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AN House By Guilherme Torres

‘AN House’ is situated in a condominium in the south Brazil state of Paraná. It was designed by Studio Guilherme Torres to house a family with three teenagers, whilst embracing the hot weather characteristic of the region.
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Mohamed Amine Siana’s Modern Villa In Morocco

Located in Casablanca, Morocco, ‘Villa Z’ finds a balance between privacy and open, light architecture, while celebrating classical modernism.
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A Monolithic Family Home By JM Architecture

Milan-based architecture practice JM Architecture designed a monolithic block home designed for all seasons on a tranquil hillside in the Swiss Alps. 
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A Linear Sri Lankan Home At One With Nature

Architect Palinda Kannangara designed a linear, light-filled home with integrated plant and water features for a young family in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
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Benn+Penna Renovates A House In Sydney

Australian design-oriented practice Benn + Penna Architecture has recently renovated the Surry Hills House into a modest space filled with light and peaceful order.
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‘The Hidden Pavilion’ By Penelas Architects

Suspended over a small waterfall, ‘The Hidden Pavilion’ is a space to meditate and retreat among the nature of Las Rozas, Spain.
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‘The Hidden Pavilion’ By Panelas Architects

Suspended over a small waterfall, ‘The Hidden Pavilion’ is a space to meditate and retreat among the nature of Las Rozas, Spain.
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A Rigorous Moroccan Villa By Studio KO

Designed by Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier, the duo behind architecture practice Studio KO, ‘Villa E‘ is a minimalist piece of art standing among the spectacular nature.
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Iroje KHM Designs A Unique Pilot’s House

Made for a pilot and his family, the house by Iroje KHM Architects carries a metaphor of the airplane’s flight while incorporating Korea’s architectural tradition.
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Platau Refurbishes A Minimalist Penthouse

Designed by architectural practice Platau, ‘Wadi Penthouse’ offers modern and minimalist space while providing the ‘wow’ effect with its continuous wooden walls.
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The Reyes House By Sculptor Pedro Reyes

The house of sculptor Pedro Reyes and his wife, fashion designer Carla Fernández is a unique space dominated with concrete, where the pair lives, works and creates.
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An Outstanding House In Prague By Šépka Architects

Located on a northern slanted plot in the Prague’s district Kyje, ‘House in an Orchard‘ stands out from the other buildings in the neighborhood, catching the eye with its unique appearance.
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A Modern Swedish Barn By Jonas Lindvall

Built entirely out of wood, the summer house designed by Jonas Lindvall‘s Malmö-based architecture practice corresponds with the local architecture while gently standing out with its modern and minimalist style.
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A Conceptual Residence By Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Set in the city of Grazalema, Spain, the residence designed by the renowned studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos will stand out from the regular houses of the region.
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House 33.2 By Grafika

Designed by Grafika, the project named ‘House 33.2’ is located in a typical suburban setting 20km South-West of Sydney’s central business district. The client commissioned the architect’s office to develop an additional house toward the…

Busan Times By Moon Hoon

“Although I am afraid that if I call it the owl, it will continue going by this nickname and it will be regarded within this context, I would nevertheless like to call it the owl.” 
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The QL House By Visioarq

Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Algarve, Portugal, the QL House keeps the balance between the outdoor and indoor spaces, respecting the relationship between the owner and the surrounding landscape.
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Casa Cabo De Vila By Spaceworkers

The house that was wished by a young couple whom envisioned an irregular house sits on 340 square-meters of land in Bitarães, Portugal.
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Snøhetta Designs A House With Solar Panels

Situated in Larvik, Norway, The Plus House is a pilot project of a family house that truly stands out of the ordinary.
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Vega Cottage By Kolman Boye Architects

A house with a broad view of Mother Nature’s boulders, rigid mountains, and the Norwegian Sea sitting upon the island of Vega, close to the polar circle.
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A Concrete House Surrounded By Emerald Waters

Located on the shores of Yoron Island, a Japanese island which was created from elevated coral reefs, the house designed by Case-Real is a solid concrete structure with a delightedly sublime interior.
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A Modern House In The Polish Village

Based in a small Polish village Krotoszowice, the house built by RS+ Architecture separates from the surrounding mundane buildings while opening to the most exciting views of the village’s natural landscape.
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Villa MQ: Flowing Lines

Villa MQ, designed by Office O Architects, is located in Tremelo, Belgium. The design has been drawn up on behalf of a family of four who wanted an extraordinary place to live in. By putting traditional methods aside, OOA allowed creativity to flow. As a result, the architects used curved walls, different ceiling heights and […]

A Perfectly Minimal Swedish House

Designed by Jonas Lindvall of Malmö-based Lindvall A & D, ‘Villa J2‘ began as the revamp of an existing summerhouse dating back to the 1940s. However, due to the specific regulations, it had to be rebuilt entirely.
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Looking Down Into A House In Leiria

The sleek, modern, and minimal whited-out house designed by architect, Manuel Aires Mateus, features an indoor-outdoor experience where one can look down into a room’s private patio.
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A Summer House Set In The Heart Of Brazilian Greenery

Located among the stunning Brazilian landscape, Ubatuba House has one main feature – it barely touches the ground.
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A Summer House In Sant Mori

Spanish architecture studio Mesura brought to life the dream of a couple with a redesign of their holiday home and pool in the village of Sant Mori, Spain.
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A Vaulted Canopy Home In The Spanish Countryside

Spanish architecture practice Mesura designed ‘Casa IV’, a house extension featuring a vaulted canopy roof in the hot, dry countryside of Elche.
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A Black Cottage Hidden In The Forest

Tucked away in the depths of a hemlock forest in Quebec, Canada, is ‘FAHOUSE’: A black prism-shaped cottage designed by Jean Verville.
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A Dynamic Korean Home Referencing The Mountains

Seoul-based architect Moon Hoon designed a dynamic house for a young couple that acts as a periscope to the surrounding mountains.
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A Meditative House For A Painter

Located among the rice fields on the eastern edge of the small Chinese village Dali, the Zhu’an Residence was designed for a painter and his wife. Its peaceful and clean interior makes the house an intimate, meditative space that corresponds with th…

An Elegant Residence In Melbourne

Located in Melbourne, Australia, LSD Residence was designed for a couple of soon-to-be empty nesters, providing them a comfortable and refined space to rest and socialize with friends.
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A Home Renovation Infused With Memories

Portuguese architecture practice M2.senos designed an extension to Amélia’s House, a minimal home located in Ilhavo, Portugal.
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A ‘Flying Box’ Built From Shipping Containers

Faced with the challenge of a small budget and plot of land, 2A Design decided to use shipping containers to create a prefabricated home entitled ‘Flying Box Villa’.
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A Terraced Townhouse Renovation In Portugal

Portuguese design and architecture practice Estudio ODS refurbished a narrow terraced townhouse in Tavira, Portugal.
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Sunday Sanctuary: Master Stroke

This beautiful space in Tel Aviv is taking my love of polished concrete and high ceilings to a whole new level… Not to mention I have a feeling the perfectly styled monochrome interior is making me weak at the knees. And just when you think it can’t get any better, the subtle light features sneak […]

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A Zig-Zagging Portuguese Holiday Home

On the dramatic hillside landscape overlooking Serra da Estrla, Portugal’s highest mainland point, architects Camarim designed a split-level zig zag holiday home that mirrors the surrounding topography.
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A Floating House In Ogasa, Japan

Shuhei Goto Architects took inspiration from the raised floor of a Japanese warehouse from 300 BC in their design for the Floating House in Ogasa.
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An Elegant Take On Brazilian Housing

Based in São Paulo, Brazilian architect Felipe Hess is recognized for his simple yet sophisticated aesthetics. For the project ‘Casa Sumaré’, he undertook a major renovation of an old house, filling it with light and refined design pieces.
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A Serene Home Amongst The Vines

Lisbon-based architecture practice blaanc designed a one-storey, three-volume home nestled into a vineyard in Montijo, Portugal.
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Off-The-Grid Living In The High Arizona Desert

Based in Tuscon, Arizona, D U S T is an alliance of architects, artists designers focussing on the master builder tradition. One of their latest projects takes the form of Casa Caldera, an off-the-grid shelter located in the high desert.
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A Minimal Portuguese Home In The Countryside

On the outskirts of Portugal’s Santiago do Cacém, admist the parched pastoral landscape of Alentjo sits a gleamingly white curved building designed by Atelier dos Remédios.
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A Concrete Villa In The Swiss Alps

Made almost entirely of the exposed reinforced concrete, maison fabrizzi is a house located among the picturesque mountain landscape of Swiss region Conthey.
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A Simple House In Portugal By Aires Mateus

Located in Alentejo, a south-central part of Portugal, the house built by Aires Mateus represents the simple architecture that fits perfectly in its surrounding, becoming a perfect shelter.
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A Summer Shelter In Stockholm’s Archipelago

Hidden in a pine tree forest and facing the peaceful waters of the Baltic Sea, the Archipelago House seems to be a perfect destination for a weekend escape.
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A Bright Mexican Home Integrated With Nature

Mexican architect Abraham Cota Paredes designed Casa V, a serene, light-filled home integrated with nature. Designed around a central courtyard patio containing a pool of water and a tree, the home offers a calm escape from the surrounding urban area of Guadalajara. Built across three levels, Casa V features a floating staircase, a balcony terrace, […]

A Butterfly-Inspired Retreat By Feldman Architecture

San Francisco-based studio Feldman Architecture designed an eco-conscious retreat perched in the hills of California.
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A Stranded House By WHALE! Architects

Chilean architect firm WHALE! adapted the classic beach house structure to suit the clifftop location of their ‘Stranded House’.
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Sunday Sanctuary: Reflection

Before we jump into a new year of lust-worthy interiors and eclectic places, I thought we might take a look back at some of the dreamy spaces that had us swooning at our screens in 2015. While we take a moment to look back at these Sunday Sanctuary gems, I can’t help but get a […]

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A Concrete River House By Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Japanese architecture practice Suyama Peterson Deguchi created the ‘River House‘, a concrete home located in a slopy area of the Northern Rocky Mountains, USA. To incorporate the two-story structure into its mountainous surroundings, the house was built along the river. On the concept behind it, the architects say: “Here, the division between inside and outside […]

A Wooden Lakeside House By Paul Bernier

Architectural practice Paul Bernier created ‘Chalet Estérel’, a wooden house located between a stream and slope at Lac Grenier in Quebec, Canada. The angular design of the single-story structure features wooden elements throughout the building including a large hickory wall as well as a wood-floored deck on the roof. The house was inspired by the rugged surrounding […]

A Remote Island Resort By Stinessen Arkitektur

Architecture studio Stinessen Arkitektur created the resort ‘Manshausen‘ located on a remote island in Steigen, Norway. To incorporate the cabins into their natural surroundings, the architects used natural materials for the exterior like larch wood. Their main feature is a floating glass facade that offers panoramic views of the sea. On the concept behind it, the architects […]

An Elevated House With A Garden Underneath By Kimihiko Okada

Japanese architecture studio Kimihiko Okada designed the ‘Toda House’, an elevated home consisting of an unconventionally shaped slab…

A Minimal Wooden House Filled With Natural Sunlight By mA-Style Architects

Japanese architecture studio mA-style architects designed the ‘Light Walls House’, a minimal home with wooden roof beams that…

A Concrete House With A Vertical Garden In Vietnam

Architecture studio Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed a unique sustainable house with a vertical garden as facade in…

A Curved Concrete House By Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Architect studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos designed ‘Casa Balint’, a curved concrete house in a small Spanish town. Its…

A Rustic House Made Of Hundreds Of Concrete Blocks

Australian architect studio Archier designed the ‘Sawmill House’ that consists of nearly 300 one-tonne concrete blocks. Located in…

A Serene House With A Spiraling Wooden Roof

Mount Fuji Architects designed a two-story house located in a residential area on the outskirts of Tokyo. From…

A Minimal Holiday House With Views Of The Mediterranean Sea

Architect studio José Francisco García-Sánchez designed the ‘Gallarda House’, a minimal holiday home with views of the Mediterranean…

A Concrete Residence Reflecting The Lush Surrounding Landscape

Architect studio ZD+A designed a concrete family residence reflecting the surrounding landscape. The ‘PN House’ is located in…

A Minimal Off-The-Grid House By MOS Architects

New York-based MOS Architects created ‘The Element House’, an isolated building in New Mexico that operates completely off-the-grid….

A Concrete Summer House By BAK Arquitectos

BAK arquitectos constructed the AV house, a concrete summer home in the forest of Mar Azul in Argentina….

Q&A With The Architects Behind Casa Brutale

The team of architects at OPA designed Casa Brutale, a concrete house in a cliffside. The ‘chameleonic living…

The Transportable House By Felipe Assadi

The architecture studio of Felipe Assadi constructed a transportable cottage which is the prototype of a modular housing…

The Chameleon House By Petr Hajek Architekti

The architects behind Petr Hajek Architekti created the Chameleon House where every room shows into another direction. Situated…

HKL Studio Created A Clinic That Feels Like Home

HKL Studio created a clinic that looks like a house, so that it feels more like home for…

Casa Invisibile by DMAA

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects created the ‘Casa Invisibile’, a flexible housing unit, which consists of a prefabricated wood…

Off-the-Grid Prefab Cabin by Jesse Garlick

Vancouver-based architect Jesse Garlick built the Sky House, a prefabricated off-grid vacation retreat. The modest 78 sqm cabin…

Seasonless House by Casos de Casas

Casos de Casas created the ‘Seasonless House’, a minimalist building in Castelló, Spain. The plastic-clad house adapts to…