Best Street Style Looks of PFW Spring 2019

I have to admit that even though I’m tired of fashion month just by sitting on my couch (attending the craze for even just a week was enough for me) and that I don’t really enjoy seeing the same faces over and over again on the street styl…

Best Street Style Looks of MFW Spring 2019

Milan, the city of extremely well dressed elderly and unbelievably boring youth that suddenly (and luckily) goes into hiding during fashion week and making way for stylish crowds. That’s all I learned in my year living there; don’t expect …

Best Street Style Looks of LFW Spring 2019

It’s been almost 9 years since I started working in fashion (and about 13 since I got really passionate about it) and I still don’t get why London Fashion Week doesn’t get the credit it deserves from the fashion crowd. Besides being …

Best Street Style Looks of NYFW Spring 2019

After a (veery) long hiatus from the blog caused by vacations, personal problems and general laziness (sorry) I’m back with sharing the thing I like sharing the most: fashion week street style!
One thing I’d like to note about this particu…

Travel Guide: 3 Days In Venice

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drifted off into a day dream and found myself wandering through the streets of Venice… Venice has always been right at the top of my list, but somehow I’ve never quite made it. … When I was a little girl my grandparents returned from a cruise through

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Best Street Style Looks of PFW Fall 2018

Almost as if everyone knew of the importance of being at last fashion week that will host a Céline collection that came out of hands of Phoebe Philo (it was an interim collection but you could see Phoebe all over it), the streets were like a homage to…

Best Street Style Looks of MFW Fall 2018

Me being away on vacation and still trying to keep up with all the runway shows & street style looks every single night made me wonder something I haven’t given much thought before. Why am I doing this, when street style isn’t necessar…

Best Street Style Looks of LFW Fall 2018

If you haven’t started wearing crazy colors and overload tartan print already, I can assure you that even the most minimalist of you will be intrigued after scrolling through London Fashion Week street style for a while. I know I do!
Oh and cowb…

Best Street Style Looks of NYFW Fall 2018

This February, for the first time in 8 years, I decided to go to a fashion week after I received numerous invitations from amazing shows and even though I was only there for the last 4 days and it rained like hell on my one full fashion day, I really …

Best Street Style Looks of Paris Couture Spring 2018

I remember the time when haute couture fashion week was my least favorite in terms of street style scene because everyone felt the need to dress accordingly and some of them looked like they ran out of their *very* fancy prom. Then, after a couple of …

The Patriot

If you’re not the girl who lives in Paris, you’re most likely me … yep that’s right that girl who imagines that she lives there. On the weekends I order croissants, when I leave my makeup on at night I like to reason that it’s ok because it’s so very French no? And I can […]

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                            The cause behind STANDFOR INITIATIVE ‘S One Gender campaign is subtle yet strong.     The cause behind STANDFOR INITIATIVE ‘S One Gender campaign is subtle yet strong. Having passed the 2018 threshold it’s only fair and logical not to discuss …

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Best Street Style Looks of MFW Spring 2018

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Milan and fashion in the same sentence? While for most people it’s heritage or leather or stuff like that, for me it’s always PRINTS. Followed by COLOR. And preferably a stylish mix of both; head to toe reds, prints over prints. Lots of sexy pumps walking the same streets with a parade of masculine sandals. If you need inspiration to get out of your style rut for the upcoming fall, here are my favorite picks of Milan Fashion Week street style! image sources: the impression, the cut, fashionista,, Save Save Save Save Save

Best Street Style Looks of LFW Spring 2018

Two down, two more to go – the fashion week that’s the least cared about (despite giants like Burberry and stars like JW Anderson, Joseph, Rejina Pyo and so on; I don’t know why people still don’t take London seriously – to me it’s a lot more relevant than NY lately) is over now leaving a pile of Gucci fanny packs, mid-length dresses styled in not such a feminine way (my favorite!) and lots of blazers. Best of best from London Fashion Week street style coming your way! image sources: the impression, fashionista,,, the cut Save Save Save

Best Street Style Looks of NYFW Spring 2018

The last thing I needed during a “we moved, we traveled so now we have to save a little” period was a fashion week that pushed me further and further to shopping with its street style scene but I guess we all knew it was coming. Even my husband knew it was coming. When it’s fashion week he just lets me be, possibly praying I’ll just stare and not try to buy every single thing on every single gorgeous woman. So far the damage is manageable but we have 3 more weeks so who knows what other piece I’ll attack next. More sock boots (more being the operative word here)? Printed long dresses? Polka dots? Balenciaga pointed toes or Celine toe cap sandals? A friend that I can twin with? Thank god I already have a fanny pack and biker shorts… The list goes on and on, so do the photos of best street style looks from NYFW and here they are, all 90 of them. image sources: the impression, the cut,,, fashionista …

Best Street Style Looks of CFW Spring 2018

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog to a point where social services may take it away from me until I prove I can still be a good and responsible parent to it; I apologize to anyone who actually cares about it. BUT, even with all the moving/vacation craze, I wouldn’t (couldn’t) miss Copenhagen Fashion Week: my favorite of all non-major fashion weeks. The street style is as unique as the runway itself, crazy vibrant and always inspiring; makes you want to wear color over color. Even worse, makes you want to look forward to Autumn! image sources: vogue, harper’s bazaar, the cut, sandra semburg, fashionista Save


What’s better on the list than a weekend designer shopping at reduced prices with your girlfriend? McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond is just a couple of hours drive from Amsterdam towards the South of Holland. So I say, if you live in The Netherlands, Belgium, North of Germany or you’re visiting any of these places on holiday.. […]

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Since we have to put up with the fact that summer doesn’t last forever, if you, like me, live in the Netherlands.. One of the good things is the arrivals of the new collections so we can start the fall shopping! Scotch & Soda is always one of the first stores I check when shopping […]

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Gabrielle & I

Note to self:  Everything goes with Chanel. When Mr Lagerfeld, the 30yr strong brand architect of the Chanel juggernaut launched the Chanel ‘Gabrielle’ Bag via the Spring Summer 2017 Ready To Wear runway show, there were gasps from the audience.  Gasps because the world has been waiting since Spring 2012 for the fashion house to release a new major handbag […]

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We’ve almost made it to summer (yayy!), and so it’s time to think what we will be wearing on holiday and those long summer days. You know I hardly wear colours but this SS17 got me to love some pink splashes here and there. I thought of rounding up for you the 5 top pink […]

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Without a doubt, denim is my sartorial best friend. Every season I continue to add my collection new washes and cuts. This spring, it’s all about the high waist with details: frayed hem and embroidery taking it to the next level. Today, I am showing you two denim looks – one more chic and one […]

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Best of Coachella 2017

I’ve given up on indie-rock-pop music festivals approximately 2 years ago when I had the worst time at Osheaga and realized I was the only one bored because I was the only one there for the music (and was not high) and didn’t care at all about how I looked. Ever since the first time I went to a rock music festival (I was 17) I’m all about “Will I be able to pee comfortably in this?” “Will I get sunburns in this?” “Is there enough space in my tent for this?” “Will my feet hurt in this after 15 hours standing up?” so girls in flower crowns and white crochet dresses with sandals or boys showing off their six packs in trucker hats that attend the entire festival (whereas I buy tickets to only the days I’m interested in) but have no clue about the music started to freak me out. I’m still attending rock festivals where we dance and jump in dust all day and eventually sleep in our car at night, but …


Normally Easter period means to me going through my closet and do a big closet clean out to decide what to toss from the previous seasons. Obviously to make space for new summer clothes! It can be difficult to let go of pretty things that once made our heart flutter.. Am I right?! Let’s be […]

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Trend: Tonal

It’s no secret that adopting a tonal colour palette is one of 2017’s biggest trends. The seemingly minimalist trend emphasises a new modern aesthetic, complemented by sophisticated and delicately manipulated forms. Perfectly proportioned layering, with a focus on simple shapes and emphasised structure holds the key to mastering the mixed shades of neutral, along with the pairing of different textures […]

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Best Street Style Looks of PFW Fall 2017

Fashion month is finally over and despite not getting off my couch for even a second this whole time, I’m exhausted. But luckily it all ends with Paris so we are left with lots and lots of Balenciaga and Céline in our minds, to keep it going for the months to come. My one trend takeaway from the whole thing though: if you ever bought two different colors of the same shoe just because you like it so much and have always felt guilty, now is your time to flaunt both of them at the same time with no guilt. For more inspiration (because we won’t be getting a new batch of street style looks until June) here are my favorite 90 looks from Paris Fashion Week. image sources: the impression, harper’s bazaar, the cut, collage vintage, style du monde, vogue es, vogue fr Save Save Save Save

Run On

As I write this I’m currently sitting at the International Airport terminal awaiting my flight for Paree for PFW Autumn Winter 17.  I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief it is to be sitting here right now after the week I’ve had.  With a team of 5 on the ground this season, […]

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Best Street Style Looks of MFW Fall 2017

If there’s one upside of being stuck to bed not going out at all sick, it’s spending hours and hours watching SATC on repeat and scrolling through street style photos all day long with no guilt at all. Don’t get me wrong, I do it on a regular non-sick fashion month too, only this time I don’t feel like screaming “get a life Elif!”. Anyways, as Paris Fashion Week approaches and inspiration is piling up, my many many shopping carts on multiple websites are overflowing. In terms of inspiration that will influence your spring/fall shopping, there are two major take outs from Milan Fashion Week streets: 1) pink and orange explosion (which I personally can’t get behind) 2) Gucci and suits (this I definitely can get behind). image sources: the cut, the impression, collage vintage, style du monde, harper’s bazaar,,, refinery29 Save

New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall Recap

New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter – femininity, feminism, and a brutally beautiful city New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter: the homeostasis of the bumble bee hum of tool-belted makeup artists and the nonchalant, carrot grazing of model gazelles was intermittently cut through by the bitey Brooklyn accent of a zealous female security guard. Such commands as “Step back!” “Let the models through!” and “Get away from mah door!” were barked, unceremoniously, at the throng of photographers who – despite one pointedly reminding all that he had not one, but two, Vogue accreditations – had been waiting peevishly for the best of an hour for their call to shoot ‘first looks’ at TOME NYC. But this was, as it turned out, only the white noise prelude to the veritable warzone that then ensued, as front of house was finally opened, and we found ourselves caught in the crossfire of cameras shuttering, lights flashing, and vying voices which had finally lost all their cool. TOME’s Fall 2017 collection, unabashed in its activism, challenged the sartorial language of femininity. This was expressed through men’s cuts with detailing that implied the naked female figure, tailored contouring that refused to be fully fitted, and […]

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Best Street Style Looks of LFW Fall 2017

Despite being the least favorite fashion week of many – and therefore the one that’s taken the least seriously by fashion industry – London Fashion Week always manages to deliver with the street style thanks to big European guns like Camille Charriere, Lucy Williams, Pandora Sykes, Hedvig Opshaug and so on. It was a breath of fresh (and hot) air after frigid NYC and a subtle and quotidian transition to Milan and color/print extravaganza, with so many seasonal and next-seasonal inspirational looks. Here are my 75 favorite street style looks from LFW… image sources: the impression, the cut, style du monde, collage vintage,,, harper’s bazaar, fashionista, wwd Save Save Save

Best Street Style Looks of NYFW Fall 2017

Fashion weeks usually make me really happy, despite all the “circus” leading up to fights between bloggers and editors (that I find really, really lame of editors btw), I look forward to fresh inspiration from runways and streets. However this time New York Fashion Week kind of made me sad when I saw all these amazing women looking just as fine even during horrible winter conditions, something which I always claim is the reason why I look like crap in winter. Apparently it’s not winter, it’s me. Here’s hoping these 100 best looks from NYFW starring Ramya Giangola and Jan Michael Quammie will light a fire in me. image sources: the impression, the cut, harper’s bazaar, refinery29, fashionista, vogue fr, vogue es, style du monde, wwd Save Save Save Save

Best of Couture Week Street Style

Normally I find the fashion calendar deeply disappointing every year in the sense that couture week comes after menswear fashion weeks – street style vise – because I don’t like the transition from real street looks of natural menswear styling to over the top couturesque looks. However this year Demna Gvasalia effect was so dominant even the couture week streets were filled with puffer jackets. In fact puffer jackets were all there is, to a point of absurdity, but no complaints here. sources: collage vintage, the cut, harper’s bazaar, the impression, style du monde Save Save

Best Street Style From Menswear Fashion Weeks

I may have been away from the blog for a while for personal reasons (mixed with “I can’t pose under this winter conditions anymore” feelings – though you can still follow my daily looks on Instagram) but don’t think for a second that I’m away from my laptop, the internet or the fashion world in general. Since I’m nuts about menswear and especially menswear styling (hint: oversized stuff and layering magic), I have been religiously following menswear fashion weeks (London, Milan and Paris) and that of course includes the street style scenes from the shows. My favorite looks from 3 cities ahead, both men and women, all in one place! sources: vogue, the impression, style du monde, the cut, wwd, team peter stigter Save Save Save

Trend: Power Dressing

The latest runway seasons, editorials and street style fashion have seen a renewal of our obsession for power dressing. Featured in Prince of Wales check, herringbone, or houndstooth wool, the trend adopts a more relaxed approach to power dressing. Undoubtedly influenced by the excess and menswear inspired trends of the 1980’s, (see Giorgio Armani’s 1980s suiting), the trend can […]

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Around The World

I may not be around as much as I used to and publish a post every single day like before but don’t you think for a single second that I gave up street style, or spending hours online checking out fashion weeks. Street style is my drug – let it be Pinterest boards, style blogs or fashion week snaps, I can’t live without it. And I can’t not share it with you, especially now that I have so many beautiful looks stored from around the world: best of Moscow, Kiev, Seoul and Tbilisi fashion weeks ladies and gentlemen. image sources: vogue, the cut, wwd Save

Trend: Tied Up

Wrap it, knot it, thread it, tie it.  We’ll take our new favourite pieces gently restrained, attractive and subtly complicated right now .. just like how we love our men .. Vogue  .  W Magazine  .  Interview Magazine  .  The Gentlewoman  .  Marni  .  Jacquemus  .  Celine  .  Ellery  .  Proenza Schouler  .  Raquel Allegra […]

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6 styles we loved from PFW street style SS17

6 styles we loved from Paris Fashion Week street style SS17 The season’s key looks are equally defined by the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week and the street style outside the shows. This year street style gave the industry plenty to fall in love with and plenty to play with for the months ahead. Paris Fashion Week street style was all about the detail – both in the clothes and the accessories paired with them, in that uniquely Parisian chic vibe. The focus was on understated glam, relying upon a few key pieces to take looks to the next level. We spy flat shoes, statement skirts, micro-bags, balance creating coats and just enough texture and colour mixed in for the perfect street style recipe. 1 All about flats Fashion’s tendency to favour sky high heels seems a distant past at Paris Fashion Week as the practical, but never boring, flat proved its power. Everything from brogues, loafers, slippers, slides, block kitten heels and low boots were everywhere to be seen. A statement flat will be the focal point of the outfit, so pair with just above the ankle slacks of cigarette pants to make sure they aren’t missed, otherwise, take advantage of […]

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Best of PFW S/S 2017 Street Style

Please let me know if it had the same effect on you as it did on me but ever since the beginning of Paris Fashion Week with fantastic street style looks and even more amazing collections (such as Céline, Louis Vuitton, Jacquemus, Balenciaga etc), I’ve been shopping (and therefore selling) more than ever. I felt the immediate need to update my entire – too classic, too minimal, too comfortable – wardrobe and get plaid jackets, long sleeved sweaters, heeled boots, stirrup trousers (yep, they’re back), asymmetrical skirts as far as the eye can see and basically anything metallic or knit that will help me layer the shit out of my clothes. Anyways here are 130 of the best looks from PFW streets because if I’m going down, I’m taking everybody with me. image sources: vogue,, collage vintage, harper’s bazaar, fashionista, the impression, the cut, wwd, style du monde Save Save Save

Best of MFW S/S 2017 Street Style

There is one thing remarkably characteristic about Milan fashion week street style, something that distinguishes the city deemed out of touch by many from the other major fashion capitals, and that is the overwhelming dominance of Italian women. You never see the same example in New York with American women, in London with British women or in Paris with Parisian women (I love how Paris is like a country on its own) – fashion weeks are occupied by bloggers and editors from around the world but in Milan, it’s always about Italians. Case in point: Gilda Ambrosio, Giorgia Tordini, Linda Tol and Erika Boldrin ruled MFW so much that no one will remember anyone else but them, and maybe Yoyo Cao. image sources: vogue, the cut, the impression, harper’s bazaar, fashionista, refinery29, style du monde, edited by asia typek,, Save Save Save Save Save

Best of MFW S/S 2017

There is one thing remarkably characteristic about Milan fashion week street style, something that distinguishes the city deemed out of touch by many from the other major fashion capitals, and that is the overwhelming dominance of Italian women. You never see the same example in New York with American women, in London with British women or in Paris with Parisian women (I love how Paris is like a country on its own) – fashion weeks are occupied by bloggers and editors from around the world but in Milan, it’s always about Italians. Case in point: Gilda Ambrosio, Giorgia Tordini, Linda Tol and Erika Boldrin ruled MFW so much that no one will remember anyone else but them, and maybe Yoyo Cao. image sources: vogue, the cut, the impression, harper’s bazaar, fashionista, refinery29, style du monde, edited by asia typek,, Save Save Save Save

Best of LFW S/S 2017 Street Style

There’s one mystery I can’t seem to resolve about fashion and cities: when I was living in Milan 6 years ago, I hated the way people dressed on the streets. I wasn’t inspired by anyone, I couldn’t even find 5 people to shoot as an assignment for the school. Then I visited my best friend in London for 3 days and I lost my mind, especially around Portobello Market, I wanted to personally thank people for being so stylish and inspiring. From that moment on London became “the” fashion city in my mind with a natural and unique sense of style. The thing I can’t understand is the fashion week street style scene of London when that creativity disappears completely and turns into Oxford Circus at night if it wasn’t for some of the A-list bloggers and editors. Either the actual London folk hide away from fashion people or the photographers don’t know what to take photos of because I refuse to believe London got boring. Anyways, I could fish out 65 good looks from …

Best of NYFW S/S 2017 Street Style

Started off as a boring one but made the ending with some splash (and dreadlocks on white girls, and floral dresses, and sequins, and gold shoes and looots and lots of Vans sneakers that makes this fashion week somewhat relatable) New York Fashion Week hence the street style that comes with it is over as of today. Throughout these 7 days I saved around 450 photos of street style and managed to narrow it down to 120 best looks in case you are as tired as me jumping through one website/instagram account to the other just to catch up. Enjoy, take some rest before the London craze starts oh and one more thing, IS EVERYONE PREGNANT NOW? image sources: vogue, harper’s bazaar, the cut, wwd, collage vintage, vogue fr, vogue es, fashionista, the impression, refinery29, style du monde Save Save Save

Favourite CPHFW SS17 Looks

As I’ve written many times before, I’m a bit of a Scandi-phile, I guess having similar colourings to a huge percentage of the population might be the draw but whatever it is, the styling and design make perfect sense to me. So when Copenhagen Fashion Week rolls on round, it’s the street style photos from this […]

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Best of Stockholm FW Street Style

There are two things I never forget/neglect doing even when on the zennest of vacations: putting on sunscreen and following fashion week street styles. I’ve given myself a break from everything else these two weeks, in Turkey with my friends at weddings and with my family at the seaside, but I simply can’t ignore the street style scene of Stockholm Fashion Week, always serving perfect inspiration right before fall shopping sessions and fashion month. Thank you beautiful Scandis for always being this cool. image sources: vogue, the imprint, harper’s bazaar

Trend: Graphic Tee

From models off duty to the pages of Vogue Paris, the statement tee is… well, making a statement right now and baby, we’re all ears. You may have already noticed that the graphic tee is one of this seasons best wardrobe staples and lucky for us, it won’t break your bank account. Somewhere in the […]

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Best of Copenhagen FW Street Style

I have a (bucket) list of cities I want to visit since 2010 that I’m trying my best to cross off as I age and I have another list of cities which are trying their best to make me go nuts as I postpone visiting. Where they overlap? Copenhagen. Besides every other wonderful thing I’ve heard about the Danish capital, the fashion scene is getting more insane every single year. Sure, my inferiority complex would reach its peek (both figuratively and literally, a 5’3″ girl doesn’t stand a chance in Scandinavia) but I’m willing to risk therapy after seeing all these amazing street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week. image sources: sandra semburg,, wwd Save Save


Thinking about the outcome of the post beforehand, I’m not quite sure what to expect. I almost believe that’s exactly the purpose, just to figure things out. I intended to make a comparison, not only to my pre-Paris posts, but to my pre-Paris self, to my pre-pre-Paris self, and so on.     The similarities …

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Best of Paris Couture Week Street Style

Every fashion week has its own “thing”, just like how every other city has its own, and for me couture fashion week is the most widely inspirational in terms of street style. I can hear you telling me to make my mind and decide if I like menswear street style better more or this, and I can’t lie but admit that menswear inspires me more on a daily basis, but the couture fashion week street style gives me tips on how to dress where I’m most uncomfortable and least inspired getting dressed for: fancy events, night outs, weddings where you don’t want to look like a prom queen etc. Looking chic whilst maintaining your cool is a hard task so here’s to women who had done one heck of a job with it. image sources: the impression, vogue, harper’s bazaar, the cut, w magazine, vogue paris, vogue spain, style du monde, j’ai perdu ma veste Save Save

No Shorts, No Problem

Check out Perfect Hot-Weather Outfits for Girls Who Hate Shorts by Elif Filyos at Mode This month’s article on is about perfect non-short summer looks. Take it from me, as a girl who built a huge closet over midi everything and pants, you can look good and feel comfortable during summer without ever touching a pair of shorts.

Spotted: Everyday Sequins

I’m usually not that good with noticing details in a pile of “something” at first glance, I know what I like and don’t like but that’s pretty much it, which results in me having to check that said “something” over and over again with %110 attention to figure out styling tricks, accessories, lengths etc. Though that was not the case this time, probably because it was so dominant and obvious, sequin pieces put together with casual everyday clothing is like a much too literal yet ironic representation of “street style at a couture week”. Especially Miroslava Duma and Yasmin Sewell’s sequin & oversized blazer combos gave me serious style chills, making me dig up old photos for inspiration too. Here are my picks for the best everyday sequin looks, and a butt load of inspiration for how to wear them. image sources: the impression 1 & 2 & 3, fashionista, vanessa jackman, anine’s world 1 & 2, harper’s bazaar 1 & 2, vogue, glamradar, a pink dream, refinery29, the chic department Save Save

A Conscious Search

It’s been a long while since the last time I went crazy over a piece of clothing I couldn’t initially find and if I remember correctly, that last time I promised myself never to do it again yet here I am, wearing the H&M Conscious mules for which I searched the whole world frantically for two whole months. I checked stores here, then in NY, Paris, Istanbul, Ankara; I asked my hubby to check them in Berlin, Oslo – they were completely sold out everywhere, which is a hint that you should give up on them at that point, but I refused to get that message from the universe. And much like every other dream, this one too came true through eBay and here they are: my slightly overpaid for, fancy mules. The search is over. finally. Thankfully. . White back button shirt Need Supply (similar here & here) . Black cropped jeans H&M (similar here & here) . Black satin bow flat mules H&M Conscious (similar here & here) . Tan leather bucket bag …

Best of Paris Men’s FW Street Style

For many people Paris is the most beautiful city in the world because of it’s architecture, culture and history but for me its fashion, more so the style of the city itself is one of the main reasons Paris stands above everywhere else in the world. Without the fashion weeks it has the utmost laid back vibe where everyone looks effortless but during fashion weeks the whole city swings into high gear with outfits that look so simple yet well-thought, hiding the charm in the details. Here are the final batch of Menswear Fashion Week street style looks with 65 of my favorite looks from Paris. sources: vogue, w magazine, the imprint, style du monde

Best of Menswear FW Street Style: Italy

Even though I was on vacation for a month and I clearly paused the blog and other work related stuff for a while, I know better than not to follow menswear fashion week by now. All the amazing collections (Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, Lemaire, Balenciaga!) aside, the street style scene is not one to be missed. Here are my favorite looks from Pitti Uomo and Milano Menswear Fashion Week Spring 2017. sources: vogue 1 & 2, the imprint, w magazine, j’ai perdu ma veste, style du monde Save Save Save Save

Leopard Trend

You’ve got to love the leopard.  Since Edie Sedgwick .. Andy Warhol’s quintessential Factory Girl, mused her away around his studio is a spotted oversized leopard coat we were hooked.  Through the 80’s and 90’s leopard has ebbed and flowed but let’s be honest, the spotted print remains a classic wardrobe staple. Recently however thanks […]

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Best of London Men’s FW Spring 2017 Street Style

My favorite months have always been May or September, I’m not a summer (or winter) girl and call me superficial but the main reason is because I can’t find the will, inspiration or a dry skin to dress up like I want during the extreme seasons. Though there’s something happening in January and June that’s making me like these months more than ever and it’s menswear fashion weeks. I recently realized that a street style scene consisting of layers, pants and any kind of flat or ugly shoe has a Prozac effect on me, instantly lifting up my mood and taking my troubles away. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll look at the best looks from London Menswear Fashion Week street style over and over again, then dress up and go sweat outside. sources:, w magazine, wwd Save Save

On Mondays We Wear Pink

Check out 10 Street Style Looks That Make a Case for Pink Shoes by Elif Filyos at Mode This week’s article for is about the street style epidemic of the season: pink shoes.

Mica Arganaraz

In the words of Mica Arganaraz .. ‘I dress like a boy’, a girl who’s after our own hearts.  Beneath that iconic shaggy mop, lies one of our biggest model crushes of 2017, walking for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Alexander Wang just to mention a few. Mica if you ever need a wing […]

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Pyjama Trend

There’s a reason why slinky slips and pyjamas have become a fashion statement and it ain’t just because they’re comfortable.  Here’s a hit of why we’re wanting to take the pyjama party to the streets, you only need some inspo .. i.e. above, to become besotted by these bedroom basics ..  .  WSJ Magazine  .  Porter Magazine  . […]

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Best of Sydney Fashion Week Street Style

I can count on Sydney for many things; a beautiful sunset photo from the Bondi Beach that will cheer me up no matter what, lots of beautiful people living there (like my friend Ilkin, seen above glowing in white), a sense of belonging even though I’ve never been to Australia once and of course, a fool-proof street style scene during fashion weeks. This was the first time there was a fashion week for Resort collections anywhere in the world and even though I’m not %100 sure about this, I’m thinking it’s because of the season clash between continents. Whatevs, mates from Sydney don’t care about seasons or weather, they provide year round inspiration and here are my favorites. image sources: we the people, vogue fr, vogue us, w magazine, harper’s bazaar

Streets on Senior Fire

Check out 12 Styling Tricks I Learned From Senior Citizens by Elif Filyos at Mode I started writing for besides my blog and I’m going to share one of those posts every month on The Fashion Medley for you to see, starting with this “12 Styling Tricks I Learned From Senior Citizens” post which I enjoyed a lot whilst making. I never realized how many of my styling features are actually inspired from advanced style, check out the post on to see more!

Best of Tbilisi Street Style

Of all the fashion week cities with surprising street style scenes, Tbilisi is definitely the most vibrant and versatile one. Not to mention the chicest. So much that it put the Georgian capital on my travel list – according to my vision if a city has its own style code and so many fashionable people living in it, it has to be a city worth seeing. If you don’t believe me check out the best street style looks from Tbilisi Fashion Week and see for yourself. sources: vogue, w magazine


Having the magnificent Palais Galiera as an element of greater importance than just a background, the cold marble and first warm light of the day set the palette for some golden and silver tones and of course, a minimal grey base, almost.     So, a beautiful piece from MONOMIN arrived, and it totally made …

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5 Lessons from Paris Fashion Week 2016 street style

5 important style lessons learned from Paris Fashion Week 2016 street style. Photography by: Tim Lo and Faiyaz Kolia Under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, the city of light again transformed into a veritable runway, where street style is every bit as influential to establishing trends as the runway. Layering was the word on the street, and hints of metallic and avant-garde denim was everywhere to be seen. The heels were epic, but the flat shoe reigned supreme. And, as always, black was the new black. Here are some important lessons we learned from Paris Fashion Week 2016 street style. 1 Lush Layering As fundamentally practical as is European Chic, layering on the streets of Paris took relaxed simplicity and teamed it with luxurious elegance. Extremes were out in force with the plush furs paired with lightweight silks, and knitwear layered cleverly made warm weather pieces winter appropriate. Great coats to the knee and beyond were at once full of drama and exuded effortless chic, and this year’s new neutrals, burgundy, navy and khaki, were recurring themes in statement outerwear. 2 Day time metallics Mixed with even parts black in the form of leather jackets and classic knitwear, vibrant metallic skirts were pared back for a nonchalant ‘just come from front row’ look. The key […]

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Best Of Coachella 2016 Style

Festival style is a sensitive issue for me. I have to mediate the battle between the fashion girl in me that cherishes every opportunity to dress up and the music girl that has been going to festivals since she was 18, wearing chunky sweaters and ugliest pair of jeans in her wardrobe just to be comfortable. Frankly I dressed up better than that for my festivals after that, but my quest for comfort and never looking too dressed up in the presence of sacred rock n roll never wavered. Which is why combat boots or sneakers paired with denim shorts and oversized tees is still my favorite look among a sea of fringes, floral crowns and white mini dresses. The only fancy looks I like lately are the ones with crochet tops and skirts, that’s my limit. So here are 45 best looks of Coachella weekend 1, with nobody wearing high heels and EVERYBODY wearing chokers. source: vogue, elle, w magazine, harper’s bazaar, popsugar, refinery29, the you way, fashionista, glamour

Best of Seoul Fashion Week Street Style

I don’t know when or why exactly Seoul Fashion Week became all about toddlers but I can’t complain much, especially when we can start the week looking at all these adorableness. I haven’t seen anyone (or any denim gang, to be more accurate) that has swag like these boys and it’s not all them, there are many other fantastic looks from different 3 year olds that would make you question your style (or couple styles or beauty routines?!) for real in this post. Some good looking adults are bonus. Here are my 45 favorite street style looks from Seoul Fashion Week. sources: vogue, w magazine

Still Here

Soooo, it turns out winter didn’t go anywhere, it just rested a little bit. While I very much appreciated the short break and even this cold is considered ok for a regular Montreal winter, I froze to the marrow this weekend and had to say a temporary goodbye to my thin wool coats and leather jackets. Only upside is I got to wear my new faux fur coat I hadn’t gotten a chance to wear before so we’re all good. Now that I accomplished that we can move on to spring now, permanently please. . Grey faux fur coat Lamoda101 (similar here & here) . Black straight leg cropped jeans H&M (similar here & here) . Oversized tee Urban Outfitters (similar here & here) . Black leather pointed toe Jensen booties ACNE Studios (or get it here & here)

fashion mood

Currently feeling this!

Best Street Style Looks of PFW Fall 2016

This season will be remembered, more than anything, as the season of the street style. No, it’s not the first time people dressed up for the cameras, not the first time bloggers flooded the shows (or at least the entrance of the shows) nor the first time people cared more about street style more than (some) runway shows but this was the season the power of streets was finally confirmed commercially and creatively. The most buzzed about and celebrated collections of the season were Vetements and Balenciaga, both in the hands of the same creative director, both all about the “streets”. Things finally turned the other way around, from streets to runways, now it’s time to wait for the next thing and meanwhile enjoy this new era, starting with the (many, many) best street style looks from Paris Fashion Week. sources: harper’s bazaar, the impression, vogue, the cut, w magazine, wwd, style du monde, collage vintage

Best Street Style Looks of MFW Fall 2016

I can’t believe a day has come where I’m cherishing Milan style scene more than London (or even New York) as someone who always thought of Milan fashion as too caught up in their history and not inspiring at all. I remember visiting London for 3 days when I was living in Milan and wanted to live there instead so bad, I was blown away by all the creativity. Of course it’s nonsense to assume a fashion fueled week would represent the whole character of the city, but Milan Fashion Week literally saved the street style scene of this fashion month (for now, as I think the ending in Paris will make up for everything). Here are my picks of the best street style looks of Milan Fashion Week that ended yesterday. image sources: harper’s bazaar, collage vintage, the impression, vogue, the cut, w magazine, a love is blind, fashionista, wwd, style du monde, j’ai perdu ma veste

Best Street Style Looks of LFW Fall 2016

If there were anyone left in the world who still undermined fashion bloggers and their impact on the industry, you can be sure that there won’t be any after this fashion month. Because while the celebs and even most of the editors are unable to carry through the cold of New York and rain of London, super bloggers like Hedvig, Camille, Pernille, Irina, Pandora, Susie, Zina and one specific non-blogger fashion heroine Laurel Pantin (you were so missed in the past years!) nailed the pitch. It was kind of a dull street style scene in general, like most LFWs, but I managed to pick 50 looks that are truly inspirational. image sources: harper’s bazaar, refinery29, vogue, w magazine, the cut, wwd, a love is blind, the impression, style du monde, collage vintage

Best of NYFW Fall 2016 Street Style

New York Fashion Week’s street style scene is something special, not because it’s the chicest or the most inspirational (it’s definitely neither of those) but because whatever weather condition we have to bear in Montreal, showgoers in New York have to bear the same thing and it gives me a little bit (ok a lot of) pleasure to see them suffer like that. All jokes aside it’s really nice to see, especially during fall fashion weeks, how the most stylish %1 bundles up in extreme winter conditions and it’s a relief to know that snow boots and giant furs/coats are totally acceptable. I picked 85 (out of almost 400) best street style looks from NYFW that would give you a weekend-long inspiration. image sources: the impression, harper’s bazaar, the cut, vogue runway, refinery29, w magazine, wwd, a love is blind, style du monde, j’ai perdu ma veste