Le Cabanon, A Secluded Vacation Home

Framed views of overhead skies and the local dazzling beaches make this family holiday home designed by Tuscan-based firm Rick Joy Architects, a thing of Providenciales beauty.
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Inspiration Gallery I Island Part II

Inspiration Gallery. Isalo Desert. Eco Hotel ‘Princesse du Lagon’, Mangily. Tutelar, Madagascar, October 2016.

Vega Cottage By Kolman Boye Architects

A house with a broad view of Mother Nature’s boulders, rigid mountains, and the Norwegian Sea sitting upon the island of Vega, close to the polar circle.
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A Concrete House Surrounded By Emerald Waters

Located on the shores of Yoron Island, a Japanese island which was created from elevated coral reefs, the house designed by Case-Real is a solid concrete structure with a delightedly sublime interior.
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Solar Powered EcoPods By Johan Shenton

Isolated in mid-Atlantic and warmed by the Gulf Stream, the group of nine islands enjoys a benign and temperate annual climate, and a breathtaking natural beauty.
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A Remodeled Old-style Cabin

Nestled on the island of Nordfriesland stands an inconspicuous hay storage now transformed into a full-fledged residence. Architects Karin Matz and Francesco Di Gregorio tastefully remodeled an old-style cabin with great respect to local traditions alo…

A Floating Island Home 24 Years In The Making

Moored off the coast of Canada’s Vancouver Island, 45 minutes by boat to the closest town, is a colorful floating house complex named ‘Freedom Cove’.
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A Series Of Artists’ Studios On Fogo Island

Located off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada, Fogo Island is a small land mass with dramatic scenery and a total population of only 2,706 people. There, among raw, poetic landscapes, architect Todd Saunders was commissioned to design a serie…

Sunday Sanctuary: Mykonos Magic

You guys, I think we may have stumbled across paradise… all white everything, big bright windows, minimal styling, cactus accents and a that pool overlooking the Aegean Sea, as if those views weren’t enough in this little slice of Mykonos Magic.  As luck may have it this cliffside beauty has just come on the market, […]

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