4 ways to wear wide leg jeans like a Parisian

Created in collaboration with Nobody Denim For me denim was somehow always about ‘fitting in’. Bell bottoms, ‘jeggings’, and wasn’t there some kind of short-pant-skirt cross-breed – “skort”, “scant”? There’s a near perfect rap sheet of my life chasing these wildly varying denim trends in various vacuum bags in my mother’s garage.   Spending time

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3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians

3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians Shot by Hannah Roche for MYER and Anna Quan Label. Along with Anna Quan Label We celebrated four of the best of Australian design during Sydney Fashion Week, see the full piece on at MYER.com.au. Look 1: Anna Quan Trench, Miss Shop Jeans, Innovare Boots, M2M Bag,

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The Summer Of George

In the lightning speed world of fast fashion,  I’ve become increasingly obsessed with a desire to search out the relatively unknown .. and I’m not just talking about latest section on Topshop here friends.  Don’t get me wrong a girl still needs her shot of Gucci-mania goodness but sometimes it’s nice to sniff out the

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Floating On A Cloud

The 1st of October 2017 for me was not just any old birthday, it was also the day that I was honoured with the privilege of attending my first Céline show inside of the cloud like bubble installed at the Tennis Club of Paris. Late 70’s and early 80’s references featured strongly throughout the show, hitting […]

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Modern Romantic

If Jane Austin, Emily Bronte or Shakespeare were to write a modern day romantic tale, I imagine our heroine would be dressed in something like this… Our character is independent and ambitious, and prefers her garments to be of the soft, structured and dreamy kind. While this modern work of fiction may include a love interest […]

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Head First

Day four PFW .. and let’s just say no makeup no problem.  With a dam fine oversized sleeve, a classic pair of mum jeans and a ‘cult’ worthy basket bag there’s no guilt to be had in rushing out the door without your full face on. And let’s face up to it, it’s funny how a […]

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The Aforementioned

This girl is never not on the hunt for the perfect dress, alongside the other unicorn in my life .. the perfect French onion soup (cue ad-lib trip to Paris anyone?). Anywho, where the latter may require further searching tbc stay tuned to my friends out there with like-minded quams in the cuisine department, something different can […]

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Knifes Edge

Monday life hack … When you’re running late and cannot work out what to wear, let alone begin to entertain the thought of executing an outfit with any real co-ordination … solution ‘the suit’. One entire outfit that comes packaged in a head to toe ensemble and requires no conscious aesthetically speaking thought process .. much like a […]

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The Weekend

I had lunch with a friend last weekend, it was a Saturday morning and I ordered my usual … avocado on toast with a side of lemon.   The thing about the weekend is that I’m a creature of habit, which I might add I was reminded of by my breakfast date.  She’s a little bit more […]

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The Patriot

If you’re not the girl who lives in Paris, you’re most likely me … yep that’s right that girl who imagines that she lives there. On the weekends I order croissants, when I leave my makeup on at night I like to reason that it’s ok because it’s so very French no? And I can […]

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Creature Comforts

Just out of shot there was a curious crowd assembling… Tourists and Venetians alike walking along the canal wondering what kind of creature was creeping along their walkway, or perhaps they were asking themselves why that person was acting in such a way? Well, there may be no particular rhyme or reason for this behaviour […]

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                          Despite the fact that I live in one of the warmest parts of the world I seem to have acquired a coat collection that could clothe a small village. You see the coat, although no doubt a practical essential for most, semaphores the […]

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Star Gazing

Of the many highlights from our trip to Paris earlier in the year for the 2017 Fall Winter shows, being in the bleachers for the Chanel show is something I won’t ever forget. As we sat in The Grande Palais in the presence of the ‘Gabrielle Chanel Agence Spatiale’ rocket, we knew we were about to witness […]

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Before working in fashion, back in my days as a full time artist, paint was my medium of choice. It was in my studio that a love of colour blossomed and experimenting with different shades, tones and combinations became part of my everyday. While working with colour was easy for me on the end of […]

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My mum has always said to me ‘there’s no such thing as being overdressed’. But for the most part, I find a uniform of denim and t-shirts to be the perfect all event outfit. However as we know, mums know best… So when the beautiful team at Valentino make your dreams come true and kindly dress a […]

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Île Saint-Louis

When a friend of mine recently asked what time of year is best for a holiday in Paris, she may have thought it was curious that my advice was to travel in Winter when it’s cold and rain is never too far away. I can’t quite put my finger on it exactly, but I’ve always […]

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, we all love a good power duo right? Well it may not be hip hop but it’s just as good baby, one of my latest obsessions is dream team Laura Taylor and Ryan Holliday-Stevens the design team behind Solace London. With […]

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Maison Kimhekim

At the moment undertaking a mission to outer space and beyond doesn’t sounds like such a bad idea. You could say it’s a more of an enlightening  thought considering the amount of work piled up on my desk this week… Currently we’re all in belief that KIMHĒKIM is one of our favourite fashion escape plans.  Previously of Balenciaga heritage designer […]

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Martini With A Twist

We hear about it all the time and it’s one of my favourite elements of fashion week… ‘Off duty style’ is here baby and I think you’ll agree, it’s here to stay. But if you ask me off duty doesn’t just apply to our favourite models in their downtime, it’s about having a go-to uniform […]

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Double Shot

A google search for alternative names for brown will have you uncovering a plethora of stupendous options  .. Caramel, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Pecan, Syrup just to name a few, sounding like ingredients that one would use to make a christmas cake much? Now that your mouth is watering and I’ve got you just a little bit intrigued […]

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Celine Me Now

My headmaster once summonsed me to the head office, my friends and I had been requested to attend an award ceremony in regards to our artistic pursuits.  Woo hoo, to say that we were excited was an understatement.   The headmaster was also impressed with our creative endeavours, however was not overly excited at the fact that outside […]

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Partner In Crime

She’s one of those girls that reveals herself every now and then on your Instagram discover page, and where you puzzle yourself with the question… who is she? Is she a model, a stylist blessed with exceptional genetics, or maybe she’s a designer?  The answer is the latter and if you haven’t guessed already we’re talking about Giorgia Tordini one […]

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5 Steps to style the perfect outfit

5 Steps to style the perfect outfit In this editorial: Jeans (Loewe); Handbag & Loafers (Bally) – Farfetch | Knitted top – Isabel Marant | Earrings – Closer by Wwake If elevators, telephones, and my daily dress code have something in common, it’s that laziness was the single greatest motivator that brought all three into existence. The former two were clearly concocted in an attempt to eliminate on-foot travel, vertically and horizontally. As for the latter, yours truly, happy to claim the title of ‘Laziest of Them All’, would run out the door in mismatched socks if it meant a little less time spent rummaging in the depth of my wardrobe. Indeed, no small portion of the looks as seen here were probably due to morning styling sessions given up on half-way through. Getting dressed, you would think, is something that the collective efforts human civilization could have algebraically reduced to some catchy formula by now. But alas, no. I so get you: the first world struggle is real. When you next find yourself close to tears, pile of rejected wardrobe choices at your feet, consider these following 5 steps. 1 Start with one piece Every look needs a starting […]

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From the Maldives To You

So to finally answer your questions .. this is what I’ve been up to! You might have noticed in the last week or two that I mysteriously seemed to barely exist on social media and when I did eventually appear from behind a coconut palm, I’m pretty sure that you guessed that I’m currently hiding out […]

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How to get around in Paris (and how not to)

How to get around in Paris (and how not to) In this editorial: ‘Bank’ Bag by X Nihilo; Silk V Neck Top by Conflict of Ego; Step Hem Jeans by Grlfrnd Denim; Velvet Pumps by Dolce & Gabanna (similar) According to the Theory of Relativity, the faster one travels through space, the faster one travels in time.Go figure. But when it comes to how to get around in Paris and its cockleshell-shaped arrondisments, speed is not the question here. Rather, it is how best to travel without missing a thing. For, in Paris, those tucked away restaurants only the locals know, backstreet vintage shops that don’t find their way into city guides, and the most photogenic views, are not marked by colour-coded signposts. 1 On Foot Where the sights, sounds and sensations of each street and corner seduces you away from the Google Maps route, 30 minutes on foot in Paris is 5 minutes in London or New York. Indeed, the most beautiful things to experience are the smallest and simplest that the senses need to take time to savour: the scent of fresh baguettes permeating every street, the uniqueness of each ancient cobble stone, and the changing light, streaming […]

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Plaid Behaviour

They call it a bluebird day right?  When there’s not a cloud in the sky and sun shines far beyond the horizon or as far as the eye can see. It’s cold where I live right now but this week we’ve had a whole week of bluebird days in a row and even though it […]

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On Vacation With Net-A-Porter: Sun Daze

  Some people say that it’s all about the journey and most of the time I’d agree, however in this case it’s all about the destination. Byron Bay… the Eastern most point of Australia, home of the Land Down Under’s biggest wild dolphin population, and more importantly one of the most understatedly chicest destinations in […]

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Gucci: The Snake Charmer

  A gigantic fuchsia flourish of bougainvillea sits on the corner of the street that I live in, adjoining one of the busiest roads that you can imagine.  Housing sprawls out in both directions and is surrounded by the usual suburban Australia backdrop of traffic lights, local corner stores and front yards strewn with caravans, tinnies and old […]

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On Vacation With Net-A-Porter: The Lodge

Whoever was it that said ‘she who travels the lightest travels the furthest’ set a cracking challenge for your typical fashion industry insider.  Much to the joy of every airline that I’ve ever travelled with, packing lightly is not this girls forte. Amongst suitcases of samples for photoshoots, a plethora of camera equipment and maybe .. […]

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Denim X 3

The ‘mum’ jean, I can candidly admit has taken me a while to warm to.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to get on board, it’s just that … well, my mum may have been one of the original pioneers of this comfy denim trend and let’s just say her ensembles were well … comfy.  Frizzy […]

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The Balenciaga Effect

  As I walk down the street where I live, I notice how strange I must look.  Walk is probably not the right word either .. slink, meander or even drunkenly shuffle would probably be better words to describe the movement that I would otherwise prefer to deem as walking. With the kind of sunglasses that […]

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Gabrielle & I

Note to self:  Everything goes with Chanel. When Mr Lagerfeld, the 30yr strong brand architect of the Chanel juggernaut launched the Chanel ‘Gabrielle’ Bag via the Spring Summer 2017 Ready To Wear runway show, there were gasps from the audience.  Gasps because the world has been waiting since Spring 2012 for the fashion house to release a new major handbag […]

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The Gabrielle Effect

Hermoine Granger was not the first girl to yearn for a bag that could hold a multitude of tricks. For every situation a girl like me likes to smuggle away .. her passport (you never know when you’re going to have to make a quick getaway), a room stopping man-trancing perfum, her technical gadgets and of […]

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Bee Sting

Just bee-cause I love a good black suit, and just bee-cause the New York City Supreme Court is so damn insta-friendly, I bring you my latest honey (sorry not sorry, bad pun intended) .. the Gucci Bee Dionysus Bag.   An accessory that will seriously leave you buzzing .. x bee bag: Gucci  .  elongated sleeve shirt: Anna […]

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5 Ways to up your pant game

5 Ways to up your pant game In this editorial: Y / Project jeans, Off White Trousers & Vintage Chanel Earrings all from Farfetch | French Cuff Shirt by Anna Quan | ‘Love is a Drug’ T Shirt by Know Connections | Chunky cardigan by Mum’s Handmade As many of us have blind spots for a certain rack in the department store, mine was definitely the pant section. In fact, I recently found myself in the realisation that I owned approximately 0 pants. Yes, yours truly could sustain an entire dissertation on the many injustices of this clothing item. For example, that pants refuse to fit both my waist and ass at the same time, or that cropped chinos will never look on me the way they do on Audrey Hepburn’s version of Sabrina. But is it any wonder? The art of tailoring may well be a fundamental struggle of the human condition. With so much technicality that goes into a pant that can flatter those geometrically vague shapes, the legs, it’s no less than a freak accident if a pair of $60 chain store pants didn’t make your ass look like the dark side of the moon. As I […]

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Double Bladed

What a crazy last week it’s been, between various plane flights, photoshoots and deadlines, I don’t know how my team and I managed to squeeze in Australian Fashion Week.  Cray cray doesn’t sum up the workload that I had to deliver on with my girls and thankfully it’s over know and we can bask in the aftermath. […]

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Is ‘practicality’ a dirty word in fashion?

Is ‘practicality’ a dirty word in fashion? This editorial features: Uniqlo Blockteck Parker & Coat The throng of people fanning out into the decommissioned rail tracks of Carriageworks indicated yet another runway show at Australian fashion week had ended, and that, the show for photographers waiting outside was just beginning. But despite the confetti throw of outfits that had been meticulously styled, perhaps months in advance, all lenses pivoted instantly as a plainly dressed model traversed the crowd, her elaborate hair and makeup from the previous show completely out of place in the context of her no-brand bomber jacket and canvas sneakers. Is our obsession with the style of models-off-duty, the more unremarkably dressed they are, simply due to the fact that anything looks good when you have ‘legs like those’, or is it that this just-woke-up-like-this look represents precisely our collective instincts about what style should be? Practical. I myself had never wanted to buy myself a daggy old fleece duffle coat so badly, until I saw one on a model I shot at a casting. I had asked her to remove it for the shot, but she was reluctant – she loved this coat she has had for […]

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Face Off

Have you been to the Met Museum sisters?  In case you haven’t it may just be one of the most insta-friendly locations on Earth and so therefore I insist that you visit next time you’re in the NYC.  Let’s put it frankly the Met is to your instal-feed what Demna Gvasalia is to Balenciaga .. a match […]

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Who are you when you travel?

Who are you when you travel? The paramount question ask before you set off: Who are you when you travel? In this editorial: Shirt, Lace Bra, Silk Trousers & Silk Pyjama top and Pant by Grana As I write to you under the translucent blue skies of Sydney, a city where it is almost undiscernible where the beach ends and the glassy metropolis begins, I count this as the 7th city I have visited in the past three months. I feel that as I have encountered the diverse inhabitants of each setting, I myself have taken on their idiosyncrasies. Here in Sydney, I feel the rush to walk at a speed that keeps pace with the streets, that anti-social impatience as my Uber pulls up in a no-stopping zone while my soy-double-shot-flat-white is still 5 minutes away, and an almost nostalgic sensation when looking up at the blue sky, as though in the eyes-to-the-concrete rush, I had not seen it for days. It is a different me that lived from café terrace to cobbled streets in Paris, or the no-makeup, no-blow-dry me of Perth. It is a universally felt phenomenon that we transform into another our-self as we travel. Even […]

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Mercer Street

When strolling through the Soho streets, you can’t help but stop and take in the scenery. Everywhere you look you see classic NYC architecture, beautiful stores (which speaking from experience are very dangerous for your wallet) and some of the most stylish locals you’re ever sure to meet. But there’s something particularly special about Mercer […]

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My friends, there is something I have to confess… As someone who leans toward the minimalist side of things, my list of new season obsessions continues to grow exponentially. Just when I thought exaggerated sleeves and red leather were the final additions to the list, along comes the kind of gold earrings and cross-body bag that must be collected […]

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What to wear (when you have nothing to wear) with Net-a-Porter

What to wear (when you have nothing to wear) Wearing: Top, Pants & Earrings: Net-a-porter | Shoes: Valentino With ‘When’ being the operative word here, the situation of ‘nothing to wear’, at least for yours truly, has perhaps too high of an incident rate to warrant the parentheses. For those of us whose lives are perpetually running on ‘omw now!’ basis (and compounding), opening your wardrobe and finding an abundance of ready-to-go outfits is basically that dream you have just before waking up to a mind-grating alarm beep and a bad hair day. Yours truly being firmly within that demographic, I’ve spent years making dressing when having nothing to wear something of an art. So together with Net-a-Porter and their ‘I have nothing to wear’ campaign, I’m going to impart on you my little nuggets of wisdom, to help you know what to wear when you have nothing to wear. 1 Shop your wardrobe (and wear it wrong) In the way that desperation often gives rise to inspiration, unlock the full potential of your wardrobe by looking at the most ordinary of pieces and wear it wrong. A daggy old coat can be cinched with a belt to be transformed […]

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In Paris With Bally

Bonjour mes amours!   After weeks of everyone asking what mischief I was up to in Paris for Bally, I can finally share with you the fruits of our labour. Unlike any other project that I’d worked on before, I headed to Paris with my team to photograph my very own Easter Escape edit of what […]

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A Taste Of Paris

Note to self .. Paris in Spring is always a good idea.  The leafy asymmetric gardens of  Place des Vosges, eating fresh Baguette au Fromage on picnic blankets in the park, and the vintage book sellers along the banks of the Siene, makes Paris the kind of destination that will leave you pining from your office desk on a rainy […]

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The Summer Dress

It was my goal .. I must admit to wear more dresses.  It’s no wonder that you hadn’t seen me in anything this ladylike for a long while when a recent rustle through my repository could uncover no more than the aforementioned. Don’t get me wrong I love a good gown as much as the next girl, but when […]

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How to be (successfully) overdressed

In this look: Dress: Hana Tajima for Uniqlo How to be (successfully) overdressed. Hint: channel Holly Golightly, in the supermarket, on the train, at the Laundromat… Created in collaboration with Uniqlo Australia Everyone is looking at you – whispered my commute companion, gesturing at the gaggle of archetypal scarved-to-the-upper-lip Parisian Madames that were our fellow passengers. ‘I guess you’re a bit overdressed for the Metro’, he concluded. Had I the get-up-and-go to argue at that moment, I might have suggested a number of similarly plausible explanations more kind to my eight in the morning delicate self-esteem. However, glancing down at my flowy bias cut dress (from the functional and beautiful Hana Tajima for Uniqlo collection), the floor length skirt of which almost needed a seat all on its own, and feeling the weight of my oversized sunglasses on the bridge of my nose, I had to admit to feeling somewhat ridiculous within the context of this commonplace scenario. As one determined to experience life by living out film references, I felt very much like a Holly Golightly in that quintessential Audrey Hepburn film. The protagonist, lending circumstance to the film’s name, takes a flimsy takeaway pastry and coffee breakfast while […]

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New School

As I recently discovered, I am not the only one who calls scrollaxing on the iPhone late at night in bed, market research.  While I recently shared a 3 bedroom apartment in Paris with 4 other like minded amigo’s during Paris Fashion Week, I found myself in good company when it comes to the new-school social media […]

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Work Hard, Play Harder

Yesterday I rolled out the last of my Insta stories from Paris, a bon voyage to a whirlwind tour of hot cheesy patisseries, late night whiskey dens.. cue Bar Hemingway, and the mandatory fashion zeitgeist that is PFW. With a schedule that was jam and errr.. hot croissant packed full of meetings in quaint French bistro’s, […]

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Rock n Roll Decadence at the Palace of Versailles

In this look: LPA Jacket, GRLFRND Jean & Anna Quan Shirt Rock n Roll Decadence: the Versailles editorial Wearing: LPA 85 Leather Jacket & GRLFRND “Helena” High-Rise Straight Jean from FWRD (Sale now until 20 March 2017) To believe that fashion is divorced from the real world and its contextual groundings is wishful thinking. It is, rather, entirely a symptom of the times and its moods. For the throng of travellers who visit Versailles for touristic pleasures (often musing on how remarkable such a feat would have been 300 years before), it is a place of altruistic merits. It is to educate, to conjure emotion and to bridge a connection to a most important minute of our history. A glorious slice of cake, if you will. And as we are on the topic of cake – in its most tumultuous chapter, for which Versailles is popularly remembered, it was a symbol of imperialist tyranny and wonton excess, so befittingly caricatured in one young Austrian born French queen. She – with fantastic hair as perhaps her most enduring legacy – was thereafter imagined perpetually enveloped in pastries of every pastel shade. For this I very much prefer, to all others, the […]

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Bonjour from Oracle Fox HQ for Paris Fashion Week, otherwise known as a beautiful apartment in the heart of The Marais… Think perfectly aged parquetry floors, antique furniture, vast windows which let in the kind of natural light that hides even the strongest signs of jet lag (thank goodness), while also giving us the most aesthetically […]

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Run On

As I write this I’m currently sitting at the International Airport terminal awaiting my flight for Paree for PFW Autumn Winter 17.  I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief it is to be sitting here right now after the week I’ve had.  With a team of 5 on the ground this season, […]

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In a relatively small period of time I seem to have accumulated an astounding amount of pieces in my wardrobe that are for a better word ‘peachy’ in colour. Blame it on the fact that I own a overactive Pomeranian named Peaches(deceivingly adorable by name.. evil by nature), or just the fact that the fruity hue […]

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Dressing (and undressed) for Fashion Week

In this look: Intimo “Arya” Semi Contour Bra & Full Brief How I lived fashion week inside out – created in collaboration with Intimo This editorial features: Roll Neck Top, Convertible Dress and intimates all by Intimo For one for whom sleep is impossible if one half of an earring pair has fallen behind the cabinet, many a whee hour in my life has been spent crouched in a corner with bent out clothes hanger in hand. And, perhaps an unconvincing excuse for rarely cleaning the house, the process of tidying must always start with an elaborate emptying and rearranging of every nook and cranny. For, the mere outward appearance of beauty alone has never impress the unforgiving yours truly. All desirable things can only be fully enjoyed from the inside out (and in most cases, the ‘out’ can be omitted altogether). Fashion week for a blogger (rightly or wrongly) is ruled by what to wear, and a look is surely inextricable from what is unseen underneath. Where stretched and disintegrating cotton whities will most certainly cancel out any magic of any oufit outfit, beautiful lingerie can be the very thing that makes a white shirt and jean ensemble quite […]

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Continuing my collaboration with LORDTIMEPIECES, I’ll have to admit I’m very happy we’ve formed an ongoing partnership. Not only have their beautiful designs enriched my timepiece collection but they’ve also given me food for thought, regarding my work and inspiration. I couldn’t thank them enough for that.     The outfit I chose for this post …

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The Quietly Spoken

Do you ever drool all over an item that you want to buy online for so long that by the time you go to buy it it’s sold out?  Blame the Libra in me but my lift long habit for procrastination has left me in feeling sorry for myself due to missing out on more than […]

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Half Way

Sometimes less is better than more right? .. white shirt: Isabelle Quinn  .  houndstooth pants: Loéil  .  black bag: Bally ‘Sommet’ .  shoes: Gucci Pearl Heels  .  gold earring: Sarina Suriano  .  sunglasses: Le Specs

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Open Doors

Last night I promised myself I would actually go to bed, when I went to bed but yet again it didn’t happen. I know that this may sound weird but in a recent conversation while lunching with my team during a shoot that we were producing, there was a serious number of offenders (myself included) who .. […]

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Sometimes you have friends that make very cool things so a standard ‘just casually walking down the street in my outfit‘ kind of post just wouldn’t cut it. My friends, if you haven’t already familiarised yourselves with Exhibit Store it’s about time.  One of my besties in the business YoYo Cao is the creator of this incredibly affordable […]

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Making the best of time when travelling

Making the best of time when travelling This editorial features: Cluse La Bohème classit watch in 38mm gold face and black stainless steel mesh band These the first weeks of 2017, I write to you, gloves and earmuffs at the ready, from a well-chilled Europe. My time piece choice of the moment, Cluse La Bohème with modern black stainless steel mesh band, befits perfectly the start of my fashion month travels from Pitti Uomo in Florence to Milano Moda Uomo (Milan Men’s Fashion Week). Stepping out bravely onto the road again leaves me facing the same licorice allsorts of delightful pleasures and trivial adversities that come with (at least my kind of) travel. Without fail, I set out with grand sweeping plans of doing all there is to do during a single trip. And therefore, I’m one for whom a regret for the misuse of time results in a different kind of morning-after-remorse altogether. But after many stress-filled trips of the past, fuelled by the fear of missing out, I am unfortunately no closer to the magical formula for making the best of travel time. However, there are three little strategies that I have come to trust to, if not save […]

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The Pyjama Traveler in Milan

The Pyjama Traveler in Milan Though to step out in one’s pyjamas is very un-Italian indeed. This editorial features: Silk Pyjama Shirt and Pant by Grana (use my code “JIAWAxGRANA” for 10% off, plus free shipping world wide) For a good many reasons, I always pack a pair (or two) of luxe silk pyjamas when I travel. On the one hand, it is for the simple practicality of sleeping with the softness of silk against the skin, and, on another – more supercilious – hand, to throw on for an impromptu photo-op in a luxurious interior, where a certain state of undress is warranted. Then, of course, there is the morning after the night before, where, in that very Italian way, the deliciously lengthy process of aperitif, dinner, and then drinks after (occasionally with a party in between) had progressed into the small hours, and one simply does not want to get dressed at all. However, the rub of it all is that, despite such elaborate evening activities, to step out in one’s pyjamas the next day, is very un-Italian indeed. The Milanese woman is closer to the patriarchal old world than many of their more progressive European counterparts (demonstrated also in […]

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Note to self.. life ain’t so much of a drag when you acquire yo-self a new bag. Friends meet my latest acquisition the Bally Sommet Bag.  Impeccably stylish, lightweight enough to carry a Hermione Granger-load of tricks, and so practical in it’s adjustable-strap functioning abilities that you virtually could live out of this bag and save yourself  the […]

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Hounds Toothed

Houndstooth is back baby.  Originating in Scotland in the early 1800’s and then embraced by the upper class in the 1930’s as a symbol of wealth, you might say that the canine christened print has had a ‘checkered’ past. With some of our favourite designers aka Dior, Balenciaga and Acne unleashing the.. eh-hem ‘hound’ in […]

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Comfort and luxury for day and night

Comfort and luxury for day and night Wearing: CLUSE Minuit Watch in Rose Gold case and Red Velvet strap Every Sophia Cappola movie I’ve seen – in my vein attempt at a quarter-life cultural education – has left me mildly bewildered in a want for closure (you too?). Even so, the image of Kirsten Dunst as a porcelain-skinned, waif-like Marie Antoinette as she lounged luxuriously in a duck egg blue chaise, and a cloud of her silk and taffeta skirts and rainbow array of pastries and cakes, has always represented ultimate #LifeGoals for yours truly. But does this not, you may be wondering, conflict with the philosophy of less is more and utilitarian aesthetic of luxe-minimalism that underpins the Beige Renegade world view? On the contrary, that ostensibly maximalist world of cakes for breakfast and gravity defying hairdos, in certain key facets, mirror the minimalist ideals of comfort and luxury. After all, what is luxury but the luxury of comfort? It’s a comfort of time, to float aimlessly in a wooden row boat  on a sunny afternoon; of space, to move at whim through many-chambered palaces; and of indulgence, in every joy-brining enterprise one desires (cake related or otherwise). It is, therefore, self-evident, in my opinion, that luxury and comfort […]

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Your New Year’s Work Capsule Wardrobe

6 Steps to your New Year’s work capsule wardrobe Wearing: Black Long Coat, Olive Coat & Olive Pants – Uniqlo x Carin Roitfeld Collection | T-shirt – Isabel Marant | Bag – Givenchy “Antigona” | Gold Boots – Office If office farewell cards are the informative plaques of one’s achievements, then mine from my first job were frivolous indeed – ‘Good luck, we loved your outfits’ was a neatly penned sentiment I remember quite distinctly. Even leaving aside any aspersions as to my effectiveness as a lawyer vis-à-vis my sartorial feats, this one-liner was doubly curious as it came from that pretty girl in coms. Said girl, by her stereotype-affirming pencil skirt and stiletto heel uniform, I gathered would have thought of my minimalist aesthetic as nothing other than matronly. That is not to say, of course, that I cared any less about my appearance in the office. My focus, rather than to wow my co-workers with one punchy look after another, was simply to maintain an effective work capsule wardrobe that for instant morning prep. This, it seemed, was the object of admiration for the PR girls in cubicles adjacent. When it comes to workwear, it’s not always easy to […]

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The Christmas Jumper

The Christmas Jumper Wearing: J.W. Anderson Tie Wrist Jumper – Farfetch In a time where wearing the out-of-style, in irony will certainly lead to sartorial triumph, our desires have been rekindled for the likes of the tacky applique jeans of the 90s and the matronly pleated skirts of the 20s. So too, in recent years, the Christmas jumper, with their red nosed snow men and Santa caricatures, once only worn to humour your great aunt’s tedious handiwork, has experienced a similar camp revival. It is a phenomenon where something is so uncool that, after all attempts to take it seriously have dissipated, it is jubilantly plucked out of the charity shop discount bin as the new cool. Similarly, re-watching the scene where Bridget dismisses Darcy’s reindeer jumper offhand, you suddenly find yourself in need of one just like it, to wear with your favourite Vetements jeans. As for my little Christmas present to myself this year, I nabbed from Farfetch, my own Christmas jumper of sorts. As we’re on the subject of irony, enter J.W. Anderson its applique jumper with seemingly randomly placed bows that immediately brought to mind the plethora of kitchy jumpers of my youth, and a khaki […]

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The Holiday

It’s nearly over peeps, the end of the year is nigh!  Hopefully right now you’re enjoying some sloshy end of year drinks with your work buddies and packing that well worn suitcase for another hard earned end of year adventure. When I think about holidays in a fashion sense, I like to think of myself […]

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The art of shopping and other silk truths

The Art of Shopping and Other Silk Truths Wearing: Silk Classic Shirt, Silk Culottes & Silk V-Neck Slip Dress, all by Grana (use my code “JIAWAxGRANA” for 10% off, plus free shipping world wide) Like many childhood lessons I now wish I had not half ignored, tiresome market days with a gaggle of my Chinese aunties now seem to me as some heroinic training in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon vein. By this, the art of shopping passed from master to pupil: the rules of engagement between vendor and haggler; a nose for retail gems in a clutter of street hawkers. For example, that the true price is always at least half of the quote, that packaging does not always reflect quality (and vice versa), and that one should always inspect the whole market before buying. Silk, which originated in ancient China, will always to the Chinese be the stuff of royalty. It is no wonder the women of my family are versed in every skill of rooting out the lesser imitations. Regarding any clothing tag with utter suspicion, garments must first satisfy the thumb-and-forefinger rub. Then, it is inspected at within millimeters of a bespectacled nose, where, reputedly, gleams the […]

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Party Starter

Just a little FYI on the fly, this is how one gets ready for an event with Tiffany.  Well actually not just any event but the Tiffany VIP Summer Launch Party, dress code ‘Cocktail and Kicks’.. oh and a hit of Tiffany T for good measure .. x dress: Zimmermann  .  necklace:  Tiffany T  .  sneakers: Celine

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How to afford designer pieces (practically)

How to afford designer pieces (practically) With a little help from FWRD’s 3 day 25% off Australian sale: use code “GIFTFWRD” Wearing: LPA ‘58’ Embroidered Leather Jacket | LPA ‘25’ Bodysuit | Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic | Cropped Flared Pants – all up to 25% at FWRD Growing up, the much anticipated pastel icing sponge cake, that was deemed, for both budgetary and dental reasons, as being for birthdays only, made for little 10-year-old girl dreams come true. Twenty odd years later, my aspirations have scaled somewhat. For anyone who scoffs at the thought of dropping 4 digits for a pair of shoes, I offer this explanation, one that may well explain away every borderline unwholesome fixation of an enthusiast. What more is there to fulfilment in life than the trilling journey through discovery, desire, deprivation and finally, attainment? Concupisco Ergo Sum; I covet, therefore I am. With FWRD launching its altogether unprecedented up to 25% off the entire site  today, (using code “GIFTFWRD”) I’ve partnered with them to share with you my tips on how to afford designer pieces, and to do it practically. 1Collect less, but better things Firstly, let’s reassess the concept of ‘affordability’. This question is sometimes […]

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Free Reign

There’s this lady called Isabelle Quinn, she’s a new kid on the block with a knack for crafting soft linens and cool silks in the way that you watch the washing float in the breeze. Except Isabelle’s pieces are far too good to just watch drying in the breeze.. white silk wrap dress: Isabelle Quinn […]

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