Champagne Satin

Slipping into the enticing satin reflections of a slip dress: the easiest way to feel comfortable yet feminine this summer. Neutrals bring brightness to our usual wardrobe palette and remain timelessly elegant, fitting for any occasion. This minimal effortless Taupe/Champagne … Continue reading

Work Hard, Play Harder

Yesterday I rolled out the last of my Insta stories from Paris, a bon voyage to a whirlwind tour of hot cheesy patisseries, late night whiskey dens.. cue Bar Hemingway, and the mandatory fashion zeitgeist that is PFW. With a schedule that was jam and errr.. hot croissant packed full of meetings in quaint French bistro’s, […]

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A House At Peace With Nature By Metroarea

Inspired by the Roman villa and both Spanish and Arab cultural heritage, The Villa designed by Italian studio Metroarea fuses Mediterranean culture and the natural environment.
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Reve en Vert shouldn’t be an unknown name to you, if you’ve followed Lines/Manner with a lively interest since its creation. It wouldn’t be a surprise to you then either LM dedicated an article to REV about the COP 21 … Continue reading

The Desert Wing Residence By Kendle Design

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, ‘Desert Wing’ is a 8,300 square foot contemporary minimalist single family residence, designed by architect Brent Kendle of Kendle Design collaborative.
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A Residence With Two Faces

Villa La Madone is an architectural project jointly realized by the Italian firms A2CM and Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France. The building was finished in 2013.
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A Spa In The High Desert Of Utah

Located in the Canyon Point Campground in the south of Utah, the Amangiri Resort and Spa was designed by the three well-established architects Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette and Rick Joy. Opend in 2009, the 34 room luxury hotel is tucked into a prot…

A Luxury Off-Grid Getaway

For those who lack a hideaway among the nature but don’t want to give up on the comfort of a city life, The Autonomous Tent seems like a perfect choice, offering a luxury camping experience. Designed by architect Harry Gesner and installed by an American startup, The Autonomous Tent was engineered as a permanent structure, […]

A Restaurant To Be Perched On A Steep Cliff

A concept developed by chef Maria Andrea Payne, ‘Bire Bitori’ will be a restaurant located in a dramatic surrounding in The Sierra Tarahumara Mountain Range, Mexico. TALL ARQUITECTOS, a local studio responsible for the project, has showed the renderings of the impressive property.‘Bire Bitori’, which means ‘a plate’ in the indigenous Mexican language Tarahumara, will […]

Dayang Sanghoi By TUNEplanning

Designed by the South Korean architect`s office TUNEplanning, the multi-storey lounge bar in Seoul, Korea, was completed in 2013. Dayang Sanghoi was planned as an exhibition hall at first, but later it was created as a private lounge through several ch…

The Elrod House By Lautner

Does this house ring a bell somehow? Yes, we’ve seen it in the 1971 James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever and in Playboy, too.
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The Oak Pass Main House In Beverly Hills

Glass, concrete, and steel detail this panoramic house on a 3.5 acre property in Beverly Hills, California.
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The Unique Glass-walled Flexhouse At Lake Zurich

The Flexhouse with its wide walls of glass and the ribbon-like facade was completed in March 2016 by Swiss architecture and design studio Evolution Design.
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A Golf House In Buenos Aires

Architect Luciano Kruk and collaborators have slabbed together a ‘rest home’ topographically in the highest neighborhood of Costa Esmeralda called Golf House.
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The Setouchi Aonagi Hotel By Tadao Ando

In the Japanese city Setouchi, world famous architect Tadao Ando designed a luxury hotel, connecting the richness of nature, history and culture from long past. The little city of Setouchi has become popular with the growth of its international art festival, attracting tourists from all over the world. With the rise of visiting numbers to […]

Naman Pure Spa · Da Nang City, Vietnam

Nestled into the five-star Naman Retreat in Da Nang, Vietnam, the ‘Naman Pure Spa’ is a veritable open-air oasis of tranquility, offering its guests the chance to unwind and purify in luxury.
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How to look expensive

9 directives for dressing to look expensive As the venerable Karl Lagerfeld said “Luxury is the ease of a…

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Perth Luxury Hotel – Como the Treasury

The extraordinary luxury hotel experience I’ve been dying to share: Como the Treasury, Perth’s new 6 star hotel Growing up,…

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You’ve probably guessed by now that red and green aren’t really my colours… so this year I think black and gold are the way to go. Here in Australia, it isn’t christmas time unless you’re sweltering under the summer sun, craving an afternoon Capriosca and eating as much seafood as you possibly can. All the sun kissed […]

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afternoon light / new minimalism

The late afternoon light comes in at a strong angle over our dining table. Generously exposing every particle of dust or crumb left there by the kids. The fig tree is happy about it, hopefully helping it to grow much bigger and stronger.

Earlier today I posted this article from The Spaces to my Facebook, which is my personal page and I often wonder if I should just go ahead and create a FB page for the blog. What do you think? Anyways, the article explores what today’s minimalism in the age of technology and what that means, the desire for quality and handmade features and those imperfect products from times past.
Minimalism now isn’t just about the absence of things ‘but about using the absence of things to enhance the meaning of what we chose to retain.’

Joanna Laajisto has a great was asked to define luxury, which has become a very relative term depending on who you ask.
‘Luxury today is time and quietness – two things that we don’t have during our hectic days. People want to make their homes safe havens they can retreat to with their families.’

As a mother I share a similar definition of luxury, though I would also consider staying away in a hotel or at a spa with my own thoughts and no one demanding my attention to be a luxurious moment. A very interesting discussion that I think is incredibly relevant to our modern times.