On one of my many late-night Insta scroll sessions, I began to save a random selection of accessories and random homewares. Typically my saved folder contains a variety of droll worth Pierre Paulin chairs (heaven) and Pomeranians. But I thought why not share an insight into my saved folder here… so here it is

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One Mignonne Swan

I know it’s a cliché but swans have been one of my favorite animals ever since I saw The Swan Lake Ballet as a kid (also the most famous park of the city I grew up in was named after them and feeding the swans was a big part of my childhood) and since earrings are the only piece of jewelry that I like “the more statement the better” I literally squeaked when I saw these Mignonne Gavigan swan earrings. They are literally my gifts to my own childhood (who was scared enough to wait until 12 to pierce her ears). They are so perfect that I find myself checking out mirrors constantly. Mignonne Gavigan is one of the most creative jewelry designers out there, you can always set her pieces apart even in a crowd, always fun and whimsical – like nothing you ever saw before. It’s hard to find earrings that can lift the whole outfit, even the simplest outfit, and still not look too over the top and she manages to do …

Dual Citizen

Like most people, I always catch myself saying, ‘if only I had more time on my hands’.  In the holistic sense of the meaning, this kind of challenge would only be counteracted by cutting back on the amount of hours I work, which would not seem like a practical solution, or let’s be honest a fun

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The Best Rooftop In Venice

   Aahh Venice, most loved for it’s long winding water ways, handsome gondoliers (uber driver rating = 5.0) and picturesque pastel fascades. This is just a little taste of what I have in store for you from my trip to Venice with watch  connoisseurs Jaeger Le Coultre and I have butterflies over how much you’re going to

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Le Chic Radical

  I’m not sure what it is about our Eastern European friends in Georgia,  but this particular region of Turkey seems to be somewhat of an incubator for rising talent. In addition to our good friend George Keburia, yet another creative duo hailing from this part of the world has popped up on our radar and now, there’s no

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Into: Baroque Pearls

I never thought a day would come (before I turn 50) that I’d spend hours and hours lusting after pearl necklaces and earrings but it turns out all it takes is finding out there’s a disfigured, less polished and more rugged option out there: baroque pearls (or nucleated pearls). Thanks to brands like Esra Dandin, Sophie Buhai and 1064 Studio, we now have a lot of gorgeous options to shop from, price range $100 – thousands. Tip: pair pearl jewelry with chunky or delicate metal pieces you already own to make the look less girly and more quotidian. image sources: esra dandin, sophie buhai, w concept

Bracelet Bag

Melting leather goods and jewellery. Gold ring handles will link two universes to create the bracelet/ring bag. This statement bag can be carried by shoulder strap, hand, or wrist. A mini size black bucket bag (with adjustable and a detachable … …

Love, Travel, Laugh

Three words that are important to me, and a competition!

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New York City With Tiffany & Co. HardWear

As I walked down Mercer Street I felt a pinch in my stomach, you know that feeling that sits somewhere between anticipation, excitement and apprehension.  For as long as I’ve worked in this industry photographing and styling campaigns, I’ve experienced the pre-shoot jitters.  As Grace Coddington put it in her ‘Some Style is Legendary’ Documentary for […]

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Mercer Street

When strolling through the Soho streets, you can’t help but stop and take in the scenery. Everywhere you look you see classic NYC architecture, beautiful stores (which speaking from experience are very dangerous for your wallet) and some of the most stylish locals you’re ever sure to meet. But there’s something particularly special about Mercer […]

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Shop: Statement Earrings

If you’re following me on Instagram you probably already know that lately I’m obsessed – OBSESSED – with earrings. I had both my ears multiple-pierced for the first time since high school and suddenly everything was about statement earrings: a line of hoops, single ear metals, fringes and so on. I guess I’m somewhat lucky that I was always into jewelry, even when I wasn’t wearing any, that I bought some great statement pieces in the past like Anissa Kermiche Les Paniers Dorés or these fan earrings I bought from an Etsy shop almost 6 years ago. Of course that didn’t stop me from expanding the collection, I’m literally buying a new earring every 2-3 days. Join me, won’t you? image sources: all blues, mr larkin, w magazine, always judging, modern weaving, anna quan, last night, pinterest Save Save

Trend: Gold Jewels

Once a strong believer of less is more, especially when regarding the wearing of jewellery, I’ve recently found myself expanding my gold jewellery collection (which may or may not already include one too many statement earrings). Beyond the favourited fine and delicate, my recent obsession has been with the vintage inspired, and surprisingly, wearing more than just the […]

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On My Mind: Religious Pendants

I think there are two types of people out there who wear religious jewelry: actually religious people and atheists who doesn’t care and just in it for the fashion. I belong to the latter group, though I usually refrain from wearing symbolic logos, flags, faces of all kind – not because I’m not political but because I don’t want to be mistaken for anything I’m not. Case in point, I have a David’s star necklace in my jewelry box since my childhood but haven’t worn it like ever because of all its religious and political weight that I don’t want to carry around my neck. I also have an old cross I bought in high school just because I love the shape and I think it’s time to dust it off & add some more medallions to the collection because lately I’m all about gold chunky chains and small religious pendants. image sources: karla’s closet, a gentlewoman, moodboard, source unknown from pinterest 1 & 2 Save

Hounds Toothed

Houndstooth is back baby.  Originating in Scotland in the early 1800’s and then embraced by the upper class in the 1930’s as a symbol of wealth, you might say that the canine christened print has had a ‘checkered’ past. With some of our favourite designers aka Dior, Balenciaga and Acne unleashing the.. eh-hem ‘hound’ in […]

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On Rotation

A selection of the best statement earrings this season. Gold statement earring. Maria Black Jewellery. How to wear statement jewellery. Scandinavian style

The Tembo Collection Launch

Why not buy someone a gift this Christmas that helps save elephants and rhinos, and looks beautiful? The TLCxAuree Tembo Collection does just that!
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A wave of minimalism – or simplicity – has merged with modernity to achieve maximum impact. A quest for structure which has resulted in the creation of a series of  industrial and architectural designs. Give place to the new “Lines” … Continue reading

Hoop The Loop

File this under “I didn’t see that coming but I should have because apparently everything, and I mean literally everything, comes back in fashion at some point”. Hoop earrings are not only acceptable but they are very much “the” jewelry of the fall season now. Just make sure to keep your hair laid back with minimum (actually 0) accessories, try to wear a single or toned down duo of colors and minimal looks with it and best of all, wear it only on one ear and leave the other one naked. image sources: swim class, harper & harley 1 & 2, whitebird, stylecaster, sophie burai, visual optimism Save Save Save Save

Luis Barragán’s family “shocked and very sad” after architect’s ashes turned into diamond

A descendant of legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragán is outraged after discovering that his great-uncle’s cremated remains have been used to create a diamond ring. Tadeo Pintado Barragán Cervantes Omana has written a letter on behalf of several of the architect’s relatives, describing the “enormous outrage and deep sadness” on discovering that artist Jill Magid used Barragán’s ashes to create a two-carat diamond. More

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Laying The Blame

Lashings of gold shiny circular things scatter my bedroom like now like confetti after new years.  Since THAT Céline campaign, my obsession for eyelets, ring details and hoopy earrings has sky rocketed to a whole new stratosphere.. one that’s well..circular no doubt.. black ring blazer: McQ Alexander McQueen  .  black top: Maticevski  .  skirt: similar here […]

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Artist turns Luis Barragán’s remains into diamond to trade for his archive

An American artist has turned the remains of legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragán into a diamond, and is offering to exchange the gem for the architect’s professional archive, which is currently housed on the Vitra campus (+ slideshow). Conceptual artist Jill Magid has set the two-carat diamond made from Barragán’s ashes into an engagement ring, More

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I am very proud and honoured to announce the continuation of my collaboration with one of my favourite minimal jewellery brand, A WEATHERED PENNY. Still, as the first time I discovered it, one of my top destinations for minimalistic stackable pieces, designed by Kayleigh Carter, notice my favourite earrings please, so satisfying!     Starting with …

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Tiffany & Co.

With sand under her feet, salt on her skin and the warm breeze of the ocean in her hair, the modern Oracle Fox for Tiffany muse, reclines in the sun to enjoy a day off from a life that leads her to far away destinations to enable her creative pursuits.  Jewellery is not an accessory to her but […]

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Gold Fever

The best minimal style jewelry. Subtle statement jewelry. Rose gold choker. Classic understated accessories. Multiple faux ear piercings. Minimal aesthetic


Sweatshirts have always been considered a casual wardrobe item but recently I’ve seen them elevated to a new level. Both this season and last, Joseph featured beautiful separates in soft jersey which we can’t seem to get enough of. Comfortable but chic these pieces have changed the way we think of the humble sweatshirt. Recently, […]

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Meet… Dinny Hall

It’s hard to believe that last year Dinny Hall celebrated 30 years in the industry, as the head of her eponymous brand. Her jewellery is elegant and timeless, the brand is well-known for its signature hoops and bangles which looked as good in the ’80s as they do today. I recently visited their Westbourne Grove […]

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Top left image by me, bottom right via Beaufille SS16 It is actually fortunate that FAWNXFERN jewellery were one of the first deliveries that reached me in Paris. Not only because I was so excited about adding these beautiful jewellery pieces in my life, but also because they inspired me in a certain way that …

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Top left image by me, bottom right via Beaufille SS16 It is actually fortunate that FAWNXFERN jewellery were one of the first deliveries that reached me in Paris. Not only because I was so excited about adding these beautiful jewellery pieces in my life, but also because they inspired me in a certain way that …

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Coyote Negro

I’ve never been more grateful for those annoying Pinterest summer photos with perfectly tanned (and toned) women lying on endless sand beaches with the best pieces of accessories you’d never be able to pull of when sweating that much; because one of those led me to Coyote Negro, the Brooklyn based design project of Puerto Rican Art Director Melissa Hernández. She’s currently exploring jewelry as a sculptural wearable element and designing pieces that strive to surpass time and seasons without losing relevancy. She also collaborated with Los Tejedores, a project from Santo Domingo that links the tradition of weaving with natural materials with contemporary design, and created the perfect summer hat made of coconut leaf fiber (hand weaved in Haiti) and an adjustable strap made of natural tanned leather and white brass, handcrafted in NYC. God bless creative people and beautiful things. source: coyote negro


Lines/Manner Flatlays shared on Instagram. Monochrome + Morning Routine + Essential Details Mejuri Ring Fawn X Fern Jewellery Madeleine Issing Ring – Arc Jewellery Ring – Shopmoortown Rings (set) Le Cord Cable Harper&Brooks Watch – The PeachBox Cuff Positea Tea … Continue reading


Pretty Little Things always come in pretty little box.. Mejuri Ring  


Focusing solely in the linearity of the ring,  with respect to its form, the best way to highlight a delicate structure is to abandon all effects. Created with a combination of old techniques and new technologies Shahla Karimi‘s Honey Rotation 3D printing ring brings a strong character of its own, controls the inspiration and dominates …



Focusing solely in the linearity of the ring,  with respect to its form, the best way to highlight a delicate structure is to abandon all effects. Created with a combination of old techniques and new technologies Shahla Karimi‘s Honey Rotation 3D printing ring brings a strong character of its own, controls the inspiration and dominates …

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90’s Calling

I want to see the hands (comments) of all 90’s kids who walked around with a velvet stretchy choker for the better half of their childhood/teenage years after watching Leon: The Professional and I want them to tell me they are not getting sentimental about this 90’s trend coming back hard because I’ve been feeling weird. Around 10 years after that Leon era, on a hectic spring cleaning day, I got so mad at myself for ever thinking that thing was cool and swore to never ever wear anything like that again but here we are, shopping for tattoo chokers, velvet chokers or simply anything wrapped around your neck that’s a call from the 90’s. I wonder what my future self will say about these in 10 years… sources: etsy, acne, nasty gal, www 1 & 2, stolen stores, nyct clothing, brandy melville, man repeller, sweet adorable girls, vogue runway

Cut Work

Sometimes it’s not what you put into something but it’s what you take out.  The cut-out trend and I have been on and off again lovers, dancing the game of are we meant to be together or are we better off calling it quits until further notice. However, in recent times thanks to the likes […]

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LLY Atelier

Exactly 6 years ago when I started this blog my only aim was to share my inspirations with the world and the thing I loved the most was writing about emerging designers I found out about. As time passed it has become more about shopping guides, new co…


A winter fairytale atmosphere invites us to make elegant gift selections for our loves ones. What could be more appropriate than to orient this delicate attention towards timeless and refined essentials. This holiday season, use Lines/Manner’s promotional code “”tpb-linesmanner” for … Continue reading

Gold Dust

With the temperatures rising in the Southern Hemisphere and our need for keeping things ‘cool’, it’s all about reworking your casual wardrobe basics and updating the vibe for 2016.  Take your que from models off duty, like our friend here Talia and mix your boyfriends shirt with a vintage scarf a sentimental delicate gold jewellery.  Lightweight […]

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The File

It’s not often that I open up my beauty cabinet (ha.. let’s be honest .. it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing cupboard in my house), but recently fresh from my trip to Europe, I caught up with my friends over at The File  to share all of my secret beauty obsessions and maybe a little too much information […]

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Savoir Faire

While walking the cobble stone streets of Paris, it may or may not be advisable to wear a heel.  However, speak to any French woman and she will tell you otherwise.   There is something about the way that a French woman smokes her cigarette, tells the rude taxi driver to f$@ck or even perfects the […]

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The Family Jewels

Certain things in life should remain precious and for me it’s all in the details.  Why should men have all the fun, girls can have their own set of jewels too .. pearl rings: Amber Sceats  .  silver ball ring: Alex & Ernest  .  circular silver ring: Luv AJ  .  bracelets: Stella & Bow  . […]

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Editorial | Von Lotzbeck

I photography one of my best friends, Marissa de Zeeuw, this weekend for another portfolio item in collaboration with Von Lotzbeck jewellery. Marissa has been my friend for.. what year … Read More

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Designed and Handcrafted in Montreal. Parametric I Ring – Theorem Bracelet from the Linearity collection of Arc Jewellery. Pinpointing a brand that feels right, that possesses all of your little requirements, and in which you perceive true authenticity in its … Continue reading

New Favourites

I’m getting back into wearing more jewellery again (probably partially due to my wardrobe fatigue). These minimal pieces are my current favourites. Especially the choker necklace turned out to be the perfect detail in practically every look. Kind of want to get a few more now – think they would

So Real

Current accoutrements on high rotation .. Black Lace Bra: Fleur Of England  .  Oxford Shoes: Camilla & Marc  .  Black Clutch: YSL  .  Body Cream: Grown Alchemist  .  Black Watch: Larsson Jennings  .  Marble Phone Case: The Dairy  .  Jewellery: Celine + Stella & Bow  .  Studded Wallet: YSL  .  Sunglasses: Dior

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Ear Party Of Two

Where to find tiny earrings and studs online.

Halo Silver Bangle

Renné Jewellery – Halo Silver Bangle* | Maison Standards – Oxford Shirt in White* | Levis – Vintage 501s I’m somewhat obsessed with jewellery lately, I think it’s due to the fact that I like to wear fairly masculine clothes and I use jewellery as a way to balance that out. I’ve been wearing this […]

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EA Burns Forge Necklace

I’m so in love with my new necklace by London jewellery designer EA Burns; it’s the Forge necklace and it’s part of her last collection Second Sights. A huge thank you to the lovely peeps at Pärla for mine. You can see more of her designs here. Pop down to Pärla on Thursday from 6-9pm, […]
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A Fine Line

We have all heard the old saying that sometimes less if more… and i’m not just talking about clothing, when it comes to accessories it’s the smallest pieces that can pack the biggest punch. If you ask me nothing completes a look like the perfect stack of fine rings or the simplest of necklaces, just throw in […]

Portfolio | Tarin Thomas

  Shot these photos of Rachèl Pagen in collaboration with Tarin Thomas jewellery.
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Etoile Lucia

Another gorgeous piece from talented Danish jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe. I love the way that the spheres on the Etoile Lucia bracelet allow the band to sit away from the skin.
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Christmas Wishlist

  Christmas Gift Guide: Wishlist 1. Vianel – V3 Black Card Holder || 2. Marina London – Danni Shirt in White || 3. Acne Studios – Canada Scarf in Light Camel || 4. The Boyscouts – Helix Bracelet in Gold || 5. Marjolein Delhaas – 2015 Weekly Planner in Original Black || 6. Rizzoli – Tom Ford: Ten Years  || 7. Nobody Denim – Beau Jean in Devise || 8. Kenton Sorenson – MacBook Air Portfolio || 9. Senso – Blake XI in Ebony Hi Shine Croc || 10. Aesop – Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream || 11. La Cerise sur le Gāteau – Gaston Yellow 50 Cushion Cover || 12. La Cerise sur le Gâteau – Gaston Indigo 50 Cushion Cover || 13. La Cerise sur le Gâteau – Odette Indigo 50 Cushion Cover || 14. Mansur Gavriel – Mini Bucket Bag in Black with Ballerina Interior   The…Continue Reading
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Heart Breaker

  In the words of Led Zepplin .. ‘hey fellas have you heard the news, our favourite girl is back in town’.  You see it’s not that Australia’s most eponymous brand for the best basics around Country Road, had forgotten our need for accoutrements, it’s just that it was finally time to put the wheels in motion. […]

Win: Style&Minimalism x Clarice Price Thomas

  If you haven’t already, make sure you head over to my Instagram page to enter this wonderful competition I’m running with British jewellery designer Clarice Price Thomas, as part of her Christmas Gift Guide. Taking inspiration from her father (a watch and clock maker), she decided to embark on a career in the jewellery industry but unlike other jewellery designers she makes use of the precise cutting machines and techniques that her father had taught her. The results are beautiful designs finished to an extremely high quality. To win my favourite piece, her beautiful Penumbra ring, simply follow @styleminimalism & @cptjewellery on Instagram, regram the competition picture below onto your Instagram account using the hashtag #christmaswithcptjewellery (make sure you tag us both so we know you’ve done it) and then leave a comment below so I have your email address. Good luck! Competition ends 9pm (GMT) on Wednesday 17th December,…Continue Reading

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Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Give her the perfect gift this Christmas:

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New Neutrals

A few alternatives to the dark shades of winter:

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Saskia Diez x Filippa K

Beautiful collaboration between Saskia Diez and Filippa K

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Shacket & Boots

New Shopping List post including a gorgeous @isabelmarant leather skirt

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Spikes & Cones

Spikes and cones are such a cool way to add an edgy detail to a simple, minimalist outfit. Find out how here:

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