Sunday Sanctuary: Back to Basics

Pared back with minimal styling, this week’s Sanctuary is drawing back to the basics… Hidden away in Mumbai, India lies a space that beautifully entwines the lush, green surroundings into a breath-taking, timeless home. With a focus on architectural structure and minimal furnishings, the beauty lies in the smaller, yet not un-noticed details. The use of hardwood timber on […]

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Oak, limestone and stainless steel in Premium’s new concept apartment

This beautiful flat was styled and designed by Marie Ramse who chose flooring materials, fixtures and of course all of the furnishings to create a sophisticated space with my ideal color palette. Calming greys, light to dark wood tones, plenty of chrom…

Flooring ideas from bamboo to pastellone

Old parquet flooring on one side, pastel long flooring on the other.We are planning a small flooring change at home this month, a fun collaborative project that will change the look of our bedroom and I’m excited to see how it turns out. Our pale, whit…