French Riviera

Faithful to this Scandinavian brand for over three years (see Article 2016 “Less”). Woron has proven through the quality of its products that style can rhyme with eco-responsibility (sustainable and vegan materials). This black wrapped dres…

(Summer) Little Black Dress

I’ve recently started to focus on the little black dress section of my wardrobe (read as ‘current obsession’). Every magazine and blog has told me over and over again how important the little black dress is to your wardrobe. I’ve had many but as my style has evolved I’ve let them go and only just […]

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the importance of the little black dress

At this point in time, I’m 98% sure that when a ‘little black dress’ is mentioned, everyone’s ears start bleeding and the eyes start rolling inexplicably. Or maybe it’s just me? Whenever a person of any level of influence in the fashion world (a fashionista, if you will) is presented with a question of recommending […]

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