David Jones

Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished in sea foamy hues reminiscent of the salty ocean.             Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished

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Sunday Sanctuary: Casa No Tempo

  Casa No Tempo aims to connect the past with the future, leaving out the marks of time. Resulting in the most peaceful and timeless place. And we totally agree! It may be the vast white walls or the minimal yet very effect furnish styling but this little baby ticks all the boxes. All floors […]

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(Im)perfect Home

Scandinavian style inspired home. Marble home decor. Industrial lamp inspiration. Minimalist guide to gallery wall. Minimal living room. All-white apartment

Minimalist Flower Ideas

A couple of weeks ago I got invited to a flower workshop at Soho House to discover my favourite flowers and learn how to style them in bouquets for myself and for others. Inspired by the afternoon, I wanted to share three ways to style flowers in a minimalistic interior

The Right Art

It has been months since I mentioned that I was looking for some great artwork for my home, and yet nothing has changed since then. I suppose sometimes life gets in the way – that, and I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. Which isn’t so odd,

At Home

A few of my favourite things from my desk aka kitchen table. In lieu of a real working spot I like to surround myself with pretty home decor items (my laptop does not fall under that category).
As you can see I still haven’t tired of the -by now- classics:

That Plant Life

Different types of cacti (cactus) and succulents.

Art Of Decorating

Ah, the art of decorating: it definitely is a work in progress. While it’s quite frustrating (being not the most patient person…) that I can’t implement all the ideas in my head and create a “Pinterest perfect” home straight away, I do enjoy the process. But I seem to forget

Marble Mania

How to incorporate marble pieces into your minimal interior.

Spiky Obsession

Succulents and cacti are the perfect green addition to a minimalistic Scandinavian inspired interior.


Last week was a really inspiring one. I met so many talented and creative people. One of them was this talented and sweet woman, Helena.  It was so inspiring to hear her talk about her journey. I really admire people who work hard to one day have the opportunity to work with what you are passionate about. This […]


From my bedroom corner. As you can see my closet isn’t that big. This is one of the few reasons we would need a bigger apartment. I’m dreaming of a walk in closet (who doesn’t, right?) where I could hang all my clothes by color. What a dream. In the next issue of the Swedish Interior Magazine RUM HEMMA I’ll share my […]


Starting this new week with some love from I-D Magazine and a cup of coffee. Everything about this magazine is perfect. The photos, the font and the layout. Such an inspiration.Filed under: BEAUTY, FASHION, HOME DECOR, INSPIRATION, LAYOUT / DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY


Working from here all day. It’s been so calm and quiet today. A perfect day for planning. I have a lot of things on my mind right now and for me it’s very important to write everything down in my notepad, it helps me to stay organized and focused. Love these days. Hope you’re having a […]


The weather has been really bad lately. So what could be better than a sunny Friday? Feels really lovely. This weekend I’m going to my home town Uppsala to spend time with family and friends. Looking forward to it! Here’s some photos from this morning. How come I never get tired of white? Is it just […]




It’s a grey and calm Saturday morning. I’m starting the day with Elle Decoration UK and a cup of tea before leaving for a stroll downtown. Filed under: HOME DECOR, INSPIRATION, PHOTOGRAPHY


Since we’re looking for a bigger apartment it’s fun to start looking for some new interior/decoration. Well, I always do anyway! But from now on I’ll pick out my favorites once a month and share them here. I have so many ideas of how we could decorate our new home but of course we have […]


Spring and summer is wonderful but there’s something special about autumn, when it gets colder and the air is fresh. Love to take long walks and afterwards go to a cafe and have a cup of hot chocolate. It’s so cozy! Ok, I have to admit the hot chocolate part is my favorit but anyways. When it comes to clothing, autumn […]


Yesterday was a great  day and we’re very excited about the good news. Hopefully I can tell you more about it soon. Tonight our friends have arranged an “Italian evening”. We visited Italy and Praiano together this summer and had the best trip ever. We bought them a little bouquet and couldn’t resist getting one […]


I’ve kind of missed this grey light the last couple of days. The rain falls down outside the windows and it has been a bit dark all day. A perfect day for photo editing. I got a lot of work to do today so I better continue. Have a lovely Tuesday! Filed under: HOME DECOR, INSPIRATION, […]


We’ve started looking for a bigger apartment now. We’re aware that it may take a long time to find what we’re looking for now that we’re really happy with our current apartment. I would say that the light flow is almost the most important thing. A bigger apartment with big windows letting that studio light in. And of course a few other […]


This autumn is all about planning and setting goals for the future. I have a dream I want to fulfill, the way towards it is long but rewarding and exciting. Looking forward to a intense autumn with exciting meetings and challenges. Let’s go.Filed under: HOME DECOR, INSPIRATION, PHOTOGRAPHY