Een paar weken geleden ben ik uitgenodigd door vakantiepark Mölke om te komen logeren in één van de nieuwe accommodaties. Een heerlijk weekendje ontspannen is natuurlijk áltijd welkom. En omdat Mölke meerdere nieuwe accommodaties aanbied, mocht ik m…


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Inspiration Gallery I Island – PART III

Inspiration GALLERY Nosy Be region. Madagascar, November 2016.

Side hustle secrets – How to run a successful business while working full time

Side hustle secrets Created in collaboration with NBN Australia As if my lack of filters wasn’t enough to make me the outcast in every social situation, that I was clearly not normal quickly dawned on me, when, as much as I wanted to, I could never be that piano playing, textbook memorising, straight-A Chinese girl, that was supposed to my lot by genetic disposition. Had I been, a career in law might have satisfied me completely. But, rather than growing out of all those childish artistic flares, I can’t remember a time when I was not immersed in a portfolio of hobbies, from digital illustration to web design, each of which I pursued with a passion and dedication that befuddled my friends. What, indeed, was the point of all these activities, when they had no benefit for my career? Without knowing it, I was somewhat of an early adopter of the biggest social trend of our generation, the side hustle. And we bloggers may well be the best example of side hustlers. So today, I’ve teamed up with NBN Australia to share with you my side hustle secrets, and how I run my business while working full time. What’s a side […]

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5 inspiring minimalist new year’s resolutions

5 inspiring minimalist new year’s resolutions that will really make a difference this year The champagne fuzz has worn off, the glitter has settled and the first light of the new year is shining delightfully – or inconsiderately, as the case may be – through the open window. As we ease back into the routine of daily hustle and bustle, the euphoria fueled resolutions made at 11.59pm on a certain night last week have now fallen to be tested against reality (and our imperfect selves). But those mundane resolutions like love your however-obnoxious co-workers, and losing a couple, might again leave you in a rut by February. Here’s a little inspiration for minimalist resolutions that will really make a difference this year. 1 Design a minimal home  I once read if you are in control of your immediate surroundings, so too you will your life. I am yet to read or experienced quite what being in control of one’s life entails but I’ll let you know when I do. In the meantime, let’s make a resolution to decorate a minimal home which gives calmness and comfort. Clearing the clutter in your home office so you can do what you need to do. Once the clutter is […]

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6 Easy Steps to Prepare for a Trip without Stress

6 Easy Steps to Prepare for a Trip without Stress Whether it’s your big annual pilgrimage to an exotic island or a spur-of-the-moment escape to a new city for the long weekend, the process to prepare for a trip can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting.  Such exhilaration can sometimes lead to haphazard bookings and rushed research that you pay dearly for once you have arrived at your destination. Slowing down and dedicating some solid time in advance to research could mean the difference between exploring a new city without a worry in the world, or getting stuck at a strange airport with no visa. However, the Beige Renegade ethos is to keep things simple and never to let an overplanned trip displace the true joys of travel – exploration and discovery. We’ve put together a step by step guide to help you prepare for a trip without stress! 1Prepare your travel documents Getting starting on your travel documents should be the first thing you do to prepare for a trip, and at least 3 months before your travel date. As daunting as it sounds, it can be as simple as calling the relevant foreign embassy or consulate […]

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weekend getaway packing tips

It’s the holiday season. The season of arrivals, departures, fun times, cozy times, crazy times but if I’m being honest – mostly packing times. After years of traveling back and fourth between two countries that are on opposite side of Europe from each other,  I feel like it’s safe to claim I’ve reached a certain […]

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How to fly smart on long haul flights

How to fly smart on long haul flights – our top 10 tips to help you arrive at your destination fresh and happy The wander of travel is filled with the excitement and anticipation of the unknown, realising in a matter of hours you will be disembarking on the other side of the world with all the glory of a new place just waiting to be discovered. But there is a cabin seat, plane food and usually at least two international airports awaiting you before then. Flying smart on long haul flights focused on the basics: food and water, simple wardrobe and makeup choices and as little stuff as possible. Add a potential business class seat, plenty of rest, the ideal seat allocation and minimal stop over time and eight hours in the sky will melt away. 1Choose your airline wisely The Beige Renegade team recently did the dreaded 24 hour haul from Australia to Europe for Milan and Paris Fashion Week with Etihad Airways, and can corroborate that it really does matter who you fly with. Not all economy classes are equal, and important factors from the age and size of the airplane to the level of service and amenities provided […]

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Lessons in a compact life with Muji Australia

Lessons in a Compact Life – A Collaboration with Muji Australia Photography: Jiawa Liu and Kurt Ji The problem with country-envy is that all the things you think are better ‘over there’ never quite line up with your pristine imaginings. Like many sheltered Asian kids in the brave 2000’s, I was completely Japan obsessed, or at least with the high school romances under cherry blossoms (Sakura) and scifi adventures in shining metropolises, so often portrayed in Japanese animation exports. So you can imagine my disillusionment when my gap year in Japan revealed that reality amounted to long days of boring classes at a countryside university, in which, while sakura did feature, no romance blossomed; my 20 square meter closet of an apartment was crammed inside the jumbled and flaking outer suburbs, where, space being a premium, roads were nothing more than alleys, and scarcely a single home had a wall to itself. It was in this context that I first came across the warm brown and beige shop front of a Muji store in an Osaka mall. Its clean and airy aesthetic cast a stark contrast against the cluttered environment into which I had already begun to assimilate. There was […]

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5 Steps for styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’

5 Steps for styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’ guests at first glance Featuring Salt&Pepper Throughout history our lives have revolved around the seasons, especially what and how we eat. Therefore, it’s so comforting to go back to basics, and enjoy a meal with friends and family that celebrates the season and matches its mood. Salt&Pepper has set me the task of styling a winter table setting that ‘wow’s’ guests at first glance, utilising their new season collections. And the winter’s evening I have in store for you involves warming up with some comfort foods in the late afternoon sun, finishing up with an epic cheese board, and lively conversation continuing into the wee hours. Here are my five steps to styling a seriously Pin-Worthy winter table setting. 1 Let the season inspire you In winter, we always want to feel cosy and warm, so these are the feelings I want to convey when entertaining friends and family. Not limited to the recipes themselves (for which I highly recommend hearty comfort casseroles and thickly cut artisan bread), the styling should include elements which remind you of both the cold and bare personality of winter, as well as the indulgence […]

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5 ways the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 saved my bacon at Fashion Week

My road test of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at MBFWA 2016 Photogrpahy: Blogger’s Boyfriend When Microsoft invited me to join the #SurfaceSquad (along with the lovely girls at They All Hate Us, Miss Gunner and Twice Blessed) to road test the new Surface Pro 4 as my key device during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, I was at first a little skeptical of just how much I would make use of a tablet during such a busy week. I must confess to never having had much enthusiasm for tablets, which, in my circles, are used predominantly to watch movies on long flights. But mentioning the prospect to my much more technologically savvy boyfriend, the excitement in his voice, as he gushed about the never before paralleled virtues of the Surface Pro 4 as a laptop and tablet in one, made me realise what kind of opportunity I really had on my hands. As I spent the week at MBFWA with my trusty Surface Pro 4, I learned that it was a lightweight and incredibly powerful portable device that met the diverse array of needs of a creative, who travels and has hefty demands on their digital devices. To illustrate how […]

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A day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – Grazia Australia

My visual diary of one day at MBFWA 2016 on Grazia Australia, in collaboration with Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Photography: Blogger’s Boyfriend | Ft. Bohotailor For many (yours truly included, at one time), the idea of ‘fashion week’ brings to mind a mysterious and glamorous other world, and the truth is perhaps not so far away from the imagination. It is rather like stepping into an alternate universe, where, for 6 days in a year, the humdrum of everyday melts away, and the ordinarily trivial considerations, like seating hierarchies, photo ops and, of course, fashion, are elevated to almost life and death; where, in the scheme of an unspoken delineation of ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’, such things as whether one wears the ‘it accessory’ of the year or an obscure but exciting new designer, and the choice to use the acronym ‘MBFWA’ – for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – or simply ‘Sydney Fashion Week’, may be seen as indicative of one’s sartorial refinement. While it may seem that fashion week attendees are simply there to strut back and forth in the hopes of being napped by the throngs of street style photographers, the various roles of the players at fashion week […]

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3 books that will change your life

While I was advising you how you can clean out your closet fast with one simple trick, I couldn’t get the idea of writing about books that changed my life. What sparked that idea is this urge to share everything that I learned through my journey of getting to know my real self, downsizing my […]

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How to wake up happy – a guide for night owls

From one night owl to another: a few simple changes I made to my life (and mind set) to wake up…

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Perth Luxury Hotel – Como the Treasury

The extraordinary luxury hotel experience I’ve been dying to share: Como the Treasury, Perth’s new 6 star hotel Growing up,…

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Beige Renegade’s Perth Cafe Hit List

For Beige Renegade, cafes are a second home. Today we share our top Perth cafe haunts Cafe culture has truly…

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7 Principles for Decluttering Your Life

7 principles to help you declutter your life If you’re like us at Beige Renegade, your ethos of a minimalist…

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Tokyo Travel Diary

Tokyo Travel Diary – Places I loved and where I stayed in Tokyo, Japan Call me obnoxious, but I am…

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Park Hotel Tokyo – Art, Luxury and Comfort in Shidome

Recap of my Tokyo trip, and review of Park Hotel Tokyo To make my trip to Japan with my boyfriend…

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timeless gift ideas

I’d like to believe I’m a good gift-giver, carefully observing and listening to interests, wishes and personalities of people closest to me. Not being a huge cheerleader of all things disposable means I am certainly not into disposable gifts. Investing a lot of time and thought into a gift and giving a great one does […]

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How to decorate without clutter

How to decorate without clutter – three rules I live by Rose Gold Cutlery set | White Marble Dinner Plates | Marble Side…

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Your Minimalist Christmas Gift Guide for Her and Him

Your Minimalist Christmas Guide Guide for Her and Him The minimalist is a curious creature to purchase for. With…

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#WEEKEND! I got all my essentials ready to get through this Sunday morning. And what are your plans today?


I’ve visited some beautiful places last month during my trip to Croatia. And since we were so close to Italy we’ve also spend some time in Venice, such an amazing city! But vacation is over now and we’re back to reality…. Find me on Instagram @COTTDS


A new collaboration is up and this time I’ve teamed up with Stokke to capture two of my hotspots in Holland. So, have you ever wondered how I start my weekend? Every Saturday morning you can find me in the Haarlemmermeerse Bos for a work out. Normally it’s for a bootcamp session, but this time I took Enzo with me in the Stokke Xplory stroller for a powerwalk training. Nothing beats a good sweat in the fresh air after a long and hectic week. After every work out I always stop by the restaurant Vork en Mes (which means fork and knife) for a cup of coffee. This restaurant is located at the Haarlemmermeerse Bos and uses organic ingredients which are mostly self-grown. Besides the amazing quality of the food the building is also just beautiful with the greatest view over the lake. It’s where I reload and enjoy some time for myself, while my mother is watching over Enzo. And even though I normally always pay Vork en Mes a visit without Enzo, it was nice to spend some quality time together at one of my personal favourite spots. So to all you fitgirls and momma’s I highly recommend you to visit Vork en Mes one day. WEARING: MUUBAA OVERSIZED LEATHER JACKET, FRONTROW JACKET, JOGHA JUNGLE TIGHTS, ADIDAS SNEAKERS AND RAYBAN SUNNIES ENZO WEARING: DUDES AND DOLLS PANTS, YOUNG ONE APPAREL (BOTH AVAILABLE AT THE COLOR BLUE.NL), CONVERSE SNEAKERS AND HM CARDIGAN REVIEW OF THE STOKKE XPLORY: Besides that I love the design of the Stokke Xplory it’s really practical too. By reversing the seat you turn the stroller in to a chair for your little one, that way you can make any restaurant or cafe child-friendly. It’s super easy to fold in and out and therefor easy to take with you anywhere you go.


MORNING! Love spending my morning at this Croatian home, which is such a peaceful space. A completely different vibe and style than my own home. I love waking up here and have my coffee on the balcony as the sun comes up. Truly the best way to sta…

minimize your wardrobe asking just one question

Let me tell you how proud I am of myself for managing to minimize my wardrobe. Very proud. There. This may sound a bit ludicrous to you, but if you’ve been following my fashion journey from the start, you would know just how much my style, thoughts and attitude towards fashion and shopping have changed. […]

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Eventhough it was a little bit quite around here for awhile, I did kept you guys in the loop of my life and my outfits on my Instagram feed. For those who have missed it, here’s a little recap of what I have been up to and of course what I have been wearing. :)


Sorry for the radio silence, but I think you already could guess what happened. Yup, I’m a mom now! After 9 long (!!!) months, 4 days after my due date, on the 28th of February I finally could hold my little one in to my arms. Say hello to Enzo. I don’t have to tell you how madly in love I am. Keeping it short for now, life is a little hectic right now ;), but just wanted to share this amazing news! This post was in collaboration with Hippe – where you can buy all kinds of great birth cards or DIY – like we’ve did with our card for Enzo. Many thanks Hippe Geboortekaartjes! PS: I have scheduled a post with photos of the nursery for next week, so stay tuned!

memories from france

I had more than a few spare moments this past week to relax and visit a few blogs. There are a lot of recaps of the past year around the web, which inspired me to do one (or more, as you will see) as well. I rarely repost things you’ve had the chance to read/ […]The post memories from france appeared first on moiminnie.


A little glimpse in to my home again. This time the kitchen area, a place that I’ve be meaning to decorate ever since we got our new kitchen (which was in February this year). Still didn’t got to it, but just used random things that we already had in the house. Still can’t wait to style it completely like I’ve envisioned it. Not that it will change dramatically, though, just a few touches. But first we’re going to replace the bar tables for a normal dining table (probably the Hay Loop stand table), which is happening today. So excited! Enjoy your weekend too.


It’s a…. BOY! I actually already know since I was 15 weeks pregnant. haha. Patience is not my middle name. It’s still a little surreal that there is a little boy growing inside of me. These cool Nike roshe run sneakers were my gift to my boyfriend right after the ultrasound. I bought a girl version (navy with pink!) and this boy version. One wrapped in pink paper and the other in blue. Well, it’s obvious which one he received. I just couldn’t help myself buying already something for the baby since we didn’t buy anything until we knew the gender. (We’re just not in to unisex clothing for baby’s I guess) After that hell broke loose and we did some major shopping sessions. Will share the baby room and the wardrobe soon! PS: The Cola bottles were a little gift from my sister <3

french diaries: perpignan & le barcares

Part two of the French Diaries. Oh how I miss the warm sunny days of the South of France, the words cannot describe! Gonna keep this short and just share a list of highlights of this amazing summer that has passed way too quickly for my liking: – New experiences and being able to share […]

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french diaries: toulouse & le village d’eus

Now that the french adventures are over, I finally sat down to sort through the photos and show you some of them. To be honest, I don’t even have that many. Wherever I went, I focused on looking around me, smelling, touching, feeling instead of staring at the screen and missing out on an opportunity […]

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Screw Perfection

S c r e w P e r f e c t i o n”Life doesn’t stop for anyone” is probably the truest thing I’ve heard lately. Life really does not stop and so we can’t. The overwhelming thought of that gave me so much anxiety in the beginning but ended up helping me le…