WEARING: H&M SKIRT, PRIMARK BLOUSE, ALEXANDER WANG BOOTS, DUFFYBAG X MINI TOTE BAG AND RAYBAN AVIATORS And with this shoot I’m wrapping up the collaboration I did with/for DUFFYBAG X MINI. A long but fun day of shooting in Amsterdam together with an old and new friend! We sure had some laughs and panic attacks, but in the end it was all worth it! PS: For all the non-colour lovers, it’s also comes in black. ;)


WEARING: ZARA LEATHER JACKET AND RIPPED JEANS, PRIMARK BLOUSE, ISABEL MARANT ‘ANDREW’ BOOTS AND PS11 TINY BAG The baby bump haven’t disappeared, don’t you worry, these photos are just very old. Took them when I was about 13 weeks pregnant, but decided not to publish these until the word was out. In these photos you can definitely tell that my body was already changing, and during that period I felt a bit insecure about my mini bump. I mean, if you see me now, you can definitely tell that I’m pregnant. But in the first 16 weeks or so you could easily think that I just had eaten too many burgers. (haha)


WEARING: GESTUZ LEATHER TRACK TROUSERS, HM TREND TANK TOP, PRIMARK DENIM BLOUSE, ALEXANDER WANG ‘FABIANA’ HEELS AND PS11 MINI / 19 WEEKS Oops. This shoot is already from 5 weeks ago, but completely forgot to publish it. But better late than never, right?


I think it’s about 15 years ago when I was rocking my Palladium Pampa boots to highschool. All the cool girls were wearing them that school year, so of course I had to have my own pair as well. Such a trendsetter (haha!). After that hype I kind of forgot all about Palladium. Until now. Because they are back! And with an awesome worldwide campaign. Of course Amsterdam is represent as well. In this #ExploreYourCity video you will discover places in Amsterdam that only the insiders know. So put on your Palladium boots and go exploring!