WAYFARER SUNGLASSES BLACK


Hello new oversized leather jacket! It’s been awhile since I’ve added a leather jacket to my ever growing collection. But a soft leather oversized one was just what I was missing! Muubaa never disappoints. :)

outfit • 78

78   Wearing Aritzia Mackage Kenya Leather Jacket (similar here) | CITIZENS OF HUMANITY ROCKET LONDON CALLING BLACK | Aritzia Wilfred Brickner Sweater Heather Grey (similar here) | Alexander Wang Anouck Chelsea cut-out Boots Black | Aritzia Wilfred Free Lizzie Hat Heather Grey (similar here) | Prism London “Moscow” Sunglasses Cream Tortoise | Vrai and Oro Stacking Rings (similar here)

Figtny Aritzia Takover 2.0 !!! Denim Styling & CONTEST !!!

aritzia takover 2.0   So my Aritzia Takeover 2.0 rolls out today with a bang and I’m excited to announce the start of a new Aritzia Contest ! Today is all about overhauling my denim wardrobe with all new Aritzia jeans…read on for my styling picks and my tips for how to wear…keep checking back […]

Figtny Aritzia Takover 2.0 ! Denim Styling & CONTEST !!!

aritzia takover 2.0   So my Aritzia Takeover 2.0 rolls out today with a bang and I’m excited to announce the start of a new Aritzia Contest ! Today is all about overhauling my denim wardrobe with all new Aritzia jeans…read on for my styling picks and my tips for how to wear…keep checking back […]

outfit • 74

74   Wearing H&M The New Icons Leather Jacket Black (sold out – similar here) | BC Label Hint Shirtdress Ivory | Proenza Schouler PS11 Tiny Bag Black | Alexander Wang Anouck Chelsea Ankle Boots with cutout heel | Prism London “Moscow” Sunglasses Cream Tortoise | Vrai and Oro stacking rings silver and gold (similar here) […]

sneak peek

Sneak peek of next outfit post…excited to share one of my fave new pieces…I’ll give you a “Hint” its from BC label !!! ; )

Street Cred

Artist Edgar Degas once said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.  As a former fine artist I couldn’t agree more, there is something so magical about creating beauty from nothing with the simplest things like a pencil and paper.  Art and illustration have flowed always through my veins, much […]