Sustainable magnetic toys for the little builder

Minimalism is a common theme across my blog, sharing lifestyle ideas that lean towards a more minimal perspective has been one of my focal points over the years. The way minimalism can benefit your style, your home, your recipes and even with children …

An honest peak into a shared kids room in Sweden

Monthly contributor Ulrika Nihlén shares a very candid and honest peek into the shared room of her two little ones and shares how she compromises to make a space comfortable, practical and fun for all!So, many people out there cannot handle the kids ro…

The home of interior stylist Susanna Vento

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Susanna was one of the first bloggers I ever followed, years ago when I first began blogging myself. Her daughter and my son are just months apart in age so I remember seeing her baby while holding my own baby in my arms and feeling connected by this new experience with motherhood. Since then I’ve continued to follow her work, her books, and her incredible sense of style and her ability to make everything look so good. She also throws the best birthday parties for her girls, so is there anything she can’t do well?

Pella tipped me off to this by posting the Livet Hemma feature of Susanna’s home last night on Facebook as I was dozing off. Funnily enough I ended up dreaming that Elin and I were at her house for a birthday party! Everyone was speaking Finnish except for me but I didn’t really care, I was just happy to be hanging with her cute family at a party. And that’s how my Monday morning began!
The feature was a partnership with IKEA so the tour is heavy with IKEA product but you can still see Susann’s touch on everything and has created a unique example of how to personalize furniture easily accessible to all.

Photos courtesy of Susanna Vento.

An afternoon DIY to get you in that Autumn mood

Swedish Photographer and super stylish mom of two, Ulrika Nihlén shares with us a simple activity that gets you into nature and crafting with you hands, a particular great one to do with kids.

So, this is nothing new to you but it is one of the cheapest and easiest things to craft with, using what is almost always outside. Especially when kids are involved, creating from nature is one of the funnest activities, letting them chose what to create with. Bill and Frances here collected a variety of leaves, branches and berries for themselves in a bucket and the we brought them inside to make art from it.

Of course it can create a mess but I believe it is really important to be allowed to use our creativity freely, whether you are 1 or 95 years old!

Bill however is 3.5 yrs old and is becoming more strict about what he wants things to look like and takes his time. But for me, I like to differ the leaf colors. This is so simple, you only need glue and pieces of colored paper. Another good idea is to take a photo of the art when it is finished, especially IF you have a tiny destroyer in your house who loves to tear the art apart afterwards. :)

A paper roller that’s ideal for the tiny artist

Having kids is a messy endeavor, even for those who are incredibly organized and neat freaks, often kids are naturally more untidy. It’s in their nature to explore, to experiment, to become easily distracted, thus leaving a trail of upturned and half examined objects in their wake. My kids love to draw and color but sheets of paper and strewn crayons aren’t half as simple as this wall versatile mounted roller from George & Willy. Named the Studio Roller because it can be used in commercial or private spaces for list making, sketches and notes, the smallest size also lends itself well as a vertical drawing pad for children.

If you have really small kids this might not be a great idea yet as they could very easily write on the walls however mine are just old enough that they can contain their creations to the paper. I’ve found that it also promotes less paper waste as a single sheet of paper can be discarded more easily and with this broad roll they tend to go more for a large scene that is added to over time. They recommend a piece of plexi or thin plywood fixed to the wall behind the drawn paper if you have a textured surface, but I haven’t gotten to that just yet.

My hope is that this serves as an alternate idea for parents who want to streamline some of the mess from your kids’ favorite activity without sucking any of the fun out of it.

*this post was sponsored by George & Willy, are words and opinions (and photos) are my own

3 back to school outfits

*This post is sponsored by Kohl’s.

When I was a child the month of August was such a cocktail of emotions, most of which were some sort of excitement and anticipation. One of the task that took the edge off of my nerves was buying all my needed school supplies. I’d choose coordinating binder and folder colors. pencil boxes and cherished that brand new box of unused crayons. Even more though I looked forward to new clothes! My mom would often buy me a few complete outfits rather than interchangeable pieces. Picking out what I’d wear back for the first week at school made me feel so special and gave became one things I could expect during a week of firsts in a new grade level.

Now that I’m a mom with a school aged child, which is still hard such a funny thing to hear myself say, I look forward to giving my son a similar experience. It might not seem significant to us as the parents but for our child, coming home with those new supplies and clothes gives them a boost of confidence to start this new journey.

Kohl’s asked me to partner with them to show a few back to school outfits which fits in perfectly with August preparation plans. While my son typically could not care less about what he wears, getting something new and comfortable still makes him feel special. With his help we chose a more sporty outfit with Nike shorts , Converse shoes, a moisture wicking tee and base layer pants.
He also help me choose a comfy, casual outfit composed of striped rolled cuff shorts, a raglan tee and Adidas shoes. The last outfit was more autumn appropriate with a striped tee, stretch cotton pants and the same Converse shoes we used previously.

Beyond comfort we also like to keep his outfits pretty neutral and monochrome as well as spanning multiple seasons. This just simplifies the process of mixing articles of clothing, unlike the pre-made outfits of my youth. Hopefully this also saves bit of time in the morning when it’s always a little chaotic to get out of the door on time.

And! Join in on the Friends and Family sale online for 20% off STOREWIDE with code FAMANDFRIENDS VALID 7/27- 7/30

TRAVEL / Visiting L.A. with Kids

For those who follow me on Instagram, you saw the family and I spent all of last week in LA. I just now realized I never made a formal mention of this on the blog, only weeks earlier mentioning it in passing. I had fully intended to do a post before we…

What’s really going on with all that white bedding?

If you’ve been following my blog for any real length of time then you know I like to change the look of my bedding. We’ve been through colors in black, greys, variations of taupe and white, both linen and cotton fabrics. At times I’ve swapped out pillow covers and throws in the winter time made of wool and knit, then in the summer time removing those extra layers. It’s simple to give the bedroom a big visual change in look and feel by temporarily replacing the duvet cover, sheets, pillow covers and blankets. Through the various seasonal changes a full white set of bedding has always been a staple for me – whether to mix in with other colors or to completely white out our bed. 

In some ways I think this is true for many of us, somewhere in the rotation we have a reliable white cotton bedsheets that we continually come back to. We love the look of it in photos and on Instagram, bright and ethereal billowing blankets and cushions of white. Upon closer inspection, however, and without the magic of photo editing we probably all know one truth, white bedding shows everything! The drawback of such light textiles is that every smudge, every smear, every time we accidentally slept with make up on is going to show up on your sheets. Since I have two young kids, a cat and a husband, there are definitely spots on our bedding that you typically won’t see me sharing online.  

Here – what I’m sharing with you are some spots made by my youngest who was coloring with her markers. Both of the kids know better than to write on anything besides paper or coloring books because thankfully we’re now past that artist wall-drawing toddler stage. However with two markers in her hand, Elin leaned on the bed and that’s all it took. This is not the worst of the stains I’ve seen at our house, in fact just earlier this week our oldest was sick and vomited several times over the course of two nights. Let’s just say our washing machine has had quite the work load recently. 

Though white may show stains easier than colors or patterns I’ve always kept it as a staple in the house because even some of the toughest stains can come out with a bit of detergent and bleach. I’ve mercilessly bleached out all sorts of things from our white cotton towels and sheets that I wouldn’t try with colored or printed bedding.

Thanks to my partners Clorox and Cotton incorporated who encouraged me to share this Reality Check and talk about what’s really going on with our white bedding. Despite the reality and mess of life along with the inevitable stains and spots that we will no doubt see again, with a bit of work and plenty of bleach, white bedding will continue to be a staple basic in our house for years to come. In case you didn’t know, by choosing non-synthetic fibers, and soft durable fabrics such as cotton, I have a sensible choice to fight odors, remove my kids stains and ideal breathable fabric for warm weather. Also, by adding a bacteria-killing agent like Clorox®-Regular-Bleach to your laundry can help sanitize smelly, stain filled clothing, I am able to kill 99.9% of bacteria, which causes odor.

Despite the reality and mess of life along with the inevitable stains and spots that we will no doubt see again, with a bit of work and plenty of bleach, white cotton bedding will continue to be a staple basic in our house for years to come.
Also, check out this fun video they made to illustrate the benefits of bleach for your cotton whites.

*Do you need a reality check? To extend the challenge to you, we have a giveaway for a Clorox + Cotton Incorporated prize pack, including bleach products and a gift certificate to a cotton-friendly retailer. Just share a perfectly curated photo of your favorite white, cotton bedsheets on Instagram using the #CloroxCottonCombo, make sure to tag me @amerrymishap for a chance to win!

* This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Clorox. The text and photos are all mine.

New additions to the SHOP

Some new items I added to the SHOP page this month, with an adorable giraffe basket for kids, a chair favorite called The Tired Man, Muuto’s tray version of their basket (we have two of these for the kids’ toys), slit cutout sweatshirt, FLOS Taccia lamp in nickel, Byredo’s Suede soap, Friends & Founders knockout side table that has such a perfect silhouette, Sophie Bille Brahe for Ganni bracelet and a new book I just ordered over the weekend called Architecture of Truth. To find more curated good for home, to wear and for kids check out the shop page which is updated weekly.

My tiny ballerina / Tutu du Monde

Elin is wearing another beautiful garment form the wonderful Tutu du Monde, who makes some of the most extraordinary garments, capes and accessories for little girls. For her birthday last month we had a ballerina themed party and she began ballet clas…

Childish Tales

Childish TalesIn the hands of playfulness, Ferm Living explores new textures, and the result is a new line of textiles that lets you touch the design, instead of only looking. Common to all cushions and pillows this season is that they act as mo…

The Future is now / activities for the whole family

by Laura ShortThe Stelton jug is available here.This year of 2016 is over and there are lots of things that have made the past year really great for me. Giving birth to a healthy baby boy is by far top of my list, but also the interaction between both …

New Series / A Month of Minimalism

The beginning of a new year holds much promise and potential to see those promises realized. Personally I find it hard to refrain form writing unrealistic lists of things I want to accomplish and achieve. A few would include getting in better physical …

Gift guides for the whole family and Christmas Traditions

by Laura Short For Ladies Kokoon silk pyjamas ATP Atelier handbag Murano Vintage glass bowl (similar here and here) Sophie Bille Brahe bracelet Ma Vie a Paris by Astelier de VilatteFor Men Han Kjobenhavn Smith Black sunglasses Plethora magazine Peter …

RaFa Kids

RaFa Kids RaFa-kids originated from the shared dream of two architects: Agatha and Arek. Agata takes care of the esthetic side of the designs. Arek is the technical brain of the duo. Their mission as parents of Robert and Frank (hence the name Ra-F…

currently playing with shape mags

The kids have been playing with these magnetic tiles all week. As someone who tries hard to adhere to a minimalist philosophy in all parts of life, even if at times I fail, my kids do not have an insane amount of toys like I see some friends or relativ…

currently play with magnetic tiles

The kids have been playing with these magna-tiles all week. As someone who tries hard to adhere to a minimalist philosophy in all parts of life, even if at times I fail, my kids do not have an insane amount of toys like I see some friends or relatives …

a kid’s wishlist

Despite being a mom of two I don’t talk about kids’ things a whole lot here. That’s probably my sort of escape, to have something that doesn’t involve the kids to think or talk about for a portion of my day.Today though I felt like putting a few things…

A Treehouse Designed As A Kids’ Playground

Architecture practice Saperlipopette Les Architectes teamed up with studio Martial Marquet to design a treehouse that serves as a kids’ playground.
Read more

Cloud Bed by Lago

Cloud Bed by Lago

Children’s rooms always need to be a place where kids can hide away from the world. The Cloud Bed by Lago is a suspended bed designed to create a sense of intimacy and make children feel sheltered. It is a nest suspended among the clouds, where little ones can go to read, play or relax in. As per usual, Lago’s imagination and creativity comes into play and creates the perfect atmosphere for kids to be kids, safely. All I can think of when I see this is that 5-year-old me would have been thrilled to know what was under my bed at all times. Monsters? Nah.

Photography: Lago

Rylee + Cru


A children’s line founded by illustrator Kelli Murray and inspired by her own little ones. Rylee and Cru merges art and imagination, offering unique and artistic clothing for the modern child. The collection consists of quality basics that are each hand garment dyed, giving them a soft vintage feel right out of the box. The shapes are comfortable and the fabrics are soft, making dressing easy for baby and mum. Kelli’s SS/2016 Collection is absolutely perfect. In a world of over-dressed kids, here comes a line that makes up for it and gives our tiny ones the freedom to dive into their adventures comfortably.

Photography: Unknown

clothing selection with DLK

This week with Design Life Kids I’m sharing a few pieces from their clothing section. A jacket that is the perfect lightweight “Sprintertime” solution and some dresses that are my go to when I want a quick outfit for Elin. I like dresses for her becau…

spring bloomers

Both of the kids are quite ready for Spring weather to arrive. They’ve been restless inside so we’ve been spending most of our free time in the yard, chasing balls and drawing with chalk even though there’s still a little chill in the air. The changes in season also signals mom browsing online for sandals and tee shirts in lighter colors because soon their Winter clothes just will not do.

For Elin however we are so fortunate to have received some Spring knits from one of our most favorite brands Misha & Puff. There are few things sweeter or nicer looking that finely knitted kids clothes and M&P has released with these irresistible knits in cream and sand colors, you can see just a peek of the creamy colored bloomers in the bottom photo. Elin’s dress though is something she will get loads of wear from under jackets, over pants or all alone.

Bring on Spring.


Post nap, Elin just wanted to play with toys in her crib. She was so sweet and busy playing only pausing to flash me a little toothy grin before continuing her work of playing music and banging her toys against the plastic bin.

me + two

Life with these two is challenging but also completely full of love and reward. It’s a broad spectrum of emotions to be a mom and in one day I feel it all. Frustration, fatigue (not an emotion, I know), bliss, joy, pride, impatience, lots of stretching…

Elin turns 1

Last week Elin turned one, I never do well with getting good photos of parties. I find myself busy with food, picking up last things around the house, putting something not food-stained on, you know. I was able to get these, soon before guests arrived. Of course I didn’t get anything of the food, we made sweet & savory crostini and cupcakes. In these photos she’s still in her pajamas but I bought a cute outfit from Bonton, I’m still kicking myself for not getting any photos of her in that. Oh well! It still floors me that a year has gone by since her birth and yet I’m enjoying this age so much. Her baby talk, sweet laughter and curious personality keeps me busy and smiling all day. Her & Israel love playing together, it’s really great to see how well they get along and how he looks out for his little sister. Wow, I sound old talking about the kids like this. Time flies!

my son’s room, green wall

I mentioned I was going to paint my son’s room with a mint green wall, and here it is. I love the way it turned out, it’s my favorite part of the house right now, although it’s rarely clean. By the way, this styling is by my daughter. She’s a natural.I…

Rali-Living Odds family

Meet the Rali-Living Odds Family!Rali-Living is a design label based in Amsterdam where high quality materials go hand in hand with a lot of love, care and eye for detail and we are in love with their products. I mean; don’t these cute cuddle pill…

Give away set Finch And Agnes

We start the new year with a cute give away from Finch and Agnes! Well… actually not one… But two!At Finch and Agnes you’ll find beautiful coloured, comfortable and high quality minimalistic clothes for your little one. And now you have the chance …


We love knits, I’ve mentioned this in the past when I was pregnant with Elin. They’re incredibly soft and sweet and feel somehow authentic. I was able to see some accessories from MIOU kids up close and little E has already gotten some good wear out of…

for the kids

Some things I’m dreaming of for my two kids. Buclo play modules, stars anorak for my son, Bonton bonnet for Elin, Arne Jacobsen child’s chair, striped snake toy, BC swan rug, a grey duvet, and a perfect little hamoc.

the kids, instantly framed

Last week I was introduced to a great company called Instantly Framed whose app and store make it super convenient to print and frame Instagram photos. I’m really impressed by the idea and the whole process was incredibly easy and quick, truly from beg…