OF Interview: Nya Leth

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A Day in the Life of Camilla Vest from Objects.NYC

Camilla Vest moved from Denmark to New York City with her husband in 1995 after starting her modeling career as the face in Guess, Revlon and J Crew campaigns. Now thought she is bridging the Atlantic Ocean to bring Scandinavian design to the US with O…

DE SMET is moving the fashion industry towards a more mindful future

Have you heard of DE SMET yet? If not, now’s your chance to become familiar with this beautifully minimal label with a conscious. I spoke with DE SMET’s owner and designer, Christina De Smet about sustainability and her tips for streamlining your close…

Meet Bicolter, the Spanish design studio collaborating with Skagerak

I’m so pleased to be interviewing you two as I own, very recently, one of your own designs, the Building Table for Skagerak (pictured below)! The wood and clean lines feels very Danish but Bicolter is a Spanish team. How do your Spanish roots influence…

5 Days of Christmas Day 2 / A Chat With Norwegian Designers, Ask Og Eng

We’re so pleased to kick off this week with some Q&A’s from a few of our favorites. First up are Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng from Ask og Eng, who creates beautiful sustainable bamboo kitchens in Norway. They share their answers, their Chr…


This seems to be a final summery touch. A couple of months ago, I was gifted this beautiful bodysuit by CARLA PONTES, a designer from Portugal. I am always -and mainly actually- interested in shaping longterm relationships with the brands and designers I collaborate with, so an interview with Carla was due. Her aesthetics consist …

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The restless beauty of Faye Toogood

If you’re hankering for a good design read, take a look at the interview Cereal Magazine recently did with English designer Faye Toogood (who designed the Spade chair I’ve been seeing so much of lately) where she talks about what she was like as a chil…

Interview: Swedish Domino Stålvant Followed by 2 Million People

I’m interviewing people that are a huge inspiration to me. It’s not just an interview: I’m seeking an honest and deep conversation. Domino and I met in Bali about a year ago. In only a […]

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Reform crosses the Atlantic, now US and Canadian residents can easily access their designs

Danish company Reform makes cabinet fronts and tops for IKEA kitchen, bathrooms and cabinets. They’ve worked with Norm Architects and Bjarke Ingels design firm BIG but their latest venture has them taking over the world. Almost. To help spread the news…

A Month of Minimalism / Aja from Minimalism & Co.

During this series you will be hearing from others and their perspective on Minimalism with some of the same questions, allowing each person’s perspective to add color and variation. Here, I speak with Aja Edmond from Minmalism & Co. to gain her thoughts on Minimalism and moderation.

What does Minimalism mean to you?

Minimalism is an ubiquitous term so when I decided it was a principle I wanted to adopt, I went through the exercise of defining it for myself (vs. automatically adhering to the perceptions and definitions of others).

To me it means three things: awareness, clarity, and focus.

First you need to have an awareness about yourself and how you perceive the world we live in (some may call this consciousness). From there comes clarity — about who you are, what you believe in, what you do and do not care about, etc. Clarity, then, allows you to have focus so you can prioritize and efficiently allocate your time, effort, and resources to what matters most.

Since the world turns and we all evolve, I regularly go through this exercise then apply it to every area of life, from work and finances to my style and relationships.

The result is that I’ve developed an incredible ability to simplify decision-making in most areas of life.

Is there a mental process you go through before buying or bringing something home?

Most of my purchases are made during set times a year (once at the beginning of each quarter) which helps check impulse shopping. I go through a thoughtful process of eliminating things I don’t want or need, determining new things I want or need, and prioritizing based on what I have available to spend.

I don’t own many things and rarely covet or yearn for things, so when I do I know it must be special. Therefore, if a few unexpected needs (or desires) come up I usually indulge them if I they work within my budget and the confines of my space.

I have a lot of respect for my few possessions. I think the one question I ask before making a purchase is: will I cherish this for years to come?

It’s clear that minimalism is a way of life for you, would you agree that it effects all of your choices or just some?

My ability to simplify decision-making, as mentioned, is the most important and consistent benefit of my way of life.

Sometimes I may choose to overindulge or be excessive in different areas or at different times in life. However, it’s the ease at which I’m able to make that choice that I care most about.

I love the quote by Oscar Wilde “everything in moderation — even moderation.” In my quest for simplicity, I don’t want to become too idealistic. So, yes, it’s a way of thinking that’s very apparent in almost every area of my life (but I have no qualms about contradicting it ever so often).

Does sustainability play a role in minimalism for you?

Increasingly so and I have to credit my partner for his insistence on us being mindful of the impact we are having on the earth. Right now our focus is on leaving a minimal footprint by not being wasteful or using resources unnecessarily.

Though, my partner is more adamant about this than I am. For instance, he doesn’t want to get a dryer so we are rack hanging our clothes — and it drives me crazy. I definitely see some cultural differences (he’s German, I’m American) in how far we’re willing to adjust our lifestyles for this cause.

On my radar is the ethical fashion trend as well as some of the advancements in materials and production techniques being used across the consumer goods industry in general. If I must buy something new, I’ll attempt to at least consider brands that are serious about the environment.

Overall, I don’t think I’m doing as much as I could but I’m trying!

What goals do you have for yourself in the new year to make sure you continue to adhere to your minimalist values?

I haven’t set any new major goals or resolutions other than allocating time to walk through the awareness, clarity, and focus process — and making a few adjustments in each area of life as needed.

To add more color to this process it may be helpful to skim an essay I recently wrote called the Soul-Searching Strategy. Every year (plus during times of significant life changes) I think through these steps.

When you feel your life becomes too cluttered with unnecessary things, maybe not only objects but also commitments, what are some practical things or rituals you do to refocus on the essentials?

Oh I am ruthless about cutting things out of my life that don’t need to be there — be it things, people, activities, or ideas.

I tune in to my gut because there’s this nagging uneasy feeling that I get when something is out of balance. If I feel this for too long then I hone in on the culprit.

If it’s an object I give it away without a second thought. However, some things (like people) can’t just be cut at whim without causing damage. So I’m thoughtful about my approach (but once I make the decision they still have to go).

A Conversation With Viktor & Rolf

In the lush manicured gardens of Victoria’s National Gallery I sit alongside Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren… “Fashion Artist’s”, more recognisably known as Viktor & Rolf.   Yellow butterfly’s float between us, along with the soft subtle hum of bee’s.  Spring is in full force and you can sense that there is something in the air.  Perhaps […]

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Meet… Tarryn Warren of Pfeffer Sal

At just a year old, Pfeffer Sal is a fairly new skincare clinic in London but the knowledge of its head therapist Tarryn Warren has been built on years of experience. Together, Tarryn (below right) and founder Andrea Pfeffer (below left), have sought out the most effective products from brands around the world. Tarryn’s bespoke […]

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Meet… Dinny Hall

It’s hard to believe that last year Dinny Hall celebrated 30 years in the industry, as the head of her eponymous brand. Her jewellery is elegant and timeless, the brand is well-known for its signature hoops and bangles which looked as good in the ’80s as they do today. I recently visited their Westbourne Grove […]

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Meet… Uncivilised

An Interview With Frances & Lisa From Uncivilised Uncivilised launch today with a womenswear collection aimed at those of us that lead busy lives, their plan is to simplify your wardrobe so that when you’re in a hurry it’s easy to combine any of their pieces and run out the door still feeling well put […]

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Meet… Isaac Reina

Isaac Reina may not be a familiar name to you but this would come as no surprise to me, he is a man of subtlety, both in presence and in design. In truth, it’s the design and quality of his bags that does the talking, they are simply beautiful; elegant, timeless designs that are not […]

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interview with Gam Fratesi

Yellow Trace conducted an insightful interview with design duo Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi. I particularly liked seeing all the initial sketches and studio photos, the process of concept to production is such an interesting one. (you might remember when I blogged about this mobile design from the Stockholm Furniture Fair)
Read more about how the duo met and began GamFratesi and their body of work is impressive including work for Gubi, Restaurant Verandah, Fredericia and Ligne Roset.
Read the entire Q & A here.


Ash and Lorraine are the creative force behind East London fashion brand, PYRUS. Their different styles come together in the brand; Ash’s more feminine and floaty, Lorraine’s more minimalist. I caught up with them to find out more about PYRUS, and the trials and tribulations that have got them to where they are now, a […]
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