Japanese Inspired Stoneware

H&M has released a series of Japanese inspired stoneware that includes jars and pots. On the US site it seems most of the them are either sold out or so new that a purchasing is not an option yet.

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And in the same earthy tones, these bamboo trays and baskets are nice basic accessories for the kitchen or bathroom. Stylish storage for hand towels, soaps or food!

H&M’s new home products encourage creating your own staycation

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Before I share what I think, I’m really curious to hear your thoughts on the new home products released by H&M. Rather than leave home for a feel of the tropics and bright colored palms H&M suggest a Staycation by filling your home with patterns in shades of bright green, leaves and nature-inspired prints cover bedding, table linens and bathroom textiles. All of this over a very warm backdrop of warm plaster walls, woven grass rugs and nut colored upholstery.

Personally I would not want bright green bedding and leaf covered tableware however I do like the general styling and architecture of the rooms. There are a few accents like this vape, rug and glasses that I would definitely buy!

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6 design pieces for a functional kitchen

We all like pretty things but what’s the purpose of a beautiful piece if it doesn’t also serve a purpose? A place holder? I guess that is a purpose too but when it comes to the kitchen, and my own kitchen, everything needs to be useful or there is no r…

News from H&M, in soft shades of pink

New work styled by the wonderful Lotta Agaton, art directed by Therese Sennerholt and photogpehaed by Heidi Lerkenfeldt for H&M.

My tree decor plus 12 of my favorite ornaments / 5 Days of Christmas

At home this year our tree, which we will get next week, will have just a few select ornaments. Our stored Christmas decor from years past is always brought out again at Christmas time but inevitably I add one or two new ornaments to our stock. And it turned out that most of our glass bulbs were broken, so that was good enough of a reason to find a few new ones. I wanted to keep with gold and warm brown and cream so these paper ornaments from H&M were perfect. I also fell for Ferm Living’s brass leaf ornaments and a couple new ones for the kids from Maileg. Below are a few more favorites, just in time for Christmas!

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Deborah’s beautiful ornaments for #5DaysofChristmas are worth a peek as well!

Relaxed Elegance

News from H&M comes with a collection of premium quality products from the Swedish retail giant that is known for their budget friendly prices. The collection was styled by Lotta Again (I believe this to be true but if I’m wrong please comment below!). The bedroom looks like the home of interior designer Louise Liljencrantz, or at least one of her projects. The wooden dividers are from Dry Things Studio and have been on my personal wishlist since the moment they were released, I’m unfortunately too far away and I think shipping overseas would not be worth the effort.

Take a look at the rest of the collection below along with all the pieces you need to create the look for yourself and don’t forget to check out the SHOP page for more accessories for you and your home!

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6 things I liked this week (from last week)

A brief overview of some of the things I saw and liked last week, delayed because we went on a quick trip out of town last week and I was enjoying disconnecting for those days! The whole family visited friends, spent the day at the beach flying kites and ate at some new restaurants. It was nice to to step out of our routine and stay up late, eat candy (mostly the kids), and make it all up as we go along. But now we’re back home and back in our rhythm so this is a catch up from what I saw online back then.
Nordiska Kok styled by the talented and dynamic duo, Sundling/Kickén.

Autumn news from COS, I like the brown tones in these images as well as that shaped skirt.

This Cobra lamp from Artilleriet swivels 360 ° around to project light in different directions. Cobra was designed by Elio Martinelli in 1968 and was of the first lighting fixtures made with a special resin casting system. Also it’s this functional sculptural type of piece that I love so much right now.

Next-level 5 strand braids from the Jill Sander’s runway, I’m putting this on my weekend to do list of tutorials to youtube!

Maiju’s beautiful styling of Swedish Midnatt‘s new organic bedding line, this Dromedary color is heading for Elin’s bed now and is a very simple way of making her room feel more seasonal Fall ready.

These clay, wax-filled jars from H&M are candles and they come in three color ways and two sizes, the largest being a lidded jar. I like that the candles can live two lives, once the wax has burned down clean out the remainder and reuse your jar to store small things like cotton balls or other toiletries!


H&M’s newest retail store, Arket, opens in Copenhagen with a stunning interior

H&M, the multi-faceted Swedish brand has created yet another retail store called Arket which opens its first location in Copenhagen today at Købmagergade 33. The interior structure and design was inspired by historical archives. The all grey space is housed in what was previously the Royal Danish Mail warehouse.

“When working on the store concept, it was in developing new solutions to practical challenges that we found most of our inspiration,” says creative director Ulrika Bernhardtz. “Two of these challenges were how to create breathing space in the store, and how to devise an uncomplicated and flexible way of presenting and editing our broad assortment.”

Read more about it here, and if you’re in CPH, check it out in real life!


Completely in love with my new sunnies from Tom Ford (found at SmartBuyGlasses). Lately I’m really in to big sunglasses, like my Celine shadow sunglasses. This Tom Ford beauty is a perfect addition to my collection. What do you think? ON PHOTO: TOM FORD DESIGNER SUNGLASSES, FUJIFILM INSTAX POLAROID CAMERA, H&M CANDLE, MARC JACOBS ‘COTTON’ PERFUME, BANDHU BRACELET WEARING: TOM FORD DESIGNER SUNGLASSES, ZARA BOMBER JACKET, T-SHIRT, PANTS AND ANKLE BOOTS, PROENZA SCHOULER BAG

Easy bathroom accessories

Natural materials like wood and stone work so well in the bathroom, creating a look and feel that mimics that of a spa. H&M has made it simple to achieve this look with faux-stone counter accessories and mirror for your bathroom but you can also add a wooden bathmat and knitted towels from Iris Hantverk as well as bamboo toothbrushes. Create the look for yourself with some of the items below!

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How’s It Hanging?

A home never feels quite finished without artwork on the walls, like the books on your shelves, there’s something so personal about what you hang on your walls, and what it says about you.

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Using yellow in interiors

In the past I have been opposed to yellow in general, speaking out against it and then only mildly in favor of it in posts past. Generally speaking I’m not one to get excited about bright colors, but what’s the point of an opinion if you can’t change it? Lately I’ve seen more golden mustard yellows and I am really warming up to the look, especially when paired with another warm neutral like a pale brown or taupe.

Above is pictured a project by Claude Missir and features Synapse pendant lights from Apparatus Studio.

Gubi’s Nagasaki chairs with yellow seat cushions.

A collage of interior pieces in mustard yellow including:

A bathroom with an amazing yellow sink and toilet.

I’ve also gathered a few more favorites in this golden yellow shade below, including a non-interior piece, a dress by Lauren Manoogian that is just the perfect warm color for Spring.

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H&M Home 2017 brings a new elegance

A preview of what’s to come from Swedish retailer H&M and their line of home products. I believe these were taken in the Kinfolk studio, the wall, shelves, furniture and flooring look just the same so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. I’m unsure of th…


What I should admit about this collaboration is how surprisingly well the two corporations managed to work together for the final outcome. Examining exactly this, while closing one eye, it’s quite hard to tell whether it’s KENZO or H&M , excluding logos of course. This is exactly the point that’s makes this collection so different …

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news from H&M / how to create the look

A few personal favorites from the new images styled by Glen Proebstel and photographed by Pia Ulin for H&M home and I’ve made it easy to shop the items with links below each photo. The grey and wood paneled bathroom is pretty spectacular. Also thank you for Pella for blogging about this earlier.

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SHOP / new in

Some revolving things I’ve dded to the shop, a selection of interior and personal items curated weekly by me.
A grouping of sandy hues from this HAY lens jar, Sika Design lounger and Skagerak coat rack.

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Oracle Fox For H&M

They say that if you’re lucky to fall in love at least once in a lifetime then you’ve truly lived.  Luckily for most of us we’ve experienced some kind of magnetic love, thanks to the love we share with our mothers, sisters, brothers, partners etc. Recently I had the honour of Creatively Directing, photographing and styling […]

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Took my new Mini boots for a little ride yesterday. After a super busy and hectic week, including a 24 hour trip to Berlin, I needed some fr…


I feel I ‘ve got too much to say, but I can’t stand on the balmaination ‘s way. I happened to have an exclusive invitation of the pre-shopping event so I just couldn’t but make my way into the madness!     I’d been eyeing this sleeveless coat since the first presentations started, so I …

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WEARING: H&M SKIRT, PRIMARK BLOUSE, ALEXANDER WANG BOOTS, DUFFYBAG X MINI TOTE BAG AND RAYBAN AVIATORS And with this shoot I’m wrapping up the collaboration I did with/for DUFFYBAG X MINI. A long but fun day of shooting in Amsterdam together with an old and new friend! We sure had some laughs and panic attacks, but in the end it was all worth it! PS: For all the non-colour lovers, it’s also comes in black. ;)


Eventhough it was a little bit quite around here for awhile, I did kept you guys in the loop of my life and my outfits on my Instagram feed. For those who have missed it, here’s a little recap of what I have been up to and of course what I have been wearing. :)


I have a little project coming up involving creating your own herb garden, drawing inspiration from this and the grey/green/burlap combo.

Acid Tank

“Do you guys sell women’s clothes?” Every time I hear it, I want shake someone, “It’s 2015! Women can wear whatever they want!” If you’re worried about looking manly, oversize men’s clothes can often replace pants, so there’s something sexy and carefree about it. This large unisex Acid Tank by #cyeoms for example I could […]

A Day At The Beach

UNIQLO – Denim shirt (similar + on sale) | H&M – Leather trousers (similar + on sale) | Adidas – Stan Smith trainers | Jil Sander – Wayfarer sunglasses | Tateossian – Rotondo Guilloche rose gold watch We were down in Dorset for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and spent some time at the beautiful […]

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Studio Report

The tuxedo suit shouldn’t be something just left to the boys, after all why should they have all the fun.  Let’s be honest ladies what better outfit could you annihilate ever hors d’oeurve in at the cocktail party, remaining comfortable and still feeling incredibly chic!  In my opinion every girl should own a black suit and […]

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touch the sky

Looking extra fly, with a typical work outfit (no lie). Just think black and keep adding more black until you run out of layers. Only minor deductions for the extra comfortable walking sneakers, but sometimes you don’t need to be that formal, walk before you run you know? wearing // cyeoms plants dress | american […]


A few of my current (silver) favourites. The watch was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. I never ever wear watches but I absolutely love the simplicity of this one. Now I just need to remind myself to check the time on my watch instead of on my iPhone… I also love the new colour of Chanel’s Limited Edition ‘Intemporel’ nailpolish. From now on you will see me rocking metallic silver nails instead of the usual black.


  acne studios button up / a.p.c. coat / h&m leather pants / vagabond platforms / kara stowaway bag For someone who professes such an undying love towards the Acne Studios rebrand, you’d be surprised to know that this chemise is my first piece since. The fabric is beautifully faded and soft, but there is […]




This will probably be my last monthly recap on COTTDS.com for awhile. I think some of you already have noticed that I have been posting less outfits. I’m definitely trying my hardest to still keep up with my blog – and outfits – but it’s not getting easier now I have arrived in my 9 month pregnancy. The days are passing by so fast, especially for me, now I hardly have energy. Somewhere around 8/9 PM my day have come to and end and bedtime starts. Haha. I feel like such a grandma! But hey, we’re just keep on going. =)


A Little tradition we have here on COTTDS.com is the yearly outfit recap. Picked out my personal favourites from the over 100 looks I’ve posted in 2014. It have definitely been challenging to shoot my outfits for the blog the last 6 months. Starting in June when I had a positive pregnancy test. After that my whole world changed, I changed. Mentally but also physically. The physical changes were pretty intense in the beginning. The first 3 months I was extremely tired and I hardly had energy to blog (or anything else for that matter). At that time my baby bump also really started to show, which didn’t make it easy to take outfitshots without showing it.. After 4,5 (long) months I finally shared the amazing news with you, and I was able to show off that cute baby bump. My favourite accessory for sure! ;) It have been a life changing year for me. A dreamy and special year. And the fun part is that 2015 will be even greater. Can’t wait to meet my little man next month! PS: Curious to see the yearly recap of 2013? Check it out here.


WEARING: MUUBAA LEATHER JACKET, HM MATERNITY JEANS, ASOS T-SHIRT, PS11 TINY BAG AND ISABEL MARANT ANKLE BOOTS / 32 WEEKS HAPPY 2015, guys! Hope everyone had an amazing time during NYE. My end of 2014 was a little less exciting, spend the last days in bed with a flu. Yup, I was that lucky. But, I’m back on my feet again and my first outfit of 2015 – besides my pajamas – was this one. Decided that it was time to unleash these leopard ankle boot again, since they have been spending a lot of time in their shoe box lately.


And just like that we have landed in the last month of the year ALREADY. Why is time always flying so fast? Which also means I’m starting to get really close to my due date. I can’t wait to meet the little guy that’s growing inside of me, but it’s also becoming a bit scary now it’s all going so fast! Just two more months before my new life is kicking off. Can’t wait!


WEARING: HM OVERSIZED BLAZER, MUUBAA LEATHER TROUSERS, ISABEL MARANT ANDREW BOOTS AND PS11 MINI / 23 WEEKS I’m kind of happy that I shot so many looks up front, the cold is just insane. No way I will voluntarily stay outside longer than 5 seconds. Brrr!


If this video doesn’t set you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will. This winter H&M is celebrating the Holidays with their Holiday collection and this awesome campaign video featuring superstars Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett! Which makes me want to do two things immediately: 1. decorate my whole apartment in Christmas spirit and 2. chase down that amazing knitted oversized sweater Lady Gaga is wearing. Who’s with me?

autumn dressing

cyeoms pyramid dress || topshop longsleeve ribbed crop || kara stowaway bag || tara jarmon camel coat || h&m leather pants || reebok classics The challenge opportunity with designing just one collection a year, is that it can take some creativity to incorporate your favorite pieces year round. See how our pyramid dress becomes autumn […]




WEARING: GESTUZ PANTS, HM TREND CAMI TOP, HM OVERSIZED BLAZER, ZARA LEOPARD HEELS, JILL SANDER CLUTCH / 16 WEEKS There really isn’t much to say about this outfit. Besides, it looked so much better in real life (or at least I hope it did). Maybe there are just too many oversized items going on here in 1 outfit. I blame the secret baby bump! But still, it did looked OK when I was wearing this 10 weeks ago. Anyway, sharing this outfit on the blog even though I would rather not. haha. You can not always be on top of your game, right?

on androgyny

a.p.c. wool coat || h&m turtle neck || andy the-ahn leather skirt || reebok sneakers || kara stowaway bag || karen walker leopard sunglasses Consider the saying, ‘men have all the fun’. Is it true? I’m not sure… but, they must have some of it… They do get to wear different clothes, hair, and do […]

no fun

karen walker leopard sunglasses || no fun logo tee || cyeoms monk shirt || kara stowaway bag || tara jarmon camel coat || h&m leather pants || zara zipper boots It’s funny how a serious wool coat and intimidating black leather pants can be compromised by a simple slogan tee. Like a window into the […]


So, my October outfits were all about showing off the baby bump. One that have growed big time the last few weeks. I officially had to say goodbye to all my jeans and leather trousers (accept for one pair!), since I simply can’t fit in to them anymore. Not cool! But hey, it’s for a good cause.


WEARING: H&M BLOUSE AND OVERSIZED BLAZER, MUUBAA LEATHER TROUSERS, ALEXANDER WANG STRAPPY HEELS AND PS11 TINY BAG And, again, a look that I took a few weeks ago. When it was still acceptable to wear open heels outside. Now? Not such a good idea. (freezing!) I feel like I’m a bit behind on my blogging, it’s quite challenging to keep up with my normal life nowaways. Maybe it’s just time to face the fact that I’m pregnant haha.

Grey Coated

Warm and happy, thank you @3_Floor!

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WEARING: ALEXANDER WANG ‘SOFIA’ BOOTS, ZARA JUMPSUIT, HM OVERSIZED BLAZER, PS11 TINY BAG, FASHIONOLOGY JEWELERY / 23 WEEKS These boots are absolutely my favourite shoes at the moment. Funny, since I have been neglecting them quite a bit. Must be the pregnancy, which forces me to see my wardrobe in a whole new light. But hey, they are back!

fresh crop

cyeoms studio crop (pre-order here!)|| h&m leather pants || tara jarmon camel coat || TUK creepers I have a feeling this was the last day of the year that crop tops could be attempted, even half modest ones, under a big coat. We’re delicately balanced within the 5 seconds of fall we’re blessed with before […]


The Alexander Wang x H&M collection launches November 6th at H&M stores worldwide and online.FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / SHOP / BLOGLOVIN’  


Let me first begin with saying: WOW! Thank you sooooo much for all the congratulations on my pregnancy! It’s amazing and overwhelming to read all those sweet comments here, but also on my Instagram account. Your support means the world to me! I’m super excited to now show you some of the looks I have been pre-shooting – showing off my baby bump. I will publish those in the upcoming days/weeks! So stay tuned :) Again, many many many thanks! You guys are the best!!!


H&M TREND Top (Similar here and here/ THEORY Shorts (Similar here) / BIRKENSTOCK Sandals / LINDA FARROW Sunglasses (More here) / MELI MELO Bag / GJENMI Ring / MIRLO Ring LARSSON JENNINGS Watch 

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MELI MELO Backpack (More here) / H&M TREND Top (Similar here) / 3.1 PHILIP LIM Shorts (Similar here)FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / SHOP / BLOGLO…