Chain Reaction

It was just Diana Ross who found herself in a chain reaction.  Thanks to the new beginnings for Daniel Lee at the helm of Bottega Veneta and the dawn of a new era and obsession for Philofiles aroud the globe, a chain reaction has commenced and it’s one that we’re haphy to watch unfold. After

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Polka Face

Every cinderella has her glass slipper and every fairy tale should have a happy ending.  Four months ago I saw this magical heel on Ada Kokosar’s instagram and I could have happily swapped my night in shining armour for this baby along with all of my vital organs. If you don’t really know Ada it’s

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The Battaglia Effect

It may just be a coincidence or perhaps even fate, but something was drawing me to Italy and it wasn’t just Venice. Sara Battaglia might be Giovanna Battaglia’s little sister (Editor in chief of Italian W mag and more infamously credited as being one of the worlds most papped street style stars) but she is

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The Conie

  Never met a Rejina Pyo pump I didn’t like… SHOP OUR CURRENT FAVOURITE MULES

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The Go-To

It’s midweek and I’m feeling informal, for me this means tagging my best friends into cat memes, reggae in my car on the way to the coffee shop, unbrushed hair, and jeans with tweed my lazy day reliable go-to. Let’s not give up all together here though right?  A girl working in fashion needs to

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Floating On A Cloud

The 1st of October 2017 for me was not just any old birthday, it was also the day that I was honoured with the privilege of attending my first Céline show inside of the cloud like bubble installed at the Tennis Club of Paris. Late 70’s and early 80’s references featured strongly throughout the show, hitting […]

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  I feel utterly obliged to share with you my must have shoe of the month… Let me introduce to you a simple yet radical brand know by the name Neous. Designed to fit seamlessly into the modern women’s life… I’ll take one in black and red please xx SHOP NEOUS BELOW

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Shades of Clay

A color I’ve been seeing more of lately, including here on the blog, and a color I suspect we will be seeing much more of in the coming months. Here are a few I’ve liked recently:Lizzie Fortunato fringed earrings Terra-cotta candle holder from Odem Ate…

Geometric By Nature

It’s no secret that I’m a shoe girl, but in all honesty who isn’t?  Thankfully footwear is one part of our wardrobe that’s not negotiable, not that we needed any extra encouragement anyway. Thankfully as the female of the species we attract the added exception that footwear is an extension of our personality, I mean you don’t need […]

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Fetishistic Feel

  The Balenciaga Knife boot has a little sister and she sure packs a hell of a punch .. Knife satin point-toe mules: Balenciaga

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The Quietly Spoken

Do you ever drool all over an item that you want to buy online for so long that by the time you go to buy it it’s sold out?  Blame the Libra in me but my lift long habit for procrastination has left me in feeling sorry for myself due to missing out on more than […]

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The Holiday

It’s nearly over peeps, the end of the year is nigh!  Hopefully right now you’re enjoying some sloshy end of year drinks with your work buddies and packing that well worn suitcase for another hard earned end of year adventure. When I think about holidays in a fashion sense, I like to think of myself […]

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5 mid heel ankle boots

From the last post I shared a few things I liked and mentioned that I’ve been hunting for ankle boots, so I thought I’d share with you some that I’ve been looking for, all with a mid sized heel. When I was younger I remember my mom would explain that f…

Fall Is For (Faux) Fur

How to wear the faux fur trend fall winter 2016. Minimal fall fashion inspiration. Minimal style blogger. Zign leather sneakers. Hay tray table inspiration


Hi everyone! This week has been slow start but I’m breaking away from talking about interiors for a moment because I have a fun giveaway for a $100 giftcard with Famous Footwear, which you can enter on Instagram by following me and @famousfootwear. Also because who doesn’t love/need shoes, right?

Giveaway lasts for 24 hours so go comment and good luck. :)

Socks are from COS and culottes from Zara.

Thank you to Famous Footwear for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

5 minimal flats

Flats have become a staple in my wardrobe since becoming a mom. I used to love wearing heals before kids and didn’t mind enduring the pain or blisters because honestly I felt a bit more confident and appreciated the added height. It’s not that having kids means you can’t wear what you want, you just quickly see how some clothes, shoes can create extra work or slow you down, like heels.

Here are 5 minimal flats you can wear from now into Fall and no kids necessary. ;)

COS slip on leather shoes | Martiniano glove shoe | Yvonne Koné pointy ballerina flats | Zara slides with bow | Mansur Gavriel ballerina

Boot Camp

You don’t need to be Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz to prove that a good pair of shoes can change your life.  To be honest I’ve always been a shoe person, just take a look inside my wardrobe and you’ll see that if you’re anything like me, shoes take a priority over most things […]

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rusty mules / this week’s reading material

This week has made caring out time to post a special struggle so for those who saw my blank scheduled post earlier this week I apologize! I will get that edited and reposted asap.
It took 2 days for me to even remember it was on the calendar and then seeing I had left it blank well, it just felt a little bit embarrassing! Regardless I’m back and while it’s been a little quiet on the blog the past few days I have some exciting news coming up from something I’ve been working for months on. I hate to leave you hanging but once I have proper photos and more details I will be sure to share them.

Last night my husband and I had some spare time alone, a very rare thing, so we went to the bookstore. I picked up the newest issue of Kinfolk and he had to have the ‘livability’ issue of Monocle. Then this morning my rust colored suede mules had arrived because we are going to LA next month and I just thought I needed these for the trip. Every time I travel there is this little voice telling me that something more than my usual “mom in sneakers” look is probably a good idea.

Along with the mules was a book I had purchased last week, Morandi’s Objects. I thumbed through it very quickly because sometimes buying a book online is a little like buying a box of chocolates but so far so good.

I’ve been reading fiction novels in the evening after the kids are in bed but during the day and when I’m in need of inspiration or just need something other than a sink full of bowls lined in oatmeal and little cups of leftover milk to look at, I try to keep my shelves stocked in artsy/design related printed materials. Also the cover is beautiful, so there’s that too.

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workout gear basics / Reebok x FACE Stockholm

This week I tried hot yoga for the first time. It was brutal. I was a panting, slippery mess and the last 30 minutes my head was consumed with the thought of running out the room doors, down the stairs and to my care never to return again! I resisted though and endured until the bitter, sweaty, HOT end with not much more than a soaked towel, empty water bottle and blotchy red face to show for it.
After about 10 minutes though I started to feel pretty good and I’m going again (can you believe it?!) later this week.
I decided to try hot yoga after because I feel like I’ve plateaued. After having the kids and going through some rough personal things, I really packed on the pounds and haven’t felt at all like myself as a result. In January I started attending hour long interval training classes with 30 mins of cardio combined with 30 mins of strength training. I love it! It’s a one-stop-shop for the total body and I leave feeling exhausted but invigorated. Sadly though, after 6 months of these classes 3-4 times a week I’m just not seeing the progress I want. Not one to give up on the goal I have of resembling my post baby self I decided to try incorporating yoga one or twice a week. It’s too soon to report on any progress but if it goes well I’ll let you know.

When I’m really lacking in motivation to go I try to envision the way I want to look and feel, strong and healthy and lean. On bad days though, or weak days, I need something more and nothing motivates me like new workout gear (hello white yoga mat)! Nothing. So I treated myself to new shoes (which I actually really needed) which are a result of a Reebok & FACE Stockholm collaboration. They are in the faintest mint color with a sort of retro shape and I think I’m going to wear them around even when I don’t intend to work out.

I keep it very simple when I workout with a hair elastic and water bottle and sometimes my Nike Fuel + band. I also don’t wear any make up but I hate dry lips so I always, ALWAYS smear a bit of this La Bruket coconut oil lip balm on my lips. It’s so nourishing and light and smells wonderful. You can see it’s been well use as I’ve rubbed most of the label off now. Also these invisibobble hair fasteners work really well with my long wavy hair and don’t slip out mid run, which is actually a big deal for me.
Hopefully this will give you some good ideas for workout essentials which will in turn give you more motivation to power through your workouts!

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What’s In My Summer Shoedrobe?

ATP Atelier Rosa Sandals in Black Leather Woman by Common Projects Original Achilles Low Whistles Richmond Nude Suede Pumps (sold out in nude, black here) Robert Clergerie Vicolek Raffia Flatforms Moda in Pelle Pinero Wedge Sandals Moda in Pelle recently asked me if I would share my summer ‘shoedrobe’. It’s not something I would have […]

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Best alternative shoes for sandals. Slip-in mule shoe trend. Leather braided slippers. The beach people paloma towel. Minimalist style summer essentials


Grandma shoes trend. Granny chic. Spring 2016 must-have shoes. Pumps with mid-heels. SS16 fashion trends. Scandinavian style inspired. Minimal style blogger

Everyday Boots

More affordable alternative Acne Studios Jensen boots

The best winter ankle boots

Suede ankle boots

New In: Arigato

Black sneakers

Ostrich leather

Minimalist sneaker product photography


I am really excited to share with you, that this beautiful Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in sand colour is soon coming my way! At the beginning, I was a bit anxious and uncomfortable with the colour and the fact that it’s gonna be big and not just a small cross body bag like the one I …

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Mansur Gavriel will be introducing shoes for Spring 2016. From platform mules to flats in a array of bold beautiful colors. FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / BLOGLOVIN’ 

Circle Work

We all love a classic clean look but this season it’s all about the addition of just the right mix of hardware.  Take a cue from Stella McCartney or Chloe to enable you to stand out from the crowd.. sometimes it’s ok to be a square peg in a round hole .. black blazer: Topshop  . […]

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High Line

Sometimes it takes a male’s perspective to highlight the beauty in the female form.  Think artists such as the Impressionist’s, even Henri Matisse for example, a modernist in his own right with a long affinity for bringing to light new ways of observing the female form.   In a more current setting and in my own opinion […]

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Snake Oil

Breaking from the routine of owning 4000 pairs of black shoes, I must admit that I was proud of myself the other day when I came across these python beauties from Isabel Marant.  Not really what you’d call a colourful shoe, but with an A+ in the personality stakes all the way, the python ankle […]

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Pyjama Party

Maybe it’s because of the lack of sleep that I’ve been having lately and thought of wearing a slinky silk 2 piece is just too good not to resist.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that only a designer with the sophisticated foresight of Kym Ellery could create a satiny twin set that would have us all […]

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Grey Kicks

I have been wearing my Adidas kicks a lot in the past few weeks and I definitely haven’t tired of them yet. But when I saw these light grey sneakers I instantly fell in love. They still create the same who cares effect like the white Stan Smiths when combined

suede slip ons

Even though I can already see the kids stepping on my toes in these and marking up the dove grey suede, I still think I could find a way to fit them into my life.

Slide Tracked

Ok so I might be a little over excited by the fact that my Givenchy slides just arrived, but sometimes you have to celebrate the little things.. good things always come in small packages .. x

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So Real

Current accoutrements on high rotation .. Black Lace Bra: Fleur Of England  .  Oxford Shoes: Camilla & Marc  .  Black Clutch: YSL  .  Body Cream: Grown Alchemist  .  Black Watch: Larsson Jennings  .  Marble Phone Case: The Dairy  .  Jewellery: Celine + Stella & Bow  .  Studded Wallet: YSL  .  Sunglasses: Dior

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Givenchy Slides

The slide has become a wardrobe staple to more than one of my non-believer friends and additionally an integral part of this girls last minute lazy footwear decisions.  Good news is Givenchy have delivered these little babies at a tantalisingly affordable price that even your penny savvy granny could afford .. snap these girls up […]

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CARVEN Shoes (More here) / LEVI’S Vintage Denim (Similar here) FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / BLOGLOVIN’ 

Cady Slide Sandals

Cady Slide Sandals in Black – Sol Sana I love my new Cady slide sandals by Australian footwear brand, Sol Sana. They’re a bit more minimalist than the Birkenstocks I often run around in, with no buckles and being completely black. The double strap feels more secure too, my Birkenstocks have just a single strap. […]

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The Crazies

Remember I talked about those snakeprint shoes earlier this week? As you may have noticed, I was actually wearing them in that look, but since they didn’t get a close-up I wanted to give them their own post. Because, actually, I don’t think they’re all that crazy at all (unless

Top 5 Lace-Up Pointy Flats

Five of the best black lace-up pointy toe flats 1. Aquazzura – Christy lace-up flats | 2. Michael Kors Collection – Kallie Runway lace-up leather flat | 3. Office – Low Down Ghillie lace-up (also in red) | 4. Stuart Weitzman – Gilligan Flat | 5. Alejandro Inglemo – Franca Flat (available soon) For those […]

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the street shoe

Must-have shoes from Everlane, a blend of equal parts loafer and sneaker.


ACNE STUDIOS Sandal (Similar here) / EVERLANE Pants

My new favorite from Acne Studios


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J. CREW MulesThe perfect flat. I think I’ll be needing these in more than one color.JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST /&nbs…


ZARA Sneakers (Similar here)


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