A Calming Minimal Home Workspace

A look inside my home at my new calming minimal home workspace; along with some tips for staying focused whilst working from home.

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Hello there! After sharing photos of our kitchen area in my previous post (you can read the article here), I’m now sharing photos of the living room. The lightning here is almost magical. I also just love how the shadow creates these beaut…


Finally! A first article on COTTDS.com with photos of our new home. It took me long enough, but boy, these last few months have been though. Never underestamate the amount of time and work that goes in to a move. And eventhough we outsourced a l…

Minimal Hooks For The Home

A selection of my favourite minimal hooks
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Hay’s 2.0 Installation Examines The Future of Creative Workspaces for Stockholm Design Week

You may or may not have been aware that this week is Design Week in Stockholm and the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair is going on as well. I haven’t blogged much about it because, well, I’m not in attendance this year. But next year I will be there …

STAY Copenhagen

A HAY designed apartment hotel in chilled out Copenhagen.

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A COS Refresh

Copenhagen’s Østergade store is receiving a facelift but during construction you can find their pop up store across the street, which still looks very chic considering it’s only temporary.

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Why Minimalist Interiors Are Good For You

We know it’s important to eat well and exercise regularly but how often do you consider how your environment affects wellness?

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At home and desktop things

Currently at home and on my desk, a few favorites I like to keep near me.

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Wishlist for Summer

Things I’m longing for this summer include an easy striped wrap dress, Totême’s Positano swimsuit, a Wide brim straw hat like this one, obsessed with all things from this Swedish brand I’m craving these All Blues Satiated Snake Carved earrings .
Another brand I love is Glossier and they just debuted this Glossier’s Invisible Shield SPF 35 which I’m ordering before our LA trip next month. SMD’s Tivoli flower pot, Petite Coral Vase from Artilleriet, Cold Picnic’s abstract sand colored rug and Hay’s Palissade Lounge chair with Quilted Cushion which feels like a nice and comfortable way to lounge outside.

A Bedside Lamp With A Difference

I used the bank holiday weekend to do some DIY in the house; a little project I’d been planning for a while, to convert a pendant lamp into a bedside lamp.

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Using yellow in interiors

In the past I have been opposed to yellow in general, speaking out against it and then only mildly in favor of it in posts past. Generally speaking I’m not one to get excited about bright colors, but what’s the point of an opinion if you can’t change it? Lately I’ve seen more golden mustard yellows and I am really warming up to the look, especially when paired with another warm neutral like a pale brown or taupe.

Above is pictured a project by Claude Missir and features Synapse pendant lights from Apparatus Studio.

Gubi’s Nagasaki chairs with yellow seat cushions.

A collage of interior pieces in mustard yellow including:

A bathroom with an amazing yellow sink and toilet.

I’ve also gathered a few more favorites in this golden yellow shade below, including a non-interior piece, a dress by Lauren Manoogian that is just the perfect warm color for Spring.

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Green Spring: Seasonal Inspiration from COS x HAY ’17

March is officially here and while I could comment about how quickly February passed by (because it really did) I’d rather focus on what’s to come. Spring is a much loved season and lets us put the dark and damp winter season behind us, which after several months we are very ready for. It means new colors and foliage rather than snow and long forgotten plants. We tend to spend more time outside and feel invigorated by the hope and energy brought about with more sunshine and new growth. It’s not just climate, it’s also personal. Spring is the perfect time to make new plans, shake off the lethargy of the previous months and bring some of this freshness into our homes and wardrobes.

The recent collaboration between Swedish COS and Danish HAY brands brings us soft greens and warmer hues than we’ve been used to seeing in recent times. Personally it makes me want to buy some fresh flowers or better yet, take a walk in the woods and pick my own. It makes me want to declutter, which we’ve been working on since January so it’s only moderate changes rather than a huge overhaul of our things. It makes me look forward to fresh fruit, longer days, shorter pant lengths and natural highlights in my hair from time spent in the sun.

The collection doesn’t seem to be available in the US version of COS but if you are in Europe or elsewhere you can shop directly from their web shop. I’ve found some of the HAY pieces from the collection for you below, can in case you can’t access the COS collection.

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New Season Bedroom Accessories

As we’re coming out of winter I feel like it’s a good time to freshen things up in the house. I’ve got some great bedroom decor ideas from brands like Menu and West Elm.
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Christmas Wishlist 2016

Do you know what you want for Christmas this year? Receiving any of these items would make me very happy.
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Styled a new corner in our living room. Love how the white, grey and black comes together, and yes.. I’m still a big fan of the marble hype in my home. Got the XL lamp, mirror, marble candle holder and marble table at my latest online shop-addiction: Westwing. It’s basically a designer interior outlet with brands like Hay, Zuiver, Vita, Pols en Potten, Bloomingville, you name it. Every day they add new sales and campaigns with different items and brands, so I pretty much check their website every single week (yes, it’s that bad!). Can’t wait until we can decorate our new home! It will still takes about 9 months before it’s done. We just finished designing our new home with an architect, and then soon the building can start. I just can’t wait, it feels like forever!

7 objects = modern dining room design

We don’t have any major plans to change up our dining room but it’s still fun to pretend, and possibly give you ideas for your own dining space. I like the slim lines here in the cabinet, pendant light, dining chair, and Matisse line drawing which keep…

SHOP / new in

Some revolving things I’ve dded to the shop, a selection of interior and personal items curated weekly by me.
A grouping of sandy hues from this HAY lens jar, Sika Design lounger and Skagerak coat rack.

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Japanese favorites

At home these vessels are some of my current favorites, more to come on this soon…

a new mirror table at home

I guess I really like HAY’s slit tables because now we have the mirror version in our living room! I can’t remember when I decided I had to have it but it was a while ago and I haven’t been able to get the image of this little reflective, geometric tab…

an instant corner

If I had only 10 minutes to furnish a corner of a living room, this is what I’d choose. Maybe that’s because I literally put it together in 10 minutes while Elin built a tower of blocks behind me and I knew I had to seize the moment before it was gone….

weekend shelfie

The kids and I did a bit of cleaning yesterday, rearranged a few things and organized the pantry. Right now I like this white & brown combination, the natural warmth the browns give to white make it less harsh.

Below I’ve collected similar products if you want to recreate a similar look.

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Coffee Table Details with Arlo & Jacob

I’m so happy to have been featured on Arlo & Jacob‘s website this weekend. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re sofa specialists that make all their sofas and chairs here in the UK, in Long Eaton. They’re style is quite Scandinavian which is what drew them to my attention. However, if your idea […]

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bedside, currently

I haven’t shown any photos from home lately, we’re making a few changes and I’m waiting on a chair, some shelves and a kitchen cart so in the meantime I think everything feels so unfinished to me or at least for what I have in my head.
Our room is also a but incomplete but I did get a new side table and I like how it blends into the wall.

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A series of photos styled by the incredible Amanda Rodriguez and photographed by Kistofer Johnsson.

still life

A corner of my desk with a gifted copy of Collected, my favorite dark bowl from Menu and a cup for pencils and brushes from HAY.

Minimalist Christmas Wish List & Gift Guide 2015

The best Christmas presents for a lover of minimalist style I decided to combine my Christmas wish list and gift guide this year as I never give anyone a gift that I wouldn’t be thrilled to receive myself. I’ve included all sorts of amazing things; there’s beautiful jewellery by London designer Jenny Sweetnam; a few […]

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As usual, I’m not the first to get to this. I read about it a bit ago but just saw these photos, some that haven’t been circulated as heavily as the others so I thought I’d share. I’m really into these blues and small bit of natural brown/mustard.


The place for storing or hanging those small bits or the random things that don’t have a home, Pinorama is it! Designed by Inga Sempé for HAY.

styling a bookself

When I was younger my mom would often come home to me rearranging her furniture. I had very different ideas than my mom of what looked good or was appropriate in the house, even at a young age. In spite of her patience and her not-wanting-to-crush-my-creations attitude, my constant movement of household items got on her nerves. In retrospect, I get that! Thankfully though, I think all that practice did something to nurture a love for curating from an early age.
Now that I have my own house I don’t have to worry about bothering my mom’s things but let’s be honest, it’s a lot of work to redecorate regularly. In spite of the extra work to take trinkets out of storage while tripping over toys or dusting shelves with one hand because the other is holding a baby on my hip, it feels so good to give pieces new life and freshen up an arrangement.
I’ve collaborated with Target Style to show you how I take some of their newest home collection pieces and style my favorite bookshelf to give it a fresher update. It’s amazing how curating open shelves can make a space feel brand new and it doesn’t take much, Target makes it soooo easy!

find your inspiration

One thing you can do, if you have the time, is make a collage or moodboard. Rip photos from magazines, even some of those much older issues or copy pages out of a photography book. You can print images from the web (for collage purposes only) or do what I did, throw some images I liked together on a couple printer pages in Photoshop, just enough to stand back and see what works together/doesn’t and get a general idea of the look I’m going for.

My mood for this was something beachy and fresh with green, blue, natural and white, greys.


Search around/shop for pieces that compliment your mood. Mix high/low and new/old to get something with more depth.

I used fresh green accents, with Spring now here it’s a must. The newest collection from Target has a lot of nautical pieces which is great because I love these brain corals and porcelain urchins with porous white, sculptural textures they add. A hint of blue from a small dipping bowl that holds a cactus, some soft natural colors from cork, jute and rope. Glass is an other element that offsets these more organic surfaces, both for holding small fern stems but also this grey vase which has a subtle beach feel. Also, because this wall is adjacent to my kitchen I included stacks of plates and bowls, even towels. I used a basket to hold a spray bottle and a brush for cleaning.


This, of course, is the fun part. Since the newness of plant life and Spring are relevant and ocean elements were an influence, I wanted the finished shelves to be airy so I purposely left pockets of blank space. Don’t feel obligated to completely pack your shelves with lots and lots of stuff. You can put everything on there from your gathering but then step back and edit yourself. Make sure to remove something(s) because a few well chosen pieces are a bolder look than too many competing pieces, things can get lost.

Another piece of advice I’d offer is to add some practicality or function to your arrangement. Of course we’re going for something aesthetically nice but why can’t is serve to be useful as well? In my case I have magazines but also one of my favorite cookbooks, nearby enough to search for a quick recipe. Be mindful of the location of your bookshelf and how you use that general area, so something near a living room could hold extra throws and pillows, a shelf in the bedroom could hold extra bags and shoes, dishes for small jewelry…you get the idea.

This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online.

Spring inspiration

Feelings of Spring in soft woods, black & white, plenty of green and really pale pink.

1 / Kungshöjdsgatan

2 / Club Monaco at Noma

3 / Danish Maritime Museum lecture hall

4 / book covers

5 / scallops w/ horseradish gel

6 / COS Parka

7 / Skagerak

8 / pottery

9 / pinkish


Offices of Flamingo Shanghai designed by Neri&Hu the open space is divided by different materials such as raw concrete, wood and steel. I feel like I could be very productive in such a beautiful and thoughtful space!

my corner desk

Since we’ve moved back home & Israel’s bedroom is now where our office was I’ve had to downsize my work area. I use the dining table most of the time but who I am I kidding really? I barely have time to work these days with both kids. Still, I wanted a small area to keep things or to work and get away from the rest of the family for a few quiet moments.My husband cut our old Ikea desktop down and attached it to the wall, sort of to appear floating but we can all see those supporting brackets! I hung a brass, horizontal organizer designed by Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus. I love having an area I can create a mood board or keep small papers off my table top. My stool Spin stool is from Huset as well as the Hay bits & bobs. These moody colors, deep shadows and texture are really inspiring to me right now and feel like I’m hanging on to the last bit of Winter coziness before the season changes.


Completely obsessed with long coats at the moment. And all that was missing my closet was a camel coat, got that one covered now too. Found this perfect one in the Mango SALE.


Not so long ago I’ve showed you photos of my kitchen area (you can see it here), just before we’ve changed the dining area. With a kid on the way we wanted to have a ‘normal’ dining table. So we’ve did some shopping and this is the result. I’m very happy with how it turned out, especially since we didn’t had a lot of space to use. Squeezed in a little outfit as well. Love this oversized knitted sweater, but definitely don’t love how big it make me look on the photo. Haha. O well, I guess these sweaters are not the best option when you’re 31 weeks pregnant. Only 9 weeks left, guys! PS: Enjoy the holidays!!!