Sunday Sanctuary: Casa Biblioteca

  Just this week I asked if anyone has read a good book lately… Well,  now I’m envisioning reading one of your many recommendations whilst sitting amongst the canopy at Casa Biblioteca also know as the Library House. Dreamy + Relaxing + Impeccable Design = Heaven Design by Sao Paolo-based architects Atelier Branco Arquitetura, set

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Green Spring: Seasonal Inspiration from COS x HAY ’17

March is officially here and while I could comment about how quickly February passed by (because it really did) I’d rather focus on what’s to come. Spring is a much loved season and lets us put the dark and damp winter season behind us, which after several months we are very ready for. It means new colors and foliage rather than snow and long forgotten plants. We tend to spend more time outside and feel invigorated by the hope and energy brought about with more sunshine and new growth. It’s not just climate, it’s also personal. Spring is the perfect time to make new plans, shake off the lethargy of the previous months and bring some of this freshness into our homes and wardrobes.

The recent collaboration between Swedish COS and Danish HAY brands brings us soft greens and warmer hues than we’ve been used to seeing in recent times. Personally it makes me want to buy some fresh flowers or better yet, take a walk in the woods and pick my own. It makes me want to declutter, which we’ve been working on since January so it’s only moderate changes rather than a huge overhaul of our things. It makes me look forward to fresh fruit, longer days, shorter pant lengths and natural highlights in my hair from time spent in the sun.

The collection doesn’t seem to be available in the US version of COS but if you are in Europe or elsewhere you can shop directly from their web shop. I’ve found some of the HAY pieces from the collection for you below, can in case you can’t access the COS collection.

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Trend: Mossy Green

  Mossy green, or according to Pantone ‘Treetop’ fuses retro associations .. think 70’s luxe, with sharp modernity.. all hail to the lean green sartorial machine. Colour blocked and teamed with other earthy hues, or just administered as a pine-y punctuation to your everyday get-up, we’re obsessing over our greens .. and not just in our […]

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Styled in Green

How 4 days of the week have already managed to pass by already is beyond my comprehension, I could have sworn it was just Tuesday and yet tomorrow weekend begins. Obviously I own a calendar so I am usually aware of the date but I’ll never be able to wrap my head around the way time can seem to stand still or move at warp speed around us. Having children also seems to affect my perception of time, 1 year in the life of a toddler is quite substantial in terms of growth and maturity but as an adult one year can pass without feeling that more than a few months have gone by.

I will spare you any more ramblings of time and how I wish there was more of it and instead divert your attention to these beautiful green images were created by the extraordinary Norwegian stylists Kråkvik&D’Orazio for Bo Bedre Norway. Fun fact for you, when we stayed in Copenhagen a few years ago (nearly 4 now!) we used Airbnb to live like locals for a while and the owner of the flat happened to be a main editor of Bo Bedre (Denmark)! They even had a current issue of the magazine waiting for us on the dining table when we arrived. The entire style was so warm and cozy and part of what made our trip so great was taking the bus and walking to the house as if we lived there ourselves.

Photography by Siren Lauvdal

Edouard François creates plant-covered housing block to disperse seeds across Paris

Plants grow up the exterior of this green apartment tower in Paris, France, which was designed by local firm Maison Edouard François to spread seeds across the city. Maison Edouard François designed the M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity to show that high-rise structures can be used to create environmentally friendly cities with plenty of plant and animal life. Benefitting from an exemption to the

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a kitchen in mint

A set of subtle grey/green cabinets from Frederik Vercruysse’s portfolio.

after a slow weekend

It’s Sunday night and I’m trying to wrap my head around this week’s to-do’s. I got sick last week which always frustrates me because I fall behind with everything…you should see the house. Laundry anyone?Whatever strange sickness I had has come and g…

Triptyque overhauls 1970s office tower in Rio to make it more environmentally friendly

French-Brazilian studio Triptyque has revamped a 85-metre-high office block in Rio de Janeiro with zigzagging glazing and solar panels so it can generate its own electricity (+ movie). RB12 was first built in the 1970s and, like many of the city’s buildings from that era, had very few green credentials. Rather than demolishing it, property developer Natekko asked Triptyque to look at ways of reducing its More

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Vo Trong Nghia Architects plans leaning, plant-covered towers for Bac Ninh city hall

Vo Trong Nghia Architects has designed a city hall for the Vietnamese city of Bac Ninh comprising a pair of planted towers, which lean together at the centre to frame a series of elevated viewing decks (+ slideshow). The Vietnamese studio, which is known for its plant-covered architecture and bamboo structures, designed the two verdant blocks for a seven-hectare-site More

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DHS greenhouse

An elegant solution for those who want to grow from seed but might not have the space for their own outdoor greenhouse, Greenhouse was designed by Atelier 2+ for Wallpaper’s Annual Handmade Exhibition. Greenhouse is now being produced by Design House S…


WEARING: GIVENCHY SUNNIES (VIA SMARTBUYSUNGLASSES) ZARA BOMBER JACKET, HM TREND DRESS, ALEXANDER WANG THIGH HIGH HEELS, CHLOE FAYE BAG In love with two things from this outfit: 1. the bomber 2. my new sunnies from Givenchy. I actually never wear round sunglasses, but wanted to try something new and absolutely love it! PS: Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you want a pair of Givenchy sunnies as well, because I’ve teamed up with SmartBuySunglasses for an awesome giveaway! Stay tuned!

Retractable sunscreen sheaths glazed cantilever at Ventus House

A sliding screen can reveal or conceal a glass office that cantilevers from the concave face of this concept house by American studio Fixd Architecture/Design (+ slideshow). The cantilevered office space is a “nostalgic nod” to the glazed box that features in Frank Gehry’s 1984 Venice Beach residence for the screenwriter and director Bill Norton, said architect Todd Fix​. The fully More

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Straw bales insulate monochrome house in Ontario by Nicolas Koff

This house near Hamilton, Ontario, relies on a combination of fireplaces and straw walls to keep it warm, with a rooftop meadow adding to its green credentials (+ slideshow). Toronto-based architect Nicolas Koff gave K-House 40-centimetre-thick prefabricated straw-bale walls, creating a layer of insulation that helps to reduce the property’s energy consumption. The house is heated by a set of fireplaces, […]

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Stefano Boeri unveils plans for “vertical forest” tower in Switzerland

Italian architect Stefano Boeri has revealed designs for a plant-covered 36-storey tower in Lausanne, Switzerland, continuing the “vertical forest” concept he trialled with a pair of towers in Milan (+ slideshow). According to Boeri, the building in the Chavannes-Près-Renens district of the city will be the first tower in the world to be covered with evergreen trees. The predominantly residential 117-metre-tall building will […]

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green for Fall

Images from the new wallpaper collection by Boråstapeter have these wonderful jade greens, which I’m really into for Fall. I think the rosy wood, wicker and leather materials are such a nice compliment to this green hue.

I don’t often think of wallpapering in my own home but I’ve always wanted to have additional space in my home to experiment with different treatments like this or paint colors. Even to have an extra room with unusual furniture pieces that I might not feel comfortable in my main living space but in a place where I can feel free to try and fail and branch out into different styles, well it’s kind of been a fantasy of mine. Maybe it’s time to consider finding my own studio but with the kids at home with me I doubt that would work, right now.

For now I’ll have to admire from afar because I’m not quite brave enough to make bold color additions but then again I did just paint Elin’s room pink so, never say never.

Images found with credit to Maria Soxbo from Husligheter.

Roxbury E+ townhouses in Boston designed to produce more energy than they use

Solar panels cover the rooftops of these four townhouses in Boston by local firm ISA, allowing them to sustainably produce more energy and hot water than their occupants are likely to use (+ slideshow). Boston-based ISA won a competition organised by the city council to design the row of three-storey townhouses for a vacant plot in the Roxbury neighbourhood. The […]

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in green and blue

A stunningly warm interior with many shades of blues and greens that contrast the woods paneled walls so well. I’m picking up a slight Japanese inspiration here as well with the low table and walls of wood. Photography | the amazing Jonas Ingerstedt fo…

Prefabricated house in Melbourne’s City Square can produce more energy than it uses

Modular buildings specialist ArchiBlox has unveiled its prototype for a compact carbon-positive house, featuring “edible garden walls”, a sunroom and an insulating grass roof (+ slideshow). Described by ArchiBlox as the world’s first carbon-positive prefabricated house, the Archi+ Carbon Positive House is designed to produce more energy than its uses – over its lifespan it […]
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green need

You’ve probably noticed how trendy colored walls have become. I for one am a fan of this, when done correctly. This green wall is a nice example of added wall color done right. Paired with black textures and in a deep shade of green, it’s still muted and not overwhelming. See the entire place here and notice that this is a single green wall, not an entire house or room. In that sense I think it works really well and not high commitment, it can easily be painted over again to change the color. Major green love here!styling | Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramsephotography | Sara Danielsson