The Bottega Veneta Way

An audible gasp could be heard from the OF office when images of the very first collection by Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta was released to the public. The Pre-Fall 2019 collection was strong yet feminine and the kind of wardrobe that most girls .. my team included.. could imagine themselves wearing .. Bottega Veneta staff uniforms?

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WEARING: AVELON FASHION BLOUSE, DENHAM LEATHER SKIRT, ADIDAS STAN SMITH SNEAKERS, ALEXANDER WANG BAG There really is no reason not to smile when the sun is shining and you’re touring around the city on your bike. Especially not when you’re doing it on this cool matte black one from VanMoof. I just love everything about this bike. The way it looks, and the way it makes me feel. I now rather choose to move around by bike when the weather is allowing it, it’s still Holland we’re talking about, instead of just always jump in my car. I just feel so much more alive with the wind in my hair and being outdoors! Thanks VanMoof for the amazing gift! PHOTOS BY DENISE PS: I’m giving away a pair of GIVENCHY sunnies on my Instagram, don’t forget to enter!


I’ve visited some beautiful places last month during my trip to Croatia. And since we were so close to Italy we’ve also spend some time in Venice, such an amazing city! But vacation is over now and we’re back to reality…. Find me on Instagram @COTTDS

Fighting Fire With Fire

When you can’t beat em’ join em’ right? Mmm..actually it’s not always the case.  You have to be careful these days in a world where trends become viral and imagery becomes immediately global, to make sure to march to the beat of your own drum.   It’s ok to be inspired but it’s important to not […]

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Sooooo, I know this subject will not be something that everyone is interested about. But it might come in handy for a few of you, or for some in the future (who knows!). And since, I definitely feel like the offer for maternity clothes could be so much better I wanted to share the great pieces that I was manage to find. I mean sooner or later we all have to face the fact that we just can not fit in to our own jeans and trousers any more. And believe me I’ve tried! At week 24 (6 months) I finally gave up.. On photo: Isabella Oliver leather trousers in black and wine (see me wearing it here and here) H&M Maternity grey skinny jeans (see me wearing it here) Asos Maternity black ripped skinny jeans (see me wearing it here)


So, my October outfits were all about showing off the baby bump. One that have growed big time the last few weeks. I officially had to say goodbye to all my jeans and leather trousers (accept for one pair!), since I simply can’t fit in to them anymore. Not cool! But hey, it’s for a good cause.


I think it’s about 15 years ago when I was rocking my Palladium Pampa boots to highschool. All the cool girls were wearing them that school year, so of course I had to have my own pair as well. Such a trendsetter (haha!). After that hype I kind of forgot all about Palladium. Until now. Because they are back! And with an awesome worldwide campaign. Of course Amsterdam is represent as well. In this #ExploreYourCity video you will discover places in Amsterdam that only the insiders know. So put on your Palladium boots and go exploring!


A previous outfit that I had to shoot with a big clutch in front of my baby bump (16 weeks). But since, we don’t have any secrets for each other any more… ;) So sad I don’t fit in to this leather skirt anymore. Luckily for me there is a new black leather pencil skirt on the way, especially for the preggies! Feels so much better to be able to breathe in my bottoms haha. Enjoy your Saturday!


Let me first begin with saying: WOW! Thank you sooooo much for all the congratulations on my pregnancy! It’s amazing and overwhelming to read all those sweet comments here, but also on my Instagram account. Your support means the world to me! I’m super excited to now show you some of the looks I have been pre-shooting – showing off my baby bump. I will publish those in the upcoming days/weeks! So stay tuned :) Again, many many many thanks! You guys are the best!!!